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Private/Closed The Oscillation (Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by kyuukestu, Feb 15, 2020.

  1. Wednesday
    5:45 PM

    Dear Diary,

    I don't know what's happening...I was having lunch on the roof but then the sky...it broke! Cracks appeared spilling multi-colored light and it...it changed people...it changed...me. People are calling it The Oscillation. That was two days ago, but the constant migraines, these stupid visions, and those voices...Ugh, It's driving me crazy!

    That isn't the worst of it, though. I heard the teachers whispering; we're almost out of food, and those thugs are starting to get violent with the students. Mr. Lionnes tried to talk to them yesterday, but they took him somewhere. No one's seen him since...

    Some people are saying that they killed him, but I don't think so. I don't know how, but I can feel it...I think. He's not dead but something...worse. What could be worse than being dead though?

    Ugh, nothing makes sense anymore.

    It was all fine at the start. Sure, it was a little crazy what with people sprouting tails and scales like some kinda monster mash-up party, but the teachers had it under control. Those of us, the ones who were changed, they made us gather in the gymnasium while the other students went to their homerooms for attendance. There were over a hundred of us changed in all, even a few of the teachers had been changed. It was like straight out of a movie. There were Mermaids, Dwarves, Fairies, and even one guy who said he was a Goblin; green, gnarled and —Ew!

    Anyway, things were fine until they came. They barged through the school gates and trapped us here. They were a local gang and they'd also been changed. It gave them confidence, enough that they attacked the school and took us hostage. They've been keeping the authorities at bay by threatening us, but negotiations don't seem to be going well.

    Some of us tried to fight them when they came, but they were shot...I don't know what happened to them afterward. I hope someone comes soon and helps us before it's too late.

    *The rest of the page is splattered in blood, the words unreadable*

    For the students of Zenobia High School, Monday, the 19th of September was when it all went to hell. Held hostage by a local gang for three days, they were all summarily 'dealt with' on the 21st, when supplies were running low and the burden of resources needed to be lightened. It was a tragic end to hundreds of innocents.


    Monday, September 19th

    You heard the rumors, right? What a lunatic! That girl...what was her name? Zola...? Yea, she's been going around telling everybody she saw the future. Ain't that crazy! What a psycho! I don't know about you, but there's no way any of that crazy talk she was spouting could come true. I mean, the sky breaking? People turning into mermaids and goblins? That's ridiculous, but whatever, believe what you want.

    The RP:

    This RP is heavily based on a series of the same name called The Oscillation, written by Scott Edwards, (I recommend giving it a read.). The first setting of the RP is Zenobia High School, on a Monday morning unlike any other. Your character is free to be a student, teacher, visitor, staff, etc. So long as they have a reason to be at the school that day. Your character would have heard Zola's 'predictions of the future', but they would, understandably, still a bit skeptical.


    You will require two (2) character sheets for this RP. You'll need a beginning bio, which will detail the character and personality of your OC before the Oscillation, and you'll need another bio that details their changes after the Oscillation.

    Outside of the powers and abilities granted by your inherited Myths and Legend, you'll also inherit, to a degree, the dispositions of those mythical beings and legendary characters.

    That is to say, if your character ends up inheriting a myth or legend known for being vicious and malevolent, then your character would be pushed towards acting in that way. This 'compulsion' is not absolute, it simply makes it easier for your character to act in that manner, and also introduces some variation to your OCs starting personality.

    How you handle this change it is entirely within your jurisdiction. So long as it is present in some reasonable way, I have no complaints. However, keep in mind the characters should gradually grow accustomed to their new abilities.

    You should keep an up-to-date list of the traits and abilities your character inherited from their myth, whether it be a change in personality, an increase in their physical prowess or developments in the arcane arts. A skill sheet, so to speak.


    1. Follow all general charm rules
    2. Only 2 OCs allowed per Rper
    3. Romance Allowed, but keep it PG-13
    4. Suggestions for plot ideas and arcs are welcome!
    5. Have Fun!
    6. No Omnipotent Characters

    Physical Features:
    (Descriptions including height, weight, hair color, eye color, body shape, etc.)

    Appearance: [Optional]
    (Descriptions including clothing, accessories, piercings, hairstyles, etc.)

    (General description of personality. Can include likes & dislikes)

    Kinship: (Mythickin or Legendkin)

    Physical Features: (Changed by the Oscillation)
    (Descriptions including height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, body shape, etc.)

    Appearance: [Optional]
    (Descriptions including clothing, accessories, piercings, hairstyles, etc.)

    Personality: (Changed by the Oscillation)
    (General description of personality. Can include likes & dislikes)

    (The Legend or Myth your character derives their power from and the abilities they would gain from those legends.)

    Skill Sheet:

    This is a list of all the abilities your character would inherit from their myth.

    E.g. A character based on the Hydra would probably have skills like:

    Poisonous Blood
    Enhanced Regeneration

    Skills can be divided into three groups. Cluster Skills, Active Skills, and Passive Skills.

    Cluster Skills

    These are pure 'decoration'. They don't do anything in and of themselves but are an umbrella name for a group of related skills.

    E.g. The legend of Jormungandr has the following Cluster Skill

    Grants the user the following sub-abilities:

    Venom of the Midgard Serpent (Active skill)

    An incredibly potent venom capable of taking down gods, it can also be exhaled to poison a large area.

    Shaker of Midgard (Active skill)

    By biting its tail, it can create tremors out of rage and pain.

    Active Skills

    These are abilities that must be activated consciously or initiated in some way.

    The myth of the Nekomata has the following active skill.

    Corpses that it reanimates can be controlled and puppeteered about.

    Passive Skills

    These are abilities that are perpetually activated and in most cases cannot be turned off, for better or for worse.

    The legend of Quetzalcoatl has the following passive skill.

    Its blood has healing qualities.



    For Legends known to be either invincible, invulnerable, immortal, omnipotent, omniscient, etc. their abilities will be nerfed accordingly to avoid skewed characters.

    e.g. Achillies (near-invincible except for his heel), Sun Wukong (5 times immortal), various gods of knowledge, etc.



    Power: is an explosive and wilder exercise of force. This could also mean potential force as one can have an extremely high power capacity, but be physically extremely weak.

    Strength: is a slower and more controlled exercise of force.


    Toughness: is how much damage we can take before our bones are crushed and skin torn.

    Resilience: is how well we can redirect force. This can be affected by abilities that redirect damage or mitigates them through some magical or supernatural means.


    Speed: is the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible.

    Agility: is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with proper posture.

    Quickness: is the ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force production.


    Constitution: is how long we can function consciously. This has to do with 'mental fatigue'.

    Stamina: is how long we can function physically. One may be physically weak but can operate for an extended period with spells or other abilities.

    Endurance: mitigates the use of all our abilities dealing with Stamina and Constitution, i.e. high endurance reduces the expenditure of Stamina and Constitution.


    Elemental Resistances: Resistance to elemental magic or abilities fueled by certain elements.

    Physical Resistances: if someone has high Physical Resistance, then they can mitigate a lot of physical damage. This is connected with the Defense stat and adds to it.

    Note: Physical Resistance does not directly affect one's 'durability'. It instead refers to abilities that absorb or deflect damage. Examples of things that would affect Physical Resistance include, but are not limited to, shields or armor.

    Control Resistances: This has to do with stuns, charms, and other status effects.

    Penetration: is a stat that helps bypass resistances.

    Extremely High
    Very High
    Above Average
    Below Average
    Very Low
    Extremely Low

    A character can have a maximum of 6 stats that fall within the ranges High - Extremely High.
    Any more than 1 Extremely High stat must be balanced out by lowered stats elsewhere.

    To clarify the difference between Mythickin and Legendkin.

