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The Olympians (ReVamped) and other RP Ideas

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Reynald, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. That's right. I'm thinking about restarting this roleplay. I have the plot mostly worked out (always had haha) I just need players. Anyone interested?

    Also looking for other RPs to join and starting up new ideas. Rather not create 100 threads. So as they come up I'll just put them in here if that's ok...
  2. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Me me meeeeee
    Because, like I said, I've always wanted to join the original but never got the chance to :D

    Though... you might want to explain what the Olympians was, so others might know what the RP's about. XD
  3. Not entirely sure what this is, but if I like it, you can count me in!
  4. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    I am also very uninformed, but from what I can surmise out of the title and Shiny's excitement, as well as the picture you've most recently drawn that had something to do with it (Which by the way is amazing) I'm definitely intrigued. Definitely like to learn more.

    And on the subject of other RPs, well, this may be a bit of a long shot considering how it's been at least 8 months, but I'd still be interested if you decided to bring back that Last Refuge story any time soon. Like I said, kind of a long shot, but nevertheless.
  5. -----------------------------------------------------------------------
    This is the opening for the Role Play. It basically describes exactly what the setting of the world is. I can explain more if anyone has questions but its based off the Percy Jackson series.

    Hold on. Before you read any further there are some things I should probably warn you about:

    First thing is this. You know all those Greek Gods: Aphrodite, Apollo, Ares, Artemis, Athena, Demeter, Dionysus, Hades, Hephaestus, Hera, Hermes, Hestia, Poseidon, and Zeus? Guess what. They exist and they are here in the U.S.A.

    I know shocking right? You think people would notice guys trudging around in Greek battle armor and the like. In fact, the gods look just like you or me when they want to be. No one has seen a true gods form cause well…you would get disintegrated on the spot. Good reason to turn your head huh?

    Well it doesn’t get much better from here. Because all the other gods, deities, Cyclopes, and monsters exist to! Right under your nose! You haven’t seen them because of something called The Mist. It is this powerful substance that hides these monsters and gods from mortal eyes. The Mist tricks mortals into seeing other regular people instead of monsters, though people have been able to see through this before.

    The scariest part is monsters can only be killed by weapons made of Celestial Bronze. There are other types that will work but bronze is the most common. The good thing is, bronze weapons will not hurt mortals. They pass right through a mortal with no harm done. A monster will turn to dust on the other hand. That doesn’t mean they are gone…though that would be lovely. No in fact they just disappear for awhile before reforming and hunting my kind down again.

    I know what you’re thinking. What do you mean, “Your kind”? Well there is another thing you should probably know. The gods have been known to have kids with mortals. These kids end up being half human and half god, a demigod if you will. Demigod’s have powers due to their godly parents. Pretty sweet huh! Unfortunately, our scent also draws monsters straight to us. If that isn’t bad enough, we aren’t lucky like the monsters. We are killed by any weapon, bronze or not. And when we die…there is no reforming later like nothing happened. Also we can get tricked by The Mist too if we get caught off guard. Most kids do not know who their demigod parents are until that god claims them as their own.

    The most powerful of the gods are Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. Children of these three have extra ordinary powers and draw monsters like crazy. Until recently, these three weren’t allowed to have kids for fear of what would happen. Nowadays they aren’t so strict, though there are rarely more than one or two kids from these gods.

    A demigod usually is diagnosed with ADHD and Dyslexia in the mortal world. Words float off the pages and rearrange themselves and we have a hard time sitting still. This is our battle reflexes talking and our brains are hardwired to read ancient Greek. It’s easier than English anyways.

    Now this is all pretty depressing I know but there is a place for Demigods to go and train without being hounded by monsters day and night. Camp Half-Blood. We’ll get into that later. But if you end up being a demigod, it won’t take long before a Satyr comes along and tries to get you back to the camp safely. Mortals and monsters can’t cross the barrier into camp. So there is one positive thing huh.

    I wish I had known all this when it happened to me.

    My name is Isaac Winter.

    And my life was about to go off the deep end.
  6. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Questions: are we still going to have the kids get identified with their Olympic parent at the waterfall? And are we going to incorporate the Roman camp at all, with the release of the second series and whatnot?

