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Open The Next Reaper-The Fight for Stability

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, May 9, 2018.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    This will be one of my first sub-rps from the Next Reaper series. If you haven't already, you should check out the lore here: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-next-reaper-rp-discussion.19180/#post-608969 This explains the fantasy planet 'Accore,' the many human colonies, the races, and most importantly, the idea of the Reaper-the suppossed leader of the undead who live below the ground with his/her ability to raise the dead in the masses, as oppossed to the other Necromancers, who are significantly weaker. After realising the first post was extremely complicated and long, I decided to make seperate rps breaking different aspects down.

    This will be set during an era of tension especially between the humans and the undead. There haven't been many wars in a good while, so all the humans are getting on with domestic life in their fortified towns and cities-the main bulk of humans live in the Prime, a city in the centre of Accore. Sethr'ra, first fallen member of the magic mutated 'Twisted,' is the 50th Reaper and vows to stop all wars between the humans and the undead. He is one of the reasons why a peace has been achieved. But it seems to be a false peace-tensions have arrisen due to certain necromancer's insane behaviours and have gathered skeletons and zombies who wish to serve them and not the Reaper. They gather outside the initial settlements just beyond the Prime and are about to attack. These rebelious necromancers are part of a grander plot to oust Sethr'ra as the Reaper and crown another as the Reaper.
    There's also the question of Sethr'ra's health. He has been getting weaker and weaker every moment he is on Accore. This is one of the implications of being a fallen Twisted-a resurrected version of an already mutated monstrocity. As a result of this, Sethr'ra has started to train many new necromancers as candidates to be the next Reaper on an island just north of the Prime. This is the whole concept of what this series is about.
    So, in this rp, you will get to rp as one of Sethr'ra many new apprentices that he has taken up from a magic academy on this island. I might allow some of you to be non-necromancer characters. We shall see.


    1. Follow all pokecharms rules
    2. This includes godmodding. Yes the Reaper is all powerful, but even he can be defeated in battle. But you must be realistic to the lore! Some apprentice that's been with Sethr'ra for a week isn't going to be able to beat him in a fight. If you wish to betray him consult me in this discussion. There are a number of options
    3. This should be a fairly mature rp. Don't let it go too over the top.
    4. Because this is my lore, what I say goes.
    5. You will need a form for your character to be able to join. You won't be able to join the rp unless i approve.


    Race (Races listed on link):
    Weapons + Magic:

    Name: Sethr'ra (The Reaper)
    Age: Roughly 60 years when he died. After death: Beyond the age of 100
    Race (Races listed below): Fallen Twisted (He is the Reaper)
    Appearance: Deformed face and body: Black and green thickened skin. Wears little clothing due to the warmth of his environment-normally a long rag/robe below his waste and that is it. His hands and feet are like claws.
    Personality: He is one of the few just Reapers, willing to do whatever it takes to stop a war between the Underworld and the living. He is kind to humans, showing compassion, and wants to help them in the problems of the Kingdom.
    Weapons + Magic: Two long duel scythes, that are more like blades. They are glowing with green necromantic energy.
    Backstory: See the story I wrote above. He's managed to have a child with the human Ashley Lifesong, presumably sometime when he was alive or dead. She went missing before the child came to the age of 5. The child was trained as a warrior, by Sethr'ra. The child's name is Shard. He is currently 22 and is willing to be the next Reaper, but his father disapproves of this.

    Name: Baneoth Gorehoof (Now called 'Deathoof')
    Age: 28
    Race (Races listed below): Centaur
    Appearance: A Black and brown Centuar with rags all around his main body-which are a mixture of red and yellow. He has a pointed hat with bones dangling from it.
    Personality: Ambitious, energetic, looks up to Sethr'ra
    Weapons + Magic: A magical necromantic staff/axe
    Backstory: Originally born to the Proudtrot family of Centaurs who ruled the Centaur tribes, he was illegitamised when it was discovered the father who had given birth to him was not of one of the wealthy Lords who were in favour of the Great Emir. There was a rebelion 5 years later and the Great Emir was killed, emerging the rise of the Great Khan, who believed in tribal rule. As a young centaur, he bore witness to the most controversial moment in history: the massacre of the centaur race. He watched as the human kingdoms sent hordes of slavers out. The centaur tribes were crushed and his family were killed. Baneoth Gorehoof fled into the Barren deserts with a small minority (25%) of Centaurs, where they bred again. Gorehoof swore that he would kill all humans that day, in revenge. He had been practising the dark art of necromancy for several years, with the help of a necromancer, and completing his training, he renamed himself 'Deathoof.' It was this one who recommended him as an apprentice to Sethr'ra and became one of his loyal followers. The Necromancer who suggested him was actually a member of the council of necromancers, who believed that placing followers were loyal to the council as candidates for the Reaper's apprentices, could influence the Reaper himself to start another war against the humans. The council were careful to make Deathoof seem like an enthusiastic human lover. Deathoof followed Sethr'ra, protecting him with his life, until the plot was foiled, when Deathoof confessed his true feelings about the human race, and attacked Sethr'ra. The two of them fought all over the globe until Deathoof was murdered by a Necromancer. Sethr'ra then raised Deathoof from the dead and Deathoof apoligised and Sethr'ra made up with him. The two are now best friends and together wish to take down the council of Necromancers, silently, using influence and power of contacts.

