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Ask to Join The path to become a Pokemon master

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by JayTaku, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu woke up to the smell of his mom’s cooking and to see Vulpix laying at the side of him. He got up out of bed and went to get his outfit out of the wardrobe. He quickly got ready and ran downstairs excitedly as Vulpix followed. He saw his brother Kenji on the couch watching TV. “Morning Ken, morning mom!”

    Kenji’s mom looked towards him and smiled, “Good morning Ryu, I’ve packed your bag with all your food and supplies,” she said as she then smiled at her son.

    Ryu grabbed his bag and then went to run out of the door to the professors lab, but he felt a hand touch his shoulder. It was Kenji, “Huh, what do you want Kenji?.”

    Kenji looked his brother in the eyes and said, “Just remember before you go lil’ bro, fire type is the way to go!” Kenji exclaimed before grinning and giving the thumbs up to Ryu.

    Ryu waved goodbye to his home before running to his friend James’ house so they could go together to receive their very first Pokemon. Ryu knocked on James’ door.
  2. James woke up to see his mums Pikachu bouncing on his bed with James tasty breakfast. "Thanks for the Pancakes mum!" He exclaimed. He then ran to the bathroom to make sure his teeth were properly cleaned. After getting changed, James heard a knock at the door it was Ryu! James went to the door and opened quickly. "Hey Ryu!" He said.
  3. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu grinned, “Hey James, are you excited as I am?” Ryu asked as on the inside he was just thinking about which starter he would choose. All of them were great picks. He then snapped back, “Hey James do you mind if I come in, it might be a couple of minutes until we need to be at the lab the professor probably hasn’t arrived yet.”
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  4. "Riolu is unable to battle! Krokrock wins!" Exclaimed a young man. The winning Krockrock vanished with a red beam into a great ball. The boy holding the Pokeball grinned. "Nice job mate. We need to get you to your final evolution don't we now?" Jim said, his Australian accent showing through. He made his way over to the trainer who had the Riolu. He handed her a potion. "That'll heal em' up and make him feel better. See ya next time!" Jim walked away into the forest which he knew what route one.
  5. James smiled back, "Obviously i am excited and your free to come in!" James knew what starter he was choosing already he took Ryu to the living room and said "What starter are you choosing because i know im choosing piplup!"
  6. Phoenix had been up for a awhile. He had spent the night in the hotel close by the professor's lab. Going for a run was a good thing, especially when he got to do that with Umbre, who he had a strong connection to. He was glad he took a shower and changed after his run.

    Walking into the lab, Phoenix walked up to the professor and spoke to him in a clear tone. "Hello professor. My name is Phoenix Blackwell. You asked me if I would guide the trainers that would be reciving their first pokemon today, I was wondering if you would update my pokedex for me."

    With that Phoenix pulled out his pokedex. It was a dark purple that seemed to have a galaxy painted on it. Phoenix loved to personalise his pokedex and it showed in how well he painted the one that he held out to the professor.
  7. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu shrugged at James, “ I don’t really know to be honest with you James, I’m really stuck between Turtwig and Chimchar. My brother did say something to me about it before I left though.” Ryu took a seat on the couch as he patted the Pikachu on the head. He then checked his Poketech, the time was 11:00 AM. “Oh crap! I didn’t realise that was the time we better get going James!”
  8. "Oh Yeah!" Shouted james. He ran outside then his mum called him back in "You forgot to get your bag!" She exclaimed. James replied "Oh Yeah Thanks Mum!" He said . "Be safe out there! AND ALWAYS CALL ME!" His mum made clear. "Alright Ryu lets get moving!" He said.
  9. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu ran with James,”I hear ya.” He ran up the path to reach to route 1, exiting Twinleaf town. The professor’s lab wasn’t too far from where they lived, and at the speed the two were running it would only take like 5 minutes. While running through route 1 Ryu saw not too many Pokemon but he did see a Flock of starkly fly past him. After about 5 minutes of non-stop running he arrived at Professor Rowan’s lab. He stared in excitement before making his way in.
  10. "This is it Ryu , we are going to get our first pokèmon today!" He shouted in joy. He ran inside and was ready to get his piplup and start his journey.
  11. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    As soon as Ryu got inside he noticed the professor and waved at him, but he then also noticed a man standing next to Professor Rowan and the 3 starter Pokemon. “Hey Professor, who’s the other guy, he looks too old to be a new Pokemon trainer, is he like your assistant or something?” Ryu asked as he casually walked towards both of them with his hands behind his head.

