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Open The Official Alola RP!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KoishiTheRockruff, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. As Bez was running away he ran into a Meowth. (IM adding the Meowth as my second character)
  2. Nathanael slowly trotted over to Greninja and gave it a spray of Max Potion. "Get Ready Rowlet." Matthew said.
  3. Turtonator finished charging and fired a massive solar beam through the sky in an attempt to shoot the Rowlett out of the sky.
  4. "Down Low!" Rowlet flew downwards. "Greninja, I need you to talk some sense into the Turtonator" Exclaimed Nathanael. Greninja agreed, and he jumped onto a rooftop.
  5. The turtonator stopped to gather its energy, fighting so aggressively in the nighttime isn't a good strategy for fire types. He looked at the Rowlett aggressively ready to defend itself from anything that would pose a threat.
  6. "What's wrong?" Cena asked the crazy larvitar. "theres a crazy Turtonator back there, HE TRIED TO KILL ME!!" Yelled Bez in response.
  7. Greninja then spoke out to the Turtonator. "Why? Why be this aggresive?" Greninja asked.
  8. "Because I know none of you tame pokemon or trainers can be trusted! You're jsut gonna try to take and use my power like Team skull tried to!" The Turtonator angrily responded
  9. "Team Skull? Now I know why this is happening. You may not be able to trust them, but there are other people in the world who you can trust!"
  10. "Like those trainers that attacked each on the beach?!" He angrily responded firing another dragon pulse at greninja before collapsing again.
  11. Greninja jumped down to the beach, avoiding the Dragon Pulse. "They may not be ones to trust, but take the Larvitar for instance. Larvitar was scared of you. If this anger is from Team Skull, You think everybody is Like Team Skull. Do you think a pokemon from Team Skull would be scared of you?"
  12. "They had better be if they try to keep me there again!" The Turtonator tried to fire another dragon pulse at greninja, but it failed, and he soon collapsed into the sand completely unable to battle anymore; dropping a life orb that Team skull had made him hold on to to increase his attack power at the cost of his own energy.
  13. Greninja was shocked. He jumped over to Turtonator and helped it up.
  14. "W-why… are you helping me… after I tried to… hurt everyone…?" The Turtonator struggled to say.
  15. "Because." Greninja explained, "You didn't mean to hurt anyone."
  16. "You…" Turtonator fainted and collapsed to the ground again, being too heavy for a greninja alone to carry.
  17. Nathanael rushed over to help the fallen Turtonator. He sprayed some Max Revive on Turtonator.
  18. As Turtonator got up he looked around shocked that he was helped. He looked at the trainer but no longer aggressively, then turned k greninja. "You actually helped me!"
  19. Greninja and Nathanael had big smiles. "We're just doing some good." They both said.
  20. The Turtonator looked around. "I just don't know where I'm at though. I was at the volcano before any of this ever even started. But I can't get back, I can't swim or anything."
  21. "Oh." Nathanael said suprised. "Your on MeleMele Island at Hau'oli City." Nathan Answered. Then Matthew came running with Rowlet and Pichu on his shoulders. "Hey bro!" Matthew said with excitment.
  22. "Oh I'm not familiar with any of this, I've always lived in solitude and never been in a city before." The Turtonator looked around embarrassed at his destruction he caused.
  23. "Don't worry about it!" Said Nathanael. "How about you stay in our apartment for the night."
  24. The Turtonator looked at the trainer confused and looked to the Greninja again. "I don't know, I've never had a trainer before or anything like that."
  25. "I'm not saying I'm gonna catch you!" exclaimed Nathanael. "I just want you to feel comfortable."
  26. "Well where's you're next goal at here in Alola?" The Turtonator wondered
  27. "I've come here with my little brother Matthew to help him learn about Pokemon and to become a pokemon trainer."
  28. "Well I really owe you all for doing what you did, the only way I can properly repay you is to offer you my power. If either of you wish to catch me I'll allow it." The Turtonator says in a friendlier tone.
  29. "Matthew, I feel like you should own this Pokemon." Nathan said. "REALLY?!" Matthew beamed. "yes Matthew" "OMG" Matthew took out a pokeball, and lightly tapped it on Turtonator's head.
  30. Turtonator got beamed into the pokeball and it landed on the ground, it familiarly wiggles three times before clicking and finally capturing the Turtonator with no resistance at all.
  31. Matthew picked up the pokeball. "Thanks bro." Matthew said. They returned to their apartment and finally got some sleep.

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  32. (OOC: Same thing here, goodnight!)