    A mythickin refers to a race of creatures (Dragons, Pheonix, Kitsune, Nekomata, etc.)

    A legendkin refers to a specific individual (Heracles, Perseus, Seigfried, Pele, Atlanta, etc.)

    A specific character from a mythical race, a specific fairy, Titania, for example, would fall under legendkin.

    My OC(s):

    Name: Catherine Grimaldine
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17

    Physical Features:
    (Descriptions including height, weight, hair color, eye color, body shape, etc.)

    Shorter than many of her younger schoolmates (at only 4'8"), Catherine is among the shortest in her year group and boasts no qualms about it. She has curly black hair that falls to her shoulders and asymmetrical bangs that cover the dark-brown iris of her left eye. Her dark lips can often be found pressed into a line, giving her a stern expression, but is actually a result of her habit of biting the inside of her lips.

    Appearance: [Optional]
    (Descriptions including clothing, accessories, piercings, hairstyles, etc.)

    Preferring the feeling of warm and toasty clothing, Catherine is often found in long-sleeved shirts that fit snuggly around her body paired with form-fitting jeans or a long skirt. Her favorite combination is a black turtleneck paired with either dark blue ripped jeans or an asymmetrical long-skirt with double side slits. She wears both with knee socks and hardy brown boots.

    (General description of personality. Can include likes & dislikes)

    A newly advanced Senior, Catherine is all but done through with the humdrum of high school. With above-average grades that contrast her average looks, Catherine is usually among the top scorers in her class. An achievement she takes pride in. It’s one of the things that feed into her proud nature, which has made her somewhat of a loner and can oft make her seem unapproachable. Behind that, Catherine is a moderately friendly girl who down-to-earth and who likes talking about her three pet cats. Family circumstances have groomed her to be resourceful and resilient, however, she isn’t one to handle setbacks well and takes them rather poorly.

    Name: Catherine Grimaldine
    Kinship: Mythickin
    Myth/Legend: Nekomata
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17

    Physical Features:
    (Descriptions including height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, body shape, etc.)

    After the Oscillation, Catherine now sports a pair of Lynx-ears that replace her formerly human ones. Her bodily proportions have hardly changed, save for a long, whip-like tail divided right down the middle and split into the two whispy tell-tale signs of a Nekomata.

    She does, however, possess the haunting slitted pupils of a cat which are framed by light green flares that fade into the yellow of her eyeballs.

    (General description of personality. Can include likes & dislikes)

    The Oscillation has made Catherine a bit more volatile. Her emotions more easily escape her grasp, especially those having to do with anger, resentment, and ill-will. She's become rather petty and seeks to settle scores for the slightest of misdeeds done towards her. In a few words, she's become more malevolent and vindictive, though she tries, with some success, to keep her emotions in check.

    (The Legend or Myth your character derives their power from and the abilities they would gain from those legends.)

    Nekomata are yokai said to exists deep in the mountains and feed on, but not exclusively, human flesh. Size account in retellings varies, as Nekomata have been described to be bigger than a wild boar in the or as huge as a panther or a lion, with its growl resounding through the mountainous regions.

    Other accounts of Nekomata include domesticated cats turning into the Nekomata. It was believed to be dangerous to keep a house cat for too long as it might transform into the Nekomata. Furthermore, it was said that the tail of the old cats would be split into two once it is time for their transformation.

    Many people mistake the Nekomata for the Bakeneko. While the two have the same original life of being house cats before transforming into beasts, the Nekomata is more hostile. Not only are they older and larger cats compared to the Bakeneko, but they also have longer tails that would split into two. Furthermore, not all Bakeneko are malevolent while all Nekomata are. It is also believed that the Nekomata are more able to speak the human language better than Bakeneko. Due to their larger size, Nekomata are also able to cause more damage and wreak greater havoc in comparison to the Bakeneko.

    It was believed that the Nekomata would attack humans who were by chance in the mountain regions. The chances of becoming a victim of the Nekomata depended on many factors such as how deep the person was in the mountains. The Nekomata were also cunning creatures that used several tricks to lure people into the mountains.

    One of their many tricks included mimicking the sound or the cries of people who are in peril. Their tricks were not limited to this, as they would do anything to lure prey into the dangers of the mountains and away from the safety of their own homes. These victims, upon encountering the Nekomata, would be attacked, killed, then eaten by the beast. While its appearance was still uncertain, most descriptions of this monster were still quite scary.

    Another trick that the demon cat would do to kill more people is to transform into human form. They are not limited to only a single human body. This means that they can transform into anyone, even into a person’s mother or relative. Once they can trick the victim into thinking that it is a loved one in danger and the victim gets closer, the Nekomata would attack the victim unguarded.

    On the other hand, the domesticated Nekomata are kittens that were raised inside homes would grow into the normal house cats. However, it is believed by some people that these house cats would gradually develop certain powers that would enable them to entrance their owners. They would then turn into Nekomata and leave the house to travel to the mountains, where they would join their mountain counterparts, in killing and eating humans.

    The skills of this devil cat were many, it was believed that it could fly, consume poison with no ill effects, speak to people in dreams, talk to the deceased and reanimate corpses; which they used to torment human beings. They would do this just to spread mischief and to cause misery among humans. A trick that they would do to further torment a person is to taunt them with the visions of their loved ones who have already passed away. On the other hand, it is said that they only generally do this to the people who have caused them harm while the cats were still alive.

    Due to their many powers, it is said that the Nekomata have enslaved humans by blackmailing them. Another way for them to kill humans other than eating them is by causing chaos and large fires. They would find great pleasure in wreaking havoc among humans. The cruelty of the Nekomata truly is unparalleled. Tormenting humans just for fun and seeing them suffer is not something a creature with a conscience can do.

    Grants the following sub-abilities:

    Corpses that she reanimates can be controlled and puppeteered about according to her will.

    Catherine can communicate with and sense the dead or recently deceased.

    Catherine can create and control ghastly fireballs.

    Grants the user the following sub-abilities:

    Catherine has senses of a feline, enhancing her balance, vision, smell, etc. beyond what they were as a human.

    Catherine has a lithe and feline physique with the enhanced physical attributes of a cat, increasing her flexibility, power, stealth, agility, etc.
    Catherine can shapeshift, changing her size and appearance, however, taking the form of humans or other cats is easiest for her.
    Using her Ghost-fire, Catherine can propel herself through the air.
    Grants the user the following sub-abilities:

    It is the nature of Nekomata to be cruel and vindictive. This skill makes Catherine more prone to acts of cruelty, vengeance, and maliciousness.

    The user possesses the ability to talk to cats.
    Grants the following sub-abilities:

    Catherine can enter the dreams of others when they are close to her.

    Catherine possesses the ability to lull others to sleep, though this can be resisted by pain or other intense stimuli.

    Catherine can impose her spirit on others, usually normal humans, possessing them temporarily.

    • Power: High
      Power is an explosive and wilder exercise of force. This could also mean potential force as one can have an extremely high power capacity, but be physically extremely weak.
    • Strength: Above Average
      Strength is a slower and more controlled exercise of force.


    • Toughness: Above Average
      Toughness is how much damage we can take before our bones are crushed and skin torn.
    • Resilience: Average
      Resilience is how well we can redirect force. This can be affected by abilities that redirect damage or mitigates them through some magical or supernatural means.


    • Speed: High
      Speed is the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible.
    • Agility: Extremely High
      Agility is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with proper posture.
    • Quickness: Very High
      Quickness is the ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force production.


    • Constitution: Average
      Constitution is how long we can function consciously. This has to do with 'mental fatigue'.
    • Stamina: Below Average
      Stamina is how long we can function physically. One may be physically weak (in terms of stamina) but can operate for an extended period with spells.
    • Endurance: Average
      Endurance mitigates the usage of abilities dealing with Stamina and Constitution.