    Also, if it’s okay with you, I might use either Sora, the character I told you about when you originally made the RP, or another character which I’ve been developing for the universe that isn’t as... OP, depending on a) your preference and b) everyone else’s preference.
  7. The waterfall will be involved if you are from the greek camp and the roman camp does exist and if people want to be from it, I can definitely work it in.

    And either character works for me Shiny! I'm debating on re using Isaac.
  8. You know, it's not the same if it doesn't have little old me in it, isn't it? Definitely sign me up for this one. I'm still debating what to do with Sam though, whether to make him younger, or move him to the Roman camp, or replace him with a different character, like a son of Dionysus or something. However, do expect me to make an appearance in this here RP.

    Although I'm interested how Isaac will take to his mother, since we now have a second series, with Gaia as the main antagonist. This will be interesting.
  9. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Ah, so it is Percy Jackson related. In that case, definitely count me in. Now for some Greek/Roman god research.
  10. YES.

    I'm definitly willing to join this. I had so much fun in the old one, and it was such a shame it died, seeing as I did rather enjoy my character and the story context. Furthermore, I think my writing is a tad better then back then- So it'd make for more readable and probably more enjoyable posts.

    Welcome back, Rey ^^

    Edit; I haven't read the second series, would that be a major problem? :x
  11. I have not read much Percy Jackson, but count me in!

    I shall be Adrian Dragmire, son of Hades!
  12. If you guys want start sending me profiles and whatnot. Basic stuff about your character.

    Name, God Parent, Powers, History, ETC. Once I have it all worked out I can fit how we are going to all get together! I can post Isaac's if you guys need a reference
  13. SWEET!!! Count me in! I love Percy Jackson and can help if any is needed I am going to be Jacob(Jake) Sky son of Apollo.
  14. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Posting Isaac's bio would help, yes. XD
  15. [​IMG]

    Name: Isaac Alexander Winters

    Age: 16

    Parent: No Father, Son of Gaea

    Powers: Can move the earth, create armor out of rock, and when his bare skin touches the earth it will heal him slowly and give him energy. However the healing is limited and moving the earth uses massive amounts of energy. The Rock Armor also stops his healing abilities.

    Appearance: Shaggy brown hair and deep green eyes. 5'10'' and skinny but not unbearably so. He generally wears comfortably fitting clothing.

    Personality:Isaac is a bit quirky and somewhat socially inept. After getting to know you he warms up and is somewhat of a wise ass. Isaac enjoys physical activities such as running, capture the flag, etc and drawing. Isaac has been known to lock up around strangers, stuttering and avoiding eye contact when talking.

    Bio: Isaac has no memory of either of his parents. He floated from foster home to foster home but accidents and other crazy things happening around him scared any family from keeping him permanently. Schools were the same way and he was often viewed as a problem child and blamed for a lot that happened at the school. Eventually, however, he was picked up and attended the Olympian Boarding School in New York. He was given a permanent residence and taught throughout the years.

    Isaac's is really simple. You can have it be as complex or simple as you want but this is the overall idea.
  16. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alright, I should have a bio ready soon, but just a quick question- do you want us to post it here as soon as we've got it, or do you want us to PM the bio to you first?
  17. Either works man
  18. Name: Jacob Percival Skye

    Age: 17

    Parent: Clarice Maria Skye, Apollo

    Powers: Jake is a spot on archer, When he shoots he always hits his target, he also can play music or hear music and will heal the pace at which he heals depends on the tempo of the music.

    Appearance: Jake wears Blue jeans and a red t-shirt most of the time, he has brown hair, dark brown eyes, and lightly tanned skin.

    Personality: Jake has daddy issues. Jake has always been good in music and english, he loves shooting bows and has excelled at it. Jake is a little bit of a sarcastic punk towards most people but does care about a few people.

