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Open The Official Alola RP!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KoishiTheRockruff, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. It was getting pretty late. Matthew started to walk back into the cave to find a way back. Nathan got up and started walking. Then suddenly, some grass started to shake.
  2. Still asleep, Latte twitched an ear, not worried much. She dreamed of her old trainer, and oh how she missed them greatly, but, she had found ways to move on. Hearing the familiar shake of grass, she startled herself awake, and looked over. One of the boys had decided to go back, being that the night began to cloak over the day. Should I stay here, or follow them back, she began to think. She decided to wait for a Pokémon to pop up and battle Matthew.
  3. Soon everybody noticed the shaking grass. Greninja was about to get into battle stance, when without warning....... a Grubbin trotted out of the grass. Eveybody sighed and Matthew kept walking. but then something bigger arose from Behind the Grubbin. "Oh....My.....Gosh...." Nathan said shocked. The pokemon clanged its scales and let out a massive roar. the Grubbin fled by digging a tunnel. "What is that thing!?" Matthew asked wildly. "Kommo-o..."
  4. Latte heard the Kommo-o, and began to look around. When she spotted it, she used a mixed attack between Quick Attack and Fire Spin, clearly scared. She then hid in a bush, trying to avoid being attacked. The last time a Pokémon so ferocious had attacked her was when she had encountered a Gyarados, which made her faint with one single hit. Hiding in a bush, she tried to not reveal her location, knowing she just attacked a strong Pokémon.
  5. Name: Dave

    Nickname: DAV


    Gender: Male


    Personality: smart, strong
  6. Inceniroar was just about to strick but then he saw a glimpse of something shiny. It was a z stone! It also had the ring with it also. Now he was ready to strike! he quickley activated the ring and pounced!
  7. Kommo-o was surprised when it was hit. It looked around and saw the two trainers. It thought they attacked. Kommo-o sent out a immense Dragon Breath. "Hurry Greninja! Ice Beam" "Pichu! Thunder Shock! And Rowlet! Gust!" All the pokemon used there moves but the power wasn't strong enough! Even the Rockruff tried to help.
  8. Suddenly the pokeball with Turtonator began to shake and he managed to pop himself out of his own ball and appear in front of the large Kommo-o. "Grrr you don't scare me!" The Turtonator said before unleashing a dragon pulse right at the Kommo-o.
  9. The Dragon Pulse sent by Turtonator helped the others protect themselves. "Greninja. Escort those Rockruff into a safer area!" Greninja did so swiftly. "Turtonator." Matthew said "You stay and fend off the Kommo-o."
  10. Watching from a safe distance, Latte decided it would be no help to simply stay and watch. She decided to stand up to the large beast and try her best to stay standing. Stepping out of the bush and using Fire Spin, she put all of her power into the attack. The Kommo-o lunged at her, hitting her easily with a Dragon Breath. Using a Quick Attack to fend off the assailant and keep a distance, she was able to escape after being attacked. Being ready to fight, she stood up, despite being hurt.
  11. Greninja noticed Vulpix fighting hard with Turtonator. Greninja kept escorting the Rockruff, But then a Lycanroc ( Midnight Form ) Jumped in front of Greninja, trying to keep the Greninja away from the Rockruff. Lycanroc thought that Greninja was harming the Rockruff, So it attacked Greninja with a Night Slash, using key precision. Greninja was sent backwards a little. Right behind Vulpix and Turtonator, Greninja was ready to fight the Lycanroc.
  12. Spotting the Lyranroc in a rusty red pattern, Latte was torn between two battles. Deciding to stick with the strong Kommo-o, she fired a reasonably strong Ember and then used Feint. She held nothing back, but neither did her opponent. She quickly attacked and hid, being tired and not too strong. Turtonator is strong. He can handle the Kommo-o till I come back, she thought, eating an Oran Berry to replenish her energy.
