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Open The Next Reaper (RP Discussion)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by What Did You Do To Snoke?, Apr 23, 2018.

  1. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    The planet Arccore is a large and vast planet dominated with vast biomes and a large human kingdom ruling it, with the main part of it being in the centre with it's capital, The Prime, the humans speaking english and carrying medieval weapons. However, this isn't about the common humans found on the planet who have battled each other in countless civil wars, it is more about the undead, who live underneath.
    You see, during the turmoil of the civil wars, magic was developed. Wizards and mages studied in an academy and were powerful during this time. At the end of the civil wars, the fall of magic happened-where there were much less of these magic users, who fled into their own capital city, The Spire, in a land very far from The Prime. During these last few years, it saw the emergence of the unity of humanity, as one King ruled all of these Kingdoms. A failed Wizard who studied in The Prime at the end of these civil wars, fueled a different kind of magic-different from the ones previously studied (Hydromancy, Pyromancy, Geomancy, Aeromancy, etc). He was capable of raising the dead. This man, by the name of Madrix Von Grim, became known as the 'Grim Reaper' after he enchanted his Scythe with this new magic that was brimming from his old staff, which was on the verge of being destroyed. (Note that enchanting means putting the magic from one body to another). He was the first necromancer and inspired a cult of human followers who called themselves by the same term the 'necromancers.' The Grim Reaper's power was immense, as he called forth armies of the dead-skeletons and flesh zombies, to attack the kingdoms and they all crumbled. He was eventually slain in battle by the unknowing heir to the throne Jarod Eldon. However, that was not the end of his story, as the Grim Reaper was reborn into a strange set of dungeons underneath the surfaces of Arccore as a skeleton. His necromantic energy had meant that the Scythe, although lost, had it's energy converted into the ground. That energy eventually travelled to his dead body and he was reborn. The energy now flowed through his hands, since the Scythe had been lost on the battlefield. The Grim Reaper claimed the dungeons underneath Arccore as his dominion, calling it 'the Underworld.' These dungeons would also later house demons of the unspeakable kind, as well as hordes of dead bodies that had presumably rotted into the ground and fallen down into these burning wastes. Now 'immortal,' the Grim Reaper's powers reached a height once again when he sucked the necromantic energy out of a group of followers and a portal said to lead to 'the Nether Realm.' He pressed his army's attack on the kingdom. The kingdom worked out what had gone on and defeated his armies of skeletons successfully, but found he was too hard to handle. Every time they defeated him in battle, Grim's bones would repair itself. The humans were left with no choice but to use their last resort of using the newly found 'light energy' from a mage who would go on to be legendary too. The Grim Reaper was finally destroyed using the light magic but before he was defeated, he made sure he would create a legacy that would last centuries. He blasted all the necromantic energy he could into the Underworld. This was all part of his plan in case he was defeated, you see. The energy was coverted into a strange book which was to be placed in the pockets of his decendents. However, his decendents never got the book. The book was placed in the pocket of Grim's best friend, Zak O'hara, a farmer and field worker who became known as the next 'Reaper.' This was a title that was passed down through the generations as the one with the necromantic energy in the book plus the title meant they were able to command armies of skeletons and undead hordes. The humans had made the task harder by sealing the majority of undead creatures in the tombs of the Underworld for decades. A pact between the undead, necromancers and humans was created.
    1)The rules, as established, meant that the Reaper could only hold the title for a maximum of 2 years, before they had to pass the title and powers through the book to another. In order to do this, a special tournament in a stadium was held where Underworld citizens would watch as the current Reaper defended his title against the champions who wished to fight him/her. This meant that the Reaper could hold the title if they were able to continuously beat those who wished to have the powers. This rule was properly enforced after the 10th Reaper.
    2) The energy from the book had to be renewed by enchanting a new object with the energy. Normally, another book was chosen, with ancient scribes written the magical spells exclusive only to the Reaper.
    3) The Reaper must not abuse his powers. The 2nd Reaper made this pact when a new war ended in disasterous undead defeat. The humans granted the necromancers and Reaper freedom so long as he did not do this, instead of just locking them up as they did before. Countless Reapers have ignored this rule and it was up to the 'just' to sort it out.
    4) In the event of an emergency, or a Reaper could not be chosen, a representive council of Necromancers who work 'in the best interests of both the dead and the living' would choose a suitable one. Although they study necromancy, they were presumed to be not as biased because the bulk of the necromancy population were human and they served the dead too.
    5) As part of the tradition of testing the Reaper, the Reaper must also defeat each of the council of Necromancers in a magic battle. They aren't expected to kill each member though.
    6) Anyone who kills or defeats the Reaper becomes the next Reaper. If the enchanted item is stolen, there is the potential to crown this one as the next Reaper.

