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Open The Orphans

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Ombree, Jul 18, 2017.


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  1. Hallo.

    I've been thinking about a roleplay like this for a while, and I'm finally forcing myself to create it. :) There isn't a limit on spots currently, but it will at one point become private/closed.

    I alone in the room, rocking back and forth. Giving a bored sigh every minute or two. This was hell, always had been, always would be. The concrete walls worn't all that comforting, and neither anything else about this place. It gave me the creeps. Jeez, is it worth the effort to get a child comfort and positivity after all they've been through? Or after all I've been through. God, I still remember that scream. It echoes, through my head every day. The other kids say I'm crazy, but then again, we're all crazy. Crazy, tormented, Orphans.

    That writing is an example of a diary entry from an orphan. They're tormented, scavengers and bored out of their minds. They are abused and uncared for, scolded and hit, yelled at and starved. They can't live like that for any longer. That's the base plot idea, but feel free to come up with any ideas. I'm still unsure of whether this roleplay should have any sort of magic in it, but I reckon it'd be best if it didn't. As I said before, there isn't a spot limit, so please, feel free to join!

    Swearing: Allowed
    Violence: Allowed
    Sexism, Racism, etc: Banned
    Romance: Allowed
    Pokemon: Banned
    Fantasy: Undecided...
    Dark Backstories: Allowed

    As per usual, double posting is not allowed and your posts should be at least a paragraph long. :D


    Full name:
    Age (between 9 and 16):

    Age entered Orphanage:
    Reason of being at Orphanage:

    Dreams, Passions, etc:


  2. This is interesting, but I want to see more before I decide to join. I'll be keeping it in mind, however.
  3. What do you mean by more? @SS- I Never
  4. Well, all I know is that it's some kids in an orphanage.

    I want to know a little bit more than that before I join.
  5. Alright, so the kids have been abused and tortured by the caretaker (yet to be named) as long. As they've been there. From being whipped, to being yelled at. So obviously they'd probably want to escape, and the caretaker would strongly be against it. Whenever somebody comes to the orphanage to meet the children, the caretaker always brings out the worst in them and tell lies, these children are like insurance to the caretaker. No children = no job Well, that's how they think about it.

    So if we added fantasy we could take the RP into lots of different places. With the kids escaping but then being tormented for their power or something along the lines of that. If we didn't add fantasy we could also probably do quite a bit with the base idea. I'm not completely sure of a plot yet, as that's something I'd like the group as a whole to discuss.
  6. Full Name: September Rain
    Nickname: Sepi
    Gender: Female
    Age (between 9 and 16): 13

    Age entered Orphanage: 2 Months
    Reason of being at Orphanage: Abandoned.

    Appearance: September has black hair often tied up in a high messy bun with a white ribbon. She wears a brown, turtle neck, long sleeved, woolen sweater and black leggings. Along with shin-height brown leather boots. She has big, dark brown eyes and light skin. She's quite tall and slim as well.

    Personality: She's friendly, outgoing and lives for danger. She's often in trouble for dangerous stunts and attempted escapes. She's athletic and has a big, curious brain. She's a very bright person and doesn't suffer from any sort of shyness. She can get very depressed at times if she's being treated horribly.

    Dreams, Passions, etc: She dreams of finding her parents, escaping and living a free life.

    Backstory: September Riverton was dropped off at the orphanage door. Unnamed and wrapped in a beige, cloth. The caretaker took her and named her September, as she found her in September. Sepi's parents left a note with their baby saying 'Riverton' Hence her name being September Riverton. Sepi had dreamed of escaping and seeing the world since she was young, and she lives for danger. She enjoys watching the sunrise from the rooftop of the three story orphanage. She's among the top 5 most hated by the caretaker, as she's always finding a way to cause trouble. She's got a scar on her right arm from being whipped with a belt when she was 8, she'd led another kid onto the roof who had then fallen off the roof and shattered many of the caretaker's prized possessions. Sepi is always being mischeivous, but nobody's complaining.
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  7. Full Name: Tobette Silver
    Nickname: Toby
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13

    Age entered Orphanage: 5
    Reason of being at Orphanage: Parents killed.

