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Open The Omaled Reigon [Discussion]

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Tamazarokon, Nov 23, 2016.

  1. In this Roleplay, you can be a trainer or a gym leader, or even a elite 4 member. If you want to travel with a character, ask them first, such as if you want to travel with my character, you must ask me. Fakemon are allowed, just please send a link to a picture. please do not say your moves or level until i give you your level range. Bios should look like this:

    Apperance (You can send a picture, but you don't have to):

    Pokemon Bio:

    If you see a *, it means it is optional. Do not do pokemon forms if you're a regular trainer. and you must choose a real starter. **Also, on trainer form, only do pokemon if you are gym leader/Elite 4 member. Please do not ask to be champion.

    My Bio:

    Name: Eli
    Apperance: Blue shirt, yellow hat, Jeans.
    Personality: Exitable, jumpy, And Determined
    Age: 12

    Gym 1: Jacob (Tlord22)
    Gym 2:
    Gym 3: Charlotte A. (Ikuze_Lets_Go)
    Gym 4: Carolyn (EmperorBumpaDump)
    Gym 5:
    Gym 6: Baliee (LonleyLapras)
    Gym 7: Nob (montymike)
    Gym 8:
    Elite 1:
    Elite 2:
    Elite 3:
    Elite 4: Mathieu Gathier (Ace Trainer Mathieu)​
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  2. Can I be Elite Four #4?

    Name: Mathieu Gauthier
    Age: 19
    Appearance: download (19).jpg Image Source: masterartistnicky.tumblr.com
    Personality: Cold, rude, and detestant of human interaction, he lets his actions speak for themselves and nearly never speaks.
    Type: Ghost
    Pokémon: Spiritomb, Dhelmise, Trevenant, Chandelure, Banette, Oricorio (Sensu Style)


    Species: Dhelmise
    Level: 56 (Initial battle), 74 (rematch)
    Moves: Shadow Claw, Energy Ball, Rock Slide, Grass Knot

    Species: Oricorio (Sensu style)
    Level: 59 (I), 76 (R)
    Moves: Revelation Dance, Hurricane, Swords Dance, Facade

    Species: Trevenant
    Level: 58 (I), 75 (R)
    Moves: Forest's Curse, Phantom Force, Will-O-Wisp, Wood Hammer

    Species: Chandelure
    Level: 58 (I), 75 (R)
    Moves: Inferno, Curse, Shadow Ball, Energy Ball

    Species: Spiritomb
    Level: 60 (I), 77 (R)
    Moves: Dark Pulse, Hypnosis, Nightmare, Foul Play

    Species: Banette
    Level: 57 (I), 76 (R)
    Moves: Grudge, Shadow Sneak, Curse, Embargo

    Is this good? (I'm new)
  3. Can I be Gym Leader #3-5? I guess it depends on which sounds best with you.
    I think I made the levels a bit too high, sorry about that.
    Gym leader #3

    Name: Charlotte A.
    Nickname: Lottie, rarely used but she usually gets flustered if it is used
    Appearance: [​IMG] image source: https://plus.google.com/communities/117073018487640882712/stream/09e38642-455c-4924-b714-bd745adc2fd7 (Pokemon Battle RP - Elite Four Profiles - Community - Google+)
    Personality: Whilst humble, she is quite shy and is easily flustered. She usually has a plan, even in the face of disadvantage.
    Age: 21

    Gym Bio: Charlotte is a bug type trainer encountered around early-midway through a trainer's journey.
    It starts off simple and gives a nice garden to stroll through, they bump into the gym leader at the end of the path but the gym leader soon leaves after saying a few things. But in order to progress one needs to jump into a 'mystery hole', which takes them to a life sized insect hotel. There are a few trainers but they aren't too strong and shouldn't provide much of a challenge as the challenger navigates through the hotel with assistance from the roaming bug types that the challenger receives clues from. Soon the challenger discovers a hidden garden and heavy rain, the gym leader waiting for the challenger to approach.
    This means that the battle will be taking place in the rain. After battle, the challenger's team is healed. Her team's average level range is level 28-34 depending on where it is in the lineup
    She'll give you the Colony Badge [​IMG] and the TM for Leech Life
    image source

    Pokemon Team: Below, I've put them in spoiler tags because Alola Pokemon are in it

    Level: 20
    Nickname: Often called Bubble outside of battle
    Moves: Bug Bite || Bubble Beam || Spider Web || Leech Life

    Pokemon: Araquanid
    Level: 30/35 - Is Charlotte's ace at 30
    Moves: Aqua Ring || Bubble Beam || Leech Life || Spider Web

