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Open The Official Alola RP!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by KoishiTheRockruff, Nov 18, 2016.

  1. Hello ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to the official Alola Region RP! I am your host, Koishi. In this RP you can Roleplay as either a trainer or a wild Pokemon. But first, please take a very close look at the rules below:

    1. Please don’t include gore, because that’s disgusting. Although I will accept minor injuries such as small cuts and bruises.

    2. Romance will be allowed, just not too gushy. ECH.

    3. As said in the rules, no legendaries.

    4. Remember everybody, 3rd person not 1st.

    5. No Godmodding, since nobody likes a OP person. (AKA: “I dodged the attack again and again!”)

    6. Try to avoid one-liners, and be descriptive with your sentences please.

    7. I am allowing for everybody to have up to 2 characters to RP with, so please choose wisely.

    8. Try to have some fun with this, alright?

    Starters for the trainer RPers:

    Litten (Evolves into Torracat(Fire) and then Incineroar(Fire/Dark).)

    Rowlett (Evolves into Dartrix(Grass/Flying) and then Decidueye(Grass/Ghost).)

    Popplio (Evolves into Brionne(Water) and then Primarina(Water/Fairy).)

    For the Pokemon RPers you are free to have any Pokemon other than legendaries as your character. Keep in mind that the level cap for Pokemon is Lvl. 80 and below. You may find the sign up sheet for both Pokemon and Trainers in the discussion thread below.

    (Discussion thread link:http://pokecharms.com/threads/the-official-alola-rp-discussion-thread.14636/)
    As for me, these are my characters:



    Species:Lycanroc(Midday Form)



    Height: 4’7


    Crush:A Primarina named “Bri”.

    Moveset:Crunch, Bulldozer, Double-Kick, Stone Edge

    Ability:Keen Eye


    Item(s): Focus Sash, Quick Claw

    Accesories: Sees his Focus Sash as a scarf of some sort.

    Personality: Quick to react, very compassionate toward close friends.

    Quick Bio: Koishi doesn’t have much going on in life. A Bewear by the name of “Pops” raised him ever since he was a mere pup. Growing up, Koishi learned that Pops in fact led a gang of wild rebel Pokemon that refuse to get caught by trainers. Koishi today is now a loyal member of the PokeRebellion.


    Nickname:Kai or Fwuffy~






    Crush: Currently in a relationship with a Delcatty named “Samantha”.

    Moveset:Flamethrower, Crunch, Bulldoze, Close Combat



    Item(s):Rocky Helmet, Charcoal

    Accessories:A golden scarf wrapped around his great mane of fur, a satchel hanging over his side.

    Personality:Loyal, rather loving toward those who are close to him, falls asleep easily.

    Quick Bio:Keoni had quite the rough time when he was younger. Going on trips to save Pokemon from region to region, he eventually ended up here in the Alola region. Keoni was not the leader of the PokeRebellion, but he was the second highest ranking member in the group. He and Koishi had just started bonding as Father and Son when Keoni was revived by his friends he had met along his journeys.

    Keoni was striding along the forests of Poni Island, one of the four islands of the Alola region excluding the artificial island that lay in the center of the others. He stopped at a tree which lay a shrine for some of the members who were either caught or died in the PokeRebellion. Digging through his satchel, he found a Pokepuff and placed it on the plate in front of the shrine as an offering. “... Peace to you guys.” He said, striding off again. His heavy paws hit the soft grass under them, creating a soft thump with every step. “I wonder what everyone else is doing back at the clearing…” Keoni thought.
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  2. Name:Samantha


    Species: Delcatty



    Height:*3feet,7 inches.


    Crush:*Realtionship with Keoni, an Arcanine.

    Moveset:*Body slam, fakeout,thunderwave,tackle.

    Ability:Wonder Skin


    Item(s):Silk Scarf

    Accessories:Wears Silk Scarf as Accessory
    Personality:Usually watches people, not because she is shy but s she can see what they are like first.Usually asks questions a lot.

    Quick Bio:She usually got along with her parents, but her mom doesn't approve of Keoni.
    When she was 15 she went though a emo phase. She has been through a lot for Keoni, and wouldn't leave him.
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  3. Im afraid to rp in this section.
    i am.

    Name:Chess(Yes, name is Chess.)

    Nickname: ---


    Gender: Male

    Age: 14




    Moveset:Leer, Growl, Scratch, Ember

    Ability: Blaze

    Nature: Modest

    Item(s): ---

    Accessories: A torn up red scarf.