    Appearance: Toby stands at 4'8", with a thin build and dark appearance. She has messy black hair that's tied up into two buns with sideswept bangs, and has light, cyan eyes. There are pretty dark rings under her eyes, and she has many freckles scattered on her face. She wears an oversized cargo jacket, a loose white tee, dark skinny jeans, and blue hightop sneakers.

    Personality: Hesitant and intimidating. She has few friends, mainly because other children are nervous or cautious of her. Toby can be cold and downright mean, but her good side is lovable.

    Dreams, Passions, etc.: Toby wishes to become an expert in art, and exceeds well in drawing and painting.

    Backstory: Toby's father was murdered when a burglar broke into her house when she was five. The burglar trashed the house, killed her dad, and fled the scene without being caught. Her mother, filled with distress, killed herself shortly after, and Toby was snatched away to the orphanage.

    I like the idea of the children having magic. It could be the reason the caretakers abused them, because they were afraid of the kids.
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  8. Accepted
  9. This sounds very interesting.

    Full name: Shawn Sanders
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12

    Age entered Orphanage: 4
    Reason of being at Orphanage: His father died a month before he was born, so his mother struggled to raise him on her own, until she finally decided to leave him at an orphanage.

    Appearance: Shawn is very short for his age,and looks like he's only fed every few days. He has messy brown hair that he cuts short himself so that it can't be used against him, but because he uses an old knife to cut it since he doesn't have anything else, there are many cuts and scratches on his scalp. He wears a tattered shirt with short sleeves and a pair of jeans that look like they haven't been washed in years. He also has cuts and scrapes all over from an incident from when he was seven.
    Personality: Shawn is very shy and is scared of a lot of things. He's intimidated by Toby so he never approaches her, and most of all he's afraid of the caretaker, who he makes sure never to be even slightly rude to, fearing they may hurt him. He's very sensitive to pain so he is often very cautious, even when there's nothing around that could possibly harm him. He's not really friends with any of the other orphans, because he's to scared to talk to them, so no one there really knows anything about him. Some of them come up with theories about him, but most of them just ignore him.
    Dreams, Passions, etc: Secretly, Shawn dreams of being a writer. The thought of bringing his own little word to life appeals to him in a way that he can't really explain. He often lays awake in his bed dreaming of incredible places full of wonder where in the end, there's always a happy ending, unlike the cruel reality he lives in.

    Backstory: As previously stated, his father died a month before he was born. His mother tried to take care of the both of them, but she couldn't keep a job, and eventually they lost they're house. It was then that she decided it would be best for Shawn if he was raised in as an orphan. So while he was sleeping, his mother brought him to a nearby orphanage, and left him there, with nothing but the clothes on his body, and a book where all the pages were completely blank, that thankfully, the caretaker let him keep. In the next few years, he slowly taught himself to read, and started thinking of things to write in his book. Sometimes they were stories, sometimes the were ideas, and sometimes they were just things that happened that might inspire him one day. Every night, he read one of his stories in silence. He's even planning on writing a book about the horrible place he lives in. One day though, he was led to the roof by September (if you're okay with it), and clumsily fell of, shattering many of the caretakers possessions. After that, there were scars all over his body, and after being beat by the caretaker, he was hurt even more. He cried himself to sleep that night, being in more pain than ever before. Ever since that day, he's made sure to avoid September, and more importantly, do whatever the caretaker tells him to.
  10. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    A lot of my information could be greatly affected if the children have magic. Just saying. So I'm gonna hold off until it's decided.
  11. Accepted

    And @ScorchPlayz if the children did have powers they'd be small powers. So nothing like flight, lazer vision, telekinesis. Things like water walking, night vision and enhanced senses
  12. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Jesus powers XD don't worry pearl, I didn't really plan something like telekinesis more something like enhanced senses
  13. K

    Just so ya know I'm also gonna do enhanced senses if we do powers, but two can have the same power
  14. Full name: Kai Sorrel
    Gender: Male
    Age (between 9 and 16): 14

    Age entered Orphanage: 2
    Reason of being at Orphanage: His father is unknown due to his mother being raped by a stranger. His mother tried to take care of him for two years but could no longer do so due to no one being able to look after him while she's at work. It was hard for her to do, but she decided that the orphanage was best for Kai.

