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Open The Official Alola RP!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KoishiTheRockruff, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. "Seems like the little Rowlet likes me!" Matthew said to himself. Nathan heard Greninja telling the Diglett and Wishiwashi stories about what happened. Lycanroc joined in to tell the stories, then soon Kommo-o did! Everyone seemed to be having fun. Pawniard was looking at the ocean. Pichu was snoozing by Matthew.
  2. "Rowlet Rowl" Rowl says as he starts to fall asleep on Matthews head.
    (OOC: gtg after this k)
  3. "That Salazzle was a jerk..." Leo said. "The way me and Zander met is that that Salazzle threw Zander off the Volcano... I was exploring, and caught him. If i wasn't there, Zander would've died!" "Yeah.... she was a jerk..." Zander replied to Leo's comment.
  4. "Well I gave her a sensible smack to the head. She won't bother you with me around." Kommo-o told with glory. "You gonna be a glory hog or something? Your too big for your own good!" Lycanroc chuckled and lied down. "What's so funny?" Kommo-o seemed to tower over Lycanroc. "Your weight issues! It almost cost you! You couldn't jump a Surf! I saw a Tyrunt jump half the height of a hotel." Lycanroc had a slight grin. Then he chuckled. Kommo-o started to growl. "I could crush you right now!!" His face turned red a little. "No you couldn't. I'm too fast for you." Lycaroc's grin got bigger, While Kommo-o's face got redder. "That's enough! When we get to Ula'Ula, It's a battle!" Kommo-o roared across the sea so everyone could hear. "Okay then, I'm in. Just don't eat to many berries." Lycanroc burst out laughing and walked away. Kommo-o seemed very angry. Greninja sighed. "I have a feeling that battle isn't gonna end well."
  5. "Yeah..." Leo said, then burst into tears. "I-i-i-i-" "Leo? What's wrong?!" Zander said to his crying brother. "Come on! Tell me!"
  6. Nathan saw the Diglett crying. "Whoa! What happened?" Greninja shrugged. Greninja waited for a response from the Diglett.
  7. Leo didn't Reply. he was stuck in horrible Flashbacks. "Poni island... Jangmo-o, Hakamo-o, Kommo-o... they beat me.... need to protect myself..." Leo stuttered. Then, Thinking he was really in his memories, used Bulldoze to "Protect" himself. It was aimed directly at Zander. It hit Zander, Sending him flying into the ocean. Leo Snapped out of his memories, and noticed what he just did. "What... what did I do?" he said.
  8. "What the!?" Nathan came to the bow of the boat and saw the Wishiwashi hit the ocean, creating a tiny ripple. "I'm going after it!" Nathan jumped off the bow and swam towards the ripple he saw. When he got to were the ripple was, he put his face into the water to see if the Wishiwashi was there. He saw it quickly sinking into the ocean. Nathan lifted his head, took a deep breath, and dived down to get the Wishiwashi.
  9. Zander was knocked out as Nathan picked him up and swam him to the surface. Leo saw what he did and said, "Idiot... I'm an Idiot.... he could have died.... all because of me..." Leoused Bulldoze on himself, and again until he fainted. Zander was also fainted too.
  10. Nathan got back to the boat and Greninja lifted him back on the boat. Nathan used a Revive and a Super Potion on both of the fainted pokemon. "How did the Diglett faint?" Nathan asked Greninja. "He used his own move on himself because he felt guilty for what he did." Greninja seemed to be straight when he said this, but then he sighed and said quietly, "Would've done the same thing if I was younger."
  11. Leo returned to his pokeball, stopping himself from jumping off the ship. Zander woke up and asked, "What happened?" before going to sleep again. "Where's Leo..?"
  12. "He returned himself to his pokeball." Greninja said to Wishiwashi. Pichu woke up and she saw a huge island. Nathan soon saw the island and yelled, "Guys! We're here!" The boat stopped at the dock. Everybody got off and saw the amazing, Malie City. Nathan rushed ahead, hoping to see the lab at the peak of Mount Hokulani. Matthew called up to Nathan, "Hold up!" Nathan stopped and waited for Matthew. When Matthew caught up to Nathan, He quickly said, "Lets have a battle." Nathan had a little smirk. "Okay then, lets do this. Go! Pawniard!" Pawniard came out of it's pokeball, ready to battle. "You choose that, I choose this! Stufful! Come on out!" The small shiny Stufful came out and glittered. "Let's make this more interesting! Come out, Diglett!" "A double battle? Alright! Go Pichu!"
  13. Zander followed them off the boat. Leo was called out to battle. He was ready for battle, forgetting what happened on the Boat. Leo was free Spirited, so he didn't wait for commands. He targeted Pichu, and used Bulldoze, landing super effective damage. Zander was cheering on both sides. "Go both everyone!" He said.
  14. Pichu was sent backwards, finally hitting a wall. Pichu got up slowly, with a few bruises. "Pichu! Bite on Diglett!" Pichu came charging up to the Diglett, opening her mouth wider and wider the closer she got. She then bit the tiny hair on top of the Diglett. "Pawniard! Metal Claw!" Pawniard swiftly ran up to Pichu and Diglett, ready to slash Pichu. But then, Stufful got in front of Pawnaird. "Brutal Swing!!" Stufful swung it's small but hard hitting leg at Pawniard, sending it flying backwards.
  15. Leo was bit, but his ability slowed Pichu down. Leo used Bulldoze again, and quickly raced to where it would land, then used Bulldoze again. "Hah, hope you like your speed being lowered!" Leo said to the Pichu. Leo smirked and went back into the battle.
  16. Pichu had tons of scratches. She seemed like she wasn't able to battle, but she went on. "Come on Pichu! Tackle!" Pichu came running up slower, then tackling the Diglett, barely doing any damage.
  17. Pichu, making physical contact with Leo, lowered her speed again. Leo was a steel type, so i didn't do much. Leo used bulldoze one more time, this time hitting stufful and Pichu. "Yeah! Take that!" Leo said happy.
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  18. (OOC: Pawniard's on Leo's team.)

