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Open The Omaled Reigon [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tamazarokon, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. Yup, according to my good freind... Google
  2. Sorry, forgot
  3. HOW is that not a face
  4. Im so stupid... im going to shut up now
  5. yeah... we don't want this to turn into too much spam...
  6. This is'nt spam... this is SPARTAAAAAA!!!
  7. Do you know how to make a profile picture?
  8. @AMAZER if we want to talk about this, let's bring it to your profile page. this is for the omaled RP
  9. Nickname: Cal
    Pokemon: Riolu (evolves)
    Personality: Brave, funny, determined
    Age: 14

    Pokemon Bio:
    Pokemon: Riolu
    Level: 5
    *Nickname: Rio
    Moves: Brick Break, Detect, Aura sphere, Focus Energy
  10. Shall i post a future party?
  11. oh uhhhh sure whatever you want i just made a trainer card i'm not posting my FUTURE team
  12. Can i create the 8th Gym Leader? I don't care the type, in fact if you could tell me the type, the level range, and how many are allowed in he party, I would rather do that.
  13. Sure! Level range, i would say 68-73 (I might change this) and you're type is Ghost. Sound good?
  14. Name: Norman John
    Nickname: Hades
    Apperance: Jet Black Hair, Normally Black eyes but wears Red Contacts, Black T-Shirt and Black Pants, with a long Black Trenchcoat. Very Pale.
    Personality: It is very possible Norman may be insane, but his job as a Gym Leader keeps him safe from asylums. He laughs a lot over little things, and he always has a plan.
    Age: 65


    Level: 68
    Shadow Ball
    Energy Ball

    Pokemon: Chandelure
    Level: 69
    Energy Ball
    Hidden Power(Fighting)

    Pokemon: Froslass
    Level: 71
    Destiny Bond
    Ice Beam
    Shadow Ball

    Pokemon: Gengar
    Level: 72
    Shadow Ball
    Sludge Bomb
    Dazzling Gleam

    (Ace)Pokemon: Dusknoir
    Level: 73
    Shadow Punch
    Pain Split

    Bam. Done. If a team of Six is too much, I can definitely remove some.
    #104 Delta_Ace, Dec 27, 2016
    Last edited: Dec 27, 2016
  15. What's the level range for 4th gym
  16. No. The level range was 37-40. Btw, 4th leader is already taken...
  17. Name: Christopher
    *Nickname: Chris, Weefee, Deadswift
    **Pokemon: Rowlet, Staraptor, Venusaur ( Staraptor and Venusaur I got from the Lauren region in a game I was Playing a while back and it was fan made too)
    Apperance : [​IMG]
    Personality:Nice and Friendly
    Age: 12
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  18. I see you, playing Light platinum!
  19. Ay you play it too I see how did you know and look at my avatar to see my final team
  20. You said Lauren, and Light platinum is the only game I know to have a Lauren region. I need to play through it again. I may play the new NDS Version, but I may also play the original for stability.
  21. I was playing it on gametime player after I downloaded it and I am already on the elite 4 #1 before Thanksgiving that is how much I played it.
  22. EVERYONE IS ACCEPTED. 44-48 will be 5th gym leader opening. BTW 2nd gym is open too, so are all elite 4 members except #4
  23. I will be Elite 4 #1 is that alright
  24. Wow. I remember when I played it in one weekend.
  25. But I Really was focused on Staraptor since he took down the first two gyms as a Staravia and the next 6(last two with help) as a Staraptor so um don't judge.

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