    Bio: Jake has had a bad issue growing up without a father, weather it be seeing kids in the park playing catch or father son days he gets tired of it so when the Saytr came to get him back when he was about 13 he couldnt say no. His mom knew about him being a Demigod so she knew why he had to go. Jake now spends all year at Camp Halfblood and visits his mother for holidays.
  19. Name: Haidar (Arabic for Lion)

    Age: 19

    Parents: Son of Hercules, whether this makes him a Legacy to Zeus or a Demigod to Hercules is uncertain. Unknown mother, who was most likely Arabic,

    Powers: Not too different from children of Ares/Mars, his powers include superior strength that grows tenfold in the presence of aggressive monsters. He also has cunning and wit most commonly seen on children of Hermes/Mercury

    Weaponry: He has an Imperial Gold watch on his left hand. When he turns the knob on the side and clicks it back in place however, it transforms into a round shield, he can adjust the size of the shield by how much he turns the knob. Even he doesn't know how big the shield can get. A spear is also tied in with the shield, which he can pull out when the shield is active, it too is affected by the size of the shield.

    Appearance: Arabian skinned, portraying his arabic descent, he has wavy black hair and brown eyes, with black stubble going up and down his chin.. He's six-feet tall and his muscles bulge proudly, yet they only show a fraction of his true strength. His arm has a tattoo of a lion, with seven bands underneath it, this marks his patron and the years he spent at Camp Jupiter.

    Personality:He knows little of the world around him, such things that stand out as everyday life to most is a shock to Haidar. Yet he's curious, and eager to examine it up close, a heavy contradiction to the vicious lifestyle he has had for his entire life.

    Bio: A graduate member of Camp Jupiter, Haidar was found as an infant by Lupa in her Wolf-House, and raised in the same tedious way as all of the Roman Half-Bloods were: trained in survival in the harsh world of monsters, then directed to travel to Camp Jupiter on their own, where they will complete their training as Legionnaires of Rome.

    However, even as Haidar rose up the ranks in the Fourth Cohort, he still showed a more soloist combat strategy than the disciplined teamwork that legionnaires require. As it got worse, leading up to a near disaster during one of the War Games, which led to complete disaster. Haidar willingly went exile, to either learn the importance of teamwork with others or forge his own path alone.

    So yeah, an exile Roman demigod, hope you don't mind Reynald, but we might be about to break a few rules with this.
  20. I am totally interested in this. I wanted to join at first, but I was too late.

    Name: Tempest Evelyn Baccard

    Age: 17

    Parent: Daughter of Ares and Sylph Baccard nee Schoppe, adoptive father Morgan Baccard.

    Powers: The powers she possesses, not known to her at the moment, involve less of the brute strength Ares is famous for, but more of his calculating, 'use-others'-force-against-them' aspects.Tempest is very good at pointing out the weak points in an apponent's defenses and body, almost *ahem* supernaturally so. With training, she will become very good at a circular, redirecting fighting style akin to akido and tai chi, which takes advantage of her uncommon lack of bulk for a daughter of Ares. Thanks to her size, brute smashing and shearing won't work, making light blades such as the dagger and hand-and-a-half sword her friends. For some reason, her size also assists in her 'disappearing' act that somehow manages to let people not notice her and slip away or appear suddenly.

    Appearance: Tempest's appearance really followed the name her mother gave her. Her short black hair sticks up in all directions with no assistance, as when she did wear it long, it was essentially a poofy afro. She is average in build, about 120 lbs. and five feet six inches tall with strange red-brown eyes the color of dried blood. In battle, the blood would complement her slightly tanned skin from her partially Native American heritage (one grandparent on her mother's side)very well. Tempest commonnly wears strange asymetrical off-shoulder grey sweaters that are slightly see-through that irritate her mother to no end. Her pants are more modest, being green camo jeans paired with small women's army boots.

    Personality: Tempest is not the smoothest of talkers. More of a person of action, she doesn't say before she does, which often gets her into physical fights that she wins by somehow making a person break their own arm. Neverthless, she manages to get away with it by quickly leaving the vicinity. Her grades are average, but she gets along reasonably well with her peers, making her more of a 'middle' in popularity. Tempest does have an intellectual side, though, often around the topic of war, weapons, and politics, which somewhat disturbs her father, as he was an Iraqi war veteran.

    Bio: Tempest's birth as an accident, an accident with her mother's lover during her mother's time in college studying for a double-major degree in war history and politics. Ares loved Slyph for her devotion to war and its laws in a less passionate manner, which was different but attractive. Strangely enough, Slyph didn't drop out and take a menial job like many expected her to do with Tempest's birth(being a 'half-breed' Native American and Scandinavian mix), she used some of her scholarship money to support herself while dropping only one class that fifth semester of her birth. Around that time, Ares left her as what was expected of the gods. Moving in on the same floor of their apartment was a man named Morgan Baccard, an accountant who had to wait a year on his meagre savings to gain a position of greater pay and importance in Pennsylvania. Being neighborly, Slyph visited him, and eventually they started dating, leading to marriage.

