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The Oddest Things in the Pokemon World

Discussion in 'Pokémon Chat' started by Kalseng, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. This is a topic where you can talk about some of Pokémon's biggest oddities or stupidities that happen in-game or in the anime. This is DISREGARDING all of the stupid comments on how three foot tall mice can summon up a thunder cloud capable of destroying God and such. What I'm talking about is things that have always bothered you, like typings, names, events, or anything else, really that has bothered you in the Pokémon world.

    I'll start with a few good ones.

    Thunder should not be called Thunder, nor should it be an Electric move. If anything it should be called Lightning, and Thunder itself should become a Normal-type move and given to Chatot or Exploud.

    What DOES happen to the bottles and containers of things like Potions and Awakenings? Do we just throw them away? Do we refill them? Do we keep the empties in our bag? Shouldn't that take up space?

    And oh dear sweet god the bag storage. It was fine when the bag was a backpack and you just imagined the items crammed in there. But since no one uses all of their items right away, you ended up with like 200 items by the end of the game, along with HUGE Key Items! Once they gave them a physical spot in the bag, it juts became ridiculous. I don't care if it's a collapsible bike, Game Freak. A bike tire will NOT fit in that tiny itty bitty slot you gave it in HGSS. IT WILL NEVER FIT THERE. And for that matter, neither will 999 Enigma berries in that tinyass slot.

    Your turn.
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  2. First of all, a bag that's bigger on the inside then physically possible has hammerspace, a mini-dimension. Think the Doctor's TARDIS.

    I find it odd how the PokeMon world, anime-style, seems so perfectly organized. Sure, there are evil organizations now and then, but a ten-year-old will defeat them anyway. There's no wars that we know of, and everybody in towns and city's always seems so happy.

    I know the PokeMon world is an alternate version of Earth, but we're talking HUMANS here. Why are there no junkies on the streets, or at least hobo's? Why isn't the crime rate much higher?
  3. I always wondered for their lack of toilets, but maybe thats just me.
  4. Kal, I do believe Psycho addressed the "bag space issue" with his ingenious use of item balls in the Team Neos story.

    Along the lines of what Dark Soul said, why aren't there more annoying famous people around? Where are the politicians, the lobbyists, the activists and the NIMBY* groups? There's hardly any depth given to the world, not so in the game or anime, and only marginally produced in the Special manga.

    And the "evil organisations"; they'd knee cap kids for sport, not flee in terror because Fluffles the Skuntank got a wee bit battered. Perhaps they are all just puppets of real organised crime bosses, the kind that deal in munitions and prostitutes.

    *Not in my back yard. The kind of people who want wind farms, but not where they can see them.
  5. I think Nurse Joy is probably the oddest thing about the Pokemon world.

    It made sense (okay no it didn't but whatever) back in Kanto when Nurse Joy apparently just had this big family that all looked the same and they all decided to run Pokemon centers. But I don't get how they spread into the other regions, too. I mean seriously, how can there be that many people who look EXACTLY the same and decide to go into the same profession? How come we never see any Joys who aren't nurses? You'd think with the outstanding number of them at least ONE of them would be something different.

    Also it's weird how Ash isn't, like, extremely famous. He's had run-ins with like every legendary Pokemon, beaten a ton of gym leaders, and done a bunch of other stuff he should get noticed for. I'm surprised he doesn't get recognized all the time.

    And how come Team Rocket isn't arrested yet? Maybe Ash and his friends don't feel like bringing them into the police, but they involve other people in their schemes a lot of the time. Someone should just arrest them. Maybe their plans for stealing Pokemon don't always (or ever) work, but they're still being illegal... Seriously just arrest them.

    Pokemon really has lots of things they need to explain but I can't think of any more.
  6. why isnt there just a flying type?

    pm me if you find a pokemon that is JUST a flying type
  7. I always loved how when you breeded Kanghaskhans, they'd hatch with the mini one (Em) in it's pouch.
  8. Something that always confused me was why you couldn't escape from some wild pokemon. I mean, all you have to do is put it back in the ball, and run like a mother trucker.

    Another thing, why can't we catch pokemon after they faint. That's what they always do in the anime. Why can't you do it in the games
  9. In response to Virgil, one of them actually wasn't. She was a Pokemon Psychologist. She helped with Ash's Bayleef problems, methinks.