    Personality: Modest.

    Quick Bio: Chess's old owner used to try to use Chess for an experiment, but failed and Chess escaped without a trace. Chess now adventures on all the other islands to this day.

    I wonder if this is valid?
  4. Name: Alice

    Nickname: Sometimes called Bri

    Species: Primarina

    Gender: Female

    Age: 16

    Height: 2' 11" (forgot the size)

    Level: 34

    Crush: None but is best friends with hunter the deduieye (FORGOT HOW TO SPELL ROWLETS FINAL EVO)

    Moveset: Aqua tail, Swords dance, Water pulse, Ice beam

    Ability: Liquid voice (Hidden ability)

    Nature: Calm

    Item(s): Aspear berry, Sitrius berry.

    Accessorie(s): A flower on her head, she got it as a gift from hunter.

    Personality: Always happy (Every personality was hard to choose from, so I made my own)

    Quick Bio: When Alice was a little Poplilo, Professor Oak from Kanto did some research. She got bored and cryed for help. Then a Deducieye swooped in and saved her. They have been friends ever since.

    Name: Hunter


    Species: Deducieye

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Height: 5' 9" (I think. Somewhere around that)

    Level: 51

    Crush: None. Best friends with Alice

    Moveset: Fly, Leaf Blade, Thunder Shot, Sprit Shuckle

    Ability: Overgrow

    Nature: Joyful


    Accessorie(s): A Leaf sword on his back

    Personality: Calm and easy going. Won't give up from a fight

    Quick Bio: As a little Rowlet. Hunter had a trainer named Hero. When Hero abandoned him for a Incineroar, He has been living on his own ever since. He is best friends with Alice.

    Excuse me while I play Pokémon sun for now
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  5. Well, hello there!


    Name: Hoot

    Nickname: Hoot

    Species: Rowlet

    Gender: Female

    Age: 14

    Height: 1'0"

    Level: 15

    Crush: ---

    Moveset: Razor Leaf, Peck, Atonish, Tackle

    Ability: Overgrow

    Nature: Timid


    Accessories: ---

    Personality: Timid

    Quick Bio: Hoot has been from trainer to trainer. Now the starter pokemon of Nike, she is quite proud of her trainer, and thus is trying to please Nike


    Name: Nike Hirichiko

    Nickname: Nike

    Gender: Female

    Height: 5 feet 28 inches

    Crush: She says she doesn't like Blue, but secretly has a crush on him.

    Item(s): Potions, Pokeball

    Current Pokemon: Rowlet

    Clothing/Appearance: The third picture beside the two Pokemon

    Quick Bio: Once been a Champion, Nike sets out in the world, trying to complete the Pokedex and traverse all regions.


    Nike looked around the new region. Sunny beaches, water and tropical trees. Just the place she'd like to see right now. Many pokemon were basking in the sunlight, or were being splashed around by water.

    She took a deep breath. "So cool!"

    Attached Files:

  6. (OOC: Something just feels awkward around here. I suppose I'll have to get used to the Aloha Pokémon.)


    Name: Daniel

    Nickname: Spy (He is only referred to this mostly by others he trusts.)

    Species: Ditto

    Gender: Male

    Age: Unknown

    Height: 1'0" (This can change based on the Pokémon he transforms to.)

    Level: 35

    Crush: N/A (He doesn't at the moment though.)

    Moveset: Transform (This will change into the Pokémon's moveset that he transforms into. He can also only transform to a certain size, as if he were to transform into an Ampharos for example, he would be a baby Ampharos instead. He would be a lot smaller than the Ampharos and also have a bigger head to body ratio.)

    Ability: Limber (Nullifies the effects of paralysis.)

    Nature: Mild

    Item(s): He carries around a smoke ball that can be used an unlimited amount of times. However, it does need some time for it to recharge, and it also may not work if the situation is still in his favor.

    Accessories: N/A

    Personality: He is cautious around strangers, as he tends to be disguised as a Froakie since he likes being one so much. He also likes to transform into other Pokémon and give off voice impressions of them if an opportunity arises.

    Quick Bio: He had been chased off by numerous trainers due to his traits that stood out from the other Ditto. He had fled to the Aloha region, hoping that he could start a new life there.