    Professor Rowan took Phoenix’s Pokédex so he could update, after he had done so he passed it back to him. He then noticed Ryu and James enter the lab. “Ah James, and Ryu. Phoenix two answer your question you will be able to teach young trainers, and you can start with these two boys here. These are the two I chose to receive their starter Pokemon and to receive a Pokédex.”
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  12. Yh theres no way hes a new trainer!" Exclaimed James. He followed Ryu slowly. "Anyway when am i getting my starter!" Shouted James. He was so excited he had waited so long for this moment and it was about to happen!
  13. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu saw the three starters standing next to to their poke balls, all them looked amazing, but one caught his eye the most out off all three of them. “I really do wonder who I’m gonna choose, they all look great!”

    Rowan glared at James as he was shouting, basically telling him to shut up. “Now boys if you would settle down. This man next to me is Phoenix Blackwell, he will be assisting you as well as other new trainers. Would you like to say a few words Phoenix?”
  14. "Oh sure I can say a few things. My name as you can already tell is Phoenix Blackwell. I am a pokemon breeder, who has agreed to help you on your journey. Professor Rowen normally does it, but has asked me to fill in since I was going to be in Sinnoh anyway. This is my partner Umbre. She has been with me since before I started my journey in Kanto. If you need anything just let me know and I will be glad to help you." Phoenix had a small smile on his face. He was glad to know that the two had a little spunk in them. They would make great trainers someday.
  15. "Awesome! I cant wait to get my starter!" Exclaimed James. "Lets get our pokèmon!" He said. James had never been so excited he knows piplups the pokèmon for him he just wants to meet it already
  16. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Professor Rowan smiled and nodded his head at Phoenix. “Now boys it’s time to choose your starter Pokemon.” Rowan made them look towards the three starters. “We have Turtwig: The grass type, Chimchar: The fire type and Piplup: The water type. Which one will each of you choose.”

    Ryu looked at the three and then focused his eyes on Chimchar. “I’ve been thinking long and hard about this but now I know who I want to choose...” His brothers words echoed in his head, “Fire type is the way to go! I choose Chimchar!” Chimchar cheered and then jumped onto Ryu’s shoulder, which made him smile.
  17. "I knew who i wanted from the start, but i feel bad for the other starter." James said. He really didnt want to leave any behind but he could only choose one. "Well im going to have to go for piplup!" He exclaimed. The piplup jumped on his shoulder with joy. "I think i will call you Pip." James explained. He went over to the turtwig feeling bad he was being left behind.
  18. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu and Chimchar both saw the lonely expression on Turtwig’s face. Chimchar ran back over to Turwtwig so he could comfort it. “Chim-Chimchar,” Chimchar patted Turtwig on it’s shell as Ryu watched. “Wow now I actually feel bad for not choosing it, it’s just gonna be here all on it own now y’know.” Ryu stroked Turtwig before picking Chimchar back up.

    Professor Rowan then pulled a red devise out of his suit pocket, “Here, these are your Pokedexes, they will help you find out about Pokemon you have never seen before.”
  19. "Woah a pokèdex !" Exclaimed James. He had never seen an actual pokèdex before. But something was missing proffeser never gave them pokèballs! "Arent we supposed to have pokèballs too?" Asked James
  20. "Well if the professor would like for the Turtwig to go with with me. I am always willing to take in pokemon that need a good home." Turning to turtwig, Phoenix spoke to the tiny leaf pokemon. "Would you like to come with me little one?"

    The turtwig jumped up and ran to Phoenix, who bent down and picked up the grass type. He was glad yo see the pokemon happy. Though he knows that he would not really be battling with them that much. He prefered to befriend the pokemon.

    When he heard the two trainers ask about pokeballs, Phoenix spoke up. "Actually I will be giving you those after I teach you a few things. Trust me it will be better in the long run." Phoenix had a smile on his face as he took possession of the pokeball that would hold his new friend.
  21. "Im ready!" Shouted James. He was so excited he was with his friends. "Come on piplup!" He exclaimed. Piplup jumped on his shoulder ready for the journey ahead. To be the very best..... ( like no one ever was dudududu soz had to do that)
  22. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    “Like I need teaching, I can tell I’m pretty much almost ready for the first gym battle.” Ryu exclaimed pretty obnoxiously. “But I’ll see what advice you can give to me and Chimchar.” He made his way outside waiting for both James and Phoenix, he looked ahead of him, this is where his journey started.
  23. Trojinta

    Trojinta Previously Adelynn Yew


    The sound of expensive shoes clicking on cheap dirt paths could be heard as an exhausted girl ran to the front door of the lab. Adelynn burst through the door, Periwinkle perched neatly on her shoulder. "Professor! I need a pokedex! I have money up front!" She proclaimed, waving around a hand.

