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Open The Official Alola RP!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KoishiTheRockruff, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Nathan kept on swimming, with his arms around Vulpix. He took a couple blows from the Wishiwashi but he strangely felt nothing, and kept on swimming. soon they got to shore, and Nathan handed the Stufful to the Bewear. They looked so glad that they had ther little Stufful back. "You got to go!" Nathan yelled to the Bewear. "It's to dangerous to stay!" The Bewear ran down the path out of Brooklet Hill, with Stufful in one's arms. Pichu and Rowlet were worn out. "You get some rest guys" Matthew said, while their pokeballs sucked them in. "You can do this. Go Turtonator!" Matthew said as he threw Turtonator's pokeball in the sky, releasing him in an instant. "Greninja? Greninja!?" Nathan said as he shook him. Greninja still didn't move. "Fine then, Maybe these two will handle it then. Go Lycanroc and Kommo-o!" The two were released from their pokeballs, with an urge to battle.
  2. Name: Destice

    Nickname: Slashice

    Species: Alolan Sandslash

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Level: 30

    ( Subzero Slammer [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] 160(Phy)/185(Spe) - Z MOVE ) ,,Dig [​IMG] [​IMG] 80 100 10 , Icicle Crash [​IMG] [​IMG] 85 90 10 30 ,
    TM14 Blizzard [​IMG] [​IMG] 110 70 5 10

    Ability: Snow Cloak

    Nature: Adamant

    Acessories: Grip Claw , Placed In Your Claws/Fingers ( Gray / Blue )

    Item(s): Grip Claw , Leftlovers.

    Personality: Can Be Slow, How Fast Depends on Your Mood , Happy and Competitive = Fast , - Angry and Sad = Slow
    But , is Loving , Sometimes Jealous and Gets Angry and Competitive Easily.

    Quick Bio: The Alolan Sandshrew of the snowy mountains evolve into Alolan Sandslash with spiny backs that are covered in ice. Thanks to their icy coating, these spines are large and sharp. Alolan Sandslash hide themselves in the snow when strong enemies appear, leaving only their needles exposed and ready for business. The weight of the ice that covers its body makes these Alolan Sandslash heavier than normal Sandslash, and this causes them to be slower.

    Even In the Fields Of Snow , Its Evolution and Drastic Fantastic , Destice ( SandSlash ) Will carry out Your Dream Of Being a Champion , But If you Depend on Your Defects , it Will be Impossible to Realize It ...