    Name: Shard Lowkhart
    Age: 22
    Race (Races listed below): Twisted/human hybrid
    Appearance: Has the thick skin of the Twisted and the deformed 'twisted' face. Body is black with some grey spots.
    Personality: Protective of his father, loyal to him. Friendly, but hides a darker side.
    Weapons + Magic: Has had some knowledge of necromancy, but he doesn't have the desire to be a necromancer. Instead focuses on dark 'shadow' magic. Equipped with a short sword-in the style of one of his father's scythes as it has a curved edge like a scythe or haliberd. He channels his dark magic with this. He also has the ability to hide in the shadows with his shadow magic, which was taught to him by a dark wizard.
    Backstory: Born to Sethr'ra, he was always expected to follow his footsteps. When Shard denied this fate, he went off on his own. Sethr'ra found that he had broken into the archives in the magic tower. In fear that he would be caught for reading through the sacred texts, Sethr'ra tried to sneak him out. Of course, they were caught, but by a dark wizard. He was kind enough not to alert the guards and he taught Shard the skills to go into the darkness. Shard then travelled around with the Dark Wizard, in hope that he would teach him everything he knew, which he did. After the Wizard's death, Shard came back to his father in an attempt to work out what happened to his mother. Shard searched for texts about her and that is one reason why he was in the tower of magic, because she had been synonymous with it, being a high ranking Enchantess. His father made him go and find more details out for himself. Eventually, Shard found out. The two then went to live together on a small island in the north sea.
  2. Questions:
    1. Do we play as a student in the necromancer academy(sort of), or do we play as the academy's alumnis takung a trial to be the next reaper?
    2. What kind of people living underground? Do they all are undead? Or is there normal human(or other race) around? I still can't grasp of what is this underground world supposed to be.
  3. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    In this rp, you are one of Sethr'ra's many necromancer apprentices. These are students of field of magic known as necromancy. Sethr'ra set up a necromancy academy on an island just north of the Prime. Sethr'ra's apprentices tend to be ones still studying at the academy as they are inferior to him.
    The underground, formally known as 'The Underworld' is a large maze like citadel below the earth. The dungeons contain hordes of skeletons and undead, mainly from the Reaper's army. He can place any group of undead soldiers into these dungeons. The Reaper is the only one who can do this, as the dungeons are secluded and locked up to the other necromancers, meaning the other necromancers have to target nearby dead corpses if they want to raise them.
  4. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Although undead haunt the dungeons of the Underworld, there might be a rp in the future where we have humans exploring, but generally humans can't enter because the Underworld gates are locked and only openable by the Reaper and several significant members of humanity.
  5. Allright, I get the setting. But now I'n confused by the basic concept. Can you explain what you mean by undead and necromancer in this RP? I mean in a very basic thing, like whether undead still retain their memory or undead biology, or can an undead become necromancer etc etc. It seems a few things is different from what I had in mind.
  6. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    A necromancer is normally a living creature who has the ability to harness necromantic energy and control it. With this necromantic energy, one of the traits all necromancers can do is raise the dead. Raised dead creatures are known as the Undead. The bulk of the undead are skeletons-fleshless organisms made of bones, but there are other types of undead, such as Zombies and flesh abominations, which are made up of human flesh and skin. There have been a number of cases of undead being necromancers, but they would have to have been a mage or wizard necromancer as a living creature and they would have had to have been resurrected by another necromancer or by a special spell in order to do so. This special spell i speak of is like a necromantic energy trap which automatically revives them when they die, but not all necromancers have this spell and it is extremely hard to pull off. There are unique abilities and spells for each necromancer. Generally though, the bulk of necromancers are alive humans. An example of an undead necromancer would be the skeleton Morgan.
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  7. Name: Audrey Reese

    Age: 21, probably

    Race: human

    Appearance: Audrey is a tall woman with long black hair and blood-red eyes. She usually wears simple tunic and pants for practicality.

    Personality: Audrey is energetic and has unhealthy ambition for knowledge. Also, she's a rotten woman.

    Weapons + Magic: she can do a little necromancy. Her weapon is a walking stick made of grey wood. One of the tip is curved to resemble a hook while the other end has hidden blade inside it.

    Backstory: Audrey came from a village of Jijjur, a village so small that the only kingdom personnel that care about them is the tax collector.

    One day, the village suddenly plagued by a deadly disease and the villagers start dying right and left, including Audrey's parent. Then an alchemist called Aten arrived at the village. He cured the village and was lauded as the hero. Some villagers asked the alchemist to become his apprentince but at the end only Audrey was accepted.

    After years of becoming his apprentice she realized that Aten was the one who spread the plague in her village. Fueled with rage, she killed Aten with a stab through the heart. But he somehow rose back and fled from her. Audrey spent her time reading the books he had left and become engrossed in it... She believe the event that night had something to do with necromancy.

    Name: Nana

    Age: 12

    Race: human, probably

    Appearance: Nana was a small girl with short white hair and blue eyes. She had stitch scar in her neck, chest and left hand, accidental detachment of her left hand is not a rare thing. She usually wears a brown hooded cloak.

    Personality: Nana is shy most of the time and doesn't speak much. She can easily adapt to new environment and keep her calm.

    Weapons + Magic: none

    Backstory: Nana was just your everyday kid in a village that is too small for the kingdom to care about, except for tax collector, they care about every single person in the kingdom.

    One day a huge deformed beast suddenly rampaged in the village. Lots of people die trying to kill the beast, including Nana's parents and even Nana herself was attacked and was in the brink of death when an alchemist rescued the village.

    The alchemist, Audrey, told Nana that she could save her, but she must became her assistant for the rest of her life. Nana refused the offer because she was too sad about the death of her parents, but Audrey saved her anyway, taking her along in the journey.

    Nana quickly accepted her new life. Busying herself with helping Audrey with whatever the hell she was doing. Nana even started to pick some alchemy skill and knowledge.

    Also I found
    contradict each other.
  8. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Accepted! And I will try and fix this sometime!

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