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Open The Official Alola RP!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KoishiTheRockruff, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Quickly, Latte heard the excitement in Hau'oli city. She watched as a Greninja and a Pichu began to face-off, and, being the curious Pokémon she is, the Vulpix sat down and watched the soon-to-commence battle. She groomed herself, and made sure to stay far from where the battle was going to start. A leaf fell onto her nose and she batted it off, sneezing and setting it on fire. Not wanting to attract attention, she batted it to stop the fire. Then, she sat still, hiding herself, but still ready to watch the two trainers pull off their battle.
  2. "Pichu! Bite!" Matthew shouted. The Pichu came running at the opposing Greninja, Then instantly biting the Greninja's arm. The Greninja shook it off like it was nothing. "Now! Tackle!" The Pichu came up running again. "Smokescreen Greninja." Nathanael said. The Greninja released lots of smoke out of its mouth. The Pichu let out a tackle, but hit nothing. The Pichu looked around, confused. "Water Shuriken." Greninja, currently in a tree, compressed some water, and sent out 5 Water Shurikens. 2 of them hit, but Pichu dodged the others. Pichu had a few bruises but was still able to fight. "Come on Pichu! Thunder Shock!" Matthew yelled Seriously. Pichu started to charge electricity. "Hurry Greninja! Ice Beam!" Nathan Shouted. Greninja started creating ice. By the time Pichu charged up, Greninja did as well. "Now!" They both shouted. The attacks collided, Creating a force powerful enough to send anyone near the force flying backwards. The Greninja had several bruises, yet it didn't faint. Pichu however, Fainted while being hurled into the ocean. "Pichu!!" Matthew called, "I'm coming!!" Matthew dived in the ocean, and swam swiftly to get Pichu. Nathan stood and stared, Suprised how far the blast sent Pichu.
  3. Latte felt the strong force tingle around her paws, sending a swift breeze towards her direction. The Pichu that was lunged in the air caught her attention, especially their trainer, too, which swam after them. With great agility, she followed the trainer, attempting to remain hidden. Her rusty fur collided with the sand, causing a murky sandy pattern over her. She watched as the human swam over to his Pokémon and got a bit closer, not being completely scared. She tried to listen for any way she could understand their language, but, she couldn't. She sat down in the sand, meekly hoping nobody would see her. She was interested in watching the trainer, but of course didn't intend on being spotted.
  4. Matthew swam back to shore, with his injured Pichu in his arms. Nathan sprayed a little max revive on the Pichu. Then the Pichu jumped up out of Matthew's arms and kept jumping and jumping. Then the Pichu landed on something peculiar. The Pichu Lifted up some sand and found a Vulpix! Everybody stared at it.
  5. Latte stared back and the people looking over at it, wondering if she should flee or fight. She had come to Hau'Oli to find the boat and get to a new island, but feeling the piercing glares that humans gave intimidated her. Is it because I'm not an Alolan Vulpix?, she thought. Backing away slowly, she prepared to attack any trainer who dared fight her, or she'd flee. Quickly, she ran off just in the nick of time- someone had dropped a map of Hau'Oli city. Quickly, Latte picked it up and ran to the spot she had been hiding before, this time, leaping over the wall where the Pikachu being photographed by a Rotom Dex was. Unfolding the map, but not being able to read, Latte tried to figure out where to go. She made sure trainers weren't pursuing her before deciding to set up camp under a tree.
  6. Nathanael sprayed a Max Potion on Greninja. "You think you can talk to that Vulpix Greninja?" Nathan asked. The Greninja nodded with agreement and jumped over to the Vulpix's position and told It that it was okay to be around Nathan and Matthew.
  7. Latte looked over at the Greninja and felt a bit more comforted since it was a Pokémon talking to her. She nodded and for a moment could only stare at the large Greninja, but picked up her things and crawled over the wall. She sat down on the sidewalk, biting at a berry she'd taken from a bush. Knowing that a Pokémon trusted their trainer made her feel safe around the city, and she had decided before leaving Melemele she'd have to look around, being that everyone seemed friendly.
  8. Nathanael and Matthew walked to the Vulpix. "Um, Nathan." Matthew asked. "Yeah?" Nathan answered. "You said there were regional variants right?" "Yeah." "And isn't there an Alolan Vulpix?" "Yeah." "Well how come This is a regular Vulpix?" "Hmmm, Never thought of that." Nathan answered. They welcomed the Vulpix into their apartment In Hau'oli City. Nathan set up a little bed for it. Matthew saw a map between the Vulpix's paws. He picked it up and examined it. "This seems like a map of MeleMele!" Matthew exclaimed. They both examined the map while they let their pokemon get to know the Vulpix.
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  9. As she followed the two trainers, Latte decided it would be fine to conversate with the Pokémon of the two boys. She watched as they picked up her back and examined Mele'mele's surface. She curled up on the prepared bed and looked for the Pichu or Greninja she saw earlier. While waiting she finished up a few Oran Berries she had packed, and tried her best to understand what the trainers were saying. Yet, it seemed hard to understand them, such as they might not understand the language of Pokémon. Curled up, her six tails each formed a curl as she looked around the hotel room. It was sweet, and finally the Pokémon of the trainers came out. Latte and them talked for a while.
  10. Nathan Grabbed a pen and put a mark on Ten Carat Hill. "That's where we're going tommorow." Nathan exclaimed. Then Matthew saw the pokemon having a good time talking together. He passed some berries over to them. Pichu caught two and ate them quickly. Greninja caught one and gave it to Vulpix. Greninja seemed quite happy that the Vulpix tagged along.
  11. Latte noticed it was getting dark outside as the moon began to rise. She peeked outside for a moment, looking around. The moon shone brightly, yet its light giving aura couldn't be seen behind the curtains. Finishing up her berry, Latte sat down onto the small bed made for her. She tried to start a conversation once more with the Greninja, and succeeded. Eventually, she yawned, and decided it was late, the moon was already high up in the sky from the view of the earth. She curled up and set off to bed.
    (OOC: Won't post until tomorrow, actual goodnight :p)
  12. (OCC: Okay, Goodnight!!)