  3. "Lycanroc! Rock Slide!" Kommo-o! Dragon Breath!" Nathan yelled. "Turtonator! Dragon Pulse!" Matthew screamed. All the pokemon attacked, dealing incredible damage to Wishiwashi. It then dived underwater, soon jumping out and slapping its tail on the water, creating a tidal wave! "It's Surf! Hurry everybody, jump!" Lycanroc swiftly jumped to safety, but Kommo-o and Turtonator were to heavy to jump over the tidal wave. Then, Greninja snapped. He jumped into a tree. the he used his tongue to throw Turtonator in the air to avoid the tidal wave, then he did the same with Kommo-o. Nobody got hit. "I'm glad your moving again buddy." Nathan said to Greninja. "Use Smokescreen." Greninja jumped out of the tree, and once he hit the ground he sent out some smoke. "That'll give us cover! Lycanroc! Stone Edge! Kommo-o! Hyper Beam! Greninja! Ice Beam!" Everybody started charging their attacks. When the smoke cleared, everybody attacked. Wishiwashi retreated back into the lake, waiting to recover its wounds. Soon the dark, rainy sky became sunny and delightful. all the pokemon returned to Brooklet Hill, thankful that Nathan and Matthew saved their ecosystem. The two Bewear and the little shiny Stufful came up to Nathan and Matthew, with frowns on their faces. "What's wrong?" Matthew asked. The Bewear showed the two boys to their home in a tree. But something was missing, they lost their food! "You lost all your food because of the harsh winds of the storm Wishiwashi created?" Nathan asked sadly. One of the Bewear nodded yes. "Well don't worry!" Matthew exclaimed with cheer. "We'll help you get some more berries! Right guys?" Everyone nodded with agreement. "Lets split into groups." Nathan explained. "I'll go look for berries with Greninja, Lycanroc, and Kommo-o to the south. You go with Pichu, Rowlet, Vulpix, and Stufful to look for berries in the north." "Why Stufful? Shouldn't it be here with its parents?" Matthew asked. "Stufful can sniff out berries anywhere. I'm also sure Vulpix and Lycanroc can too." so after a little explanation, Matthew told Turtonator to guard the Bewear's home and they were off to retrieve some berries.
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  4. Once the Wishiwashi swam off, Latte felt relaxed. She soon heard that the Bewear were running low on food, and, knowing she could help, she decided to sniff out berries. Heading to the north with the group of other Pokèmon, she quickly was able to find a bunch of berries nesting right below a tree! As she began to pick them up, a Crabrawler popped out to attack her. Using Fire Spin, she hit the Crabrawler but it reared itself back up, ready to defend the berries it was able to find. Of course, this Pokèmon was a scavenger. It used a powerful Bubble Beam on the Vulpix, and hit her. Weakened, but not giving up, she explained the situation to the Crabrawler. Although he hated losing, the Crabrawler gave up his berries to the Vulpix, and she picked them up. Soon enough, she had collected quite a lot of berries, not running into any wild Pokèmon again. She ran up to the Bewear, dropping about 5 berries at a time.
  5. Nathan's search went well. Lycanroc found loads of berries. And even if another pokemon came to get the berries, they were intimidated by the strong pokemon caught by Nathan. Nathan brought tons of berries. And soon the Bewear had enough food. The tiny Stufful seemed a bit attached to Matthew, so It's parents let him go with Matthew. "Wow! I'm actually gonna get a shiny! Can you believe it?!" Matthew sad over excited. "You go ahead and catch it." Nathan said calmly. Matthew put an empty pokeball on the ground, and the shiny Stufful bonked its head on it, sucking him into the pokeball. Nathan and Matthew exited Brooklet Hill, saying goodbye to the pokemon who saw them leave. Their next objective, climbing the volcano!