    I don't remember that episode very well. :x

    Also; Even if Psycho DID address that, that's like saying that My Immortal explains the story of the character in Harry Potter that we never saw.

    It's a bit of fanstuffs, not official stuff.
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  10. Oh, this will be fun.

    To address the ones Kal mentioned, I dislike the use of "Thunder" as a form of electricity, but the problem was that it is easier to put "THUNDERSHOCK" in a fighting menu than "LIGHTNINGSHOCK". So even though it is ridiculous, at least there is some logic in it.

    I say that you keep the contains in an unnoticed area and trade them in when you go to the mart. At least that makes sense.

    The bag stopped making sense when they removed the item storage from the PC. They probably figured we'd want to keep all our items at once for some reason when I just find it ridiculous.

    To now go into what Dark Soul said, I would never compare Hammerspace to a TARDIS. A TARDIS has a limit, Hammerspace is not known to have one. But using it as an example of "bigger on the inside", it works.

    The crime rate just doesn't have much visibility because the environment is supposed to be displayed as child friendly. Clearly crossdressing gang members are child friendly.

    The lack of toilets is a very troublesome issue...

    Kangaskhan really needs a pre-form and badly. They can't just sit there and be born with babies over and over again.

    The one thing that always bugged me was that you couldn't join Team Rocket. They make the offer and it sounds fun, but you never get the real chance to be an official member. I think that'd make a much better experience.

    Bikes always bugged me, too. I mean I know they're meant to be portable bikes, but they work too well for portable bikes.

    Oh yeah! And how the stories worked in Heart Gold and Soul Silver. People will mention Red like he's big talk. Now what if you had only played FireRed or LeafGreen before that and chose Leaf, the girl? What the heck happens to her? Does she just not exist?

    Heck, the entire concept kinda bugs me! "Hey, you're ten years old. Here's a pet. Go out in the wild, train it to use magic, and come back once you've seen about five hundred of these." I mean SERIOUSLY?! How could a world survive like that? What is their economy like? It doesn't add up at all!
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  11. This actually pertains to an (imo) terrible episode in the Pokemon anime--the one about the Riolu, Hunter J, and the Pokemon Rangers. It had all the makings of a good episode, but the Rangers were HAX. The right Pokemon always appeared--like that fully evolved Donphan that just happened to be roaming around the cave just in time for the Ranger to capture styler it or the Staraptor, etc. There's a been a lot of odd or off stuff in the Pokemon World, but this is the one that bugged me the most.

    And I just realized these oddities in the Pokemon world are one reason why I write Pokemon fanfiction XD
  12. Got a good one! In the 1st gen games, if you cut a tree and stand on the spot where it was, save the game, turn off and on then you'll be standing on a tree. Who can top that?
  13. Oh, where do I start?

    In response to Virgil, I read somewhere (I don't remember) that the Joys are either clones, time travelers, or Pokemon themselves. It sounds far-fetched, but take into consideration the whole Pokemon universe.
    I also think that in the games, how people react when you walk into their house is kinda weird.. Most are all happy and peppy, some may give you items or Pokemon, but no one ever gets mad or tells you to get out. It's like the people expect you, or are waiting for someone. Weird, huh?
    How does a rock evolve a Pokemon or keep it from evolving? It's always puzzled me. I know evolutionary stones have some special power imbedded within them, but how did it get there? And Everstones: How do they work? How does it keep a Pokemon from evolving? Is it filled with some power stronger than anything? Seriously!
    In fact, the whole concept of evolution has puzzled me. Leveling up I can understand, but happiness evolution makes me wonder. I guess it's some internal thing for some Pokemon. I have no idea. What do you guys think?
  14. I'd call that more of a glitch than an oddity of the Pokemon World. And an easy way to top it is to point out that there are a great number of trees that grow back if you leave and come back. The same goes for the smash-able rocks, the teleporting movable rocks, and the fact you can ride on Pokemon that can be less than a seventh of your body mass!