    It's at least several centuries after the fall of the Grim Reaper. Society is obssessed about these rules. Human public opinion has now swayed so that they see the Undead as the monsters they are. Cults of humans still worship the Grim Reaper and this idol as a whole is worshipped as a god down below. The 50th Reaper was a lowly born farmer and corn cutter who was from the Twisted. The Twisted were a race developed over the centuries due to an explosion of magic, which mutated the humans in the area around the ruined tower, as the mages all died out. The mutated humans had deformed skin and faces and became outcasts of the human Kingdoms, eventually hording around one settlement: The Outband.
    His name was Sethr'ra Lowkheart, an unusual name, to say the least, but the Twisted's ancestory faded as humanity become more detatched from them. The humans sent their forces in a suprise attack to clean up the Twisted. They attacked Outband, causing huge casulties. They killed many innocent villagers and Sethr'ra's farm was pillaged. Sethr'ra was killed, despite his brave attempt to fight back. The humans left the Outband in a ruined state. The Twisted had fought hard to defend it and only 25% of the Twisted population survived. Sethr'ra was eventually reanimated by a wandering Necromancer, Steven Brattleneck. The Twisted's thicker skins and strong hides meant they were mostly reanimated as they were before they died-most were not skeletons, just strange darkened flesh hides of their former selves. Steven added most of the fallen to his army, but was murdered as part of a plot by the Twisted chieftain when he believed the Necromancers were disrespecting the dead. The 'fallen Twisted' as they were known when they were reanimated, lived only for a few years before they fell to the ground again, as par the rules of being reanimated as an undead. Months before this was to happen to Sethr'ra, he found a strange glowing object in the pocket of the dead body of Steven. It was channeling energies between his staff and a book. Sethr'ra grabbed the book and realised he himself could control the dead with it, despite few necromantic capabilities to begin with. Steven was the 49th Reaper and Sethr'ra, an uneducated Twisted had become the 50th Reaper! The art of necromancy was something he was fascinated with as a boy, but could never be taught the art because he turned out to be Twisted before the age of 18. Sethr'ra hence taught himself the magic using the book. He also turned his twin scythes he had used to cut corn and to fight during the battle of Outband, as his necromantic weapons, finally enchanting the two blades with necromantic energy to become the Reaper. He recieved additional training from another Necromancer. He was looked down upon by the Necromancer community for finding the Reaper energy as he did. He was shocked to have found the Reaper book in the first place. The Necromancers sent their champions from the Underworld to test Sethr'ra. In a brutal onslaught of enemies, Sethr'ra was able to defeat them all, proving himself as the next Reaper. He gathered many allies over the years, and the Necromancers tried to win over his favour. However, most undead wished to regain former pride over themselves and so many Necromancers wanted to attack the human Kingdoms. Sethr'ra, originally a lover of battles and fights, had his army march out of the Underworld by breaking the chains that locked it. He changed his mind when he spent time with many of the humans and Twisted and other races alike. He was classified as a 'human-lover,' though he just wanted peace. The Necromancers therefore plotted to assassinate him and crown a new one as Reaper, in order to advance with the Undead hatred of humanity. With enemies everywhere, Sethr'ra had to make alliances with some necromancers and undead prominent figures, as well as the humans.
    Rules of the RP:

    1) Follow all Pokecharm rules
    2) You must submit a form for your character:

