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The New Trainer in Town

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Rhea, Feb 26, 2009.

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  1. Kale got off the ship and waved to the captian, "Thanks for the ride!" she yelled to him. He waved back and smiled at her. She smiled and quickly turned around to look at the place she had just arrived in. The region of Sinnoh. She couldn't wait to explore this new place.
    She looked down at her Growlithe. He was wagging his tail in aniticapation. "I'm just as excited as you are Growlithe, but calm down. We need to find a place to eat. It's lunch time and I'm starving." She looked at her pokemon, "And I bet you are too."
    Kale looked around. She saw lots of kids running around and playing with their pokemon. People sitting on benches and talking with one another. She looked over and saw a sign. It read that this town was called Canalave City. She didn't know where to go, but the first thing to look for is a Pokemon Center, then go from there.
    She walked around for a bit and told Growlithe, "I give. This town is kind of big, and I have no idea where anything is. Maybe I should of taken that map from that Sailor. Oh well, to late now." She slumped down on a bench. Growlithe hopped up on the bench next to her. He put his paw on her leg. "Your right Growlithe. We shouldn't give up."
    She immeditly got up and saw a mysterious building. She went over to it and it said "Closed". She read the sign that went along with it. It was apparently and old hotel. She pulled on the handles anyway. They wouldn't bugde an inch. It was closed tight. "Great," she commented, "There's one place out."
  2. (Hello! Hope you don't mind if I join.)

    Mark strolled around his home of Canalave City. It was a nice, quiet port town that was full of excitement...if you knew where to look. Mark was sixteen and had just gotten back a week ago from his visit to Kanto, where his Eevee had evolved into a very arrogant Jolteon, who was walking beside him.

    Mark didn't get a meter past the Pokemon Center when he saw a girl try to get into the old hotel. This was something most odd, as any resident of Canalave would know not to even go near that place. It was believed to be cursed.

    "Hey! What are you doing over there?" He called out, a smirk crossing Jolteon's face. "Jolteon, we are not going to teach her a lesson, okay? She's probably just a visitor." Jolteon frowned, and lowered his spiky fur that was crackling with electricity.

    "If you're looking for a hotel, you'll need to try the PokeCenter!" Mark yelled to her.
  3. (not at all!)

    Kale looked at were the voice was coming from. It was a boy. He looked around her age. She blushed becuase he probably saw her get into the hotel. Growlithe growled. "That's enough Growlithe." She looked up at him again. He had a Jolteon out. She now knew the reason he growled. "Sorry about that." She apologized walking closer so they didn't have to yell across the road to one another. "Growlithe's not that good around other pokemon."
    She noticed he said something about a pokemon center. That got her attention, "I'm new here. I just arrived from the Kanto region. Sorry if that was a little weird of me. I;m just interested in that building over there." She looked back at the building, then at the boy again, "My name is Kale, nice to meet you and your Jolteon."
    His Jolteon looked like it had been well groomed, fed, and trained from the day of it's birth. "Are you a breeder?" She asked all of a sudden. "Your Jolteon just looks amazing."
  4. "Are you a breeder? Your Jolteon looks amazing." she had said. A breeder? Mark? Never. Mark was never the kind of person to get into breeding, he was more of a helpful, wanna-be Gym Leader.

    "A breeder? Nah. I'm not into that kind of thing. I'm Mark by the way. Glad to meet you Kale." he said, giving Jolteon a you-better-knock-it-off kind of look. "This Jolteon was originally my sister's but she gave him to me a long time ago. He does all of his grooming himself." Mark laughed a small bit at this.

    In Mark's backpack, he could feel Banette rustling around in there, trying to get into a better position to hear the conversation. Banette always did this to Mark, so he learned to ignore it...for the most part.

    "So you're new here? Well, in Sinnoh, we have this old legend about that hotel. Its believed that when a person enters, that they fall into a nightmare that can never be awakened from, unless one has the Lunar Wing." Mark said.

    "But anyway, the PokeCenter is where you might want to be looking if you're looking for a place to stay. They have great rooms and let trainers stay for free." At this point, Banette burst forth from the backpack and landed inbetween Mark and Kale, a evil look on her face.
  5. A lunar wing? But lunar means moon in Latin...