  13. Lycanroc started off the battle with a Double Team. Greninja started to charge up an Ice Beam. Then Greninja sent out the devastating Ice Beam, sending it from the left to the right, hitting every opposing Lycanroc. The real Lycanroc jumped over the Ice Beam. When it hit the ground, it sent out a flurry of Night Slashes. Greninja Kept jumping backwards, avoiding all of the Night Slashes. Greninja soon realized that he was jumping over to the Komm-o. Lycanroc kept using Night Slash, without breaking a sweat. Then Greninja got close to Kommo-o and jumped high into the air. Lycanroc was still using Night Slash and accidentally hit Kommo-o! Kommo-o trembled a little bit. When it saw the Lycanroc, They both started to battle. Greninja saw Vulpix hiding in the grass. He jumped over to it, picked it up, jumped over to the Rockruff, and set the Vulpix down. Greninja continued to escort the Rockruff to the other side of the cave.
  14. Watching the two fully evolved ferocious Pokémon battle, Latte tried to talk to the Rockruff, being kind to it and offering some berries. The wind lightly tumbled across, being a breeze. She decided to guard the Rockruff and use long-range attacks, being Ember and Fire Spin. The Lycanroc seemed to not notice her, too busy fighting off the Kommo-o. The six tailed Pokémon sat next to the Rockruff, waiting for the fight to stop.
  15. "Return Turtonator" Matthew said while the pokeball sucked Turtonator in. Nathan noticed that the Lycanroc and Kommo-o were pretty worn out. "Now's my chance!" Nathan thought. He ran up to the two worn out pokemon and through two pokeballs at them. The two pokemon were sucked into the pokeballs, wiggling three times before the definite capture. The familiar ding sound went to Nathan's ears. he picked up the two pokeballs and put them in his bag, with a big grin on his face. Greninja was able to escort the Rockruff out of the cave and soon the others came out. They returned to the apartment and everybody sat down, keeping the moment at Ten Carat Hill in their minds.
  16. Still following them as she had done, she remained in the hotel room. That was quite the adventure, she thought. But, will I still be able to explore all of Alola, she contemplated the idea. But trainers loved to travel, so she decided that it might work out! She could also faintly remember the two trainers catching the two wild creatures. If they try to do the same to me, I'll just escape the apartment, she figured. Yet, she strangely seemed to doubt that would happen. She decided to rest after the excitement.
  17. The Turtonator was now comfortably in his ball again, weakened from tanking multiple super effective dragon type attacks from the Kommo-o.
  18. The next morning was a bright one. Nathan was the first awake, soon Matthew woke up as well. Nathan walked out the door. "Where are you going bro?" Matthew asked. "Come and find out." Nathan answered. Matthew picked up Vulpix in his arms, and followed Nathan to the docks."Wait, don't tell me we're..." "Going to Akala!" Nathan said with excitement. The boat was already at the docks and the pokemon and their trainers traveled to Akala Island.
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  19. Not minding being picked up, Latte was excited. Seeing the docks, the huge boat arriving, it was a thrill. She was able to understand the word Akala Island, and felt very excited. While on the ride, she listened to the trainers talk to one another. Everyone seems so nice, she thought, sitting down and looking at the ocean. There it was again. A ride Pokémon, this time, a Lapras. It had another trainer riding it. Looking farther off into the ocean, into the deep blue waves of the sea, she could see water-type Pokémon swimming in schools, especially the Wishiwashi. Watching the view on a chair, she soon began daydreaming.
  20. Nathan and Matthew sent out their pokemon to see the amazing view while heading to Akala. Pichu was taking a nap on Matthew's shoulder.
    Rowlet practiced inside the small ship, throwing sharp leaves at a dart board, enhancing his precision. Greninja was calmly sitting down, eyes closed, listening to the sounds of the sea. Lycanroc was chilling by the edge of the boat, looking at all the water type pokemon below.
    Kommo-o was looking out into the sea, ready to defend from anything that could attack the boat. Surprisingly, the boat could handle all the weight. "Land, Ahoy!!" Matthew yelled, as the boat got closer and closer to Akala Island.
  21. Latte quickly stirred into life, distancing herself from the view. Seeing the new island, she barked with excitement, ready to run free. Yet, she felt attached to the Pokémon she'd just met, to the trainers. Should I leave them, she thought, and decided no. It seemed comforting travelling with others for once. Once they arrived on Akala, the Vulpix looked around, excited. Where do they want to go first, she thought, and waited for them to find a map.