    Race (Races listed below):
    Weapons + Magic:
    Humans:Generic white or black men and women who reside in kingdoms ruled by one big Kingdom with King Lightfury ruling with Prince Faragond as his regent. There are about four really big kingdoms, inside of this: The Water towns of Alaquent (like venice) which reside along the rivers and seas of Arccore together, The low-born Durrong settlements (mainly small towns and villages which reside along a large plain of grass and desert, ruled by poorer men), The Hintel-eskimo like settlements which are built in the north, around a group of icy islands and one big island, which takes up the most of the north and the west), and finally the fairly highborn ruling kingdom of The Grand, ruled in the centre with royal and fancy fortresses and castles, with the mixture of races city 'The Prime,' where the King's palace is found.
    The Magicborn: Humans who were originally integrated into human society as the same, but were exiled due to a row about the amount of magic in the Kingdom. They were banished to Calamity Peak, a rugged mountainous range to the north of the Durrong Settlement and they spread also to the Star Islands south of the Hintel Settlements. They created a tower of magic and academy of magic where they studied many different forms of magic. They fled further north after an explosion there and built a new tower. In recent years, they've been studying light magic as a way to combat the growing undead threat. They've now bonded well with the humans and the magicians are now in the process of coming back into the kingdoms, with magic academies now set up in the kingdom itself.
    The Twisted: During a strange explosion in the Tower of Magic on Calamity Peak, the surrounding magicborn human settlement was destroyed and the enhabitants were mutated, even affecting the ordinary villagers and humans travelling into the town to greet them. They wore thick impenitrable hides, but were hideous and were further exiled from human civilisation when the remaining humans wouldn't get on with them. They decended into the great deserts beyond Durrong and the ruined tower area became their capital, also, known as Outband. The humans eventually attacked Outband to 'cleanse the area.' From that day, only 25% of the population of the Twisted survived. They fled into their own homes beyond the human society and some created new tribes ruled by a Chieftain, as seen by the population of Outband. They vowed to get their revenge on humanity but they had a hate for the undead too. Sethr'ra changed their attitudes. When the 49th Reaper existed, many dead Twisted were brought under his control in their thick reanimated hides. Known as the 'Fallen' Twisted, the 50th Reaper Sethr'ra brought them under his control before their undead lifespan could end and sent them to live in a settlement north west of human civiliation. Many ended up in the great Forests.
    The Gruggs: Strange, alien-like creatures that appear like green and black-skinned humans with some scales here and there. They've had several wars with the humans in the past. They tended to live in the great desert in tribes.
    The Hobgoblins: Before the humans even existed, there was a race of green-skinned midgets called the Goblins. These eventually died out due to a disease but a new superior race of dark-green, blue and gray skinned midgets called the Hobgoblins were born out of their ashes. They tended to live in the mines in the deserts of Durrong and the Great Forrests to the south of Alaquent. Created a pact with the Gruggs and several other creep races in order to defeat the humans. This eventually was played out in a Great War, which they lost, leading to the unification of all humans.
    The Houndtrekkers: Bepedal dog/hyena creatures that lived all over the world, causing human settlements a great pain. Eventually allied with the Gluggs and the Hobgoblins in their alliance to beat the humans.
    Centaurs: They mostly resided over the great desert and plains, but were sometimes seen in the greenlands of the Great Forest. A great ally of the Gluggs and Hobgoblins
    Ogres/Giants: The giants were originally part of human society way back, but were exiled when one of the Kings was murdered by their Chieftain. The Giants are at least 5 times the size of an average human and are massive in size, wielding clubs. They make their homes in the cliffs and mountains in the north and around Calamity Peak. They allied with the Hobgoblins and Gluggs to seek vengiance. The Ogres are a kind of Giant originating from the swamp lands slightly west of the Alaquent settlement. They are large, but not as large as the giant and are blue, green and red, emerging from the waters to cause chaos.
