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The Nuzlocke Challenge! Pokemon Hardmode!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Fumanshu, Jun 5, 2010.

  1. Might as well write something in here~

    Yesterday , while reading through the 4chan archives, I found something awesome between the lulz and the filth:

    The Nuzlocke Challenge!
    Its basically a harder and alternative way to play a Pokemon game. The rules are:

    1: every Pokemon that faints is deemed dead, and has to be released.

    2: you can only catch the first Pokemon you find in each area. If you fail to catch it you cant try again in this area.

    it is all based on this guys attempt to make the game more interesting:
    He made a comic about it, and so far its awesome.

    The thing about the run is , that it makes the game a lot harder and makes you appreciate your pokemon a lot more.
    Its a nice alternative to my typically competetive type of playthrough, and it will make me use pokemon that I wouldnt use otherwise.

    All in all, I wanted to share it with you people just so you might think about it, and maybe even try it, I know that I will, as a matter of fact, Im restarting my HG game right now.
  2. Oh Christ, that sounds hard. I'm currently doing a replay of Platinum, but once I beat the E4, I'm going to try this!
  3. Magpie

    Magpie Feathered Overseer
    Staff Member Moderator

    Call me a sucker for a bunch of pretty looking pixels, but I don't think I could do this XD

    If I had my lovely Manectric and late in the game it fainted... I honestly think I'd be upset. Quite upset. Or Murkrow... or Sceptile. Plus knowing my luck I'd run into all the Pokemon I can't stand first, like Lotad <<;

    I love the comic though XD
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  4. Thats exactly the point :D

    All the Pokemon you find are random, and well, you kinda get some pokemon together, while you miss some that you would like to use.
    Right now Im about to face whitney in HG, and so far I have a Croconaw , a graveler , a noctowl and a drowzee.
    The thing is, I wouldnt usually use a graveler and a noctowl, but the situation made me use them, as the first 3 gyms are easy to beat with a rock type, and the rival has that bayleef that hurts me a lot.
    The Drowzee is the first Pokemon I actually like to use, while I still have some reserve Pokemon in my box like Nidoran Female,Pidgey, mareep and togepi.
    Its kind of annoying to find rattatta in the first patch of grass in a new area so that you have to abandon stuff like abra but so far it really works.

    The battles are more intense, at least for me, as I usually used to sacrifice Pokemon and throw around revives all the time.
    Thats the first time I've actually cared for a geodude D:

    So after all, I think its a nice way to get used to different kind of Pokemons and actually really care for them.
    I never go out of town without at least 10 antidots and 234235235 Potions.

    The whole thing isnt about getting your favourite Pokemon and finishing it, its about using what you get :D
    I mean most People have multiple versions of Pokemon, so for them it might be a way to get some fresh into their games.
    I do it because I lost my savegame D:

    And while the whole thing has a certain loophole (leveling just the starter so that its highly overleveled) its more fun to do with a more spread out team, and the purpose of the whole thing is to make it kind of harder for yourself :>

    The stuff also really delivers some Comic Material. I've already seen so much intense stuff happening x.x
  5. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I just started this a Nuzlocke playthrough in Diamond last night and my first two Pokemon were Bidoof and Kricketune. T_T

    I absolutely adored the comic though, hilarious and it was what made me want to try a playthrough like this. Hopefully my try doesn't end like his Emerald one. :p

    I better not get attached to a Bidoof... -.-
  6. *Totally starts this up on Emerald or something like that*

  7. I'm already too far in Emerald, but I'll probably try restarting just so I can try this! Or maybe that LeafGreen I never play anymore.
    The only I don't understand is how you catch things, but I'm sure I get it for the most part.
  8. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    It works such as this, whenever you walk onto a new route/cave/any other place that you can run into Pokemon the very first Pokemon that you have a random encounter with is the only Pokemon in that area that you allowed to catch. Ever. If you kill it or you already have a Pokemon of that species, too bad.
  9. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    I don't think I'll ever do this (like Magpie, don't think I could bring myself to release my trained Pokemon), but I adore the comic. Read up to the end of the first arc in the "saga" and damn... What an ending. XD
  10. Heehee, I've been doing a run of this, not too far in but still ♥