    Tempest's youth was relatively normal, as she wasn't overly liked or hated in school, got average grades, and for some reason, loved to play in a relatively rough manner. She often got in trouble for 'hitting' while playing tag, being too graphic when making toy cars crash together (Morgan Baccard didn't have the toughest stomach), and so on. Around high school, Tempest got into Asian history, culture, and especially warfare. Becoming an avid fan of Sun Tzu's Art of War, she took the author's principles into practice whenever she got into fights. Her parents rarely heard about them, thank goodness, but when they did, Tempest could swear that her dad's head would turn into a beet from all the blood flowing into his face.
  21. I'd be very interested in joining this if there is still available room, I'm a huge fan of the Percy Jackson series and Greek mythology in general, so I'm all for this idea.
  22. I'm busy at the moment, but I'll edit a bio in tomorrow, if that's alright. I'm already pumped for this!
  23. Heres my character bio!

    Name: Adrian Julius Hernandez

    Age: 18

    Parents: Son of Hades and Vanessa White, adoptive father Marco Hernandez.

    Powers: Being the son of a God (although he does not know it yet), who is in essance, the owner of Hell, Adrian has the power to create & manipulate fire. He can send a constant stream of flames towards his opponant with the flick of a finger. He can also form powerful fireballs to hurl at the opponent to inflict huge damage, but these fireballs take time to form properly, and require a significant amount of energy to do so. He also has a rather morbid alternative power; raising the dead. This is an extremely difficult power to use in battle as not only it requires exessively long chants in order to perform the action of raising the departed, but is very tasking on the body of the user, so it will be very rarely used.

    Appearance: Adrian's skin is tanned, a feature he got from his days living in Argentina, where he was born. He has short, almost-black-but-still-brown hair, and a small amount of stubble on his chin. He is reletively toned, having a 4 pack. He is around average hight, at 5'10. Throughout his childhood he was a rather skinny boy, but since starting to hit the gym he had bulked up, having strong, toned arms. Since birth, he has had two black tatoos running from his shoulders down his back. These lightning bolt-shaped tatoos blaze furiously with fire when his powers are activated. He is fond of wearing baggy jeans and high-top plimsoles, having both of these items in various styles and colours. He somewhat keeps up with the latest fashion of shirts in New Orleans, where his current home is, but he still has simple t-shirts for when he is around the house.

    Personality: Adrian doesnt take everything too seriously, he likes to have a laugh. He has average grades in school, but hangs around with anyone he is friendly with. He does have a serious side, however, especially while fighting, something he is quite good at. He can also be quite opinionated, often falling out with people over differences of opinion. He is a nice kid overall, though, and he tries to stay out of trouble.

    Bio: Adrian's life has been reletively smooth up to this point. Born in Buenos Aires, he moved to New Orleans when just 8 months old, so Spanish is not his first language, although he is now fluent through learning from his adoptive father at home. Through school he was always questioned about the tatoos he had on his back, although the answer was always the same; "I've always had them. I dunno how they got there!". He often hangs around with his best friend Jake around the skate park in his parish. His parents are the only ones who know about his Demigod status.
  24. I can accept you last two hehe. Then I think I'm fairly full up
  25. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Alright, finally got my Bio all set:

    Name: Cole Caldwell

    Age: 17

    Parent: Father: Hypnos, God of sleep; Mother: Marsha Caldwell

    Powers: His mental and physical prowess are raised massively upon either nightfall or within a significantly dark location, also allowing him to see through the darkness with ease, though sudden contact with bright light during this time will stun him temporarily, leaving him vulnerable. Can disappear completely out of sight, sound and any other form of perception, but only from one person at a time, remaining fully visible to everyone else. Strangely enough, his powers seem more akin to Hypnos’ mother, Nyx than the god himself.