    He said that the pokecenter was a great place for trainers to stay. She smiled at the comment, "I'm not that new." She sort of laughed at hers. Though it was true, she had no idea how to get around in this new region.
    All of a sudden, a Banette jumped out from his back pack. She sort of jumped at this, for she was not expecting anything to do that. The pokemon went in between them, looking like she was going to attack Kale. Growlithe immeditly jumped in front of Kale and growled.
    Kale knelt down to Growlithe, "It's fine Growlithe." She reached into her back pocket and pulled out some treats. She poured a few pelets into her hand and fed them to Growlithe. He ate them happily and she pet him, "That's a good boy."
    She looked at the Banette. It was a ghost type. She reached into her back pocket once more and pulled out some more treats. She poured some on to the ground next to the Banette. Usually, this was her way of making a pokemon like her. She was prepared for any types of pokemon, including dragon types.
    She got back up off the ground. The Banette looked at the little pelets, wondering if to eat them or not. She smiled at it, "Go ahead. There's plenty more if you like it."
  6. Banette's sudden jump had startled Kale and her Growlithe. Typical. This is exactly what Banette would do to new people. Mark pulled out Banette's Dusk Ball and returned Banette to it, the crimson light engulfing her and shooting back inside.

    "Ummmm, sorry about that. Banette doesn't like new people, and also doesn't eat for some weird reason." Mark apologized. He looked down at the Growlithe, who was now happily eating some treats. He looked back at Kale.

    "Say, since you're new to Sinnoh and all, would you like to go to Oreburgh? It's Sinnoh's first Gym, so I thought you might wanna make a start there."
  7. Oreburgh, huh?

    She smiled, "Sure." She suddenly remembered she had no idea where to go after this point. She blushed at this thought, "Well, I don't know exactly where to go, could you help me out?" She hoped that would be a yes. She needed a good start on this journey. She needed to beat every gym she could find. Maybe it could lead her closer to her past.

    "So, do you think you could help me out a bit?" She asked once again. She needed to go to Oreburgh to see what it looked like and to see if it was familiar to her. If not, she would just have to keep looking. Usually, she would anyways, but this was the only region she hadn't been to yet, so maybe somewhere here would be her home.
  8. "Sure Kale, I'd be glad to help you out around here." Mark said with a smile.

    Mark looked at Jolteon, who replied in kind with a You-sicken-me look. Jolteon hated when Mark was nice to people. But...why?

    Eevee was running around the Power Plant, very angry that it had lost to a pokemon that was way beneath it in skill level. Mark had made Eevee lose to help out a trainer who was feeling down and considering to quit raising pokemon, even though he had great potential. Eevee ran around a corner and tripped over a strange rock, and then it happened: he began to glow, the sign of evolution.

    'That's why he dislikes me being nice,' Mark thought. 'He thinks I'm gonna make him lose again.' The little flashback made Mark feel a bit uneasy about helping Kale, but it was something that needed to be done. Most people would probably take advantage of her.

    "So yeah, Kale, if we're gonna get to Oreburgh, we'll need to head out of Canalave and towards Jubilife City, which is just a little ways away. If we're lucky, we'll get there before night."
  9. (Here comes another party-carsher! ;D)

    Selena squinted and leaned forward, shoving her feet back into the stirrups. She was riding on Inferno, her Rapidash, to Oreburg City, to meet her Aunt.

    "C'mon, Inferno, can't you go any faster? I promised Aunt Melissa and Uncle Harley that I'd be there by 12:00. It's already 11:55!" Selena patted the side of Inferno's neck.

    Inferno shook his head irritably but sped up, and Selena leaned forward again, tightening her grip on the reins. Once Oreburg came in sight, Selena breathed a sigh of relief and and loosened up on the reins. Inferno picked up a steady trot, and they headed for Oreburg.
  10. (O.C.C. That's okay!)

    "Thanks," Kale replied, "but, I hope your good with directions, because, I have no idea where I'm heading to..." her voice trailed off.

    Growlithe snuggled up on her leg, still glaring at Jolteon. Kale kind of kicked him gently with her leg. "Enough Growlithe." She looked up at Mark, "Sorry, Growlithe is very testy these days. Normally, he's a lot calmer."