    • Elemental Resistance: Average

      Very High resistance to Toxins & Flames.
      Very Low Resistance to anything 'Holy' & Water.
    • Physical Resistance: Average
    • Control Resistance: High

    Name: Zongying Yuying
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19

    Physical Features:
    (Descriptions including height, weight, hair color, eye color, body shape, etc.)

    Born from a mix of Chinese-American Oriental and African-American heritage, Yuying has rather unique physical features. Her sharp eyes and strong nose-line and lips give her a surprisingly feminine face, which is further accentuated by her round cheeks, and willowy eyebrows. She’s fair-skinned with beige complexion, and dark eyes and hair inherited from both her parents. While not particularly tall, Yuying stands at 5’3” and his a fruity body line.

    Appearance: [Optional]
    (Descriptions including clothing, accessories, piercings, hairstyles, etc.)

    (General description of personality. Can include likes & dislikes)

    A bit of a nerd, Yuying has a deep interest in the wuxia and xianxia aspects of Chinese mythology and voraciously consumes novels on that matter when she has the time. When she’s not hunched over her phone reading or idly listening to a song, then Yuying can be quite outgoing and friendly. She’s bold and decisive, often making decisions without forethought or fully thinking things through. Her name means ‘to take heroes and flowers and models’, and she strives to do just that, often coming off as pushy with her ideals.

    Name: Zongying Yuying
    Kinship: Mythickin
    Myth/Legend: Huli Jing
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19

    Physical Features: (Changed by the Oscillation)
    (Descriptions including height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, body shape, etc.)

    Yuying’s features have narrowed, she now possesses even sharper eyes and narrower nose, fringed with whiskers, that has given her an expression both foxy and perpetually playful. Her hair has lengthened immensely, from its previous bob-like length at her shoulders to a thick, wild, tresses that tickle her legs. Along with its increased length, Yuying’s hair also possesses two new colors. Between the black strands are singular streaks of gold and silver which can be only be seen when viewed from the front. These streaks are inline with the new pair of foxy ears that have grown to perch atop her head and she has a single tail matted with dark fur.

    Appearance: [Optional]
    (Descriptions including clothing, accessories, piercings, hairstyles, etc.)

    Personality: (Changed by the Oscillation)
    (General description of personality. Can include likes & dislikes)

    Huli Jing are beings that can be both benevolent and malevolent, however, regardless of their morality the term Huli Jing is commonly used to refer to a creature who is dangerous in its seductive nature. Yuying’s transformation has given her foxy wiles, and a penchant for feeding her own amusement.

    Mythos: The Huli Jing
    (The Legend or Myth your character derives their power from and the abilities they would gain from those legends.)

    Named with the terms Huli meaning 'fox' and Jing meaning 'essence', Huli Jing or Spirit Foxes as they are often called, are the Chinese equivalent of the Japanse Kitsune and the Korean Kumiho. Although all three myths share similar abilities and traits such as illusion creation, transformation, and seduction, the Huli Jing separates itself from its foxy sisters via its integration with other aspects of Chinese mythos namely the Xian, or the Immortals. Reputed as one of the 5 spiritual animals, foxes are able to absorb the essence of heaven and earth and cultivate to become immortal, a Huli Jing is one such fox which has begun cultivating towards immortality.

    Immortality can be achieved through a variety of means but only the noblest of foxes are able to absorb power from the Sun and Moon then refine it into essence for their own use. The more common variety of fox targets men, absorbing their essence much like a succubus through sexual contact.

    As with their kin the Kitsune and Kumiho, a Huli Jing's power is stated to be directly related to the number of tails they possess with each tail being the result of decades of cultivation. Similarly, they share the Kitsune's hatred and fear of dogs, as well as imperfect transformations that can be dropped if the fox is shocked, drunk, or careless.

    It's said that when a Huli Jing achieves its ninth tail it can become immortal and transcend yin and yang.

    Skill Sheet:

    Solar Essence Absorption (Passive) Absorbs energy from the sun which can then be refined for the user's own usage. This requires direct contact with sunlight.

    The Nature of Yang (Passive) When in direct sunlight Power, Strength, and Toughness are increased by 1 stage.

    Pure Yang Qi [Aspect: Hardness] (Active) The aspect of Yang focused on is hardness; this skill produces golden light which can be shaped to the user's will. The light contains the property of 'hardness'.

    Lunar Essence Absorption (Passive) Absorbs energy from the moon which can then be refined for the user's own usage. This requires direct contact with moonlight.

    The Nature of Yin (Passive) When in direct moonlight Quickness, Agility, and Resilience are increased by 1 stage.

    Pure Yin Qi [Aspect: Softness] (Active) The aspect of Yin focused on is softness; this skill produces silver light which can be shaped to the user's will. The light contains the property of 'softness'.

    Man-Eater (Passive) Absorb the energy of others; this is best done through intimate contact. This ability is easily resisted otherwise.

    Karmic Punishment (Passive) Accrues negative karma whenever Man-Eater is utilized to harm another person. This karma makes it harder to utilize any of the skills in [The Dao of Celestial Bodies]. Foxes with high Negative Karma have a high likelihood of inciting nigh-deadly heavenly tribulation. (Drastically increases the strength of the Heavenly Defiance Skill.)

    Heavenly Defiance (Passive) Immortal cultivation is against the natural order. Each time the user grows strong i.e. gains another tail, Heavenly Tribulation will descend in an attempt to kill the user.

    Cultivator of the Heavenly Dao (Passive) To cultivators, the Heavenly Dao is not to be violated. If a cultivator swears on the heavenly dao and then reneges on their promise, their body is destroyed and their soul eradicated.

    Heaven Provides (Passive) Essence can be used as a substitute for food and water.

    Fox Physique (Passive) The user has the senses and physical abilities of a fox.

    Knowledge of a Thousand Li (Active) The spirit foxes highly advanced senses are said to enable it to know everything within a thousand Li (500 km). This skill allows the user to stretch a 'spirit-sense' as an extension of their soul to interact with the world around them.

    Distance is limited by the number of tails. Each tail grants 10m distance.


    ■ Because the spiritual sense is an extension of the user, any harm done to the spiritual sense causes immediate and severe backlash on the user's soul, the severity of the harm can range from severe pain to mentally crippling.
    ■ The spiritual sense can be felt by those with spiritual awareness or awareness of souls in general.
    Natural Adversaries (Passive) Foxes and Dogs are natural enemies. Kitsune, Kumiho, and Huli Jing alike have an irrational fear of dogs.

    ■ May be unable to use Shapeshifting or Illusions in the presence of a dog.

    Shapeshifting (Active) The user can change forms


    ■ Shapeshifint is not an effective disguise against canines because they have the ability to sniff out fox magic.
    ■ Shapeshifting is not an effective disguise against those with the Holy attribute who can see through it.
    ■ Shapeshifting is highly reliant on the user's control; Shapeshifting will show mistakes if the user is spooked, grows careless, intoxicated etc.
    ■ The true nature of a fox always shows. Shapeshifting is not perfect, often the user's shadow will still appear as a fox regardless of their form.

    Illusion Weaving (Active) Glamorous illusions can be used to conceal the user and things around them.


    ■ Illusions are not as effective on canines because they have the ability to sniff out fox magic.
    ■ Illusions are not effective on those with the Holy attribute who can see through it.
    ■ Illusions are highly reliant on the user's control; Illusions will show mistakes if the user is spooked, grows careless, intoxicated etc.
    ■ The true nature of a fox always shows. Illusions are not perfect, often the user's shadow will still appear as a fox regardless of their form.