    Wow...there's a lot I ignored. xD
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    Okay, so we all know there are three judges in Pokemon Contests. Raoul Contesta (who is secretly the narrator) ,Mr. Sukizo (who thinks everything from Pokemon contests to prostate cancer is 'Remarkable'), and the Nurse Joy of the town/city. Now as far as we know, there's only ever one Contesta and Sukizo. And if they're busy judging contests in Sinnoh in the anime, how can they also be judging contests in Hoenn, Kanto and Johto that (thanks to May's appearance) are confirmed to be taking place at the same time? Helijets perhaps?
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  16. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I always take what goes on in the anime with a massive grain of salt, seeing as none of it really makes much sense at all and they constantly disobey the most fundamental rules of the games that they were based off of.

    Now, as for what Kerauno said about the Evolution stones, I believe (and this is more my idea then anything I know to be confirmed or supported anywhere) that the Stones emit some form of radiation that reacts with the Pokemon's genetic make up and thus initiates some form of instantaneous metamorphosis. That's just what I believe. And as for the Everstones, they emit some form of radiation or whatever that suppresses whatever is triggered upon evolution. (Although, I've never really liked the term evolution, seeing it really isn't accurate to the changes that they go through, but that's just me. =\)

    I also like how there's all of this talk about the Joys, yet the Jennys have the same thing going on in the anime. :p

    I totally agree with what Tatile brought up, there's just an overwhelming lack of actual leadership and political structure in the Pokemon world for anything to actually get done in a timely and understandable fashion. They must have the single most decentralized governments; or it's an anarchy. :p

    I wanna know why, in the games, after you battle somebody they just hand you their money. What the hell is that? Not only did you beat up their pets, their friends, in a cave teaming with wild Pokemon, thus leaving them defenseless, but you also robbed the poor person of all of their money. Makes your character seem like a massive jerk. Well that and the whole home invasion thing that has already been mentioned.

    Also, LoN mentioned the lack of bathrooms (which is very disturbing 0_o), but what about the houses full of people that have no beds... and what about the people who have no freaking homes? The Pokemon world is supposed to be a Utopian-like world, yet there are an awful lot of homeless folk milling about everywhere a ten year goes (not to mention the fact that when these homeless adults see these child they run up to them like creepy-ass pedophiles wanting to show them their "prized Pokemon"). Also, combining this with an earlier point of mine, these people already don't have homes so your character is an even bigger ass for taking their money.
  17. Most of the time I just say the MST3K mantra in regards to plot holes and inconsistencies, but some of them really bother me. I actually fell out of pokemon fanfiction because I couldn't square the notion of pretty much enslaving intelligent creatures to force them to do your bidding, i.e. dogfighting to unconsciousness.

    It also really annoys me that people apparently quit school at age ten and don't learn anything else except pokeymans. The idea of pokemon schools is also annoying-- you don't need an entire school to teach you about pokemon, just a web page. x) I could see someone taking a weekend course as part of a hobby pokemon league or something as a kid, I guess.
  18. The 3 legendary birds kinda bugged me.

    Moltres was in 4 locations during the entire franchise. 1st, he made Victory Road his home. It was very difficult to trek, let alone get in to that one room, so why leave? Next he lives on Mt. Ember, a place that has far less security than his original home. Guess he likes sunny beaches? Then The birdies decide to go on vacation to Sinnoh, just cuz some old guy went there. Afterwards he doesn't return home, but he goes to Mount Silver in HGSS. Guess he doesn't like to stay in one place for long.

    Next, Zapdos. He originally lived inside the fricken Kanto Powerplant. Then apparently he went on vacation too. Afterwards in both GS and HGSS, he just gets kicked out because they want to restart the place. But in HGSS, he's just standing out there. Outside his original home, which he could easily reclaim, if not move like Moltres.

    Then there's Articuno. He was in the Seafoam Islands in the originals, took a vacation, then theres a fire type gym leader just living there with him. Guess he just lets Blaine pay rent.

    And another thing while we're on the subjust of birds. Why did Articuno and Moltres both live at the bottom of caves? How did they get down there? They're birds that fly not Moles.

    Also, apparently the Hero of any game doesn't talk much except for yes or no. That would be kinda weird, considering you go through the entire game like that. Though I guess action speaks louder than words. "Whats your name?" *whips out Trainer card* "Oh how nice to meet you BEN."