    Nathan also noticed It was dark. Nathan and Matthew went to bed. Pichu stole one of Matthew's pillows and slept on it. A little while later Greninja opened one eye, Making sure Nathan and Matthew were asleep. He jumped out the window and extended his tounge to get to the roof. He then looked at the brightly lit moon. and Greninja sat there all night.
  13. Name: Vlitra
    Species: Turtonator
    Gender: Male
    Age: 20
    Level: 50
    Moveset: Shell Trap, Flamethrower, Dragon Pulse, Solarbeam
    Ability: Shell Armor
    Nature: Modest
    Quick Bio: Vlitra was a native of the Ula Ula islands until he was captured by Team skull, he escaped from them but ended up in hiding on the beach of another unfamiliar island to him.

    In the middle of the night a large explosion lit up the entire beach area and the city near it. Someone's umbreon had stepped on the turtonator named Drakken hiding itself under the sand at the beach. Drakken was startled and confused that he had been found and began throwing an explosive tantrum across the entire beach, attacking all trainers and pokemon alike nearby. Many Trainers had tried to catch him but he was too high a level for there unevolved pokemon to handle and he was quickly approaching the city to carve an escape route through destruction.
  14. Suddenly, Greninja saw massive explosions nearby. The Greninja jumped off the roof and extended his tounge to the window of Nathan's apartment. he woke up Nathan and jumped out the window. Nathan followed behind and he saw Greninja stop, with gleaming eyes of fear. Nathan turned the corner and saw it. A raging Turtonator. Nathanael was shocked to see a pokemon go crazy like the Turtonator. He felt like he should do something. But he was also scared. "Greninja..." Nathanael said quietly "Water Shuriken." Greninja started to compress water. Then he sent out 5 Water Shurikens.

    Name: Bezard

    Nickname: Bez

    Species: Larvitar

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Height: 2'00" or 0.6 m

    Level: 27

    Crush: T.B.A

    Moveset: -Rock slide -Sandstorm
    -Hyper beam -Rest

    Ability: Guts

    Nature: Adamant

    Item(s): -Oran berry
    -Pecha berry
    Accessories: wears black glasses

    Personality: Lazy, Cunning, Smart, Mischievous, Deceitful, Flirtatious

    Quick Bio: Bezard was raised by Bottomsby the Oranguru ( A.K.A Butsby) and his wife (R.I.P) for his entire life ,but he ran away from home when Butsby's wife died.

    RP: Bezard was strolling along the beach when he noticed the Turtonator known as Drakken going on a rampage. "Oh Carp!!" Bez yelled in his high pitched voice. "I'd better get out of here!!" Bez ran away from Drakken.