    Power: Above Average
    Strength: Above Average


    Toughness: Above Average
    Resilience: Above Average


    Speed: Above Average
    Agility: Above Average
    Quickness: Above Average


    Constitution: Above Average
    Stamina: Above Average
    Endurance: Above Average


    Elemental Resistances: Above Average
    Physical Resistances: Above Average
    Control Resistances: Above Average
    Penetration: Above Average

    Not sure if I mentioned it above, but note that characters will not have access to all their abilities right away.

    @DarkHydraT @Mango137 @Nukas @E.K.A.N.S. @OmnipotentOnion @Mystic Zander @sSoul @JayTaku

    In case you missed the first link:

    The Oscillation, by Scott Edwards
    Art by Likesac

    and just in case, proof of permission to use Scott's world for the RP.

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  2. Character Sheet
    1. Catherine Grimaldine (Nekomata)
    2. Grace "Gracie" Lightwood (Grim Reaper)
    3. Adrian Snow (Vampire)
    4. Sam (Siren)
    5. Alex Leffen (Pheonix)
    6. Orm Skau (Jormungandr)
    7. Windie Xenos (Quetzalcoatl)
    8. Jonah Reaves (Ryūjin)
    9. Ashley Lina Silver (Aife)
    10. Marcus Dipluma (Archangel Raphael)
    11. Luna Novis (Athena)
    12. Taika Agaue (Fenrir)
    13. Axar Rathman (Kagatsuchi)
    14. Wrenna "Wren" Dwinell (Kuraokami)
    15. Erik/Gyung-Hoon Cho (Celestial King)
    16. Iris van der Decken (Flying Dutch[wo]man)
    17. Reserved [Mango]
    18. Augustus Dracolore (Loki)
    19. Zongying Yuying (Huli Jing)

    1. William (Hou'yi)
    2. Parsia (Homa Bird)
    3. Aladd (Serpopard)
    4. Samson (Antaeus)

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  3. FAQ

    Q: Will we be able to update our stat sheets as time progresses or will the stats remain static?

    A: Stats should remain static, skills, however, are subject to change later on.
    There are a few exceptions to that rule though. If your character manages to pick up a Legendary item or go through some Mythological process that increases a stat, then that would allow for stat increases.

    In summary, the
    base stats of your myth remain constant, it's just a measure of what your myth/legend is good at doing. Skills and equipment can act as modifiers to those base stats, increasing or decreasing them.
    Q: Will our characters be able to acquire items & equipment?

    A.: Yes! Of course. Legendary Items such as weapons, armor, elixers, etc. Those will all be available for character to collect. However, I do ask that you inform me if there's an item you have your eye on. Legendary weapons and their ilk can be very game-breaking if handled willy-nilly. To obtain an item of legendary or mythical stature, an arc will be required where you character goes through the appropriate trials needed to weild such equipment.

    In summary, yes you can, but please ask me first. I want to create story-arcs around these 'treasure hunts'.
    Q: What's all this about Quests and Objectives?

    A: I'll be using a 'Quest Format' in the discussion to give the Role Players an idea of the situation at hand and a few suggested courses of action they may take.

    Quests will be shown using the following method:


    Main Objective

    The main objective will be my suggested way to begin tackling the arc.

    To give an example, if the current situation has the Ocs being kidnapped by a Pterasaur and taken to her nest soon to become dino-munchies, then the main objective would probably be something like

    Main Objective: 『Escape the Nest!』
    It certainly isn't the only way to resolve the problem, but it would be my suggestion. Alternative methods would be destroying the nest, killing the threat, taming the threat, etc.

    The main objective simply directs you towards the overall 'threat' of the arc, because how you choose to deal with said threat is, for the most part, up to you so long as it is within reason.

    Side Objectives

    The Side Objectives are additional things you can do in addition to dealing with the main objective. They don't affect story progression as the story will move on whether you complete them or not, but completing them will provide benefits that will be revealed later on.

    Using the same Pterasaur scenarion i'll provide an example:

    Side Objective: 『Steal a Pterasaur Egg!』
    You wouldn't need to accomplish that task but it would pay off one way or another later on.

    Side Objectives usually, but not always, have increased difficulty.

    Hidden Objectives

    If I can think of some nuanced way to make the arc more complex or intricate that it needs to be, figuring it out will usually be your hidden objective.

    Hidden Objectives are sub-event that have an impact on the current situation but occur within the background. I'll try to allude to them or drop hints as best I can, however, it'll be up to you as the Role Players to piece together the clues.

    Back to the Pterasaur scenario, an example of the hidden objective would be:

    Hidden Objective: 『Figure out how you ended up millions of years in the past!』
    It won't be stated in any terms as clear as that, but a good dose of curiosity goes a long way in unearthing hidden objectives.

    Special Objectives

    Special Objectives are the rarest of the bunch; they're usually assigned as highest-difficulty objectives which can result in rewards for the OC who manages to complete them.

    If you made a request for a legendary weapon or mythical fruit for your character's usage then acquisition of that thing will usually be through a Special Objective.

    Attached Files:

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  4. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Name: Windie Xenos
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Physical Features: Messy brown hair that covers his bushy eyebrows and similarly brown eyes. His half Asian descent shows through in the tan that covers his toned, but not large, muscles. He stands at about 6’0 and weighs a slightly lighter 160.

    Appearance: He typically wears his turtle shell glasses and white gold watch, though the rest of his outfit is subject to changes, Windie is almost always wearing designer brands in a casual manner.

    Personality: Though you would never guess it from his cheerful, funny, and well-liked personality and his tendency to hang out with the jocks, Windie sits comfortably at the top of class rank. His high intelligence could be considered a waste as he never seems to put forth any effort and has a general lack of motivation, missing around half the school days each year. Still, he succeeded in taking the maximum amount of allowed AP courses and has never dipped below an A, despite his complete absence of studying or doing homework. From an outside perspective, Windie could be viewed as somebody who has it all: athleticism, money, and intelligence, but he constantly gets in his own way and has many unseen problems. Windie is actually the “dumb” one in his family and has adopted the “cool guy” persona in an attempt to cope with the fact that his family would never be as proud of him for academics, so he resolved to be the most popular. This has led him to feel very internally conflicted, feeling like he’s trapped and never really able to be himself. Despite being friends with the most popular kids and the nerdiest as a result from being the starting wide receiver and tennis captain as well as the number 1 class rank, Windie is more likely to find himself at home alone on a Friday night rather than attend one of the many parties he is invited to simply because he’s exhausted from pretending to be somebody else.

    Name: Windie Xenos
    Kinship: Legendkin
    Myth/Legend: Quetzalcoatl
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Physical Features: After the inheriting Quetzalcoatl in the oscillation, Windie was forced to transform into a more suitable host for a god, taking on some of Quetzalcoatl’s qualities as well. His once brown eyes are now a vibrant, almost glowing, gold that seem to host mountains of knowledge. His hair remain messy, but it is now pushed back and is a vivid green and turns bright red near its tips. Windie has overall grown to be much more attractive, growing to 6’4 and showing off his now much more defined muscle weighing about 200lbs. The most notable change, however, is the magnificent feathered wings sprouting from his back which replicate the colors of his hair as it shifts from green to red.

    Appearance: [Optional]
    Inheriting Quetzalcoatl fixed most of his physical flaws so he now no longer has a need for his glasses. Unfortunately, the upgrade came with an often inconvenient pair of wings that he must deal with, shedding his high fashion clothes to compensate for his protruding wings. Now he typically wears a dark gray hoodie-tank with slits in the back for his wings and cut off at the sleeves to reveal his defined arms over a pair of athletic black shorts and white shoes.