    Along with that, even though I'm not entirely into love stories, the hero never gets a girlfriend. Nobody even flirts with him, excluding the whole "I think your cute." thing you may hear from beauties. Its even odder that noone does after he becomes CHAMPION. Though I guess it would be awkward enough not being able to talk with a girlfriend. "Oooh! Lilycove mall is having a sale! Lets go!" -_-;;

    One more thing (Starting to sound like Uncle from Jackie Chan Adventures). There are never any casualties during battles. Like if your Tyranitar used a Hyperbeam and it missed. Noone gets hurt, at least, noone nearby.

    One more thing (Again, Uncle). Everyone who even gets near Ashy boy gets his disease, where they never fufill their goal (Misty, Brock, Gary, Richie, Katy (I beleive that was her name), May, Max, Dawn, Harrison, Tyson, Pikachu, Team Rocket, most likely Paul in the near future, and probably more). Makes me wonder if he has some weird disease that make people suck (Hereby called, the Ash complex, or Ashy-boy's disease.).
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  19. Now that doesn't exactly work. It is explained that it is a partnership and not slavery. You can't exactly go out and say that it is forced because if the Pokemon wanted to it could easily beat up its trainer and leave.

    What makes even less sense about them is the fact that three birds that are spread out all around Kanto are controlled by an undersea bird in Johto.

    Another thing, on the topic of legendary Pokemon, is that Mew had been written to exist before MewTwo. There had been centuries of information marking the existence of Mew. Suddenly, someone makes a clone of Mew and it is more important than Mew. It is right away given the number 150 and Mew is given 151. Isn't that kind of ridiculous? I mean I know it was designed for the game, but that is still pretty offensive toward Mew.

    And the motivation of the games confused me, too. Like, in the first games they talked about Mew and MewTwo and genetics making it sound like Pokemon were a result of evolution. This seemed to make sense and was accepted. In the second games they introduced religions based on strong Pokemon that could create things, but there was no information about creation, so it was bound to assume the games were still about evolution. Third games came, it was explained how the lands and seas were run. Not exactly religious, so it was just more mammoth creatures altering the world. Then the fourth games come and suddenly, "BAM! The world was created by a goat!" That in itself bugged me so much. Why can't they stick to one kind of motivation for the Pokemon's existence?

    Heck, that "Clefairy and possibly all other Pokemon are from space!" idea went nowhere until Deoxys. We hear all this stuff about beliefs that Pokemon came from space and then we hear nothing about it till Doexys, and even that wasn't that great because it was hardly included in the games at all. At least space travel would make a realistically interesting subplot.
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  20. The thing that gets me is the differences in the games and tv. series. In the games after capturing a pokemon their height, weight, etc. are recorded; for example, Gengar's height is 4'11". While in the TV. series Morty's Gengar stands almost as tall as Morty. It makes me think that everyone is a midget or close to it. There are a bunch of other examples too this is just he first I thought of. One more in the game normal types are supposed to be immune to ghost type attacks, but yet "confuse ray", a ghost type move affects normal types; as does "thunder wave" when used on a ground type.
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  21. Jimmy was beaten by Rocket-grunt
    Seriously, wouldn´t anyone try to stop you.

    Plus, by now, with all the Mystic-lama shiznits wouldn´t a cult of some kind have developed?
  22. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    [me:psycho Monkey]points to the item balls on the ground[/me]

    There's a Potion in that one, a Moon Stone in that one, and TM13 in that one. Not all the items you pick up in the games are Pokeballs Kal :p

    My theory on the Joys and Jennys: They're robots created to confuse the world and take our jobs! Seriously though, the Pokemon world has the highest unemployment rate I've ever seen! There are no schools, no construction workers, no government, no grocery stores (how do these people eat!?), and the only nurses and cops are freaking robot clones of eachother!

    On top of that, there are at least six cases of parental abandonment going on here with fatherless kids running amok. The only time this wasn't an issue was in Hoenn where we met the kids' entire families.

    Crime is everywhere and people hope that an uneducated (because there are no schools the poor kid doesn't even have a fourth grade education) ten year old will save them! Considering all the villains have to do is order their Pokemon to attack the trainer and its all over, you would think they'd just murder the kid. On that subject, I don't even think ten year olds are mentally or emotionally mature enough to be sent into the wilderness with monsters that have the power to alter the landscape or the universe.