    I started with Chimchar, and was gunning for a Bidoof. Then this whoar of a Starly shows up! D:< I thought I should catch it, so I did. I named it Aya, after a certain set of Japanese games with the character. It shortly died in a battle against another Starly of the same level and gender, which I caught and also named Aya. It later died. D:<

    Later, I ran into a Kricketune. IT WOULD NOT. STOP GROWLING. After like 348758937 turns, I caught the darn, thing, and named it Mute. HOW CAN YOU GROWL IF YOU HAVE NO VOCAL CHORDS HO. It's not like I did anything to it or anything ♥ Oh, and then Aya died. Again.

    And that's a summary of what Tangrow did! I was going to chronicle it and make it into a story, but I thought it would be too much like El's HGSS Journal Playthrough Fic., so I went against it.
  11. I've read all the comics and they are freaking hilarious. I'm gonna go try this on my Pearl Version.

    Edit: GODDAMN CRITICAL HITS! I whited out on the first trainer battle and had to restart.

    Edit 2: I have had it with these goddamn critical hits in this goddamn Nuzlocke challenge. I started again and the first pokemon I can catch faints... I hate CHs
  12. Hee, this is so fun! I've been doing this in my Diamond, and didn't release anything until my third gym. Of course, Maylene gunned down my level 35 Turtwig, out of my whole team. Dx
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  13. Uggggg I refuse. I wouldn't be able to deal with releasing my pokeymans. The idea of being restricted to catching the first pokemon you see in an area sounds like fun though, I need to use some new pokemons.
  14. I'm really liking this. Yet to get to Petalburg Woods though, but it really does make you use things you wouldn't normally use.

    I mean I have a Marill, I've NEVER used one before o.o'
  15. I don't think I could do this challenge. My strategy in most Pokemon games is that if My best faints, throw in a weaker one so you can use revive. I would smash my head into a wall if I tried this because I only use things like potions If my Pokemon is in the red and even then I won't if I think I can take the enemy out in One more hit. Of course, then I miss and faint, but still. With this I would have to make completely new strategies that differentiate from the the strategies I have for the guys I love to use so much. Plus, What would you do If you were in the Battle Tower and your Pokemon fainted?
  16. If I tried this, like Magpie and Linkachu, I would be crouched in a ball in the cupboard in about three days. Really. I always get attached to party pokemon.
  17. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    @Kibetou - The challenge goes through till you face the Elite Four/League Champion. If you lose there, you essentially lose the whole challenge. So BF/BT don't really pertain to this.

    Anywho~ I'm having fun with this and have only lost four Pokemon thus far. Two Zubats, a Starly and a Geodude who was my best Pokemon when he died... *mourns losses*

    I'm constantly level mashing every chance I get so nobody dies easily.

    Current Team through three badges: Torterra, Floatzel, Bronzor, Crobat, Haunter, and Bibarel. :3
  18. A big modification that is popular is to not release the pokemon but box it. It requires your honesty to work though, but whats nice with that variation is that you can keep track of your "fallen"pokemon better this way.

    But yeah I love the challange and the comics, saw them a while back on /v/. I am going to do this on pokemon emerald on emulator simply because I cant find the cartridge in stores anymore and im using all my cartridges for breeding right now.
  19. I've decided to board along the bandwagon and try this excellent variation, and it's gone as horribly wrong as possible. The enemies like to score critical hits at every oppurtunity, but it's a fun idea. Of course, the only real issue, that has not failed me yet, is that everytime I go into the Petalburg woods, I find something really useless (Or a Shroomish this time around), and then a Slakoth.

    The game knows that I'm trying this D:< Brawly knows too. He's out to get me so much, that I finally got fed up and skipped him.

    Makuhita used Bulkup! Used it for 29183492 other turns! You can't do anything to him, even with your highly trained flying type. What's this? Supersonic that hit? Makuhita rejects that reality and substitutes it's own, OHKOING your zubat. Makuhita wiped out your whole team single handledly, Hahaha! You lose.