    Level: 25/29/35 - Is her ace at 25
    Nickname: Is often called Honeycomb outside of battle
    25 - Pollen Puff || Draining Kiss || Leech Life || Fairy Wind
    29 - Fairy Wind is replaced by Bug Buzz
    35 - Draining Kiss is replaced by Dazzling Gleam

    Level: 23/28
    Nickname: Is called Popcorn outside of battle, just because Joltik likes eating popcorn.
    Moves: Leech Life || Electroweb || Cross Poison (Egg Move) || Spider Web

    Pokemon: Galvantula
    Level: 36 - If Joltik evolves, Galvantula will be her ace instead.
    Moves: Leech Life || Electro Ball || Signal Beam || Cross Poison

    Pokemon: Volcarona
    Level: 60
    Nickname: Lars
    Moves: Quiver Dance || Morning Sun (Egg Move) || Fire Blast || Hidden Power (Ground)
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  4. May I be a Gym Leader? Preferably 6th

    Nickname:Bay, What she goes by
    Appearance You can send a picture, but you don't have to:
    Personality: Bay is Known For being on the Flirtatious Side, Not afraid to show what's she got. She is a bit narcissistic but makes up for it with her Kindness and Compassion towards trainers. She is rather new at being a gym leader but always tries her hardest to win.
    Gym Bio:Bay Is the Gym Leader of a Water Gym That is about Halfway through the Game
    The Gym Bay Is in is rather interesting. The Gym is actually a Large, By the sea castle abandoned long ago. Trainers Go through the large doors to Find Bay Sitting on Her "Throne" But The Trainer must defeat a series of "Knights" Before they can reach Bay. Sounds Easy Right? But there is a Twist. Like Most gyms, You have to choose a Small Mat that will transport you to the Next knight. Pick all the correct mats and you will find Bay. Bay then takes the Trainer to her Battle Field, A Large Courtyard to Battle.
    Once you defeat Bay, She will Give You the Crest Badge and She will give you the TM Scald

    Her Pokemon


    Pokemon Bio:
    First Time
    Moves:Ice Beam, Rain Dance, Hydro Pump, Scald

    First Battle
    Pokemon Bio:
    *Nickname:Outside Battle, Bay calls her Cascade
    Moves:Recover, Scald, Captivate, Coil


    First Battle

    Pokemon Bio:
    Moves: Dive, Tearful Look, Take Down, Feint Attack

    Pokemon Bio:
    Moves: Baneful Bunker, Poison Jab, Scald, Recover
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  5. Name: Nob
    Steel Type Gym leader 7th or 8th
    Appearance: He wears a Helmet that covers up most of his face, except for his blue eyes. He is 6 feet tall. He wears clean white Armour and holds a sword most of the time.
    Personality: Noble, and hotheaded
    Age: 22

    Pokemon: Lairon
    Level: 42
    Nickname: Armour
    Moves: Take Down, Iron Tail, Iron Defense, and Swagger

    Pokemon: Aegislash
    Level: 43
    Nickname: Excalibur
    Moves: Kings Shield, Swords Dance, Sacred Sword, and Shadow Ball

    Pokemon: Aggron
    Level: 44
    Nickname: Steel Head
    Moves: Iron Head, Iron Tail, Metal Sound, and Roar

    Pokemon: Escavalier
    Level: 45
    Nickname: King Jouster
    Moves: Swords Dance, Bug Buzz, Iron Head, and Iron Defense

    The gym would be a stealth mission. You need to avoid trainers and make it to the throne room. If a trainer does see you, then you need to battle them. Nob will be in the throne room.

    When you win you get the Sword Badge and the TM for Iron Head.
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  6. Um, I hate to break it to you @LonelyLapras, but unless you're Blue in HG/SS, Gym Leaders don't have rematch battles, although Elite Four members do.
  7. Whoops, I forgot about that, my apologies. I will get rid of that. But am I in?
  8. Dunno, its not my thread :p. I just really get peeved when people forget things like that (no offense).
  9. Whoops, Wrong Person. Jeez, I really keep screwing up today. My bad
    Oh and I do too so I can understand
  10. @montymike Can I ask whyLairon's nickname is 'love' in French?
  11. I forgot the R in Armour. :'|
  12. Name: Mya Shard
    Apperance: Mya has wavy hair that goes to about her stomach that is black with green highlights. She has red eyes (caused by little or no melanin in the front or back layer of the iris). She wears a black t-shirt with blue jeans and a red jacket on top. Mya carries around a black bag with all of her items in it.
    Personality: Mya can be selfish and self-centered but she sometime cares about others when they are in danger. She can be a coward at sometimes but will help if she is needed although she rather not.
    Age: 12
  13. Sorry for the wait everyone! your all accepted, except for one thing. i asked for you to please wait for your level range. ill post them and please make a few edits or so:

    @Ace Trainer Mathieu your level range is 69-74. your rematch is level is 85-90. this goes for all elite 4 members!
    @Ikuze_Lets_Go you can be gym leader 3. your level range is level 28-34.
    @LonelyLapras level range is 49-52.
    @montymike level range is 56-60 for 7th gym leader.
    @Mega_Altaria are you a trainer or gym leader?