  33. Nathan and Matthew woke up early. Vulpix wasn't awake yet so they had a battle. "You ready bro?" Asked Matthew. "I'm always ready." Responded Nathan. "Go Greninja!" A pokeball went into the air and opened, sending out a beam that revealed Greninja. "Go Pichu!" Pichu was already out of her pokeball. So she climbed Matthew's back,got on Matthew's head, and jumped off. The battle was on. "Agility!" Matthew yelled. Pichu circled around Greninja swiftly. "Now! Tackle!" Keeping the speed from Agility, Pichu charged and tackled Greninja. The power of the tackle sent Greninja flying into a building. Nathan was suprised how the tackle sent Greninja flying! "Thunder Shock!" Pichu started to charge electricity. "Greninja, Double Team" Greninja created many clones. when Pichu fully charged, there were dozens of Greninjas! Pichu was so confused. He sent the Thunder Shock in the direction of a clone and when it hit, the clone disappeared leaving a ball of smoke. "Bite them!" Pichu started to bite every Greninja she saw. everybody the Pichu attacked was a clone. The Pichu got worn out. "Now! Ice Beam!" On a rooftop, the real Greninja was preparing an Ice Beam. Pichu was to worn out to move or attack.. Greninja charged the Ice Beam and sent it straight at Pichu. The Pichu took major damage while also being frozen. "Return Pichu.." Matthew said a little sadly. "You can go on, Rowlet" Matthew lifted Rowlet's pokeball up to the sky. Then Rowlet came out while doing three consecutive loops. "Razor Leaf!" Rowlet shot two sets of pointy leaves directly at Greninja. It didn't seem to do anything. "What!? It did nothing?!" Matthew questioned seriously. "It's Greninja's hidden ability." Nathan explained. "Protean changes a pokemon's type to the type of the last move it used. In this case, Greninja used Ice Beam last turn so he's now an Ice type." "Well....ok." Matthew responded. "Up high Rowlet!" "Water Shuriken." Greninja sent a flurry of Water Shurikens, all of which Rowlet dodged. "Go on Rowlet! Razor Leaf!" Rowlet shot out two sets of sharp leaves at Greninja. Greninja tried to block the attack, but it only made his arms immobile. "Oh no. Now Greninja can't attack!" Said Nathan, worried that he might lose. "Now time for the finale!" Matthew screamed with excitment. He lifted his arm ,revealing a ring. Nathan was shocked. Matthew then did specific movements, Rowlet also joined in too. "How did he get that?" Nathan asked himself. Once Matthew stopped his movements, Rowlet covered itself with an aura. "Now, BLOOM DOOM!!!" Rowlet created a flowery scenery. Then solar energy came crashing onto Greninja. Greninja fainted. "Greninja. Return." The pokeball opened, and the beam came onto Greninja, taking him in the pokeball. Nathan ran up to Matthew. "Where did you get that?!" Nathan asked. "I was getting pretty bored so I sailed to some other island, passed Mallow's trial, and got this thing she said was a Grassium Z. Oh yeah, When I was coming back I ran into this guy called Kukui that researches pokemon moves, and he gave me this ring." Matthew explained. After their little chat they went to the pokemon center, healed their pokemon, and returned to the apartment.
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  34. Noticing the trainer had left the room, Latte remained fast asleep. Once they had returned, she perked her head up and looked around. She had a good night's rest and was ready for the day. Unsure if she should remain following the kind humans or set off on her own, she simply watched them and made sure nothing odd happened. Sighing, she decided she could see if anything interesting was going on outside. Not much, she thought. Looking out into the distance, she spotted a Charizard flying in the air with a trainer on it, the trainer wearing strange gear. A tag on the Charizard read "RIDE POKEMON". She watched as it soared far off. If only I could travel so freely, she thought. Just then, a ship departed from Hau'Oli, a ship to Akala island. Watching the lumbering iron move made her think about her trainer, and when they first arrived in Mele'Mele. She sat back down, not interested in looking outside anymore.
  35. Nathan noticed that the Vulpix woke up. "Come on Matthew!" Nathan said eagerly. "To Ten Carat Hill!" Greninja jumped out the window to get to Ten Carat Hill faster. Pichu was ready to go and dashed to the door. But, Pichu wasn't looking where she was going and tripped onto Vulpix. Rowlet Giggled a little at the sight of Pichu struggling to get up. Rowlet soon yawned and flew out the door.
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  36. Deciding to follow them, Latte picked up the speed and helped the Pichu get up. She ran up to the two trainers, deciding that following them would be the only good and reasonable thing to do. His Pokémon are certainly nice, she thought. But she didn't want to get too close, thoughts of her old trainer still lingering. She soon noticed they were heading towards a place called Ten Carat Hill, which she had only seen once. Huge rocks blocked the way that time, so she turned back to Iki Town. Maybe they know a way to get through, she thought. She caught up to them after being lost in thought.
  37. Matthew and Nathan arrived at Ten Carat Hill. They thought how to get through the rocks. Pichu was able to slip through the rocks. Matthew told Pichu to get another pokemon's help from inside the cave. A few minutes later, The rocks started to crumble, bit by bit. Then the rocks broke, Leaving the cave free to enter. They entered the cave, Matthew a little scared.
  38. The Vulpix ran ahead of the trainers, spitting an Ember to light up a stick she carried in her mouth once she lit it up. Guiding her way on her own, still deciding to stay nearby the trainer, not really wanting to wander off on her own again, she barked when she spotted the exit to a clearing in the cave.
  39. Following Vulpix, The trainers and their pokemon came to a clearing. The graceful scenery was the perfect resting spot. Nathan and Matthew sat down in the middle of the field, looking at the sun.
  40. She watched the humans sit down, and began to explore. Looking around, she watched a family of Rockruffs play. They barked and yipped at each other, running around frantically. Happily, they began to pretend to attack each other. They helped each other pick up berries and began to share them. Latte decided to curl up under a tree and take a small nap.

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