    It's clear she doesn't know how to go about this, and has done no research. Seeing others there, handling their own starter pokemon was almost a shock, but it was to be expected from a local pokemon professor, especially one known to do so like Rowan. As the new trainers left, she explained herself to the professor.

    "My name is Adelynn Yew. I'm here to start my journey with little Periwinkle here" "Evveoi!" The two said, smile on both of their faces.

    (Edit: Missed some posts, and changed details accordingly.)
  24. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Rowan was shocked to see this young girl burst through the doors asking for a Pokédex. “Umm...well if you are a new trainer I guess I can hand you a Pokédex. Here you go.” Rowan handed Adelynn a Pokédex and some poke balls. “Ok off you go then Adelynn.”
  25. "Turtwig you can ride on my shoulder if you that way you can learn what by watching Umbre for now." Phoenix walked out of the lab to wait for James, when he was almost ran over by a girl in expensive shoes. He was glad he had quick reflexes to step out of the way before he was ran over.

    Umbre rolled her eyes and sat by her trainer's side. She loved to explore, but dreaded waiting for Phoenix to get the things he needed done, done. The dark type had always been a bit impatient, but always cared about others.
  26. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu walked with Phoenix and James. “Sooo... Phoenix was it? What are you going to be teaching us here today, will it be a practical demonstration or just some tips and advice?” Ryu heard James from behind him, he was asking for a Pokemon battle. He smirked, “To be honest James I think we should listen to what Phoenix has to tell us before we jump into a battle.” He states as Chimchar nodded.
  27. "Come on Ryu dont act like a moron!" Said James . Piplup started pecking his arm. "Aww do you wanna go in the ball, okay then." James let Pip into the ball. "Anyway as i was saying dont be a moron but what are we doing today?" Asked James
  28. Trojinta

    Trojinta Previously Adelynn Yew

    "Thank you, professor!" Adelynn says, accepting the pokedex with both hands. and putting the empty pokeballs within an empty pouch in her scarf. "I wouldn't know where to start without one. I'll be sure to send reports through the pokecenter whenever I can." She smiles, and exits the door to already see one of the new trainers starting a fight. An interesting sight, no doubt. To top it off, someone with an Umbreon at his side, and a turtwig on his shoulder was also lingering near them. He seemed familiar...Right. She almost trampled him...Serves him right, standing in the way.

    "Eevoi?" Periwinkle chirped in a questioning manner upon seeing Umbre. "That's an Umbreon. It's one of the possible progressions of you, Peri." She answers, walking towards the group.

    "Hello! Peri here just wanted to see your Umbreon for a second, if you have the time." Adelynn said, letting her silver-furred Eevee step forward to watch more intently.
  29. "First off you can not battle yet. It would be better to know how to catch a pokemon. It would not really be fair for me to not teach you this. Most of the time a pokemon will come up to you and attack. Though that is not always the case, also I think that girl might need to know this, so we can wait for her to get here for the demonstrations." Phoenix walked with purpose, Umbre was by his side, and was glad to see that turtwig was happily walking along with the dark type.

    Phoenix was not surprised that the eevee would want to see Umbre. She was in great shape, and loved to be groomed, which Phoenix did regularly. "Of course I do not mind. My name is Phoenix Blackwell and this is Umbre. She is my partner. The turtwig on my shoulder does not really have a name as of now, but I am sure it will come in time."
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  30. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu saw the Eevee walk to Phoenix and his Umbreon. “Hey that’s an Eevee! I’ve always wanted one of those ever since I was a little kid. You’re really lucky to own one miss. And your even luckier to have an Umbreon Phoenix.” Chimchar jumped off of Ryu’s shoulder to go over to Eevee and Umbreon.
  31. Trojinta

    Trojinta Previously Adelynn Yew

    Peri was quick to have it's tail stand straight upward when Ryu approached, before bolting up Adelynn's leg. When its head popped over the girl's shoulder, a tiny tongue popped out towards Ryu.

    "Peri probably thinks you're dirty. He doesn't want pet." Adelynn said, giggling. "And thank you. My mother raised it from an egg herself. Her name is Alexa Yew, if you're familiar with pokemon fashion, and such."