    She fed him some more treats and put the treats away back in her pocket, "So, what direction are we heading to next?"
  11. (Mind if I join? 83)

    "Come on Libra move abit faster." Nitta cryed standing by a lamp post waiting for her very slow Frosslass to catch up. The Frosslass in questions named Libra pulled away her claw from the tip of her mouth and gave a light cry. She then returned the claw to it's place and picked up some speed. Nitta never put Libra in her poke'ball, the poke'mon didn't really like them all that much. "Finally. Are you sure you don't want me to carry you? That stupid Wingull didn't know what it was talking about." Nitta assured her frosslass leaned down her hands open. The Frosslass stoped, and shook her head. Back in Sandgem some wingull were taunting Frosslass because she was always being carryed by Nitta, the Frosslass just didn't want to be carryed since them. Nitta sighed. She didn't want to push Libra to a choice she didn't want to make. Instead she slowly shuffled behind her little poke'mon. Jubilife was helpful with that Nitta guessed. It was abit crowded, and frosslass had to keep close, but eventually she got tired of it, and her will let up. She stoped and turned back to Nitta holding up her arms. "Frosss...." It cryed.
    "Thought so." Nitta giggled picking up her poke'mon. Nitta then in a quick pace made her way east to Oreburge. "We'll be in Oreburge soon." Nitta told Libra steping out of Jubilife. Mount Coronet peered over them soon, and they entered the giant mountain. Oreburge wasn't far off and Mount Coronet was calmly cool, and quite. "How about alittle rest here before we continue?" Nitta asked her Frosslass. Libra nodded, and wiggled free from Nitta's arms. She immediatly ran over to the water, and started to freeze it. Nitta sat agenst the mountain wall, and watched her active little poke'mon.
  12. "Whoa, Inferno. Stoooop!!!" Suddenly, Selena was flying through the air, and landed in a small pond outside of the city. "Aww. Inferno!" Selena growled playfully and splashed some water Inferno's way. Inferno whinnied in protest and walked away.

    "You're no fun." Selena pouted. "I bet Aqua will have some fun with me." Selena threw a dive ball in the air and a Floatzel materialized infront of her. "Wanna race?"

    "Zel!" Aqua exclaimed, and started swinging her tail. Soon, it was almost invisible.

    Serena laughed and jumped under the water. In seconds she was at the other end, flipped, and was heading back to the shore. When she surfaced, she didn't see Aqua. "Oh! Yeah! I just wo..."

    Aqua was sitting next to Inferno. She gave Selena a look that said, Where were you? I've been waiting for hours!

    Selena sighed and returned Aqua to her pokeball, than sat out in the sun to dry off.
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    OOC: Hey. Judging by the flow of the thread so far, I'm going to assume the string of short posts has been related to their conversational nature. Either way, please watch the length and quality of your replies (look at other non-warned threads for examples). Some of these replies have boarded on rule breaking, but it seems too early to make a final judgment here. I will follow this, though, and hope that once you get into the plot more we'll be seeing deeper replies.
  14. "Well Kale, we'd have to head east if we want to get to Jubilife, then Oreburgh. If you have a good Water-type to Surf on, then you'd be in luck because Route 218 has water that will need to be crossed. But, if you don't then we can just use my Lapras." Mark said while pointing to a Pokeball on his belt.

    He led the way to the little building that provided safe passage from Canalave City into Route 218. Kale was silent the way there, but this didn't bother Mark. Jolteon was far ahead of Mark, not wanting to be anywhere near Kale or her Growlithe.

    Jolteon was acting so strange since he met Kale, but what was the cause? Jealousy of Growlithe? Hatred of Mark being nice? A combination of both? Either way, Mark was uneasy about it. He reached into his pocket for Jolteon's ball, and returned Jolteon to it. Jolteon disliked being in there, but didn't like riding Lapras, so it was kind of a "hmm, which is worse?" kind of thing for him.

    Mark and Kale reached the water. Mark grabbed Lapras' Pokeball, and tossed it to the water, where it promptly sent her out and returned to his hand. "Laaaap!" she cried out in glee. She loved this sort of thing.

    "Kale, you'd better return Growlithe. I don't know if he'll enjoy the crossing over the water."
  15. Kale smiled, "I'll have to use your Lapras. I don't have water-type pokemon."

    Mark led the way to the exit of the city and she was mostly silent the whole way there. Mark didn't seem to mind, but she was thinking of a strategy for the gym leader.

