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Ask to Join The Past Is Reborn (Discussion)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by StormingCobra55, Feb 26, 2018.

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    A few years after the nuclear war, the regions are living in peace when suddenly, a new threat arises. With no stable government or armies, the regions call on the group of elite trainers who have saved them numerous times. Will they be able to stop this threat? Or will they end up like Jeremy, Tes, Voler, and all their other fallen friends and enemies?

    Alright, this is an RP i tried to make earlier but it never got off the ground, in fact, the only person who noticed it was Glaceon. I created it again, this time with a better plot explanation. Hope you guys can join in.

    Character Format:
    Connection to this RP (basically why the regions called on you)

    I will create my character bios after a few others join.
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  2. Name: Dimitrij
    Age: 27
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: About 1.87m man with short dark blonde hair. He wears black trousers, bulletproof vest, ballistic helmet with face shield. Carries a riot shield.
    Weapon: Silenced 9mm pistol and a compact baton.
    Personality: Kind and trustful to close friends but overall crude and confident. Now, he is more connected with his family.
    Pokémon: Pidgeot (M), Scyther (M), Toucannon (F)
    Connection to RP: When the war began, Dimitrij joined the Kanto Special Forces. After the war, he left to reunite with his family. Now, he managed to return to the army and prevent the next war from happening.
    Goal(s): Prevent the war from happening; keep his family safe
    (Sorry for using the same OC, but this is probably his last RP)

    Also, @StormingCobra55 , will we continue 'The Great War', or focus on this roleplay?
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  3. (I have been tagged so here's mine ^-^ may add another oc with her not sure however)

    Name: JC
    Age: 28(boosted up her age a bit more)
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: She is a light skin young lady. She is 5'4 in height with a well feminine build but light. She has dark brown hair pulled up in a ponytail with a bang covering her right eye. She has light blue eyes wearing black colored glasses upon her face. She wears a casual plad shirt with skinny jean with black flats on her feet with the straps wrapped around her ankles wearing a long hooded black cape and wolf mask to cover herself. She wears a silver cross necklace around her neck with a blue gem stone(not a mega stone) in the middle with a bracelet around her wrist with an Umbreon and Silvally charm attached to it. She has a gold and black rubic cube attached to the side of her that was given to her by a very good friend. Wears bandages on her wrists and her ankles that go a bit up her legs and slightly on her neck where her scars are formed with one across her right eye where she lost her vision.
    Personality: Slightly distance to others that she doesn't know, Thinks first before she acts, Gentle, Strongwilled, Strategic, Calm in difficult situations
    Connection to this RP: She had faced a lot of grief and pain on her own during the war and the apocalypse losing her only family she had left, her only mother but now only has her family of Pokemon left and the friends she had encountered
    Pokémon:Umbreon(Blue)(F)(Partner)(Shiny), Dusk Lycanroc(Wolfa)(F), Flygon(Gem)(F), Primarina(River)(F), Absol(Blade)(F), Sawsbuck(Meadow)(F)(Spring Form)
    Weapon: Sickle and chain, Katana, Kanai knives
    Goals: To end this war that caused her so much pain and suffering mostly grief all by herself
    Other:Is completely blind in her right eye, as a problem with her right leg as it had been badly hurt sometime in the war wearing a well hidden brace to keep it steady, Gets lightheaded from time to time as she doesn't know why
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  4. Both are accepted. And we could try to do both, i have been able to be a part of many different RPs at a time.
  5. Name: Jasper
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Green pants to fit with a green Suit, short brown hair.
    Weapons: Two small knives.
    Personality: Loves to slash scarecrows for practice. Deadly to enemies but friendly with friends.
    Pokemon: Poliwrath, Linoone, Beartic, Golem, Hariyama, Unfezant (M)
    Connection to the RP: Defeating villains, even got Giovanni.
    Goals: To be successful at defending the war.
    Other: Will invite someone special. He beat him at every battle he had with Jasper. (Details for him later)
  6. Name: amara
    Age: 22
    Gender: female
    Appearance: she is a average high with red eyes, she has shoulder length red hair, she wears a cloak that covers most of her body, under that she has a white unicorn shirt and blue shorts
    Personality: it's sort of a split person personality thing, around people she knows and off the battle feild she is a normal 22 year old, optimistic and happy, you send her into a life threatening situation, she is the most crazy human ever, killing her enemies in song and dance with her headphones in
    Connection to this RP: her ability to show no mercy when needing to kill someone
    Pokémon: scyther, gallade and slacking (who is basically a pack horse
    Weapon: she has arm blades, a assortment of knifes for close quarters and throwing, she has also got a pistol and tons of ammo carried by her slacking
    Goals: to be the one to get the most kills
    Other: maybe a little psychotic
  7. Accepted. I will make mine in about an hour.
  8. Whoops, got caught up with school stuff! I will post two right now, and a few more later on in the story.