    Personality: Inheriting a god of knowledge had a dramatic effect on Windie’s personality. He shed his unmotivated and easy going attitude for one that carries the burden of extremely heightened intelligence, now constantly bearing the weight of the world. He tries to remain friendly but will often sporadically get lost in thought and come off apathetic as he now constantly ponders the greater good rather than spending time in “meaningless” relationships.

    Mythos: Quetzalcoatl, an Aztec god who aided with creation of life. His main traits are as the god of knowledge, wind, and the morning star. He is often depicted as a winged feathered serpent. Quetzalcoatl is also said to have an affiliation with eagles and birds.

    Defender of the Aztecs (Cluster)
    Spirit of the Wind (Passive)- Windie inherits the strength, speed, and reflexes of both of Quetzalcoatl’s sacred animals, birds (primarily eagles), as well as their enhanced sight and other senses, thus making him a more formidable warrior worthy of defending Quetzalcoatl’s people.

    Devine Wisdom (Passive)- Windie inherited the wisdom and judgment of Quetzalcoatl, shaping him to he a just and suitable leader.
    The Flying Serpent’s Blessing (Cluster)
    Snake Skin (Passive)- Windie’s skin has hardened to reflect snake scales, increasing his durability.

    Wings of the Great One (Passive)- Windie grew a pair of feathered wings akin to those of Quetzalcoatl.

    Golden Eyes (Passive)- Can see one the dark, increased awareness to stimulus.
    Ruler of the Dawn (Cluster)
    Master of Wind (Active)- Windie inherited the ability to control the wind.

    The Morning Sun (Active)- Windie can create and project golden fire. Could be considered a “holy” attack

    Bringer of Life (Active)- Windie can summon rain. This rain has magical qualities to promote growth at an incredible rate (he can’t control water).

    Giver of Life (Passive)- Windie’s blood has healing qualities.

    Power: Very High (Wind/Sun)

    Strength: Above Average (Snake/Eagle)


    Toughness: Above Average (Snake Skin)

    Resilience: Above Average (Snake Skin)


    Speed: Extremely High (Wings/Wind/Eagle)

    Agility: Very High (Wings/Wind/Eagle)

    Quickness: Very High (Snake)


    Constitution: Very High (mental state of the god of knowledge)

    Stamina: Above Average (Eagle)

    Endurance: Average


    Elemental Resistances: Above Average (Snake Skin)

    Physical Resistances: Above Average (Snake Skin)

    Control Resistances: Average. Exception: Extremely high to things that target him purely mentally due to having the mindset of a god of knowledge (resistance to confusion but not poison or stuns).

    Penetration: Average
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  5. Name: Orm Skau
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Physical Features: Orm stands at 6'6 feet and weighs 198 lbs. He has long blonde hair in a ponytail, fair skin and grey eyes. He has a mesomorphic body type with clear muscles tones and a port-wine stain covering his left thumb and a section of the back of his hand.
    Appearance: Orm wears a knitted grey sweater, a beige pair of jeans, brown boots with fur lining inside of them, a silver earring engraved with runes and a ring around his left ring finger. He wears his hair in a ponytail that reaches about halfway of the length of his back.
    Personality: Prideful to a sin, Orm thinks highly of himself despite never finishing high school because he had to support his family when his mother got ill. He thinks that he is better than others because he stepped up and took charge to care for his family rather than keep going to school, though the illness was a convenient excuse to drop out of school and save face instead of admitting that he couldn't keep up. Orm likes to act tough, eat and use his impressive stature to get his way. Ironically, he dislikes people who think they're all high and mighty for no good reason, reading, know-it-alls and the sound of thunder

    Name: Orm Skau
    Kinship: Legendkin
    Myth/Legend: Jormungandr
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Physical Features: Having grown even larger after the Oscillation, Orm now measures 13'1 feet and weighs 882 lbs. His right eye turned black and his left eye turned red, and his body is covered in black and green scales. His face resembles a serpent more than a human, with a rounded shape and elongated forwards instead of upwards. His arms have not grown, which made them disproportionately small compared to the rest of his body, whilst his legs have completely disappeared. His torso has been elongated into the body of a serpent that kills via constriction. He also gained two hollow fangs which typically are folded on the roof of his mouth, used to administer his toxin. His long hair is still blonde and drapes around his neck up to where his chest would be. His ears have been replaced with holes in the side of his skull, but his hearing capabilities haven't suffered from this change.

    Only fueled by his massive stature and incredibly potent venom, Orm sees himself as unbeatable and the ultimate lifeform. His thoughts don't go much further than that, destruction and his desire for food though, since he lost some of his already lackluster intelligence. He doesn't really care who he sides with, as long as he can do what he likes.
    Jormungandr, also known as the Midgard Serpent, is a giant serpent that can circle around the world and bite his own tail. One of Loki's sons, he got tossed into the ocean by Odin after getting discovered where he grew to an incredible size. Jormungandr is fated to battle Thor and the two have met before, the most famous encounter between the two of them is when Thor fishes Jormungandr up using an ox' head after a long struggle which made Thor's foot go through the boat in an attempt to resist the strength of the serpent, only for the line to be cut by the giant Hymir who was afraid that this encounter would unleash Ragnarok.

    After the dragon Nidhogg gnawed through the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil, three years of harsh winter caused the waters in which Jormangandr resided to grow icy cold, causing the serpent to let go of his tail and go onto land. The earthquakes caused by the gargantuan body dragging itself across the grouns caused the bounds of his brother Fenrir and his father Loki to break, unleashing Ragnarok. Jormungandr's venom would poison the sky and the seas until he met his destined opponent. During Ragnarok, Thor faces Jormungandr again. After an intense fight, Thor slays the serpent, but at a hefty cost. Getting bitten during the fight, Thor takes nine steps before succumbing to the serpent's venom

    Bringer of Ragnarok (Cluster skill)
    Grants the user the following sub-abillities:

    Venom of the Midgard Serpent (Active skill)

    An incredibly potent venom capable of taking down gods, it can also be exhaled to poison a large area.

    Shaker of Midgard (Active skill)

    By biting its own tail, Orm can create tremors out of rage and pain.
    Serpent's Body (cluster skill)
    Grants the user the following sub-skills:

    Water Traverser (Passive skill)

    Due to his streamlined body, Orm has no issue swimming for extended periods of time.

    Endless Growth (Passive skill)

    By eating food, Orm grows in size permanently. The bigger he becomes, the better quality food he needs and the more he needs of it.

    Forked Tongue (Passive skill)

    Orm can speak to snakes, serpents and humans with ease. He can also use it to smell scents otherwise hidden to him, just like a snake.
    Poison resistance (passive skill)
    Immense physical strength (passive skill)
    Tough scales (passive skill)


    Power: is an explosive and wilder exercise of force. This could also mean potential force as one can have an extremely high power capacity, but be physically extremely weak. High.

    Strength: is a slower and more controlled exercise of force. Very high.


    Toughness: is how much damage we can take before our bones are crushed and skin torn. Extremely high.

    Resilience: is how well we can redirect force. This can be affected by abilities that redirect damage or mitigates them through some magical or supernatural means. Average


    Speed: is the ability to move the body in one direction as fast as possible. Above average

    Agility: is the ability to accelerate, decelerate, stabilize, and quickly change directions with proper posture. Average.

    Quickness: is the ability to react and change body position with a maximum rate of force production. Below average.


    Constitution: is how long we can function consciously. This has to do with 'mental fatigue'. Average

    Stamina: is how long we can function physically. One may be physically weak, but she can operate for an extended period of time with her spells. Very high.

    Endurance: mitigates the use of all our abilities dealing with Stamina and Constitution. High.