    When the got to the body of water, Mark sent out his Lapras. He noted that she might want to put Growlithe back into it's pokeball. She chuckled a bit and smiled at him, "Growlithe loves playing in water. Strange for a fire-type yes, yet, it seems nice." Growlithe barked beside her, "He doesn't like his pokeball, so he's had to stay out in many conditions before, it doesn't bother him at all anymore."

    She looked at Growlithe and he was wagging his tail in enjoyment. He liked seeing his trainer make new friends it seemed. She looked up at Mark's Jolteon. It seriously didn't seem to like her that much. The Jolteon just watched her talk to it's trainer in dislike. Kale shivered at the glaring of the Jolteon. She had never seen a pokemon's eyes be so hurtful. Did she do something wrong? Did she say something to offend the electric pokemon.

    She honestly didn't want to find out. She had been through many pokemon incidents before, and nothing compared to an electric shock. She had dealt with fire burns, water skid marks, and cuts from flying attacks. She had been shocked by a Raichu once. It hurt like she was getting burned by a Magmar. Only, three times worse.
  16. ((I hope you don't mind one more! ;D))

    JoJo was walking home, as he was fidgeting with his Pokeball, watching the red coating shimmer in the sunlight. It was a warm, sunny day. As he was fidgeting with his Pokeball, he dropped it, and it started to roll along the path. "Agh!" JoJo cursed as he chased after the Pokeball. It jumped at every crack and pebble, making it hard for him to snatch it. In the distance he saw the lakeside shore, and two small figures. Briefly distracted, he realized the Pokeball was almost in the water. "No!" He yelled, as he ran even faster, watching the Pokeball fly towards the body of water.

    ((I know it's short, but once I get more into the story, I will come up with longer replies.))
  17. ((Can we make it two, plz? ;D))
    "This place hasn't changed a bit," the 13 year old thought as she made her way through Canalave. "Hey mom! I'm home!" she shouted as she barged into the house, picked up some homemade poffins, and then left. "Thanks for the poffins, Mom. I'm gonna go, bye!" Her mother looked up to see a grown girl in a green jacket and jeans run out the door.She's changed quite a bit Erika's mother thought as she shouted an unaudible good-bye.
    It's such a beautiful day. Maybe I should let Ubrey and Espey out for a while. Erika smirked as she decided whether or not to let them out. Umbrey and Espey really didn't enjoy each others company. She guessed it was a natural thing, so she just ignored it most of the time. "I haven't let Umbrey out in a while," she said, letting out the bright ringed pokemon before she would change her mind.
    Umbrey gave her a why did you wake me up at a time like this? look. Erika just put her hands on her hips and was about to reply when Umbrey quickly took off running. What got into him? Erika thought as she ran after her normally obedient Umbreon. Umbrey jumped and caught a shiny pokeball and ran back, handing it to its trainer, hoping for a reward. "Oh, alright," Erika said, easily giving in. She looked in her backpack for a poffin. "Here you go, Umbrey." Umbrey almost smiled and ate up the poffin.
    I'm guessing somebody lost this pokeball or something. Nobody would be that mean to abandon a pokemon like this. Erika looked up, seeing two trainers getting on a Lapras. "Hey! Is this pokeball yours?" She called out, running towards the two trainors, her Umbreon in tow.

    ((Sorry it's not as long as I hoped it would and probably should be. It's my first time and it'll be longer next time. :D))
  18. (lets make it three ;D)

    "Ugh what a boring day" Rae said is he was laying under a tree watching the clouds next to his Medicham who he had since his start of his journey. "Well since where here why not go and train Medicham?" As he got up to go to the woods his feet felt like jello. "Wow i must have been down a long time Medicham!" As the Medicham looked at him funny he worked out the kinks in his legs and race to the woods his Medicham finally getting up and running after him. Soon when he entered the woods and started his regular seminar of training with medicham he noticed a girl about the age of 13 maybe 14 with a Umbreon in tow. Running past he was curios of what a girl like her was doing out here in the woods. so he decided to follow her and see what she was up to.

    (this is my first rpg ever so plz tips and all that are appreciated)
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    Let's not.

    The topic creator of this has vanished, and until she returns and shows further interest in reviving this thread I'm going to lock it. Rhea, feel free to PM me about it if/when you return (if you want XD).
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