    Appearance: Somewhat tall at 6’2, has short, fairly well kept hair that is pitch black in color and gray eyes which are visible when opened in any light or lack thereof. Has a decent muscularity and is basically middle of the road between skinny and corpulent. Wears a white dress shirt under a beige sport coat, khaki slacks, and white tennis shoes.

    Personality: Somewhat paranoid from all the mythical attention that he’s involuntarily attracted over the last four years. This usually drives him to act somewhat belligerent around strangers, always suspecting that any new face is after him for one reason or another. Seeing how his suspicions have been justified before, it usually takes a long time for someone to gain his trust. To the few people who are under this category, he’s much calmer and at least a little more talkative.

    Bio: Growing up with a fairly normal childhood in Boston, or at least, as normal as a fatherless childhood can be, Cole always strived to be a good student in school so that he could get a good career later on in life and thus make things easier for his mother, who was always continually supportive of him in anything he did. Though he was never an academic standout, even with his greatest efforts he couldn’t avoid the same symptoms his kind experienced, he was still able to keep an adequate grade point average as he went through the grades up to middle school. Unfortunately, this was where things got worse off for Cole, who at this point was still unaware of just what he was. Certain people constantly seemed to be tracking him down at every moment of the day, and even when he was alone, he felt like there was still a presence lurking, preparing to jump at him at any moment. A sudden and nearly fatal confrontation with a Gorgon disguised as one of his classmates proved his fears reality. It was not too long after this that another fellow student revealed himself to Cole as a Satyr and explained to him the reason why the monster had targeted him in particular, that being the fact that his father whom he never knew was actually a Greek God, making him a demigod. Cole did not take this revelation very well, falling into a state of self-denial, even as his powers became increasingly evident. Hoping that they could evade any more monster encounters, Cole and his mother moved to New York before he was to begin his High School years. There, he hoped to find some way to retain a normal life. Of course, he wouldn’t get his wish. For the next three years, he’d been constantly badgered by various Satyrs to come with them to this Camp Half-Blood, or at least to a school with other demigods. Each and every time, he pushed them away. By the time his senior year came around, it appeared the monsters and Satyrs both left for good, but Cole knew it was only a matter of time before one or the other would return.
  26. I am so totally stoked for this! whos with me?
  27. Lol i can start up the RP once I get back this weekend.
  28. Name: Austin Hughes

    Age: 16

    Parent: Aphrodite as his Olympian parent, and a mortal father called Jack Hughes, who raised him.

    Powers: His charmspeaking ability is a great deal more effective then that of most other children of Aphrodite, at the cost that it only affects female humans. All other usual possible victims- From males to monsters- Are completely inobvlious to his charms. Being a child of Aphrodite, he has a natural affinity for French and a sharp focus and clarity of mind.

    Appearance: He is averagely tall for his age, but he stays very lean as well. He's made a habit of working out to counteract this. His hair is a very pale blonde and usually quite messy, and he has stark sky-blue eyes. As an Aphroditian, he is viewed as very handsome.

    Personality: Austin is definitely not your average son of Aphrodite. Although he is very much aware of his captivating exterior, and wields it skillfully whenever needed, he resents constantly being seen as a 'beautyboy' or 'babyface', because he's more fashionable then others. For this reason, he despises his ancestry- Of which he knows, as his father told him when he entered puberty- and does his best to be as macho as he can, in which he quite often fails. On the other hand, he is easily intrigued by shiny trinkets and more manly kinds of jewelry.

    Bio: After Aphrodite left Austin at Jack's doorstep- Jack Hughes was a male model starring in commercials and magazines- Jack knew he had to take care of Austin, and did so gladly. He moved to New York and raised him well, getting him to work out in training for his future, and telling him about his ancestry at twelve. He attends Olympian High.
  29. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    Role playing as two characters, yay~

    Name: Sora Alice Hurt

    Age: 16

    Parent: Refuses to reveal the identity of her mother; her father is... actually no, I'll keep that a seekrit except to Rey. :3

    Powers: Keeping this hidden from you folks, too. ♥

    Appearance: She has dirty blonde, straight, almost-but-not-quite shoulder length hair that’s usually held back with a sky-blue or white headband. Her eyes are light blue, and she’s 5’5. She usually dresses in a light blue denim vest with matching jeans, white shirt, white ankle-socks, and white sneakers. Once she gets to camp, she dons on the typical orange camp shirt, but keeps her denim vest on. She also wears a pair of glasses that allows her to see through the mist.