    Elemental Resistances: are much more oriented with resistance to elemental magic or abilities fueled by certain elements. Above average.

    Very high resistance against water and toxins.
    Very low resistance against lightning

    Physical Resistances: if someone has high Physical Resistance, then they can mitigate a lot of physical damage. This seems to be connected with the Defense stat and adds to it. High

    Control Resistances: This has to do with stuns, charms, and other status effects.
    Below average.
    : is a stat that helps bypass resistances. Average.
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  6. I would like to join, as it looks really interesting. But I didn't read the series and I doubt that I will find it in my country, as I never heard of it before, if not count now...
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  7. You don't need to have read the series before, it's a Web Novel, so you can just follow the links I put in the first post to find it. Create your character first and we'll see about accepting you.
  8. Sign me up!

    Name: Adrian Snow
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Physical Features: Adrian stands at 5'9" with somewhat Pale skin as if he doesn't go outside much, although his body figure seems slim with no signs of either muscle or fat as if he seeks no desire to get more buff yet at the same time no desire to get fat. His eyes are Sky blue and his hair is a Dark blond color that could easily be mistaken for Gold.

    Appearance: His hairstyle shows it to be smooth and tidy without a single strand out of place. His favorite type of clothing is a simple Black turtleneck shirt underneath a Red jacket with Beige fur linings, dark Blue jeans and Brown shoes.

    Personality: Adrian is normally seen as a calm and friendly individual, not a likely person to get the first word out in a conversation and shows a lazy side to himself, causing him to care little about most things. He is easily irritated by loud noises and wouldn't hesitate to yell at anyone who annoys him nor talk back at anyone regardless of how 'high in command' they are. He has a soft spot for little animals and always enjoys a good mixture of milk chocolate and soda.

    Name: Adrian Snow
    Kinship: Mythickin
    Myth/Legend: Vampire
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Physical Features: Not much has changed in terms of Adrian's physical figure apart from longer and sharper nails as well as retractable fangs. His skin had gone from slightly Pale to an even more Pale version and turning it completely white, his hair has changed from it's Golden state to a Snow white variant with a few streaks of Jet black and his eyes have turned to a sickly blood red color.

    Appearance: Ever since he learned that one of his abilities can turn him into a 'more monstrous form' he modified all his clothing by cutting two slits in the back of his shirts can coats. His hairstyle which was once tidy became a lot messier with several bangs and strands around his forehead and sides.
    He decided to upgrade his clothing by replacing his jacket with an ankle long Black coat.

    Personality: Adrian does his best to maintain his normal ways, although thanks to vampirism, he's earned a strong craving for blood that he does his best to keep down. There are rumors that Adrian may have gained a split personality after his transformation; One being his normal state while the other being more accustomed to his darker thoughts as a vampire where he not only craves blood but gained a strong ambition to rule over others with an iron fist. This new personality shows it's side mainly when Adrian transforms, although it does indeed listen to Adrian... for the most part.
    He's gained a habit of flying above the clouds at night and enjoy the view from below, the sight is something even his "monster side" sees as peaceful. He's also gained a love for garlic.

    Other: His "Monster side" can talk to him like Venom and Eddie.

    Vampires are sentient beings that have traded their soul for magic powers - they are sustained by blood magic. They are soulless and thus considered as dead beings though they are still sentient, with blood magic affecting all their ways of life including their diet and biology. Since they lack souls, the only way they can sustain their existence is by stealing the life force of other living beings - this includes stealing souls and feeding on crystals, but mostly by drinking the blood of others.

    The vampires of Earth are undead, diseased persons who are hated, hunted, and misunderstood by the living. Whether they consider themselves cursed or blessed, or whether they have given into their animalistic instincts or have sought to rid the world of the disease, vampires are nonetheless considered abominations.

    The vampire is one of the most powerful and feared of all the undead. While they are typically incredibly fast, gifted mages, and unnaturally strong, fear of vampires is abnormally great due to their ability to infect others, a fate often described as worse than death. Distrust and chaos can potentially bring down entire settlements should just one vampire infiltrate the populace. Vampires spread by giving mortals diseases such as Porphyric Hemophilia, Sanguinare Vampiris, and Noxiphilic Sanguivoria. Vampires tend to be organized into many different clans called covens; in fact, there are over a hundred distinct kinds of vampire in Europe and America alone.

    Bat swarm: He can turn his body into a swarm of bats.
    "Monster form": He can transform his body into a more horrific humanoid with many bat like appendages, in this form he becomes a lot taller and gaunt, large bat wings protrude from his back and his fingers become longer with larger claws, his head appears to gain large bat ears and gruesomely large and sharp teeth with solid blood Red eyes that looks as if they pierced into your very soul. In this form Adrian gains a few bat like features including bat senses and loud screech attacks, greatly enhancing his strength.
    There is a setback to this form however; This form is like a personification of Adrian's "Monster personality" and practically has a mind of it's own, becoming extremely violent and ambitions with an insatiable craving for blood and an even stronger weakness to fire and light. While Adrain's human form finds the sunlight mildly irritating, his Monster form will spontaneously combust when in sunglight, so he never transforms in the day.
    Flight: He can defy the laws of gravity and soar through the sky.
    Claws and fangs: His claws and fangs can be retracted if he ever needs to use them.
    Nocturnal creature control: He can control the minds of many creatures of the night.
    Immortality: Ever since he became a Vampire, he stopped being able to age and physically become locked at the age he is.
    Enhanced smell: He can smell from great distances away. Mainly blood, a smell he tries to cover up.
    Night creature influence: He is passive toward even the most aggressive of all nocturnal creatures.
    Scaling walls: He can walk on vertical surfaces and ceilings as if they were floors.
    Regeneration: He can regenerate from even mortal wounds in under a minute, but it will take time and energy to do so.

    • Power: High
    • Strength: High

    • Toughness: Above average
    • Resilience: Above average

    • Speed: High
    • Agility: High
    • Quickness: Above average

    • Constitution: Above average
    • Stamina: Very high
    • Endurance: Above average
    • Elemental Resistances: High (Extremely low if fire/holy)
    • Physical Resistances: Above average

    Control Resistances: Above average
    Penetration: Above average

    Woo! That took a hell of a lot of time to make.
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  9. Happened to check 'Charms today and saw this. The first two chapters of the series have been pretty good so far, I'll most likely make a character soon
  10. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Grace "Gracie" Lightwood
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17

    Physical Features:
    5'4", 118lb, pale pink hair, blue eyes and a skinny but mature body type.

    She wears a white t-shirt under a denim jacket, a light blue miniskirt and white flats. She has a cross bearing in her right ear and wears her hair loose so that it goes to it's full length, which is just below her butt.

    Energetic, bubbly, talkative and she gets along well with everyone. She likes, singing, reading and hanging out with friends. She does not like bullies, heights or maths.
    Name: Grace "Gracie" Lightwood
    Kinship: Legendkin
    Myth/Legend: Death (Grim Reaper)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17

    Physical Features:
    5'6", 118lb, grey hair, grey eyes, skinny but mature body type.

    Tight black hooded leather jacket, black skinny jeans, black boots and gloves and a Scythe strapped to her back.

    She is very sullen, she had a cold stare and makes people feel very uneasy when she is near them, but she is actually really nice, just people don't like to be near her usually. She likes playing chess, making people feel at peace and reading. She dislikes bullies, feeling inferior and being labelled as evil.
    The Grim Reaper, sometimes called Death, is a spectral entity from Western Mythology that is said to be the sentient manifestation of death itself. Since the 15th century, Death has commonly been perceived to be an animated human skeleton, draped in pitch black robes and carrying a scythe. With this scythe, the Reaper severs the soul's last ties to life and grants the soul safe passage to the afterlife. He also carries an hourglass, representing the sands of time ticking away until his arrival.