  6. She watched the Bewear say goodbye to their Stufful. Wow, she began, Nathan and Matthew are so nice. But.. I don't think I could get used to being in a Pokèball. I'll just tag along and see where they're going, she finally reached an agreement with herself. Wondering what they would do next, she began to run up to them. As they continued walking, she picked up the pace, hearing something about a volcano. Even though she'd only been travelling with them for a few days, she already had learned a few more things about the human language. Latte had also gone up a few levels, after all the fights she had encountered now. Running up ahead, and looking around, she began to wonder why they had even headed to Brooklet Hill. Maybe I'll find out later, and with that, she stopped her worrying and began to dash up ahead, ready for whatever was coming next.
  7. Soon Nathan and Matthew arrived at the foot of the volcano. They saw Salandit guarding the entrance to the volcano. "Shoot. How are we gonna get passed them?" Nathan asked. Then an idea hit him. "Greninja, Smokescreen in the middle of the Salandit." Greninja swiftly jumped in between the two Salandit, pouring out smoke from his mouth. Everybody ran past the smoke, getting past the guard Salandits unseen. They quickly climbed the volcano, hiding behind a rock at the top. Nathan peeked over the rock, seeing some Alolan Marowak twirling their fiery bones. "What are they doing?" Nathan asked "Maybe impressing their young." Matthew said as he pointed to a little Cubone sobbing. "But wait, the Salazzle is also there!" The Salazzle was watching the Marowak do their tribal-like dance to impress the sobbing Cubone. Cubone was still sobbing. Salazzle growled a little, sending fear to the Marowaks' hearts.
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  8. Spotting the Salazzle, Latte froze, remembering their first encounter with it. Do we have to fight it again, she thought, a whole lot of fear rushing through her. Once she got over the shock, which took a bit, she got ready to fight, not wanting to lose. The Cubone was still crying, though, she wasn't sure why. Still, she wanted to help it in any way she could. She looked over at Nathan and Matthew, then at their Pokèmon, waiting for any signs to do anything.
  9. The Marowak tried all they could to make Cubone feel better, but nothing worked. Salazzle was about to strike the Marowack, But then, a Popplio hopped over to Cubone. Once Cubone saw Popplio he stooped crying and hugged the Popplio. Then Salazzle hit Popplio off the edge of the volcano! Cubone quickly grabbed Popplio's flipper, but Salazzle was closing in on it. "Greninja! Water Shuriken!" Nathan yelled, while Greninja flipped over Salazzle, sending out a flurry of Water Shurikens mid-air. The Salazzle quickly fainted, still having the wounds from their last encounter. Nathan and Matthew helped the poor Popplio up. When Popplio got up, Rowlet, Pichu, Cubone, and Popplio chased each other in a circle. "So that's why Cubone was crying." Matthew explained. "It wanted to see its friend!" Nathan watched in delight as they chased themselves around. It was getting late so they set up a camp on the volcano.
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  10. Kim stood near the group, watching what had just happened. "... So you guys have finally driven that Salazzle off, huh?" She said, padding closer. She examined the Salazzle. "Huh..." Kim gave the fainted Salazzle and expiremental nudge. "... Well, you better dispose of it or just stay away from it..." She looked back at the group. "... Just 'cause a Pokemon fainted doesn't mean it can regain its health."
  11. Everybody looked down at the small Jangmo-o. Then Kommo-o crouched down to talk to it. "Don't worry about her getting up. I'm staying up all night watching that little piece of cruelness. She gets up, she gets a sensible smack to the head. Hopefully I don't have to do the same with you." Greninja slipped into the conversation. "Okay Kommo-o, take it easy. You think this little guy could cause any damage?" Kommo-o growled at the Jangmo-o. "You wait and see." Kommo-o said firmly.
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  12. ((OOC: All Salazzles are female. :y))
    Kim nodded, the same half-lidded look on her face. "... Uh-huh..." She took a look at the Kommo-o and Geninja. "... So, when do you guys think she'll get up?" She asked, examining the damage dealt to the fainted Salazzle.
  13. ((OOC: Oh, Thanks for telling me!))