    Pokémon Trainer:

    Name: Zephyr

    Nickname: N/A

    Age: 14 Years old

    Gender: Male

    Height: 5'2"

    Crush: N/A (He does not have one at the moment here.)

    Item(s): He has five Poké Balls and three Potions.

    Current Pokémon: Popplio

    Clothing/Appearance: He is a little short for his age, while having a slight muscular build, as he has short, black hair. He wears a black fedora, and a black raincoat that goes over his white turtleneck shirt, and his tan cargo pants. He also wears brown saddle shoes and also carries around a backpack that also has a carrier sling for smaller Pokémon.

    Quick Bio: He had been in the Aloha region since his early life, as he had a lot of fun with his parents and their Pokémon. One day, when he was walking home from school, he had stumbled upon an injured Popplio while a storm went on. He quickly rescued him and took him inside his house, while he treated his injuries and helped comfort him during the storm. The two got along soon after, as Popplio decided to be his partner Pokémon after he had let him capture him in his Poké Ball.

    Zephyr walked around the beach, while he carried Popplio in his sling, as he felt the gentle breeze that whistled upon him. The sun smiled down at him, while the trees danced along the breeze, as he looked over at the Pokémon that played around in the water and the sandy area. He looked over to a girl, as he went over to her, while Popplio dozed off, as he said, "Well hello there! So, how's it going here, I'm Zephyr, and this is my Popplio, he's rather shy and right now he's asleep."

    Meanwhile, Daniel sat next to a tree near Zephyr and the girl, as he was disguised as a Froakie. He quietly brushed his smoke ball, smiling at it, as he thought to himself while he blinked several times, "Well, this should be interesting, I'm at the new region now. I wonder what they have in store for me." He hopped over to Zephyr, while quietly croaking, as he brushed his frubbles and hid his smoke ball in the left side.
  7. OOC: Am i even using my character
    I guess not​

    Can someone tell me where a portable map is :?
  8. Name: PiP
    Species: Minior

    Gender: None

    Age: Rumored to be thousands of years old, Millions maybe.
    Height: 1 foot tall.

    Moveset: Cosmic Power, Explosion,Psychic, Smash Shell

    Ability: Minior's ability to turn into second form at half health thing.

    Nature: LonelyQuick Bio: He uh.. unfortunately tumbled off of Mtn. Hokulanidue to a careless hiker,and then was carried off by a large storm, and plunged down onto an odd beach, or odd to him anyway. And now hes lost, and unable to find out where he came from, and a case of amnesia, too.

    Personality: Hes confused about most of the time and about what to do

    PiP rested on the beach, half covered in sand, and his shell laying in pieces all over the beach. The waves brushed up against him. He looked at the remainders of his shell scattered over the beach, some being dragged out to sea. "AH NO NO DONT GO THERE COME BACK OVER HERE!" PiP yelled at the shards, they slowly floated towards him as PiP dragged then closer with psychic, and soon, he looked like a meteorite again. He looked over the beach, No one had noticed him, there werent that many people here, anyway, Except for what seemed to be a poppolio and a human, person thing. Hopefully they hadnt seen him crash or anything. He sighed as he floated around a bit, wondering where we was.
  9. Nickname: Ethan

    Species: Mimikyu

    Gender: Male

    Age: 12

    Level: 25

    Moveset: Wood Hammer, Copycat, Thunderbolt, and Toxic

    Ability: Disguise

    Nature: Rash

    Personality: Hot headed, and enjoys scaring people. Easily frightened though.

    Quick Bio: One day he saw how Pikachu was popular. Making a Pikachu costume, he thought he will not be loved a popular. But, no one liked him. So now he lives in dark areas waiting to scare anyone who comes near him as revenge.

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ethan hid in the bushes waiting for someone to come by. He had his journal by his side ready for new ways to scare people. This new one will surely scare the next people who come by.
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  10. Name: Leo
    Species: Alolan Diglett (I can change to regular Diglett if you want KoishiTheRockruff)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 11
    Level: 20
    Moveset: Bulldoze, Mud Slap, Scratch, Astonish.
    Ability: Tangling Hair (Physical attacks lower speed)
    Nature: Jolly
    Quick Bio: Leo and his little brother, Zander, Live with no parents. Leo is extremly Fun loving and often ends up in trouble.