    The Grim Reaper has often falsely been depicted as an evil spirit that preys on mortals. In truth, however, he is neither evil nor good, merely a force of nature and order. Death is a fundamental part of life and it is the Grim Reaper's duty to claim the souls of the deceased so as to maintain the balance of nature. He does not "kill" mortals, he merely guides their spirits to the next realm and it is not his place to judge souls or determine what will become of them.
    - Control over shadows
    - Invisibility
    - Flight (A lot of variations of death have wings)
    - Teleportation
    - Able to detect lifeforms through solid barriers
    Power: High
    Strength: Above Average

    Toughness: High
    Resilience: Above Average

    Speed: Above Average
    Agility: Average
    Quickness: Average

    Constitution: is how long we can function consciously. This has to do with 'mental fatigue'.
    Stamina: Extremely High
    Endurance: Average

    Elemental Resistances: Average
    Very High resistance to diseases
    Very Low resistance to anything 'Holy'
    Physical Resistances: High
    Control Resistances: Average
    Penetration: High
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  11. It's a good bios

    I noticed that you mentioned many kinds of vampires in your Mythos, so which Vampire is your character? Does your vampire have the classic weaknesses of Sunlight, Crosses, Garlic etc.?

    Also, note that Immortality in any form will be heavily nerfed. At the absolute most I would allow regeneration based on an energy pool. That energy pool would become the equivalent of life force, and you'd die should you run out of energy.

    Yes, death-touch would be terribly OP, you would have to change it.

    I'll also need you to fill in the section about your Myth and info on Grim Reapers in general.

    With regards to your stats, I believe you mean Extremely High Stamina, rather than endurance. The classic interpretation is undead have unlimited Stamina. Endurance affects your abilities rather than how long you can be active for.
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  12. He does have the classic weaknesses that a vampire has and as for immortality, I only meant that as in he doesn't age, he can still die and I do believe it to be fair on how well and often he can regenerate depending on his energy. The consumption of blood is an effective way to aid his regeneration but he's heavily reluctant about doing so.
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  13. Fair enough, though your main way of restoring energy would be blood so he'd probably need to get over that reluctance eventually. I digress though, you didn't answer my earlier question about what kind of Vampire he was.
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  14. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

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  15. Alright, just went over it. You're accepted.
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  16. Honestly, I took the vampire explanation off a wiki page that explained it a lot better than I never could. As for the what kind of vampire he is, I didn't even know vampires were split into categories, I just saw them as the same creature with different abilities so I don't know if I can properly explain what "kind" of vampire Adrian is, I just gave him many of the usual traits of a vampire as well as a few of the ones seen in separate franchises. the whole "Monster form" thing was based off of the "True form" ability where they can change into a different kind of creature, mainly bat like ones.

    Here's the link on where I got many of my ideas for my Vampire: https://unnaturalworld.fandom.com/wiki/Vampires (Vampires)
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  17. Hmmm, look through that and it's quite the mix-and-mash of vampiric abilities. Vampires do have different names depending on what region they originate in. There are a lot more vampiric creatures than one would expect. In any case, now that Immortality has been dealt with your bio is good. One thing I would suggest though is lowering strength to High.

    Though Vampires have super-human strength, they're not in the same weight-class as the Midgard Serpent, who himself only has a Very High for strength. That's my only gripe though, after that, accepted.
  18. I just wanted to be creative with my Vampire. Strength's been sorted as well.
  19. Accepted~

    There are a lot of Vampiric myths about, you should do some looking in places you'd least expect. While Vampires in popular culture are a Western Mythology thing, there are some pretty cool eastern variants as well. Give em a look-up.
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  20. Hey, quick question. If your chosen mythical creature, such as a phoenix, has no personality traits assigned to the original myth would it be better to just choose a few plausible personalities yourself?
  21. Most myths do have personality traits, but should the Myth be lacking in one then you should just create one that makes sense given the context of the Myth. The Pheonix is likely to be proud, passionate, quick-tempered, etc. It would depend on how you play around with the interpretation of their myths.
  22. Hiya!

    Can I reserve a spot for this? I'll have to look it over so I understand everything before I make an OC.
  23. Nukas

    Nukas Previously Kid_Nukas

    That took a while but we should be good now.
    Name: Sam Bierens
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16

    Physical Features:
    Sam is a pale kid with dark green eyes and light brown hair that falls to about his shoulders. He has more of a lean build standing at 5 foot 6 inches. and weighing at around 143 lbs.

    Appearance: [Optional]
    Sam doesn't care much about his appearance. He brushes his hair so that he looks somewhat presentable and usually just throws on a t-shirt with a pink or blue zip-up pullover and jeans for his everyday attire.

    Sam is a friendly kid who has a tendency to be very lazy. If he doesn't have to do something, he'll more than likely avoid doing it altogether. He tries to avoid conflict, usually just defaulting to agreeing with the other person to avoid an argument. That said, Sam will do something if his friends need him. Sam is also pretty smart, but his report card wouldn't show it. He knows a lot of the material in classes already and slides by with all Bs by only doing ha lf the work.

    Name: Sam
    Kinship: Mythickin
    Myth/Legend: Siren
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16

    Physical Features:
    After the Oscillation, Sam went through a very... unexpected change. Due to the sirens being female, Sam gained the body of a teenage girl. She got a b sized bust and more feminine features. Her only other change was the gold-colored wings that seemed to sprout from her back.

    Appearance: [Optional]
    (Descriptions including clothing, accessories, piercings, hairstyles, etc.)

    After the Oscillation, Sam is more inclined to not do much work. While before he was lazy, but had to work when asked, she can now make others do her work for her. Her overall personality stayed the same and she still cares for her friends as much as she once did.

    Sirens are bird-women who would usually be found resting on cliffs near the ocean. Their songs were stated to drive men insane, causing ships to ram straight into the cliffside in order to listen to the haunting song of the siren.

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Siren_(mythology) (Siren (mythology) - Wikipedia)
    Hypnotizing Song (Active): When someone hears the song of the siren, they are placed under the siren's control. Once under her control, Sam can make the person do whatever she wants. This skill starts off weak, she will be able to control only one or two people and will be limited in what she will be able to make them do. This skill works best on people who are solely attracted to women and is completely ineffective on gay men.

    Instrumental Prowess (Passive): Can learn to play any instrument with ease. Playing an instrument while singing will give a slight boost to her Hypnotizing song.

    Fated lyrics (Passive): If a man is able to listen to her music and break out of her control, Sam will feel physically ill and will need to rest before controlling anyone else.
    Sam was given wings along with her transformation which gives her the power of flight. Her wings take little effort to lift her off the ground and she is able to fly long distances without fatigue.
    Sam's new form has given her not only a beautiful voice, but also a beautiful body. This will make men want to help her. They would not do anything that would be against their nature, but they will want to go out of their way to help her when she needs it.
    : average
    Strength: below average

    : average
    Resilience: average

    : above average
    Agility: above average
    Quickness: average
    : above average
    Stamina: above average
    Endurance: mitigates the use of all our abilities dealing with Stamina and Constitution.

    Elemental Resistances
    : average
    High against Water and Wind
    Low against Lightning
    Physical Resistances: average
    Control Resistances: average
    Penetration: above average
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  24. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Note: this is the updated version, hopefully I fixed everything. Once again let me know if I missed anything.
    Name: Jonah Reaves
    Gender: 17
    Age: Male

    Physical Features: Jonah stands at an unremarkable height of 5'8 and he weighs in at about 120 pounds(~54 kg). His hair is colored a dark brown and his eye color is a grayish-green. Jonah's race is Caucasian and his ethnicity is Italian. Jonah's body shape is best described as Ectomorphic, for he is thin while lacking any noticeable muscles.