    "Hmm... Maybe in an hour or two." Greninja responded. Nathan and Matthew set up some tents and went to bed. Greninja returned himself to his pokeball. Pichu and Rowlet were fighting over something in Matthew's tent. Lycanroc jumped off the volcano, sliding down to explore, since he is a creature of the night. Kommo-o sat down by the Alolan Marowak, with one eye pointed to Salazzle, and the other to Jangmo-o.
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  14. The next morning came and Nathan woke up, hearing battling outside. He peeked out his tent and saw Kommo-o fighting the Salazzle. Salazzle ran off after a few blows from Kommo-o. "That'll teach her." Kommo-o mumbled. Kommo-o returned to his pokeball and everyone set off to the Lush Jungle. It seemed pretty far but it wasn't that big of a deal. While they were walking along, a Pawniard attacked! "Okay!" Matthew yelled "Go Pichu and Rowlet!" Matthew didn't even throw the pokeballs into the air before Pichu and Rowlet came out. The battle was intense, and the Pawniard didn't give up. Soon Pawniard was exhausted along with Pichu and Rowlet. Nathan threw a pokeball at the Pawniard and captured it. "Why did you catch it?" Matthew asked. "Because, the Lush Jungle is home to many grass type pokemon. This Pawniard knows Fury Cutter. Fury Cutter is a bug type move. Bug types are super effective against grass types. Therefore this Pawniard will be great at defending us from any grass type pokemon there." Nathan explained. "Sheesh, when did you become so nerdy." Matthew exclaimed.
  15. Name: Arora
    Nickname: Row
    Species: Decidueye
    Gender: Female
    Level: 35
    Moveset: Leafage,Leaf Blade,Spirit Shackle,Attract
    Ability: Overgrow
    Nature: Jolly
    Item(s): Rare Candy
    Accesories: A small purple ribbon at her feather
    Personality: Friendly,Childish,Adventurous
    Quick Bio: Likes to fly from island to island,mainly because of many trainers want to catch her because female decidueyes are rare.