    This brings me to the Holy Llama who created the entire universe, but seems to favor only one planet out of trillions. Then we have Deoxys, a simple virus from outer space that mutated from exposure to a laser beam. I can accept that much, but what bothers me is that the mutation turned it into a Pokemon with no real reason for it. Now if the virus had been attack Pokemon tissue at the time, then the mutation caused the two sets of DNA/RNA to merge which makes everything plausible. Also, I know this one was already mentioned, but being the failed science project that Mewtwo was, you would think that only a select few individuals would even know it existed. If any Pokemon should have been the secret 151st, it should have been the one that the world never knew about.

    This is the last one I have for now, but what about Cubone and Marowak? Cubone wears its dead mother's skull and carries around what looks like her arm bone, but how did Marowak die? Clearly not in child birth because we know from GRBY/FRLG that a Marowak survived long enough in the Pokemon Tower to protect her young from Team Rock before getting killed. Cubone would have had no protection if Marowak had died when it was born.

    Well that's all I've got for now.
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  23. Uhm, yeah, I think it's weird how a three foot tall mouse can conjure up lightning capable of destroying God.

    In all seriousness, so Kal doesn't massacre me; What about the underwater routes? How are the trainers breathing? I never full understood that. Another small thing; indoor battles, like the E4 and Gym Battles. "YES YES LET ME USE MY WAILORD AGAINST YOUR CAMERUPT. WE WON'T GET CRUSHED OR ANYTHING". Dunno. I just find it nearly impossible. It doesn't really bug me, though.

    Also....How do some of the battles on surfing routes happen? If there's a Donphan at the front of my party, and I get challenged to a battle while surfing on a Starmie, where's the Donphan gonna go!?

  24. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    most, if not all, animals can swim. why would pokemon be any different?
    the mantine sprites in gsc showed remoraid on its fin/wing/flipper/things. but when you catch said mantine, you dont get the remoraid. speaking of remoraid, how does a fish become an octopus?! thats devolving then re-evolving into a completely different animal! invertebrates became vertebrates, not the other way around! and the holy space goat thing, eh. ive heard stranger creation theories. but where are its one hundred arms that are mentioned by the pokedex?
  25. Dunno if this has been mentioned, but the Pokémon organization system is just weird.

    The Pokédex records data on every Pokémon you see, right? The only way it could generate text for every Pokémon you see and place it in the correct number slot would be to get it from some sort of database, right? So why go out and spend your whole life recollecting data that's already been recorded?

    With some species, specifically the Legendaries, there are only legends and myths that suggest such Pokémon might exist. So how does anyone know for sure if it's true? Why are there spaces made in the Pokédex for such Legendary Pokémon that may or may not exist? What if they were wrong about Mew and it really didn't exist? They can't exactly just take it out and shift every other species down a number, it would cause utter chaos.

    Also, this is actually more the animé than the games, but I was watching Pokémon 4ever the other day, and noticed that when Celebi was being chased in the beginning, 40 years in the past, it was being chased by Houndoom and Sneasel. Now at that point in time, there were less than 151 known Pokémon species; Houndoom and Sneasel not included. So WTF? They keep adding more Pokémon to the list without making an excuse for why all these common-as-dirt Pokémon weren't included in the first place.
  26. Actually when Pokemon 4ever came out, all of the Johto Pokemon were already there but Ash just didn't have them in his Pokedex. That means that the Pokedex could just be continually updated to fit the region that it is in. For example, take a look at The Mystery of Mew movie. Sinnoh had yet to come out in game or anime form, but here they were showing off Lucario. The Pokemon are all there but Ash has to do the job of getting data on all the Pokemon. The movie creators show those Pokemon as previews of what is to come.

    I have actually always wondered. When you catch more than six Pokemon, the extras are turned into data and transferred to a professor. Well, what happens when there is a nationwide blackout and all computer systems go dead? What happens to the Pokemon that are inside? And for that reason, in the games, what happens if you catch a Pokemon and the PC boxes and your party are all full?
  27. Ok, makes sense, but then why all these upgrades? Why aren't the data all known Pokémon included in the Pokédex already? It also doesn't help that characters (in the 1st season at least, I haven't watched any of the newer episodes) were always making claims that "there's only X number of Pokémon."