    There! that should be good!
  14. @EmporerBumpaDump accepted your level range is 37-40. i'm expecting your gym to be ice types?
  15. It's okay! feel free to tell me your pokemon! :):)
  16. Name: Carolyn
    Nickname: Carol
    Rank: Ice Type Gym Leader
    Gym Appearance: You enter a gleaming room made of ice, and have to push ice sculptures of Carolyn and her Pokemon around to navigate in the gym.
    Gym Badge and TM: After you defeat Carolyn, she gives you the Beauty Badge, and the TM for Aurora Beam.
    Pokemon 1: Froslass[​IMG]
    Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/froslass (Froslass Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database)
    Level: 38
    Moves: Confuse Ray, Hail, Shadow Ball, Aurora Beam

    Pokemon 2: Glaceon[​IMG]
    Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/glaceon (Glaceon Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database)
    Level: 38
    Moves: Ice Fang, Mirror Coat, Roar, Double Team

    Pokemon 3: Aurorus [​IMG]
    Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/aurorus (Aurorus Pokédex: stats, moves, evolution & locations | Pokémon Database)
    Level: 40
    Moves: Freeze Dry, Thunder Wave, Take Down, Ancient Power]
    Appearance: upload_2016-12-17_18-0-48.png
    Source: http://sylver1984.deviantart.com/art/Gym-Leader-Celeste-314069549 (Gym Leader Celeste)
    Personality: She is very egotistical, thinking she is the best and prettiest. She does have a soft side however. She is very caring to her Pokemon.
    Age: 23
  17. How many more people do you need to join before we begin the RP?
  18. I'm going to wait until we at least have the first 3 gym leaders. @EmporerBumpaDump i forgot what number gym you were, so would you tell me?:'| Also, starting now, you can control two characters, such as a gym leader and trainer, trainer and trainer, gym leader and gym leader, gym leader and Elite 4, Elite 4 and Elite 4 etc.
  19. I am the 4th gym leader. Also, could I make a trainer also?
  20. Fine with me! Just make a form!
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  21. Okay. Here it is.
    Name: Alexander Arden
    Nickname: Alex
    Pokemon: None yet.
    Apperance: He wears a red and white cap, with a blueish jacket with a red undershirt with Pokeball on it. She wears jeans, and sneakers also. Lastly, he wears a black messenger bag with a his items in it.
    Personality: He is a fun-loving and funny person, who loves Pokemon. He is actually very intelligent and can be serious in certain situations.
    Age: 12
  22. ok, that's great! Also, i was gonna ask, are you ok with our trainers being rivals? just wanted to see if your ok with it!
  23. Ok, Im gonna go ahead and start the RP, but we can't move on until we have the first gym leader, and i feel bad about making a gym leader when i made the RP...
  24. Hmmm... What?
  25. Just Hmmmm... in general with the whole gym leader thing.
  26. I mean, everyone can have two characters, so I think it would be fair.
  27. I'm gonna go play some video games, but I'll be back later to check on your progress. See ya!
  28. I don't mind being the first gym leader because this is an interesting thread
    Name: Jacob
    Nickname: Jake
    Pokemon: mankey, machop and heracross
    Apperance: wears a hoodie and gloves along with jogging bottoms
    badge: champion badge looks like a wrestling belt
    Personality: calm and always relexed always determined to win
    Age: 27
  29. Okay, 1.) The thread is open and 2.) @Tlord22 Your level range is 10-15, other than that accepted!
  30. Also, i am honestly suprised. I said fakemon are allowed, Yet so far NO ONE has used them. heh heh.
  31. Pokemon Bio:
    Pokemon: mankey
    Level: 12
    *Nickname: mono
    Moves: focus energy, pursuit, karate chop and fury swipes

    Pokemon: machop
    Level: 13
    *Nickname: combatiente
    Moves: low kick, foresight, low sweep and karate chop

    Pokemon: heracross
    Level: 15
    *Nickname: escarabajo
    Moves: arm thrust, bullet seed, night slash and aerial ace
  32. That A-OK in my book, Feel free to start posting in the roleplay!
  33. wow... forgot to tell everyone i don't know how to do that...i can put the exact website but it wont be a link... sorry.
  34. pokecharms.com/threads/the-omaled-reigon.15010/#post-3414121

    You can turn this into a link, but this is the exact website name!

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