    Arora flew around happily after eating a few oran berries.She then landed on the ground and went to sleep,But she was disturbed by a Salazzle."HEY!WATCH WHERE YOU'RE GOING!!",She yelled,but the Salazzle ran away before she could say anything.'Geez what's up with that Salazzle?',She continued to sleep,but didn't noticed she was near humans.
  16. ((OOC: Im pretty sure that matthew and Nathen are in akala, iki town is in melemele))

    Leo and Zander were walking around akala after reuniting on the other island, and a nice trainer brought them to akala. They were walking and bumped into a trainer (Matthew) almost tripping him. "AHH!" they yelled.
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    1. Pokemon
      Name: Rowl

      Nickname:Row Row, Flyster

      Gender: Male

      Age: 3

      Height: 1'04"

      Level: 13

      Crush: None (yet)

      Moveset: Leafage, Razor leaf, Leaf Tornado, Wing Attack

      Ability: Intimidate

      Nature: Relaxed

      Item(s): Everstone

      Accessories: Bowtie that is red and a #8 on his bowtie
      Personality: Quick and agile
      Quick Bio: Rowl was found alone in the forest when a young boy walked up to him and took him to a Pokemon Center because he had a bad scar on his wing and all of the other Rowlet he lived with made that scar by hitting him with better moves than he had so he ran away and stayed in the middle of the forest until his parents came to find him.
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  18. Matthew almost tripped over what he saw as two black silhouettes. Then Matthew's Pichu came out of her pokeball and stopped Matthew before he hit the ground. "What even happened?!" Matthew asked shockingly. "Are those pokemon?!" Matthew and Nathan looked over to the two small pokemon. It was an Alolan Diglett and Wishiwashi. "They are pokemon." Nathan murmured. "Diglett and Wishiwashi to be exact." Nathan had a little louder voice. "Wait... That's a Wishiwashi!?" Matthew still remembered the huge battle they had with the Wishiwashi. "But, this one's so small! The other one was huge!" "The Wishiwashi we saw was it's school form. The regular Wishiwashi looks like this one here. When a Wishiwashi is in trouble, it calls to others to form a bigger version of itself." Pichu was curiously looking at the Diglett and Wishiwashi.
  19. The Duo notice that Humans spotted them. Zander called out out to other Wishiwashi, but his voice was too weak. Leo said to him, "That won't work idiot!" then he stated running around Zander. Zander kept calling, and started to cry.
  20. "Ummmm..." Matthew said, a little shockingly. "What is going one with those two?" Nathan noticed how weak the Wishiwashi's voice was. "Is the Wishiwashi injured? It seemed to be trying to call others." Nathan seemed concerned about the duo. "Wait... We have to face off against another one!? We barely even survived the last one we saw!!" Matthew started walking backwards slowly having a little terror in his eyes. "We're not gonna see another huge Wishiwashi Matthew. It's voice seems to be to weak to call to others." Matthew sighed with relief. "Well now we're safe. But what do we do?" Matthew started walking back to the position he started at. "We see if we can help them. Lycanroc, come out." Nathan softly threw Lycanroc's pokeball into the air. Lycanroc jumped out of it's pokeball and landed on it's two feet. It first saw the Diglett and Wishiwashi, then looked over to Nathan. "You think you can see if you can ask if anything's wrong?" Lycanroc looked back at the duo, then looked back at Nathan. Nathan could tell that Lycanroc didn't want to do it. "Fine. Greninja, you do it." Greninja walked up to the two small pokemon and asked calmly, "Um, excuse me. But is there anything wrong with you guys?"
  21. Leo and Zander were speechless. Leo said, "W-We just d-don't want t-to b-be hurt by t-trainers." Leo was sweating, but Zander spoke up. "We weren't watching were we were going... Sorry" He said. "Just please don't hurt us." But then Leo and Zander heard something behind them. A stampede of Mudsdale and Mudsbray! "They must have come from Panoli Ranch!" Leo Screamed. Zander then Screamed in fear loudly. Other Wishiwashi Hurried in and gathered around Zander. He formed a school! Zander was in the eye, ready too attack.
  22. "What the heck!?" Matthew screamed shockingly. "Is it trying to attack us!?" Nathan saw the Mudsdale and Mudsbray charging towards them. "No. it's protecting itself from those Mudbrays and Mudsdales!" Then suddenly, Greninja jumped beside the giant Wishiwashi. He started to charge an Ice Beam. "Consider this a sign of trust." Greninja whispered to the school. Greninja shot the Ice Beam onto the ground, not attacking the charging pokemon, but showing a sign to change directions. The pack quickly turned around and head away from the group. Greninja then quietly sighed. "Yeah, so those trainers over there, they're not gonna hurt you. But they were just a little confused about what you were doing." Greninja then walked back to Nathan and returned himself to his pokeball.
  23. Wishiwashi scattered. It was just Zander again. "Woah.... That was AMAZING Zander!" Leo said to his brother. Both of them looked at the Trainers. They looked at each other and nodded. "Can we be friends?" Leo and Zander Said together. Zander snatched a pokeball frome each trainer, hoping they would agree.
  24. OOC: Hey GlitteringGreninja Remember me?
    (BIC) "Rowlet Rowl Rowlet" Rowl says as he walks up behind Matthew. "I am an injured pokemon and need help"
  25. (OOC: Yep. I do remember you.)