    Name: Zander
    Nickname: Zany
    Species: Wishiwashi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 9
    Level: 15
    Moveset: Brine, Feint Attack, Water Gun, Helping Hand.
    Ability: Schooling??
    Nature: Timid
    Quick Bio: Zander is the younger brother of Leo. He doesn't speak up for himself. Because of his small voice, he can't call on other Wishiwashi to help him, so his ability is useless.

    Leo Rushed through the Grassy ground, ignoring all the grass tickling his face. Zander was struggling to keep up. "Leo! Slow down, you're going to fast!" Zander yelled to his big brother. "Lighten up, Zany!" Leo said to his brother. He often called his brother Zany, instead of Zander. A bush next to the duo rustled. They looked over and saw a weird ear, it looked like a Pikachu ear, but a different color.
  11. Alice swam to shore. She hung out by the beach for a little bit. She looked around and was amazed by the beautiful sights. She than saw a few shards. She observed from a distance. Unsure who make those shards.

    Now with Hunter. He flew to the clouds on Ula'Ula island and found a gemstone. "This would be perfect to give to Alice!" He said cheerly. He then flew to the beach were Alice Currently were.

    (Sorry if this is kinda short)
  12. Ethan prepared for this to happen. He then pulled a rope and made the entire area to seem dark. "You came to the wrong part of the woods." Said Ethen using a voice modifier that he found. "Prepare to die!" Suddenly, one Ethan's claws popped out from the bushes to scare them.
  13. "EEEEEEEEEE!" Zany Screamed. "You really think this is scary Zany? Its really not. Come on lets go. That was a fail at a scare." Leo said walking off. "Zany, you scream like a girl." Leo looked back at the bush. "Try to scare me again! See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!"
  14. Ethan got very mad and fast. His claw then hit Leo. "Oh fail scare. huh?" Ethan asked. "Who said this was a scare?" He said using more claws to lift himself higher than Leo. "What part of die did you not understand?" Ethan asked. the claw picked both Pokemon. "When I say die I mean die." Ethen said. The Mimikyu started to charge up a Thunderbolt.
  15. Keoni was sprinting the through the forest, stumbling into a large clearing a few minutes later. He took a look around, reassuring himself that it was the correct place. His gaze landed on the oh-so-familiar Bewear named Pops. "Oi', Pops! I'm back!" Keoni barked.
  16. Zany Started to spam Helping Hand. "You ready, mate?" Leo asked the Mimikyu. Zany backed up. He backed up far. Leo Used Bulldoze. "YOUR NOT SCARY WEIRDO!!!!!!!!!" Leo screamed.
  17. Ethan fell face first into the ground. "Ow." He said still on the ground. He slowly got up. "Look. I can let you go. If you want me to just ask." Ethan said in a soothing and calm voice.
  18. "..." "..." Leo and Zany said nothing. they both walked off. They come into a large clearing. "Zany, I think we're lost." Leo said to his brother. He saw a Arcanine talking to a Bewear. Leo yelled over to them. "Hey! Do you know where we are in the forest?" "Leo, are you crazy? that's a BEWEAR! I heard that those things can KILL humans!" Zany whispered to Leo.
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  19. PiP flew around a bit, soon meeting a forest, "Now Im really lost.." he trailed off as they continued flying. He soon saw a couple pokemon in a little clearing. PiP floated down to greet them. "Oh hi! Do you know where I am? Im really really lost! and I dont know where to go and and..." he spoke obnoxiously.
  20. Keoni turned to the Minior. "Oh, you're lost?" Keoni asked. "This is Poni Island, if you're looking for another one just go that way." Keoni pointed his paw to the north. "You should find another island there."
  21. Leo asked the Arcanine, who was standing in his direction. "Excuse me, Where are we in this forest? We'er kinda lost too." Leo wanted to get away as fast as he could. He didn't want that Mimikyu coming back.
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  22. ((OOC: Keoni is the Arcanine, Koishi is the Lycanroc.))
    Keoni would look at the Diglett. "This is the north west side of the forest. Which way were you trying to go?" Keoni asked. "There really isn't too much here on Poni Island. Just a bunch a' trees and a temple I think..." Keoni pondered.
  23. ((OOC: Thanks for letting me know, ill edit my posts!))