  22. Nathan already knew Akala liked he visited it yesterday! Nathan decided to head to Brooklet Hill. On the way there however, there was a farmer getting attacked by a lot of Salandit and a Salazzle! "Oh my..." Said Nathan kinda scared. "What are those Salandit and that Salazzle doing terrorizing that farmer!? Also, Why aren't they near the Volcano!?" Without hesitation, Matthew jumped out and sent out Pichu and Rowlet to help the poor farmer. It took a moment to realize it, but Nathan quickly realized He needed to help too. He sent out Greninja and Lycanroc. The Salazzle looked towards Nathan and Matthew and ordered the Salandit to attack them.
  23. Meekly watching the fight only, Latte soon realized she'd have to take action more often if she wanted to tag along. Using Quick Attack on the Salazzle, figuring it was the strongest, she dodged the attacks of the Salandit aiming at her once she attacked. Then, she used Feint on a couple of Salandits, sending them running. The Salazzle called for reinforcements, but none came. Attacking the Salazzle over and over, it dodged many attacks and attacked Latte, too. This time, she wouldn't give up and kept on fighting back.
  24. Salazzle fought back fiercely. Salazzle even attacked Nathan and Matthew. After Salazzle fled, Nathan and Matthew collapsed. Everbody tried to wake them up but it was no use. Nathan and Matthew seemed unconscious for good. but then some Araquanid came over and put Nathan and Matthew in their Bubble-like masks. They traveled to Brooklet Hill, With Nathan and Matthew's pokemon following. The Araqunid set them down in there web and started to help them however they could.
  25. Latte watched the Araqunid. Strangely, the Vulpix seemed worried about the two trainers. I just met them, she thought, But I can't help but feel guilty for not saving them. She sighed and put her paws over her tail, still anxious, watching the Araqunid. I've never seen a Pokémon so hostile, not even Gyarados or the Kommo-o seemed to attack the trainer, she pondered on it. I heard Salazzle are native to a volcano, she could hear the humans talking about it constantly. Why had it left the volcano and attacked a farmer? Maybe they're curious, too, and we can all go find out, she realized. She decided to announce it to the other Pokémon of the trainers, and would try to convey the message once the trainers woke up.
  26. Greninja realized he needed to tell everyone now. "I feel like this thing about me might help you understand why the Salazzle and Salandit were not by the volcano and attacking the farmer." Greninja announced. "I used to have a brother, He was always looking for adventure, always making friends. He once befriended a Salandit. That Salandit was always telling him about his family. Then my brother would tell me about everything he heard from Salandit. One day, the Salandit evolved into Salazzle and became the leader of the Salandit. When my brother went to see his friend however, his friend betrayed him. he told the Salandit to attack him. He was knocked out cold. When I came to check on him, the Salandit immediately attacked. I picked up my brother and ran to the pokemon center. The nurse said it would take a few weeks for him to recover. I felt so guilty that I swam away to Kanto. That's when I found Nathan's dad and met Nathanael." Greninja sat down, thinking about his brother.
  27. Vulpix now looked sad. "I'm sorry for what happened," she said. "It's too bad we couldn't do much. The Salazzle.. it ran off." changing the subject, but not too far from the original subject, she asked "Are the two.. trainers. You called them Nathan and.." she couldn't figure out the other one's name. "Are they okay?" she added to make up for her sheepish look and mistake.
  28. "Ones Nathan, My trainer." Greninja answered. "the others Matthew. I don't think I could ever be more happy without them. But now I really want to look for my brother." Greninja looked up, there were gray clouds in the sky. "I don't know what to do now. Go look for my brother, or stay with Nathan and Matthew." Rowlet flew up to a tree, grabbed some berries, gave one to everybody, flew back up to the tree, and rested.
  29. "Maybe we can do both." she thought of a way to prove her point, but the thought seemed almost impossible. Still, she tried. "Maybe they can help you find him, too." Picking up the berry Rowlet gave her, she started to think about anything at all. Maybe I should stay with them, she realized, knowing how nice they'd been to her.