    Name: Jason Nagrom
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown hair, blue eyes, 5”9, black biker jacket and blue pants, grey shirt and black shoes.
    Personality: Nice, serious, always doing the right thing
    Connection to this RP: Saved the regions a couple times
    Pokémon: Sceptile, Umbreon, Magnezone, Kommo-o, Golisopod, Slowbro
    Weapon: Battle axe
    Goals: To rid the world of evil
    Other: Not much else

    Name: Luke Storm
    Age: 29
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, 5”7, green shirt and blue pants, black shoes, huge scar on his back.
    Personality: Depressed, sad, will change during the RP
    Connection to this RP: Same as Jason
    Pokémon: Vikavolt, Greninja (shiny), Salazzle, Sandslash (Alolan), Rhyperior, Trevenant
    Weapon: Staff
    Goals: Same as Jason, but also to find a way to bring back his family
    Other: Was presumed dead for a couple years, but was alive the whole time
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  9. So when will the rp start?
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  10. When i get home i will put the thread up.
  11. Name: Aero
    Age: 26
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes, 5"8, gray hoodie, black shirt, karkee pants, and black shoes
    Personality: Quiet, used to doing things on his own, lonely
    Connection to this RP: Aero has been known to be one of the strongest trainers in the region he came from
    Pokémon: Venasaur, Delphox, Primarina, Manectric, Staraptor, and Flygon.((Secondary Pokemon/Pokemon in pc)): Swampert, Houndoom, Bewear, Emolga, Gengar, and Abomasnow
    Weapon: Bow and Steel tipped arrows
    Goals: To avenge all of the people he cared about
    Other: Nothing else here sadly...
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  12. This is the fourth time, if i am not mistaken, that i have had to tell a new RPer the mega rule. This may make me sound like a hypocrite, since i made the same mistake, but does nobody read the site rules anymore?

    Megas arent allowed unless you got permission from an administrator. Otherwise, no megas, and there are no exceptions to that rule. The only person besides myself that i know has an authorized mega is @Mr.Glaceon. Site administrators usually dont approve the requests, though, unless you have been on the site for quite some time.
  13. I'm sorry @StormingCobra55 i'm honestly an idiot because I did not read the rules but it would be fine if I just have a regular Venasaur right?
  14. Yes, that would be fine. As long as you only have a mega if it was approved, you are accepted.
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  15. Thanks @StormingCobra55 i'm glad i'm able to join this RP. I'll probably post a comment in a few minutes.
  16. Ooh, another war rp! Y'all mind if I...

    Name: Birdie
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Brown hair with brown eyes to match. Although she puts in contacts, sometimes they're different colors, for example, hazel and green. She wears a black tank top with sky blue lace pattern, and jean shorts. She's almost always wearing a parka, no matter the temperature. She also has a lucky bird necklace and a pretty-looking anklet with a jade gem set in it. Her bag is themed after an icy river, due to one of her favorite types being Ice.
    Personality: Birdie loves a good pokemon battle, but only if she's watching. She's energetic and a bit of a kleptomaniac, "borrowing" anything that shines. And, uh, she loves sweets and a certain fruit that starts with 'straw' and ends with 'berry'. Her pokemon fluctuate a bit, but she mainly focuses on Ice, Fire and Fairy types.
    Connection to this RP: Great agriculture skills! She might be able to grow a new region if she had the time and patience.

    Ammie the Alolan Sandslash, female
    Ability is Snow Cloak, approximately lvl. 29
    Notes: Loves Casteliacones, and can melt and refreeze, almost like a Vaporeon.
    Demix the Sylveon, female
    Ability is Cute Charm, approximately lvl. 28
    Notes: Wears headphones around her neck.
    Mistress the Froslass, female
    Ability is Cursed Body, approximately lvl. 28
    Notes: The ice horns on her head are darker, suggesting a different place of origin, far from the regions.
    Sunkist the Fletchinder, female
    Ability is Flame Body, approximately lvl. 27
    Notes: Friends with an Alolan Marowak named Boons.