    Is anyone else having this issue?
    #19 TrainerBreezy, Jun 10, 2010
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  20. I have a total fear of Gym Leaders too :'D

    So recently, I picked up a loverly doverly Machop, and another lovely Geodude to be my HM Slave~

    With Machop's aid, we ate up Roark and carried on ♥ After which, Kricketot evolved when we got to Floaraoma <333 I picked up a cutie patootie Shellos outside the Windworks, but when I faced Mars, her Purugly wiped out my poor Chimchar with SCRATCH. And as such, he was hospitalized into the Forgotten PC Box of nothingness.

    I recently got me a Budew, which I named NotBuneary! But I want her to evolve at level 16 so it can know Leech Seed so I am running around boosting her happiness little by little :'D

    Um um blinky typey thing here.
  21. Makuhita should be managable with special attacks and status. Shroomish can actually help with that last bit :p
    #21 Jeydis, Jun 10, 2010
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  22. ;_;

    I've just had my first losses to Roxanne.

    Marill and Zigzagoon, rest in peace.
  23. I might try this. It looks quite fun (the comics are awesome.)

    I think I'll do what Jeydis said and box it instead of releasing it.
  24. Yeah, most people I know have a box. Fuman has Valhalla and I just have RIP :p

    Which has now got my Taillow and Poochyena ;_;
  25. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I think I'm the only one who doesn't put them in a box. I place their bodies in the ground and wear black for a while whilst mourning the loss of my fallen comrades.

    Also~ after four failed previous attempts I finally caught a Ponyta. *hugs Majesty* She's my pretty pony. :3
  26. I started this on FireRed two nights ago, and I find it slightly intriguing. It might be me, but am I the only one who's experiencing critcial hits a lot? With all of them coming from me? :p In addition to that, I haven't had a single poke die and I have five badges. Drowzee(almost a Hypno ♥), Venusaur, Fearow, and Nidoking have been kicking some major ass, especially Nidoking <333333333

    I'd release the dead into a timeless oblivion...but they haven't died, and hopefully, my luck will continue :3
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  27. Started a Sapphire nuzlocke run now, because the DS went out of power and I got bored and because my GBA micro is just so much more portable.
    Gonna do both now I guess.

    Added a new rule: Catch Pokemon till your team is full and then only catch new ones when one of your pokemon dies.
    That restricts the Pokemon you use even more, and this got me to use a Volbeat in Sapphire x.x

    The thing is, I somehow made that volbeat extremely potent, with tail glow and shockwave, and some nice hax from double team and confuse ray. set up tail glow ~3times and gogo sweep.

    Heart Gold Nuzlocke run team so far:
    Boss(Golem)28 ,Red Queen(Scizor)30 ,Stallone(Feraligatr)31 ,D:(Noctowl) 33, :D (Pidgey)4,Lady(Tentacruel)15
    Warriors whose souls went to Valhalla:
    Z (Rattatta)14, Triclops(Magnemite)16, Omega(Staryu) 24

    5 Badges so far.

    Sapphire Nuzlocke run:
    Manly(Volbeat)21, KFC(Combusken)25, QQ (Swellow)24, Honda(Hariyama)24,Guacamole(Lombre)17
    Friends that gave their live so far:
    Shoryuken(Shroomish)16, WTF(Zigzagoon)14, Win-Gull(Wingull a duuuuh)12, Omega (Tentacool. That name seems to be cursed)20, Boombox(Whismur)8

    3 Badges so far.

    I think im going to have to concentrate on 2 or 3 Pokemon now for each game, otherwise I will have problems to get those levels for the E4. The setups are pretty ok so far, even though my Sapphire game could need some psychic help
  28. This sounds really interesting. I am definitly going to restart my platinum and try this out.
  29. Well, I've gone and lost my Zubat now too :(