    Appearance: Jonah's outfit of choice consists of a green sweater with navy blue jeans and teal sneakers. Jonah prefers to wear his hear as a spiked faux hawk with a bald fade. He is often seen carrying a gym bag which contains a change of clothes, some snacks, a water bottle, and a light jacket.

    Personality: Generally tries to be a decent person(and does well enough at it), but he is known for being disdainful of people who believe that they're more important than they actually are. As such, he greatly dislikes the concept of competition, since he sees it as an opportunity for the arrogant to inflate their already enlarged ego, yet Jonah does take great joy in besting them and bragging about it to their faces. In addition, he also generally finds himself constantly reevaluating his courses of action, never truly satisfied with the choices that he made unless the benefits are apparent and massive. Conversely, he is also rather fond of cooking, his favorite thing to bake being sweet and savory foods.

    Name: Jonah Reaves
    Kinship: Legendkin
    Legend: Ryujin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 17

    Physical Features: Thanks to Ryujin's shape-shifting abilities(more on that later), Jonah can take any appearance he wants, including his regular human appearance and the appearance of the actual Ryujin. Without his shape-shifting abilities, Jonah's appearance can simply be described as his normal appearance but with blue, serpentine scales replacing his skin and his eyes taking on an aqua-green tint. His height has also grown to the above average 8'2.

    Personality: Fitting of the Ryujin's fickle nature, Jonah now acts more selfishly at times, but overall still tries to be a decent person. His former discontent with competition has dwindled due to the abilities he gained being rather potent in some given areas. This experience has overall made Jonah a slightly more confident person, though he'll need to grow into it. His love for cooking remains unchanged.

    Turns out, the Ryujin is actually the patron God of the Ocean in Japanese Mythology. According to these myths, the Empress Jingū was able to successfully attack Korea thanks to the sea serpent's tide jewels. The Ryujin is also known for removing all jellyfishes bones as punishment for one jellyfish failing to retrieve a monkey's liver.

    Patron God of the Sea(Cluster)
    Hydrokenisis(Active Skill): As the patron God of the Sea, the Ryujin had complete Dominion over all things water(this may or may not include ice or steam, will need confirmation later).
    Weather Manipulation(Active Skill): Being the patron God of the Sea also comes with the ability to manipulate the weather, mainly to create rain and thunderstorms.(Whether or not the Ryujin can create snow, hail or sleet is dependent on whether or not he can control ice).
    Electrokenisis(Active Skill): Though unorthodox for a being heavily associated with water, the Ryujin nonetheless shows aptitude for generating and manipulating lightning.
    Ocean Lord(Passive Skill): When in the presence of the ocean, the magnitude of Jonah's Power and Stamina increase by 1.

    Sea Drenched King(Cluster)
    Animal Manipulation(Passive Skill): Ryujin not only holds dominion over the seas, but also all the life forms that reside in there, such as fish, whales or sharks.
    Superhuman Physical Characteristics(Passive Skill): The explanation for a majority of Jonah's stats, including Force and Defense.

    Ethereal Sea Serpent(Cluster)
    Dream Manipulation(Active Skill): Ryujin was known for appearing to people in dreams.
    Biological Manipulation(Active Skill): According to the legends, Ryujin removed all jellyfish bones as punishment for their failure to bring him a monkey's liver, which may translate to Jonah being able to inflict bone fractures or breaking(depends on how OP bone removal is)
    Miscellaneous Magic(Active Skill): Ryujin has vaguely explained magic powers outside of his dominion over the ocean, weather and lightning, so for simplicity's sake, this explains all of Jonah's other high stats.


    Power: Very High(Lightning/Tidal Waves)

    Strength: High(Superhuman Characteristics)


    Toughness: High(Superhuman Characteristics)

    Resilience: Above Average(Magic)


    Speed: Average(Think feats an athlete can achieve)

    Agility: Average(Think feats an athlete can achieve)

    Quickness: Average(Think feats an athlete can achieve)


    Constitution: High(Magic)

    Stamina: High(Magic)

    Endurance: High(Magic)


    Elemental Resistances: Very High Resistance to Water, and Lightning(Ocean God), High Resistance to Ice (Ocean God) Above Average resistance to Fire(Ocean God)
    Physical Resistances: Above Average(Magic + Superhuman Characteristics)

    Control Resistances: Above Average(Magic)

    Penetration: Above Average(Magic)
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  25. Sure, no problem.

    With these last two bios I think we'll stop accepting characters for a bit. I'll get to getting up the RP itself within the week.
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  26. Quick question before I make my character: does it have to be a species from actual mythology that my char Oscillates to, or can it be a mythical species purely of my own creation?
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  27. Created myths are allowed but the detail needed to be put into them would be immense.
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  28. Ah, bugger. Is there still any use in me making a character for later on in the RP?
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  29. Question, would The Flying Dutchman be considered a legend since he's one of a kind? His fate can possibly happen to other captains as well and make it a myth
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  30. Yea it would. There will be setpoints later on where more OCs can be introduced. I'm allowing 2 Ocs per Rper for this, for the immediate arc though I don't want 20+ OCs. A bit too messy for a start. The second arc will give a chance to introduce more Ocs, and there will be a few more chances after that.
    The original myth refers to the whole ship though...

    Here are two ways I think it could be treated though;

    1. It would be a legend, but only the Captain would be the OCs. The crew and ship would end up as a part of his abilities and he would be a pseudo-necromancer.

    2. It would be a Myth with the possibility of multiple ghost ships or even just each crewmate on a single ship being an individual 'Dutchman'.
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  31. Okay! I'll start up my bio.
  32. I quite like the first option, I'll go with that. We need a healer and someone who is not too mental anyway
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  33. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    I can heal a little
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  34. Not the vampire and the nekomata, you hurt them in fact
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  35. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Only the fire counts as holy, his blood has healing qualities
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  36. I mean, hurting yourself to heal others doesn't seem too ideal. How would it work on undead?
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  37. Mango137

    Mango137 Previously Lewish37

    Yeah it’s not ideal, just is an option. Idk how it’d work on the undead, Quetzalcoatl’s blood helped grow humans and stuff so I was thinking his blood would help restore broken bones and surface injuries by being able to regrow cells.
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  38. Quetzalcoatl is more of a band-aid healer than the main healer. Shedding blood mid-fight probably won't be the most sustainable method of keeping teammates in said fight. I suppose you'll need to hope someone makes an OC suitable for healing the next time I open the gates for new characters.
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  39. when I get home, I’m going to put in my bio, but I’ll need some suggestions for a mythical creature.
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  40. Forest Dwellers

    Unicorns, Elves, Fairies, Pixies,


    Valkyries, Amazons, Fianna

    Bringers of Good Fortune:

    Fenghuang, Qilin,

    Birds of Prey

    Garuda, Roc

    Dragons, Dragons, Dragons

    Western Dragons, Chinese Dragons, Korean Dragons (Imugi), Wyverns, Wyrms, Fafnir, Flood Dragons (Jiaolong), Lion-Dragons (Suan-ni), Wolf-Dragons (Ya-zi), Pheonix-Dragons (Chao-feng), Turtle-Dragons (Bi-Xi), Tiger-Dragons (Bi-An), Fish-Dragons (Chi-wen),

    Snakes, Snakes, Sneks

    Lamia, Apophis, Medusa, Naga, Ouroboros,

    Do I look like a damsel to you? (Famous-Females)

    Atlanta, Hippolyta, Morgan la Faye, Sekhmet, Rhiannon, Brunhildr, Artemis,

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