    She turned to Pheonix, and bowed, her pin covered scarf nearly dragging on the floor. "My name is Adelynn Yew. I just got here from Snowpoint."
  32. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu gritted his teeth as he thought to himself, “Dirty! She’s got some nerve alright!” Ryu stepped away from them a little. “I don’t care at all about Pokemon fashion, I’m aiming to be champion and nothing else.” Ryu grinned. “Me and Chimchar here will be the greatest team the Pokemon world has ever seen!” -“Chim-Charr!”
  33. "Oh my god an eevee!" Shouted James. The eevees eyes were so cute it was like your being hypnotised. "You are so lucky me and Ryu love eevees dont we!" He exclaimed
  34. Trojinta

    Trojinta Previously Adelynn Yew

    Adelynn shrugged at Ryu, adjusting her scarf since the small Eevee had shifted it with his climbing about. "Really now?" Adelynn joked half-mockingly. "Well, let's see a demonstration on how to catch pokemon before throwing around such big dreams, okay?" She said, not wanting to start any fights....just yet.

    [edit: age adjustment]
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  35. "Oh really I hear that place is really beautiful this time of year. Though you must really see the views that you can get from Alola. Though I am sure I can show you the other eevlutions later on. All I have to do is make a quick call to my mother." Phoenix knew Adelynn's mother. He had worked with his mother and hers on a collection for pokemon. "Actually I have met you mother once or twice. She worked with my mom on a collection of accessories to be sold in the breeding centers that my family run. I am surprised you did not recognize the last name. If you want to you can come with us, I was about to teach these two how to catch their first pokemon. I can show you as well."
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  36. JayTaku

    JayTaku Previously AceTrainerGold

    Ryu started to become impatient. “Can you teach us to catch a Pokemon now? I can’t wait to get poke balls then I can just go catch whatever I want and then go on to challenge the first gym leader.” Ryu looked towards James, “You’re going to be challenging the gyms as well right?”
  37. Jim was trudging through the forest, and then heard voices. They sounded....happy? Joyful? They sounded young....
    Ah, so a few new trainers got their first Pokemon. May as well greet them up and front. He walked towards them, waving to them. When he reached them, he greeted them. "Ah, it looks like we got ourselves a batch of newbies!" Jim said. "The names Jim, Jim Krool. I'm a trainer out here."
  38. "Hell yeah i will be challenging gyms!" Shouted James. Then suddenly someone approached the two. James thought it was gonna be a grumpy man with a noise complaint but he introduced himself. ,"Hey Jim my names James." He exclaimed
  39. Trojinta

    Trojinta Previously Adelynn Yew

    "Adelynn Yew." Is all that escapes the brunette's lips at the approach of Jim. He didn't exactly seem suspicious, approaching such a large group in the middle of daylight. "I suppose Blackwell rings a bell. I only hear 'My client' or 'my partner' and the like when my mother talks about her work, so it can be tough to know stuff like that, yanno? We can chat about how their accessory line did later. Go ahead, and take the lead."

    She said this as a partial agreement to tag along, and learn.
  40. Phoenix was not bothered by the new member of the group. Though he did not like that he was very friendly towards to new trainers. Well Phoenix would not let him treat the ones that he was entrusted to teach the ropes like crap. "Hello Jim. My name is Phoenix Blackwell. I was just about to show these three how to catch a pokemon. Then possible how to battle. If you would like to come along, then you are more then welcome to."

    With that Phoenix led the group onto route one. He wanted to find a pokemon that would be easy to catch for himself. Though what he did not expect was to have the pokemon come to him. A caterpie came out of the tall grass and jumped out at turtwig who was on the ground near Umbre.

    Turtwig dodged the tackle, and waited for Phoenix tell them what to do. "Turtwig use tackle. You see guys what you want to do is try and make the pokemon that you want to catch weaker by lowering stamina." Turtwig ran at the bug type and hit head on. The caterpie flew back and landed on the ground. It looked to be almost out of breath.

    "When the pokemon is low and looks like it is about to fient, that is the best time to throw a pokeball." With that Phoenix took out a greenish color pokeball. "Now this is a friendship ball. It helps to strengthen the bond between trainer and pokemon." Throwing the pokeball the caterpie was sucked up in a flash of light, and the ball fell to the ground. The ball shook three times then clicked and settled down. Walking over, Phoenix picked up the ball and sloted it into leather belt he wore. He also returned turtwig and placed his ball there as well.

    "Now do not get me wrong some pokemon willingly come with a trainer. Umbre was like that, but that was a special type of catch seeing as we had been together since we were both little."
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