    Personality: Sora has that sort of “lone wolf” air about her; she doesn’t hang around crowds often, preferring to be by herself. However, that’s only because she feels as if she doesn’t know how to socialize, and is actually rather shy. She has a rather short fuse, though, and won’t back down to speak her mind when she feels that her voice needs to be heard. She doesn’t enjoy fighting, but is extremely protective over her friends and allies (because she had none when she was younger, and values them so much more because of this) and will do anything to keep them from harm.

    Bio: Sora grew up with her aunt and uncle, since her mother was always busy with work and couldn’t take care of her. She did see her mother from time to time and constantly asked her about her father, but never got a straight answer about him. Because she was always homeschooled, she didn’t interact with many people outside of her family, but she was always rather nice to others. Eventually, she met her father in a dream, and began acting strangely, becoming more and more reclusive until she one day suddenly ran away. While on the run, she was attacked by monsters and was saved by Luke, another demigod. The two banded together until a satyr found them and brought them to camp.

    Name: Lucas “Luke” Trance

    Age: 14

    Parent: Aster Trance and Morpheus

    Powers: He can enter people’s dreams and change them at his will, or, if he doesn’t want to actually be a part of the dream, just watch others’ dreams through a mirror he carries around that was a gift from his dad. He can also make people hallucinate if they’re awake, but that takes more of his concentration and energy. If needed, he can make people and creatures sleep, though it’s hard for him to alter just how deep the sleep is (meaning his target can sleep for only a minute or so to several years, but he never knows which it is until they wake up).

    Appearance: His hair is so blonde it almost looks white, and is short and fluffy. His eyes are grey, and he’s 5’9. Luke has a strange affinity for his pale grey scarf, which was a parting gift he received from his mom. He also traditionally wears a t-shirt with ripped sleeves, grey khaki-like pants, and white sneakers. Occasionally he might wear a black hooded jacket, but that’s only in extremely cold temperatures.

    Personality: Luke’s the calm and reserved type, but he’s not necessarily shy, enjoying others’ company more than Sora does. He’ll help anyone in a pinch, friend or foe, if they’re in pain, because he doesn’t like to see people get hurt. He doesn’t enjoy fighting because of this; however, if you push him enough, he’ll probably attack you and won’t stop until you’re badly injured, dead, or someone else stops him and calms him down.

    Bio: Luke had a typical childhood, consisting of public schooling and a loving mother who cared for him on top of working as a teacher. They lived in a small apartment, and, since he was the child of a non-Olympian god (meaning not one of the twelve big gung-ho people), didn’t have a lot of problems with monsters. However, when people began to have strange dreams about the earth consuming them or the sky taking them away, people blamed it on him, and so eventually his mom told him that he had no choice but to leave and go to Camp Half-Blood. Before he left, though, she gave him a scarf that she knitted for him, and a bronze mirror, which could also turn into a Celestial Bronze short sword, that she claimed was a gift from his dad. While he was on the run, he met Sora, and the two paired up until a satyr found them and helped lead them to Camp.
  30. Name: Pieter Aleksandr Aarland (Just goes by Peter, named for his great-grandfather who immigrated to the US)

    Age: 17

    Parent: Erebus the god of darkness, mother's name is Sophia Aarland.

    Powers: Can manipulate shadows into any shape or form, creating darkness and manifesting it as a physical construct. Can use darkness as a shroud to trick his enemies into not recognizing his presence, and can travel short distances through the darkness.

    Appearance: His hair is dark brown/black and a bit shaggy, a side swept fringe comes to just above his right eye. Inherited his eyecolor from his mother, a hazel-green color that compliments his slightly tanned skin. Dresses in typical camp attire - orange camp shirt and a pair of jeans. If ever away from Camp Half-Blood he usually wears flannel shirts of varying colors and a pair of jeans ranging from dark blue to black. He tends to wear black, Circa skate shoes despite having no interest in skating.