    Although mind you, Dustox is ♥ for taking Brawly down :D
  30. I could never do this. After I name my team members, I get attatched to them and never let them go. If I do this and my Lucario or Mudkip dies, I'd kill my self. Theoretically, of course. Although the comics are win, and the end of Season 1 was epic and sad. Althoufg, I could borrow my friends Fire Red and play Nuzlocke on it... Heh, heh, yes...
  31. Okai, I started yesterday on my Silver version, and all I got so far is a Totodile, and I'm going to Mr. Pokemon's house now.
  32. I've since picked up a Tentacool and a Gloom :D Team's looking nice... I hope Wattson doesn't rip me to shreds.
  33. Nim


    OMG! This is awesome I am starting this on Saphire right now.
  34. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I haven't been playing my Diamond run a whole lot lately (been mainly preparing for the league when I play any game), but I currently have 5 badges and an insanely over leveled team of: Torterra, Golbat, Haunter, Floatzel, and Ponyta (with Bibarel as my HM slave). I also have a pretty good Bronzor in my PC that works as a nice alternative at times.

    I'm so incredibly fearful of battling Gym Leaders and getting unlucky crit. hits that I level mash like mad before each Gym and end of being at a higher level then them. XD
  35. I'm with Ferne and Katie on this. :p

    I'd never be able to just release those precious little PokeMon from my party. D': I get way too attatched so if I lost one I'd freak out and get all meeehhh. :< I mean, if I ever released one of my favourite PokeMon (like some of my shinies, my strong/reliable Pokes) I'd get annoyed. o3o Especially if, in Nuzlocke's case, they were a part of my team that helped me defeat gym leaders and reach the E4. :< (I don't think I've actually ever released a PokeMon, as a matter of fact. xD)

    Although, saying that, once I'm done with LeafGreen or Ruby (I'm playing through them for like the third time) then I might well give this a go. It'll probably be cheating and all (xD), but if mine faint I'll probably just migrate them into Pearl and shove them in PokeMon Ranch or something~

    People should make Nuzlocke Diaries. :>
  36. Nim


    I just started this and already I have lost my Treecko, Lotad and Zigzagoon. That guy on the beach's Seedot used bide and 1HKO'd my Zigzagoon and then his Tailow got two critical hits with peck and killed Treecko. After that when training my Lotad the oponent used astonish and them Lotad suddenly turned into a lable that read "Andre Rieu Lvl 6" and started to make a buzzing sound so I had to turnoff.(Yes my Lotad was called Andre Rieu -.-) Now I only have a Lvl 3 Wurmple. She will be my new best friend ♥
  37. I Wanted to do it on my pearl game but once I caught Sophie da Shinx I decided 'Screw this, I'm keeping my Team!' Sophie and My Buisel Belle would have already been released by now.

    Once my sister gives up Fire Red however, NUZLOCKE TIME!
  38. I decided to start this on my Sapphire version. As of now, I have a Mudkip named Neo, a Lotad and a Wurmple. When I was training my Lotad to level seven, because i needed a move to attack Zigzagoon, a Zigzagoon almost beat my friend. I survived with one HP and switched to Neo before it was too late.

    EDIT: My team as of now
    Beautifly level 10
    Lombre level 14
    Shroomish level 10
    Neo the Marshtomp level 17
  39. UPDATES!

    In Silver today, I accidentally K.O'd a Sentret, Pidgey, and Rattata, but I caught a Geodude (Sylvester) in Dark Cave (R.I.P.) and an Unown A (Tut), which I actually swept Sprout Tower with lol. And Blarg the Totodile is still holding up well.

    EDIT - 7/4/10 - I accidentally K.O.'d a Bellsprout, but I obtained a Zubat (Buffy) and a Rattata (Mickey) and I beat Falkner!
  40. I'll try this with my Platinum, see what the outcome is. I'll have to look at what to do again, I just forgot :o.

    Edit: Team Atm.

    Monferno 19 (BlazeApe)
    Steelix 14 (SteelSnake) Ar'd Metal Coat n' traded :D
    Shinx 16 (LightDog)
    Alakazam 16 (SmartPsi) Traded ;D
    Gengar 17 (ToxicShade) Traded
    Shellos 11 (SnailSea) Don't know if i'll use it.

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