    Pichu was more worn out then ever. Yet, she went for another Tackle. But then, instead of going slower, she went faster. Then she glowed. She started to change form. She evolved into a Pikachu! Her Tackle then became a Quick Attack, and did much more damage. Stufful took the Bulldoze, but still took decent damage. "Pawniard! Fury Cutter!" Pawniard swiped fiercely multiple times, making the Stufful faint. Matthew returned Stufful and sent out one of his Rowlets.
  19. (OOC: Oh. LOL)
    Leo watched as Pichu evolved. it used quick attack, But Leo didn't even flinch. Leo rammed into Pikachu. Leo used bulldoze on Pikachu, hoping she would fall.
  20. Pikachu had more bruises and scratches that Matthew could count! But, she didn't fall. "Rowlet! Leafage on Diglett! And Pikachu! Electro Ball on Pawniard!" Rowlet sent the Leafage at Leo and Pikachu sent an Electro Ball at Pawniard. Pawniard survived with a little bit of health left.
  21. Leo took a ton of damage from Leafage. Leo didn't fall though. Now he was even more focused on Pikachu. Leo's attacks wouldn't reach a Flying type. He used Bulldoze about 3 more times on Pikachu, landing all 3 super effective hits. "Yes!" Leo said to himself. He was ready for the Pikachu's next move.
  22. Pikachu flew into Matthew's arms, fainting when she landed into them. Matthew returned Pikachu. "I guess it's just Rowlet then!" Matthew seemed pumped. "Give it all you got! Razor Leaf!!" Rowlet flew up into the air, stopping at a high altitude. Rowlet put its wings around him, then sending them outwards, releasing sharp leaves towards Diglett and Pawniard. "Fury Cutter." Pawniard ran up to Diglett, stopping in front of him. When the leaves got toward Pawniard and Diglett, Pawniard slashed forwards multiple times, cutting the leaves into thousands of small pieces. "Rowlet! Tackle!!" Rowlet swooped downwards, getting faster and faster by the second. "Metal Sound." Pawniard slowly clanged its blade hands together, creating a soft screech sound. Then when Rowlet got close, Pawniard swiftly clanged its blades, creating an awful sound wave headed towards Rowlet. When it passed Rowlet, Rowlet closed its eyes in annoyance, changing its flight path. Rowlet roughly hit the ground, leaving him vulnerable to attack. "Diglett. Astonish."
  23. Leo was ready. He used the Ghost-Type move, Astonish suprising Rowlet by making a loud sound. Zander jumped on the sidelines. the shout had startled him too. Leo chuckled too himself.
  24. Matthew didn't know what to do. Matthew was seemingly sweating! Then, Matthew thought of something. "Fly around Pawniard and Diglett!" Rowlet didn't hesitate. He flew circles around Pawniard and Diglett. Pawniard tried using Metal Claw on Rowlet, but he was too fast. Soon Pawniard couldn't even see Rowlet. Pawniard was confused! "Pawniard, Slash!" Pawniard looked around, with a blurry vision. Pawniard then started to strike at Diglett! Pawniard struck, but caught its blade in Diglett's hair!
  25. Pawniard was slowed. "Dangit, Confused..." Leo said as he had an idea. he used Astonish on Pawniard. Or did he? Leo stopped directly in front of Pawniard. Leo repeated this process until Pawniard was no longer confused. Leo used astonish on the flying Rowlet. It didn't do much damage as Leo was stuck to the ground.
  26. Pawniard got hit by multiple Astonishes. He didn't faint, or even snap out of confusion! Pawniard was thrown around, his blade still in Diglett's hair. Soon Pawniard was thrown off of Diglett, fainting on impact to the ground. "Return Pawniard." Nathan had a little surprised expression. "Luckily I have multiple Pokemon left. Go Lycanroc!!" Lycanroc came out of its pokeball, with a menacing face. He then howled, leaving Rowlet a bit scared.
  27. name:Spike
    nickname: Pike
    moveset:Spark,thunder shock and wild charge
    Ability: lightning rod
    item/s: choice scarf
    accessories:a grass bracelet on the left hand
    personality:kind,always Happy
    fast bio:
    spike's mother and father is missing when he was born he survived the whole year with himself he always wondered who is her mother and his father.. you see he is not strong enough so he avoids trainers.
    *roll roll* *roll roll* "wohoo!" then he heard someone battling "oh no trainers!"
  28. Trainer Name- Kai Yuzui
    Trainer Age (16-24)- 19
    Trainer Gender- Male