    Matthew had a questionable face. Nathan could tell that Matthew didn't know what the pokemon said. Nathan translated what the pokemon said. "Ohhh.. Okay." Matthew was thinking about it, while Nathan quickly nodded in agreement. A minute passed and Matthew finally nodded in agreement. "So. Which one do you want?" Nathan asked. "Hmm... I'll go for the Wisiwashi." Then suddenly, Matthew felt soft feathers on one of his legs. Matthew then turned around and saw the injured Rowlet. "Oh my." Matthew said surprisingly. "An injured pokemon?" Nathan asked, quiet shocked. "Yeah. It's right here." Matthew pointed to the Rowlet rubbing against his leg. Nathan looked down to inspect the Rowlet. "Hmm... seems like several scratches. Even a burn under it's right wing." Nathan then looked over to the duo. He was about to say something. but then, Geninja jumped out of his pokeball and said to the duo, "Do one of you have any healing moves? We kinda need them if you do!" Nathanael looked over to Greninja, with a small grin. Then he thought, "He always knows when to show up."
  26. "Rowl Rowl Rowlet" Rowl said to Matthew. what he really said was "Help help can you help me with my leg". Rowl said to Greninja. "Rowl Rowl" he says to Matthew.
  27. Zander said to Greninja, "No, but i found this in the ocean." Zander said, pulling out a Super Potion. "Have it" Zander pushed it towards the pokemon. "Yeah, take it!" Leo said. Zander tossed the Pokeball at Matthew, Hoping he would catch it.
  28. "Rowl Rowlet" Rowl says that he wants to go with Matthew that way he can get to know some new pokemon too and be with him through-out his whole journey. "Rowlet Row Rowl" Rowl says.
  29. Matthew caught the pokeball and Greninja grabbed the Super Potion. Greninja gave the Super Potion to Nathan and he used it on the injured Rowlet. "The scratches are gone, but what about the burn?" Nathan didn't have any burn heals. But then Matthew pulled one out. He softly lifted the Rowlet's right wing and sprayed the burn heal on the bottom of its wing. "It may sting for a little while, but just wait." Matthew then turned to the duo and crouched down. He then softly tapped the pokeball onto the Wishiwashi's head. Greninja was looking around urgently. "What's wrong Greninja?" Nathan asked curiously. Then Greninja saw a tree and jumped onto one of the tree's branches. He cut it off and somehow turned it into bandage ( It looks like sticks attached to each other in a ring shape ). Greninja then took out a potion he kept and sprayed it around the inside the bandage. He then walked to the Rowlet and wrapped the bandage around it's injured leg. "Try to stay off your feet for a while." Greninja said to the Rowlet. Matthew then picked up the Rowlet and carried it in his arms. "Oh wait!" Nathan exclaimed, "Almost forgot something!" Nathan grabbed a pokeball and tapped it on the Diglett's head.
  30. "Rowlet Rowlet Row" Rowl says to Matthew. " I was attacked by an Incineroar". Rowl said to Greninja.
  31. "Click, Click" Went the pokeballs as Leo and Zander was caught. they broke out themselves. "That was disorienting..." Leo said. "Yeah..." Zander replied. "come on, we can walk." Leo and Zander followed behind Nathan and Matthew.
  32. "Rowlet Row" Rowl said as his leg started to get a little worse. "ROWLET" He said in pain. As an Incineroar stopped them in their paths trying to attack the Rowlet.
  33. "Hmm." Nathan thought. "Guess they don't like pokeballs." Nathan and Matthew finally reached Lush Jungle. They went inside and looked around, amazed. "Come on out Pawniard." Pawniard came out of it's pokeball, ready to fight something. "You keep us safe from any attacking pokemon." For some reason, Matthew felt a pair of eyes glaring at him. "Umm.... Have you realized... this place is.. kinda.. scary?" Matthew started shivering a little. "How so?" Then a Lurantis jumped in front of the group, with hordes of Fomantis behind it. They sent out tons of Leafages. "That's probably why! Run!" Nathan yelled. They all ran back, but the Leafages were too fast. "Hurry! Behind that tree!" Everybody went behind the tree, dodging the Leafages. "What are we gonna do!?" Matthew was still terrified.
  34. Zander saw the Inceniroar. He screamed, calling other Wishiwashi. He went in front of Nathan and Matthew. So did Leo. "Just give us orders." They said together. The Inceniraor seemed frightened by Zander, because he was a Water Type. Then Leo noticed the Lurantis and Fomatis. He used Bulldoze over and over again, knocking the Fomantis out, and chased the Lurantis off.
  35. "Now an Icineroar!?" Matthew yelled. "Now what are we gonna do!?" Nathan didn't know what to do. Then it hit him. "Leave this to me and Greninja." Nathan said calmly. "Greninja! Water Shuriken on the Icineroar!" Greninja started compressing water. He sent out five Water Shurikens, which all hit. "Now! Ice Beam on the Fomantis!" Greninja started charging up, then releasing an Ice Beam! All the Foamantis froze, leaving the Lurantis and Incineroar left. Matthew and Nathan sent out all they're pokemon. Then Nathan shouted, "It's two vs. eight! Let's get them!" Matthew's team attacked the Incineroar, while Nathan's attacked Lurantis.
  36. ((OOC: Oh look, i gtg, see ya'll tomorrow.!))

    Leo sent multiple Bulldozes at the Lurantis, Whilst Zander shot water attacks at Incineroar. Both pokemon fled. "Yeah!" Leo and Zander said together. "We did it!"
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  37. "Rowlet" Rowl said as a glowing light appeared but it stopped and he didn't evolve.
  38. "Well that was quick!" Matthew seemed glad it was over. He sat down and sighed. "No time for resting!" Nathan yelled. "We gotta get to the docks!" "What?! Why?!" Matthew asked loudly. "We're going to Ula'Ula!" Matthew got up and ran to catch up with Nathan. They finally got to the docks and set sail for Ula'Ula Island! On the way, Greninja told the new pokemon about what happened so far on their journey. About the Turtonator wrecking the beachside, The Wishiwashi tormenting Brooklet Hill, And the tribal Salazzle who tried to conquer the mighty volcano of Akala.
  39. "Rowlet" Rowl said as he pecked a button of a pokeball in Matthews bag. 1 shake... 2 shake.. 3 shake caught. "Rowlet Rowlet" Rowl says as he got caught.

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