    Weapon: A small butterfly knife, a sickle, and a pistol.
    Goals: Get everything back to normal.
    Other: uh

    EDIT: added stuff I missed. oops
    EDIT 2, ELECTRIC BOOGALOO: heck i got some stuff wrong, changed almost all mentions of war
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  17. I used to dislike Pokemon now I like it again ya see I have Asperger's Syndrome
    I go back and forth
  18. Name: Pheobe Chandler
    Appearance:Wears a skirt, has a long sleeve on. She wears snickers and blond hair and has red eyes. She has a slight accent of a brit for after practicing katanas in london
    Personality: a positive girl and is a brave and intelligent person and always is ready. But when it comes to food she becomes greedy and dont you dare steal food from her. If you did she will chase you and get her food back. But she wont kill you.
    Connection to this rp: Has helped officers catch many criminals.
    Weapon: Double katanas
    Goal:save her loved ones and friends.
    Other:Lance's cousin
    She started practicing katanas at age 21. With the ability she can help officers.
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  19. I dont get it. When did i even say this was a war RP? Everybody just assumed that. Anyways, accepted, but up the age a bit. 12 is a bit too young to be taking on a war criminal.
  20. Oof, sorry. Bumped up the age to 17 and changed all mentions of war, as you can clearly see.
    Who are we up against? What kinda crime?
  21. Name: Isaac Chandler
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Tall with tannish skin. Kind of frail but still able to hold his own weight during a fight. Mint green shirt and white pants.
    Personality: Shy and outgoing around his friends
    Connection to this RP: Been In Many Battles and Helped Save Regions
    Pokémon: Dodrio, Noivern, Sylveon, and Crobat
    Weapon: Spiral-Tipped Spear
    Goals: To Aid His Friends in Battle
    Other: N/A
  22. Why the heck did I never get a notification for this thing!

    agh, I'll try and make a bio later xD
  23. Name: Samuel Toutain
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Average height and build. Dark Brown hair, blue eyes. Wears a grey jacket with a blue shirt underneath, blue jeans and greay shoes, has a backpack in which he carries gear, ammunition and his pokéballs.
    Personality: Can look very serious at first glance but is actually pretty laid back with people he is friends with.
    Connection to RP: He served in the Kalosian Special Forces during the war and did his best to help with post war reparations.
    - Greninja
    - Talonflame
    - Haxorus
    - Jolteon
    - Scolipede
    - FR-F2 Anti-Personnel Bolt Action Sniper Rifle with a Supressor (Silencer)
    - HK USP 9mm Semi-Auto Handgun
    - Knife
    Goal: Stop war from happening again.
    Other: Nothing

    Sorry if I'm late!
  24. Question: For the start, do I RP as if Samuel knew Jason like the rest or is it optional?
  25. No. I have used Jason before in RPs and he has never met Samuel. They will meet each other during this RP.
  26. Went to the aquarium/shopping mall/restaurant for 99% of the day. Making first post now.
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  27. So isaac is a relative to pheobe?
  28. Probably not. Chandler is a commonly used last name on this site. In fact, one of my OCs, Jack, has the last name Chandler, and he has no relatives besides his parents and younger brother.
  29. Yes, what happened to this RP?
  30. I added what was needed on to my post. Somebody else can reply now.
  31. Name: Jeremy MacFoggen
    Age: 33
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Brown hair and black eyes, 6”1, bruised and beaten all over his body, wearing all black.
    Personality: Used to be a jerk to the group, but they share a common enemy now, so he is trying to work with them, for now.
    Connection to this RP: The guy they are trying to bring down posed as him to try to get Kaleb to kill him.
    Pokémon: Pinsir, Metagross, Zoroark, Tyranitar, Gallade, Gyarados
    Weapon: Two pistols
    Goals: To kill the man they are after
    Other: DOUBLE PLOT TWIST! 1. Jeremy is alive. 2. He is a protagonist for once.
  32. I think I might be missing out on things. I've recently been active now since today is Friday and i'm mostly active there and Weekends. But if I didn't thats great
  33. Name: Casper
    Age: 30
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: Almost identical to Jasper. Just with a blue suit and pants. (Or trousers)
    Personality: Confident, thinks he has a good chance at winning any battle.
    Connection to the RP: Jasper invited him.
    Pokemon: Pidgeot, Raichu, Camerupt, Venusaur, Dragalge, Starmie.
    Weapon: Staff with spiked ends.
    Goals: To follow instructions.
    Other: PLOT TWIST! Jasper has a brother!

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