    "We're just wandering around, we don't have any parents, so we're free to roam around the island. we've already been to the temple, but it would be nice to go there again." Leo looked up. The sun was setting. "Any way, We've got to go! We need to find a place to stay. My name's Leo, and this Zander, but i call him Zany. See ya, we need a place to sleep!"
  24. Keoni would wave. "See ya." Keoni padded over to his den which was basically a small cave. Opon entrance, he instantly went toward a hole in the cave which had a bunch of dried twigs and old sticks. He spit an ember at the pile, igniting them.
  25. The duo set off, came across many caves, all already occupied or way too creepy for Zany. "Ughhhhh" Leo groaned "We can't find ANYWHERE to stay!"
  26. The minior looked around, It seemed that the other pokemon had something else better to do. "But they were right, it does seem to be getting dark..." PiP mumbled, floating away from the area, and settled down somewhere in the dirt, looking like any other rock, Atleast he was camouflaged and safe.
  27. Hoot sounded out a hoot/hello. Nike didn't know what to do, so she nodded a hello too.
  28. Leo and Zany were travaling, still looking for a place to stay. They ran into a strange rock in the ground. "Hey, Zany, Bet i can break this rock from below!" Leo said, burrowing underground. He came up from under the rock and blasted a Minor into the air. it was the minor that asked the arcanine where he was.
  29. The Minior rose into the air after the blow, furious. "YOU... YOU THINK ITS FUNNY TO ATTEMPT TO KILL ANOTHER POKEMON THATS DONE NOTHING TO YOU? WELL.... YOU'VE GOT ANOTHER THING COMING IF YOU THINK YOU CAN GET AWAY WITH THAT!!!" PiP roars, He smashes his shell, and swoops down and explodes, leveling a large area of the forest around them, and hurting the two pokemon immensely.
  30. "I-I'm sorry! I th-thought you were a rock!" Leo cried. "Right bro?" Leo looked behind him. Zany had fled. "ummmmmm, I'm really sorry ok? I really thought you were a rock!" Leo retreated underground.
  31. PiP flew and spun in a couple weird circles after the explosion's impact, a fell to the desolated ground with a loud thud. He lay, motionless, and emitted a purple glow and a bit of smoke from the remainder of his shell. Unfortunately, Many pokemon were horribly injured, many got away, but the forest lay in ruins from the blast.
  32. Ethan ran back. "I finally found you guys. Now you will pay!" He said. But when the whole area exploded he was blasted somewhere else. "OW!" He said whilst in the air. After a bit he came back. "OK. Now I found you guys." Ethan said breathing heavily.
  33. Leo popped out of the ground. "M-My brother ran away, I-I don't know where he is. G-Goodbye" Leo burrowed under ground again, still tramitazed because of what happened with the Minor.
  34. Name:Vixen
    Nickname: Vixy
    Gender: Female
    Species: Alolan Vulpix
    Moveset:Ice Beam,Scratch,Ice Fang
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Quick Bio:A released breedject who has raised herself, and acts tough.Adorably.
    Vixen,AKA Vixy,was running through the woods when she heard an explosion. "I better check that out!" she thought. So she turned around to see a Mimicyu.
  35. Name: Kim
    Gender: Female
    Age: 9
    Moveset:Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Brick Break, Headbutt
    Ability: Soundproof
    Nature: Jolly
    Item(s): Kings Rock
    Accessories: She wears the Kings Rock on her head.
    Personality: Rather cheerful, enjoys rolling around.
    Quick Bio: Being a Jangmo-o, she lives on Poni Island looking for a dragon fang.
    Kim scampered about, her nose twitching trying to catch onto any scents that stood out. "... This is gonna take forever..." She groaned. Kim has been looking for the Dragons Fang for a long time, how long has it been again? Two months? Three months? She shook her head, continuing her search for the item.
  36. Zephyr was still at the beach, as he was oblivious to the explosion that went in the forest. He quietly walked to the forest, while carrying Popplio still, as he felt him curling up in his arms. He gently stroked his soft head, while being oblivious to the other Pokémon that were in the area, as he continued to walk into the forest.

    Meanwhile, Daniel hopped around while he used his frubbles to clean himself, as he loved being the Froakie that he had transformed into. He hopped into the forest, ignoring Zephyr and his Popplio, as he hopped up onto a tree, while he noticed a rather odd looking Vulpix and a rather strange Pikachu-like creature that was with her. He especially took note of how the creature looked, noticing that its body was hidden underneath the veil that looked almost like a Pikachu.

    He hopped over to the ground, using his frubbles to cushion the fall, as it made a rather soft noise that the other Pokémon could have heard. He saw trees that had fallen to the explosion, as he sighed, while rubbing on his frubbles. He hopped over to the Vulpix while looking rather nervous, since he knew that he couldn't laugh while in his transformed state.
  37. Name: Latte

    Nickname: ---

    Species: Vulpix (Normal)

    Gender: Female

    Age: About a year old.