    Name: Cenovia

    Nickname: Cena

    Species: Meowth (Alolan)

    Gender: female

    Age: 14

    Height: 1'04" or 0.4 m

    Level: 26

    Crush: T.B.A

    Moveset: -Pay day -Dark Pulse
    -Scratch -Rest

    Ability: Pickup

    Nature: Jolly

    Item(s): -Oran berry
    Accessories: Wears a red scarf

    Personality: Playful, Happy, Fun, Thoughtful, Joyful

    Quick Bio: Cena was abandoned by her trainer on Poni Island, she sneaks aboard the ferrys to travel around Alola

    RP: Cena was skipping through a meadow, minding her own business, when a crazy larvitar bumped into her.
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  16. Nathanael heard the high pitched scream of the Larvitar. "Greninja," Nathan said " You might need to protect that Larvitar while it flees." Greninja acted quickly, jumping right behind the Larvitar. Greninja then got into battle stance.
  17. Bez noticed the Greninja that was trying to protect him, but it looked like it was having trouble with the Turtonator. "Oh Boy this is bad!" Bez yelled. The loud yelling of Bez drew Drakkens Attention to him and Greninja. "oops.." Bez said in a quiet voice.
  18. The turtonator was shocked when he was struck by water shurikens. He looked around and saw the greninja that had thrown them. "Grrr, you won't make me you're slave!" He roars to the greninja before firing a dragon pulse directly at him and his trainer.
  19. "AAAH!" Bez yelled as he ran into a small tunnel to escape to safety. "HOLY BOWLS!" Bez sighed with relief.
  20. Greninja reacted quickly. He used Smokescreen, Picked up Larvitar, And jumped up in a tree. Then he noticed that Nathan was also a victim to the Dragon Pulse. He set the Larvitar in the tree and swiftly jumped to his injured trainer.
  21. "How the heck do you expect me to get down!" Yelled Bez as the Greninja leaped away. "well that's great now I'm gonna be stuck up here all night." Bez said to himself.
  22. The Turtonator walked up to the trainer and looked back at the greninja and activated his shell trap for the greninja to run into.
  23. He jumped across the roof tops. When he landed to pick up his trainer, He got stuck in the shell trap.
  24. "Well..." Bez thought. "That sure looks painful."
  25. The Turtonator then detonated his shell with greninja trapped in it causing another massive explosion in town. He then set his sights on the larvitar in the tree and began burning it down with flamethrower.
  26. "oh No!'' Yelled Bez. Bez used rock slide on the Turtonator, knocking it to the ground.
  27. Greninja was sent flying into a building. He was severely injured. He wasn't fast enough to get to Larvitar.
  28. "Grrr!" The Turtonator grew even more agitated as he picked himself off the ground and angrily looked at the larvitar and fire another dragon pulse directly at the branch he was on.
  29. Then a voice arose. "Pichu! use Agility to get the Larvitar!" A Pichu Climbed up the tree and grabbed the larvitar and jumped off the tree with ease.
  30. OOC: I don't think a pichu could lift a larvitar who weighs 158 pounds.

    (OOC: How about The pichu pushed the Larvitar off the branch?)

    OOC: Now that is logical!

    "AAAH!" Bez screamed as he fell from the tree. He landed in the sand leaving a huge imprint in it.
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  31. The Pichu pushed the Larvitar off the branch and took the Dragon Pulse.
  32. The turtonator was confused and saw that the larvitar had fallen but he had still hit a pokemon. He assumed he had taken them both down and started for the trainer and got ready to scorch him with a flamethrower.
  33. OOC: Whos Pichu is it?

    "OH GAWD" Larvitar yelled as he got up and ran towards the hurt Pichu."ARE You Ok!?" he yelled as he kneeled down beside it.
  34. Nathanael was still injured on the ground. But then a Trainer came. "return Pichu." He said softly.
  35. The Turtonator stopped when he heard the familiar pokeball sound he hated and turned around to look directly at pichus trainer.
  36. "OH no, don't even think about catching me!" Bez yelled (even though the trainer couldn't understand him.)

    Bez turned around and ran the other way, "Later!" he shouted to the pokemon who helped him.
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  37. Then Nathanael got up slowly. "Matthew..." He said slowly. Then Matthew took out another pokeball. Then he shouted, "Go! Rowlet!"
  38. "Grrr! No trainer or pokemon will stop me from being free!" The Turtonator roared and fired a flamethrower at Rowlett.
  39. "Rowlet! Up high!" Matthew shouted. Rowlet flew up, avoiding the flamethrower.
  40. "Too high to reach huh? Not if I have anything to say about it!" The Turtonator slowly collecting all the solar energy he could from the moons light.

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