  30. Greninja rolled the berry over to Vulpix. He didn't seem very hungry. Then he noticed Nathan opening one of his eyes slightly, then instantly closing it. Greninja jumped over to Nathan, Fiercely shaking him. the Araqunid pushed him away, thinking he was interrupting. It started to rain. Then the Araqunid scurried away from Brooklet Hill. Something didn't seem right.
  31. "Rain?" The fire type hated getting wet. Watching the Araqunid scurry off, she ran over to the trainers, although she barely knew the trainers, she felt angered. Maybe the Salazzle are coming back. It wouldn't just abandon them, she decided to try her best to help the two trainers. "There's something wrong," she said it without realizing. "Maybe the Salazzle and her troops are returning." Looking around, she tried her best to protect Matthew and Nathan, not knowing too much about the situation.
  32. Everybody was looking around, curious about what was happening. Then tons of pokemon came running out of Brooklet Hill. Greninja jumped over to grab Pichu and Rowlet, then jumped over to where everybody was running from. When Greninja got to the lake there were two Bewears looking out to the lake. There was a Wishiwashi ( School Form ) chasing after a tiny Shiny Stufful that was to weak to swim to shore!
  33. Seeing the large Wishiwashi made the Vulpix tremble. Knowing that the water would easily take her out, she tried to stay behind, but she couldn't stand watching the Stufful struggle. The way it tried to kick and paddle it's way to shore, but began to sink, it made her sick. Knowing it was risky, she ran up to the water, watching the Stufful. Being in the water made her paws sting a bit, but she was a decent swimmer, and attempted to pull the Stufful to shore. It took a lot of effort, but she continued to get it done, and the stinging sensation became numbness. The Wishiwashi then spotted them both.
  34. Greninja was surprised, seeing the Vulpix go against her weakness. Pichu started to charge up a Thunder Shock. Rowlet sent out some Razor Leaves. Pichu sent out the Thunder Shock. Every attack hit Wishiwashi. The Wishiwashi couldn't decide what to do. Attack the pokemon at shore, or attack the Vulpix.
  35. Rockruff walked around the tall grass. As he searches for food he hears battling.......
    T r a i n e r s he thought..
  36. Then suddenly, Flashbacks came to Greninja. He remembered back when he was a little Froakie that he also had a friend. And it was a Wishiwashi. They loved to have swimming competitions. But soon enough, the young Wishiwashi was able to call to other Wishiwashi. Then the thoughts of battles came up to Wishiwashi's mind. The first battle was a fierce one. Wishiwashi actually taunted Froakie. Then Froakie got seriously injured. Wishiwashi didn't care and kept attacking. Froakie eventually ran off and never saw the Wishiswashi again. Greninja couldn't move after remembering everything about the Wishiwashi.
  37. As Noah was walking across the shores of Alola, he saw a bright light across from him. He went to go grab the glinting item. It was a Fire Stone! "Another stone for my Eevee!" Noah said in excitement
  38. Still holding onto the Stufful, nearing it to shore, Latte was able to spot Greninja- but they weren't moving! She kept on swimming as the Wishiwashi began to swim closer. Getting closer to shore with the Stufful, she began to pad harder, hearing the Wishiwashi gain speed. The larger Pokémon wasn't very fast, letting her swim up ahead. The Vulpix didn't attack, not wanting to turn back and leave the Stufful behind. The Wishiwashi then was able to get close to them.
  39. Pichu and Rowlet were fending off the Wishiwashi. Wishiwashi couldn't seem to move. Then, two black figures arose from the path. It was Nathan and Matthew! They quickly ran to the scene, seeing the huge Wishiwashi. "Two hostile pokemon in a row!?" Matthew yelled a bit agitated. "Soon enough we're gonna see that Salazzle." "Stop fussing Matthew! we gotta get that Stufful!" Nathan jumped into the water, helping Vulpix swim to shore. Greninja was still not moving.
  40. Grateful for their help, Latte was more determined than ever. She swam even harder, helping the Stufful. Nathan was swimming in the water, helping her. She began to get closer to the shore, then the Wishiwashi attacked, using Water Pulse. She tried her best to dodge but couldn't, but, she was able to barely withstand the attack. Falling down deeper into the water, she tried to swim up, and did, the Stufful now closer to Nathan. She quickly swam over to them, now weak from the attack.

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