    Height: 2'5

    Level: 24

    Crush: ---

    Moveset: Fire Spin, Quick Attack, Feint Attack, Ember

    Ability: Drought

    Nature: Brave

    Item(s): Eviolite, Quick Claw

    Accessories: Has the Eviolite on a bracelet that has.

    Personality: Kind, outgoing, but can easily learn to hate someone, and isn't very naive. A bit more than a decent liar. Believes that trainer abandoned her, so wary around humans.

    Quick Bio: Originally, her trainer was travelling to Alola from Kanto. However, Latte lost her trainer when adventuring outside her Pokéball and now lives on her own.

    The Vulpix looked around Melemele Island. Around Iki Town, there were some bushes she could hide in. There, she watched young humans play around. The island kahuna was usually seen around these parts, as the Vulpix already knew. Yet, she was tired of just staying on Melemele. She could hear about the trainers taking the island challenge, how they traveled the islands in hopes they could defeat all of the trial captains and kahunas. If only I could travel the world like that, she thought. "Trainers... humans. They always think they're superior to us." she murmured as she looked about. She watched trainers play with their Pokémon, and grief swept over her as she remembered her trainer. Then, she caught one word. Hau'oli city. I have to travel there, it's the only way!, she figured, looking at them. Quickly, she picked up a few berries and headed off to a trip that may be quite difficult in the end.
  38. Trainer Profile:

    Name: Nathanael

    Nickname: Nathan

    Gender: Male


    Personality: Calm, Kind, and Smart

    Current Pokemon: Greninja Level 40 Moves: Water Shuriken, Double Team, Smokescreen, Ice Beam Nature: Brave Gender: Male

    Quick Bio: Nathanael got a Froakie as a gift from his Dad and trained it to beat any foe. His Mom sent him to Alola to help his little brother become a pokemon trainer.

    Another Trainer Profile:

    Name: Matthew

    Nickname: Matt

    Age: 7

    Personality:Kind, Pretty Childish, Gets Suprised Easily

    Current Pokemon: Pichu Level 6 Moves: Tackle, Bite, Baby-Doll Eyes, Thunder Shock Nature: Gentle Gender: Female

    Quick Bio: Matthew looked up to his older brother, Nathan, and saw with amazement how he trained his Froakie. Now he has the same goal, to train his Pichu, and catch and love more pokemon.

    RP: Nathan and his little brother Matthew finally arrived in the Alola Region. Matthew was stoked to see a new place with tons of new things. They settled at a hotel in Hau'oli city. Matthew went straight to the window and saw the Beautiful, Glittering ocean. "Bro! Bro! Come look at this!", Matthew said with excitement. Nathanael walked over to the window, looked out, and saw the amazing view. They both knew, that this was gonna be one heck of a journey.
  39. The Vulpix looked around, holding a few berries. She began to follow a few people to the Hau'oli outskirts. There, she spotted a road just a few feet away from the bush she was hiding in. Quickly, she ran up to the road and looked around, fascinated. It's so much BIGGER than Iki Town... there's so many more people and buildings, she thought, starstruck about the sight. Quickly, she hid behind a building, leaping over a wall to hide. Can't let them catch me, she thought, watching the people. One of them was using a Rotom Dex to take pictures of a Pikachu. She watched, confused. Sighing, she decided she'd stay in Hau'oli city for a bit, however, not too close to the humans. She sat down next to one of the only trees available and watched time go by.
  40. The next morning Matthew woke up, Excited to explore. He woke up Nathan and they set off to Iki Town. When they arrived, they saw sombody lose to what seemed like the Kahuna. "That's the Kahuna Matthew," Nathanael explained "When you completed the Island Trials on the island, you get to battle a Kahuna." Matthew seemed very impressed with how much Nathan knew. They went back to Hau'oli City and sat down by the beach. They sent out their pokemon and relaxed. "Hey," Nathanael said to his brother 'Lets have a little battle." Matthew's face lit up like a light bulb. "Go! Greninja!" Nathanael shouted, as Greninja flipped over him and landing with precision. "Go on Pichu!" Matthew said with joy, as Pichu climbed around his shoulder and landed on its stubby feet. They both started to think of a move.

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