    Personality: Tends to be secretive about his personal life, preferring to keep his past covered in the shadows that he is so accustomed to. Though, in all other aspects of his social life he is actually quite outgoing. He's made many friends at Camp Half-Blood over the years and gets along with most everyone. Often calm and level-headed, he prefers to think through situations before rushing head first into things; if challenged to a sparring match, however, he will gladly accept to make sure that others recognize his strength and don't count him out. A bit of a showoff, he likes to use his shadows to make a spectacle of himself, but never does so with the intention of hurting others' feelings. A good friend who will be a shoulder to cry on and a knight to fight alongside his friends whenever the situation calls for it.

    History: Doesn't like to talk about it much, but lived with his mother until the monsters started to find their way to his doorstep shortly after his twelfth birthday. In an attempt to protect his mother and prevent any harm befalling her, he left home to try and find other kids who could see what he could see. He came across a satyr who was sent to collect him and bring him to Camp Half-Blood for protection and has been there ever since. He sometimes goes home to visit his mother, now that he's strong enough to defend from the monsters, but never strays away from the camp for too long.

    Was thinking about adding another Charrie, but decided against it since there are already so many people joining the RP :p
  31. Alright so before I make my post where would everyone LIKE to start? At camp? Or getting to camp? Or something like that?
  32. Personally, a scene similar to the last one, starting off before the crew is whisked off to Half-Blood, would work best for me. This is only because it's not going to be easy for a Roman Camper like me to get into Camp Half-Blood, we were separated by the Mist for a reason after all.

    Maybe we all end up going to the same public place, a train station or a mall or even a museum. Thus that spot has suddenly become a melting pot of demigod scents for monsters. Result: A Monster All-You-Can-Eat Buffet.
  33. I like Brendan's train of thought. A mall would be a pretty good place for some semi-supernatural disorder~
  34. Mr.RMA

    Mr.RMA Magearna before it was cool

    Hmm...well, I know for certain that Cole wouldn't be at the camp already, and he most likely wouldn't be going there yet either. He'll probably need some extra motivation (and by extra, I mean massive) in order to have him abandon his attempt at a normal life. I could supply another monster, or perhaps someone could confront him about it, since several characters are occupying New York at some time or another. Whichever would be more effective for the story's sale really is all that matters though, so that can probably be your call.

    And...I didn't see the other posts 'cause i'm using my stupid Ipod...okay, yeah, I agree with Brendan's idea.

    I like the idea of a battle at a train station. We could go all Resi-style and fight a massive scorpion in a train carrage.
  36. All going to the same public place would work, and since Peter is a veteran at Camp Half-Blood, he could try and take everyone back to camp. He's also a year-round Camp goer, but that's easily remedied by having him back home visiting his mom.
  37. Shiny Pyxis

    Shiny Pyxis 2016 Singles Football

    It should be like, a field trip or something.

    Getting to know mortal world better, even though most of them were essentially living like regular people before Camp, a lot of them must've spent a good bit of their (teenage or whatever) lives at camp, and it would be helpful/nostalgic of them to get around traveling the country as normal people. It might not work out like that, but that's how I imagined it could work.~

    So then Peter/Chad's character could be a chaperone who takes care of us younguns. :3

    So if we're going to take my idea of this being a sort of field-trip for the demigods, they could be at the train either as they're just leaving camp or just about to head back, or something like that, and then the monsters attack. Because monsters seem to like dark, crowded place to hurt people~

    Just my two cents |D
  38. OK. People at the camp! You are going on a field trip to a Greek museum in New York. Chad! You're the chaperone. You have a satyr named Owen with you as well to doubly keep you guys safe.

    PEOPLE WHO AREN'T AT CAMP! Guess what? Figure out how you guys are getting there! Olympian Boarding school is also going on trip so if youre in that school with me, that's where we are getting to.

    Everyone else is on your own lol Sorry if you need ideas PM me and I'll help
  39. That's easy. Tempest lives in Pennsylvania, so a trip to New York would be relatively easy to do. She could be on a class trip to a Greek museum with her own high school. The reason why she wasn't attracting monsters much in her past was because of her disappearing ability and the scents of her veteran father (i.e., war in Middle East partially caused by monsters and other Greek conflicts) and very human mother. However, the scents of the other half bloods will attract an unusual number of monsters (for her).
  40. ...Y'know, that wasn't even on purpose. xD

    We're doing this, bro, we're making this happen!

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