    Trainer Appearance
    (Descriptive)- Kai has long black silky hair, he always wears a black shirt and black skinny jeans aswell as black shoes, the only bright thing about him is the white jumper he wears and the white chains hanging from his jeans which he holds his pokemon on. his back has one strap so i hangs over his neck and shoulder. he wears a special watch which his grandfather made for him before he left sinnoh, the watch is able to transport pokemon to his professor and bring them back. like a portable Pc. he wears a pendant with a key stone inbeded into it, and wears a z-ring on his other hand.

    Trainer Personality
    (Descriptive)-Kais the cold type of person, he doesn't like to be disturbed by annoying people, he prefers the quiet and to just relax, he enjoys reading and eating. his favourite food is ramen, and the only books he ever reads are manga.
    Goals and Aspirations-He wants to be a adventurer and travel to every region, and by doing that he thinks he will become the greatest trainer known.

    Origin Region- Sinnoh, Eterna City
    Regions Travelled to- Johto
    Affiliated Teams or People.
    Eg. Proffessor Oak, Team Rocket etc.-Professor Elm and Professor Rowan

    Team On Hand-

    Type: Grass/Ghost
    Level: 40
    Captured: Starter In The Alola Region, Kai Had To Go Out and Find A Rowlet Himself
    Evolves: No Further Evoloutions

    -Spirit Shackle
    -Leaf Blade
    -Arial Ace
    -Razor Leaf


    Type: Fire
    Level: 40
    Captured: On A Cruise Kai was Riding To Johto From Sinnoh
    Evolves: Has A Special Form (Like Ash Greninja)

    -Hyper Beam
    -Dark Pulse

    Typhlosion.jpg Typhlosion.M.jpg


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