    Bleh. Whatever. X(
  28. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    The "evolution" process in the games is drastically different from the real world scientific process of evolution. So don't fret too much about the whole evolutionary lines, or else you'll just end up making yourself angrier then anyone should be over something so trivial. The term "evolution" in Pokemon is truly a broken one, seeing as some Pokemon really only appear to age and develop, yet it is considered evolution.

    You're really over thinking the whole Pokedex thing entirely too much. The Pokedex data has only to do with what games are out, nothing else. They certainly wouldn't have created data for a Pokemon that you can't catch for another fifteen years in the first Gen games. :p Not to mention that a fair number of the Pokemon probably don't even get thought up, or at the very least finalized, until the generation they are released in.

    And as for the anime, it is completely and utterly dictated by the games. So they have to try and come up with ways of handling the influx of Pokemon and whatnot. In the anime it could be explained better, being that Ash has never before seen the Pokemon (and as a result nor has the viewer) so they all must be discovered.

    They would obviously have to have some data on the Pokemon, seeing as the Professor who gives you the Dex lives there. They would have to be the single most reclusive research team to not know at least something about the Pokemon in the region that they inhabit. So the Dex would most likely have some form of basic information on each species indigenous to the region. However, the character needs to see, and/or capture, the Pokemon in order to gather further data on the species. To properly study the species they would need much more information then the basic information present in the Dex to do so, and that's where the player comes in. So the Pokedex journey has some form of scientific merit to it.
  29. Well yes, with that at part I was talking mainly about the animé, not the games. I fully realize why that wouldn't work for the games. :p

    Alright, makes sense enough.

    Yes, I tend to over-think a lot of things. :p
  30. Reason why there's odd things in the gamming world of Pokemon?? Well, its simple. IT'S JUST A GAME!! :XD LOL
  31. One of the things that has always bothered me is that, early in the game, I am flying on a Starly, Spearow, Hoothoot, etc. that could not support my weight.
  32. How is Dig possible while surfing? How is Dive possible on land?

    Let's say you go into a dark cave and decide to explore without using Flash. And then a wild Geodude appears. Does the cave automatically light up during the battle?

    Why hasn't anybody mentioned how some of the buildings lack DOORS?

    How can a Doduo or Dodrio possible use Fly without wings?

    Magnemite (for example) doesn't have levitate, but it is always floating (betcha cant find a single episode with a grounded Magnemite). How can moves like Earthquake hurt it?
  33. That's actually remarkably good justification, but it does leave me wondering how it answers for Pokedex entries on, say, Mewtwo or Deoxys. Unless the professor has some mega connections. :p Still, though, I like this answer.

    ...Though, actually, if that's the case, why wouldn't they just give you all the entries off the bat so you know what you're dealing with? I know, from a game design standpoint, that'd be lame, but in the Pokemon universe, maybe they want to color the trainer's experience? For example, if they tell the trainer right off that Slowpoke evolves with a King's Rock, the trainer'd have no reason to level it up and get the alternate evolution.
  34. How do you have a pokemon battle while in the ocean. And you send out Infernape. Drown plox?

    How do you use an escape rope? Does something just magically teleport you?

    How come in HGSS, when your in the Ice Cave, and you fall through the hole, you do not break your legs? Are you kidding me?

    How can you use Hail/Sunny Day/Rain Dance in a cave? Or anywhere?

    How can you use Sunny Day/Rain Dance in that place near SnowPoint City? I don't think your pokemon can change the weather. (Except for Rayquaza/Groudon/Kyogre)
  35. 52Crossroads

    52Crossroads Formerly Gya

    elephants can swim. and for that matter, whales. hell, even several ton battleships hold their own weight in water.
    sleeping, ive slept in water before. just because you arent actively holding yourself at a certain position in the water, doesnt mean that you dont float.
    and i didnt give much thought to battle moves because they wouldnt make sense anyway. after all, can a mouse, no higher than my knee, harness the energy of lightning?
  36. Tail Whip. O.o It doesn't whip anything, so it should be called Tail Spin.
  37. I don't know...Maybe the fact that electric type moves can hit ground types in DP? -_-
  38. Source that.

    Because I'm almost completely sure that's wrong.
  39. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    It very much is, I have no idea where he's gotten that impression.

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