    The Fursclaw: Bipedal cat creatures that live in the Great Forrest who are at war with the Houndtrekkers. They eventually came to a truce but they are still rivals. Obscure, mainly black furred, wearing just cloth on their lower half of their body. They come out very little and do not wish to interact with the humans. They are tamed only by the Elwoddians and the Leprechauns
    Elwoddians and the Leprechauns: The Elwoddians look like humans, but they're not. Their skin seems to be made out of wood and they seem to be the protectors of the forrests, taming many Fursclaw. They wish to have no say in the Human, Undead, Hobsgoblin alliances and form their own with the Leprechauns, but they did not believe in war. The Elwoddians are also extremely tall, though not as tall as a giant. The Leprechauns have only ever had fueds with the Hobgoblins and are of the similar height.
    The Undead: Countless numbers of dead living creatures and humans, brought back to life as skeletons or flesh zombies, or ghosts/spirits if they are in between the phase of being reanimated. Can only be reanimated by a Necromancer
    The Necromancers: Although mainly human, they can be from all races, including undead, as they can reanimate themselves. Users of necromantic magic capable of reanimating the dead. The greatest is the Reaper, who can summon armies of the dead at his will. Normally ruled by the Reaper with the council of Necromancers scrutinising him.
    Lawless Bandit Guild/The Outlaws/The Pirates/Assassins Guild: After a rebelion, a large group of humans fled the main kingdoms and set up a guild of humans who wished not to be associated with the discipline of the King. They had very few laws, leading to chaos in outer regions of the Kingdoms, where they easily pillaged and looted kingdom houses and mansions. They set up a pirate base around the bay of Alaquent, who would operate ships in the seas surrounding the area and the northern waters. The Assassins Guild was another extention set up by their followers. These assassins were well trained, able to kill anyone and sold to anyone who had the money to afford them. After a couple of centuries of putting up with the human Kingdom's existence, the Outlaws started to wage a formal war against the Kingdoms, with the help of several creep races, including the Houndtrekkers, creating the second Civil War.
    The Grey Empire: Located around the world, mainly on an island to the north of the Prime and to the west of Alaquent. They also live partially in the Great Desert and in the Northern lands, they seem to be grey skinned humans of about 6 or 7 foot as the average height and believe in order. Their belief in order, discipline and the law, led to the creation of the Grand Courts-who tried people using their own laws.
    The Stone Army: Large Bastion of stone-made 'Golems.' They come from the mountains north of the great desert and so they have two bases one there and one on the plains below the Prime. Their leader is General Basher, who is plated in steel and iron armour. They serve Medusa and the Cult of Snakes.
    The Cult of Snakes (+Gorgons): Snake-human fusions that look like some kind of siren. They are most female witches, who serve the great Gorgon Medusa, who was exiled to the planet Stoneguard 1000s of years ago, wishing to summon her once again. These witches even have tails. Their minions are not as strong, appearing as humanoid men with snake heads and scaley skin. They made a pact with the Stone Army after it was revealed Medusa personally sent them from Stoneguard. They have therefore made a powerful alliance of stone and poison.
    The Minotaurs: Humanoid bull men who walk the great desert and mountains. They were originally part of the Glugg alliance and were key to their strategies. One of the great human leaders went to speak with them and created a peace deal, eliminating the Minotaurs from the Glugg Human war and the Gluggs had them exiled from their armies. The Minotaurs had noone to help them. They were eventually coaxed into an alliance by the Cult of Snakes's high ranking witches. The Minotaurs found out their god, the Great Minotaur, lived in a gigantic maze on the planet Stoneguard, the same as Medusa. The Great Minotaur was therefore just one of her pawns. The Minotaurs are to this day part of the Medusa alliance-the Cult of Snakes, the Stone Army and the Minotaurs.