    Appearance: Kai has black hair that he tends to stand up and black eyes. He wears a dark-green long sleeved shirt, blue jeans, grey scarf, and black sneakers. He also sometimes wears a black u-boat leather jacket.
    Personality: Kai usually spends his time alone. He may seem cold and mean but once you get to know him, he can be sweet. Also, he doesn't care if he hurts himself when he's depressed.
    Dreams, Passions, etc: His main goal is to escape the orphanage and see where life takes him.

    Backstory: How he was born was that his mother was raped by a stranger in a middle of an alley. The doctors never figured out who the father was. Kai's mother tried to take care of him by herself, which was going well for two years. Then everything started falling apart and she no longer had a babysitter to take care of Kai while she's at work as the last one quit. She tried to get things fixed but couldn't do this anymore. It was painful for her to do this but she decided to leave Kai at the orphanage. Since then, Kai has had a hard time living at the orphanage. He tried to escape multiple times but failed. Every time he did something wrong, he would get beat by the caretaker. Kai had suffered through depression from time to time, that it had gotten to the point where he tried to kill himself, but the caretaker stopped him. And this was only a few months ago. Now he has a stab wound on his left shoulder from testing how sharp the knife was.
  15. Accepted
  16. Hey Zenix! I didn't know I would find you here!

    Full Name: Kuro Okami
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14

    Age entered Orphanage: Five
    Reason of being at Orphanage: Her parents were killed

    Appearance: Kuro wears a long sleeved shirt to hide all of her scars from when she would get in trouble often but she stopped at the age of six and black jeans but she doesn't like to wear shoes. She has silky black mid-spine length hair, that she uses to hide her face, with cobalt blue eyes. For night wear, she wears a black tank top with black shorts though if it gets cold she changes back into her day outfit
    Personality: Kuro is extremely shy but she is very nice and doesn't really talk to anybody and usually stays away from everybody. She is very careful of who she trusts which is no one at the moment though if you gained her trust then she will smile a lot and be a tad less shy around other people. She is very cautious around people and likes to be alone. She doesn't like pain but she is very tolerant to pain with the considering
    Dreams, Passions, etc.: Kuro wishes to be an author and an artist but most of all she wants to be a wildlife specialist. Though she knows that all of that will come after she is either adopted or she escapes

    Backstory: After Kuro was born her parents settled down from their life of adventure so they could take Carson Kuro but when she was five, they were killed by a hit man that didn't kill Kuro because he wasn't getting paid to kill her. She watched her parents get killed by the hit man then she watched him flee the scene. The neighbors heard Kuro screaming so they called the police which they took Kuro to the Orphanage. She used to be quite the trouble maker but then she went to far and got a very hard beating which caused her to be so shy and to not get in trouble anymore. After that, she 'borrowed' some of the caretaker's books, teaching herself how to read and she was a fast learner, but put them back when she was finished. Most of the books she read inspired her to write and when she learned about animals she immediately loved them though her personal favorite is a wolf. She really wanted to draw animals so one day she did and the caretaker didn't like that so they beat her, she also would steal the caretakers stuff so when they caught her, she was beaten very badly. After that she never got in trouble and doesn't speak unless spoken to
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  17. Hey Midnight!
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  18. Female Shawn. XD
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  19. My characters are always either shy or don't talk to most people but I do think they are quite alike and I think they could be friends
  20. When is the RP going to start? Or are we going to wait for a couple more people?

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