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Open The Omaled Reigon [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tamazarokon, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Oh, I'm not judging. Sorry if it seemed that way. I was only sharing my experiences :)

    1. Name: Max
      Apperance: Complete red clothes including jumper, tea shirt and jeans. Always holding a bottle of ice cold water
      Personality: kind and helpful. Max is tough on his challengers but is supportive after the battle
      Age: 13


      Pokemon: houdoom

      Level: 47
      Flame thrower
      Fire fang
      Fire spin

      Pokemon: flareon
      Level: 45
      Flame thrower
      Solar beam
      Hidden Power(Fire)

      Pokemon: magmorta
      Level: 48
      Fire spin
      Lave plume
      Flame charge
      Fire punch

      Pokemon: shiny charizard
      Level: 45
      Flame thrower
      Air slash
      Sunny day
      Dragon pulse
  2. Name: Erion
    Gym: 8
    Appearance: Gray hoodie, black jeans, black sneakers, black hair, blue eyes, glasses
    Personality: Brave, Serious, Kind, Stubborn (a little)
    Age: 20
    Specialty: Dragon

    Name: Flygon
    Lvl: 52
    Dragon Rage
    Scary Face
    Steel Wing

    Name: Altaria
    Lvl: 52
    Mega?: Yes (if allowed)
    Dragon Rage
    Aerial Ace
    Swords Dance

    Name: Dragonair
    Lvl: 54 (will evolve mid battle)
    Dragon Rage
    Clanging Scales
    Dragon Dance

    Name: Haxorus
    Lvl: 55
    Dragon Rage
    Clanging Scales
    Dragon Dance

    Name: Drampa
    Lvl: 54
    Dragon Rage
    Swords Dance
    Dragon Tail
  3. my showdown account is called tlord12
  4. @TwinsieTarantula I already have the 8th leader. He just hasn't updated it yet! Sorry.
  5. Why am I not getting alerts? Also, @TwinsyTarantula, yes. There is already a eighth gym leader. Sorry!
  6. Can i be a Elite 4 Member?
    Name: Ashley
    Nicknames: Ash
    Pokemon: Umbreon ,Mightyena, Absol, Zorark, Houndoom, Hydreigon
    Personality: Serious,Smart
    Age: 19
    (Couldn't find any other Image that was small)
    Pokemon Bios:
    Pokemon: Umbreon
    Nick: Oka
    Level: 59
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Feint Attack, Giga Impact, Hyper Bean

    Name: Mightyena
    Nick: Scar
    Level: 60
    Moves: Crunch, Play rough, Dark Pulse, Payback

    Name: Absol
    Nick: Jordan
    Level: 61
    Moves: Night slash, Shadow Ball, Brutal Swing, Shadow Claw

    Name: Zorark
    Nick: Gene
    Level: 64
    Moves: Night daze, Focus Blast, Foul play, Hone Claws

    Name: Houndoom
    Nick: Adrien
    Level: 65
    Moves: Foul play, Beat up, Shadow ball, Hyper beam,

    Name: Hydreigon
    Nick: Zack
    Level: 69
    Moves: Dragon pulse, Brutal swing, Dragon Breath, Dragon rush
    (It took a long time to make the Pokemon Bios)
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  7. Which one? And you must add the Pokémon.
  8. Can you put the levels closer together?
  9. Sure
    I'll put them in the 60's or maybe the 50's
  10. Are you planning to update the Gyms and Elite soon?
  11. You gonna update the Gyms and Elite?
  12. I honestly have more important things to do. I'm sorry.
  13. Can i be the Elite 3

    Name: Chojin Neiger

    Appearnce: images.jpg

    Personality: he is tough at first but, when you get to know him. He really is a kind person underneath his helmet but doesn't like to show it.


    Pokemon: Pidgoet
    Level: 65
    Nickname: Bud
    Moves: Fly, Wing Attack, Brave Bird, and Whirlwind

    Pokemon: Pikachu
    Level: 65
    Nickname: Pika
    Moves: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Thunder wave, and Volt tackle

    Pokemon: Haunter
    Level: 65
    Nickname: Nter
    Moves: Scary face, Ouick Attack, Sleep powder, and Dream Eater

    Pokemon: Blaziken
    Level: 65
    Nickname: Blaze
    Moves: Flame Wheel, Power up Punch, Blaze Kick, and Flamethower

    Pokemon: Charizard
    Level: 65
    Nickname: Char
    Moves: Flamethower, Flamewheel, Fly, and Dragon breath

    Pokemon: Hitmonchan
    Level: 68
    Nickname: Hit
    Moves: High kick, Low kick, Protect, and Power up Punch
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  14. I can't accept that. Sorry, But elite four members don't have a single Pokemon.
  15. So if i put 6 then i can join
  16. please group your levels together.
  17. Yes so when do i start

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