    Name: Sethr'ra (The Reaper)
    Age: Roughly 60 years when he died. After death: Beyond the age of 100
    Race (Races listed below): Fallen Twisted (He is the Reaper)
    Appearance: Deformed face and body: Black and green thickened skin. Wears little clothing due to the warmth of his environment-normally a long rag/robe below his waste and that is it. His hands and feet are like claws.
    Personality: He is one of the few just Reapers, willing to do whatever it takes to stop a war between the Underworld and the living. He is kind to humans, showing compassion, and wants to help them in the problems of the Kingdom.
    Weapons + Magic: Two long duel scythes, that are more like blades. They are glowing with green necromantic energy.
    Backstory: See the story I wrote above. He's managed to have a child with the human Ashley Lifesong, presumably sometime when he was alive or dead. She went missing before the child came to the age of 5. The child was trained as a warrior, by Sethr'ra. The child's name is Shard. He is currently 22 and is willing to be the next Reaper, but his father disapproves of this.

    Name: Baneoth Gorehoof (Now called 'Deathoof')
    Age: 28
    Race (Races listed below): Centaur
    Appearance: A Black and brown Centuar with rags all around his main body-which are a mixture of red and yellow. He has a pointed hat with bones dangling from it.
    Personality: Ambitious, energetic, looks up to Sethr'ra
    Weapons + Magic: A magical necromantic staff/axe
    Backstory: Originally born to the Proudtrot family of Centaurs who ruled the Centaur tribes, he was illegitamised when it was discovered the father who had given birth to him was not of one of the wealthy Lords who were in favour of the Great Emir. There was a rebelion 5 years later and the Great Emir was killed, emerging the rise of the Great Khan, who believed in tribal rule. As a young centaur, he bore witness to the most controversial moment in history: the massacre of the centaur race. He watched as the human kingdoms sent hordes of slavers out. The centaur tribes were crushed and his family were killed. Baneoth Gorehoof fled into the Barren deserts with a small minority (25%) of Centaurs, where they bred again. Gorehoof swore that he would kill all humans that day, in revenge. He had been practising the dark art of necromancy for several years, with the help of a necromancer, and completing his training, he renamed himself 'Deathoof.' It was this one who recommended him as an apprentice to Sethr'ra and became one of his loyal followers. The Necromancer who suggested him was actually a member of the council of necromancers, who believed that placing followers were loyal to the council as candidates for the Reaper's apprentices, could influence the Reaper himself to start another war against the humans. The council were careful to make Deathoof seem like an enthusiastic human lover. Deathoof followed Sethr'ra, protecting him with his life, until the plot was foiled, when Deathoof confessed his true feelings about the human race, and attacked Sethr'ra. The two of them fought all over the globe until Deathoof was murdered by a Necromancer. Sethr'ra then raised Deathoof from the dead and Deathoof apoligised and Sethr'ra made up with him. The two are now best friends and together wish to take down the council of Necromancers, silently, using influence and power of contacts.

    Name: Shard Lowkhart
    Age: 22
    Race (Races listed below): Twisted/human hybrid
    Appearance: Has the thick skin of the Twisted and the deformed 'twisted' face. Body is black with some grey spots.
    Personality: Protective of his father, loyal to him. Friendly, but hides a darker side.
    Weapons + Magic: Has had some knowledge of necromancy, but he doesn't have the desire to be a necromancer. Instead focuses on dark 'shadow' magic. Equipped with a short sword-in the style of one of his father's scythes as it has a curved edge like a scythe or haliberd. He channels his dark magic with this. He also has the ability to hide in the shadows with his shadow magic, which was taught to him by a dark wizard.
    Backstory: Born to Sethr'ra, he was always expected to follow his footsteps. When Shard denied this fate, he went off on his own. Sethr'ra found that he had broken into the archives in the magic tower. In fear that he would be caught for reading through the sacred texts, Sethr'ra tried to sneak him out. Of course, they were caught, but by a dark wizard. He was kind enough not to alert the guards and he taught Shard the skills to go into the darkness. Shard then travelled around with the Dark Wizard, in hope that he would teach him everything he knew, which he did. After the Wizard's death, Shard came back to his father in an attempt to work out what happened to his mother. Shard searched for texts about her and that is one reason why he was in the tower of magic, because she had been synonymous with it, being a high ranking Enchantess. His father made him go and find more details out for himself. Eventually, Shard found out. The two then went to live together on a small island in the north sea.
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  2. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    You may submit character forms here! I think i'm going to use this post as a more general introduction to the lore anyway!
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  3. That’s a lot to take in.

    I may consider joining this.
  4. Looks interesting, but overwhelming. I think a simple timeline, glossary and map will really help people to understand the universe.
  5. And definitely a summary.
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  6. Lol, yeah. Like the synopsis written in the back of a novel.
  7. this interest me, a simpler summary would help
  8. What Did You Do To Snoke?

    What Did You Do To Snoke? Previously Ratbag the Coward

    Okay, so taking in these suggestions, I will be making a seperate discussion which goes into the simple undead vs human rp with a struggle for the reaper title. I will make seperate rps to do with seperate aspects and isolate them off so that some of the more complicated stuff is not there. I will also one day post a map and simplify certain aspects, as I agree the original post is way too complicated.

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