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The New Rival

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Blarg, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. So, what would you guys like to see in the new rival? Would you like one like the Gen. III and IV rivals where they were all nice to you, or a complete asshole like in Gen. I and II? I'd perfer the latter, because Green and Silver were just the guys that you loved to hate.
  2. I honestly do not like people that you love to hate, so I want kinda a cross. You know, kinda nice kinda mean.
  3. I would rather the "rival" be someone disinterested in the player's success: not out for a competition, as it were. I suppose this would be seen as mean, of course, as they would likely just shrug off every attempt that the player would/could make to instigate any true rivalry or any form of friendship. The notion of a rivalry should be coming from the player and be fed through off-handed remakrs from supporting cast about the supposed-rival's success in certain areas.

    Sort of a "this person is my goal" rather than "this person is mean and I shall beat them".
  4. Well, the proffessor's a woman, so why can't they make the rival that as well? Honestly, I've wanted a a girl rival that was like a cross between Cynthia (I know, not a rival.) and Silver, like a bitchy chick that is a little mysterious. And maybe she could have a more diverse team, like maybe she could have a dragon for once. I would also want her to have more to the story other than Barry had in DP, she could actually be a part of Team "X" or be its leader that turns over to the good side after you beat her, but she's still badass, or she could have more importance by some other means. I would also like it if you had more post final battle battles, and in a better place than the Pokemon League or the Survival Area, such as atop a mountain, or the place you beat her last time, or the place were you first met, or some random route. I would also like it if the day wasn't so specific and the time wasn't so early. Plus, I would like her to level up more rapidly, I still haven't gotten Barry to raise his team higher than the first phase.

    Edit: Just realized, Maybe we could have a different rival for the different games. like a Bitchy chick for White, and maybe a Energetic Barry like girl for white, but with a personality like Abby's from NCIS. That would be funny XD
  5. I agree that it would be refreshing to have a female rival with some personality and spunk. For some reason a large portion of the fanbase has a thing for rude/dark rivals...and I have no shame in including myself in that group. It would be cool to have a female rival with Silver or Paul's personality, but if she had Barry's personality it would still be awesome because she'd be cute XD Personally I also think it would be fun to have an eccentric rival. Not like Barry who'd probably just had one Red Bull too many, but rather like Marley in-game.
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  6. I want a rival that gets progressively madder with each loss to you. That would be interesting.
  7. I want more than one rival. They're great exp.

    It would be cool to have one angry/dark rival, one spunky rival and the other player character as a third rival.
  8. I reckon a love sick rival would be funny, making every battle feel awkward. But through out the game they could slowly turn to hate you because you always beat them.
  9. I liked it in pearl where there were two people who you constantly bumped into in the game, however one was a rival and another was one you battled with
    It'd be better if you could of battled that second person though (for EXP purposes ;D)
    So I do agree with the idea of having more than one rival in the game
    However, I would want one nice rival who you'd be eager to battle against (it'd being a girl would be a nice idea :D)
    but, id also want one stuck up, rude a** hole rival who you love to hate,
    Because to be honest they are the best ones, you just gotta love them :D
  10. As the famous Youtube LP maker Chuggaconroy would say:
    I want another reincarnation of The Jerk.
  11. Well, I loved Barry and Silver, but I couldn't stand May (Brendan, for you ladies.). Barry was a complete ditz and full of energy, and I thought he was a riot. Silver was dark, cynical, and mysterious, but I want someone that isn't generally hated by all NPC's, as Silver was. Someone that garners as much respect as the player character does, like Barry, but with the more heavy-toned personality of Silver. Like-a that :D
  12. I think you should be able to choose if you are bad or good, then the story would be completely different. If you chose good, your rival (Possibly rivals) would be really bad, like a Gangster/Goth person. If you chose bad, your rival(s) will be really good and smiley and love happinys.
  13. Okay, we all know that Cheren and Bela (or whatever her name is) will be the ones with the other two starts, but even though they will technically be the rivals, I'm betting my money that N will be more of a rival, sorta acting like a cult-esque Wally. Just the way he looks too, plus the other two just sound like your buddies that you'll meet and challenge everynow and then, while N seems like a rival that you have to defeat to prevent a certain peril.
  14. Sounds interesting. Wally with a mission, with a plan...

    I liked the rivals in Gen III and IV, but Barry was just flat out ANNOYING. Wally, he was more collected, not too many battles. They say that Wally is your rival, but May/Brendan is more of a rival, though they say they're "checking how you're raising your Pokemon" The Gen I and II were okay, though Silver was better, because I'd pwn him and he'd think it was his Pokemon's fault (Oh, silly Silver...). Green... I'm very meh about him. He wass okay, just... meh.

    WE NEED A GIRL. Other than May (Sort of...) We've never had one.
    YES. THIS IS A GOOD IDEA. A Cynthia/Silver mix. Yeah, that sounds awesome. LOL, I can totally think of one erson to fit that role.
  15. Well, since the only rival I've ever liked was the rival in G/S/C, I hope that the new rival will be evil. And there should only be one rival (two makes a pair but three makes a crowd, and so on)
  16. Now I have discovered that there are 2 rivals, I want one to be the next Gary, a right bastard, and the other to be a nice bloke. (Well, blokette. Is that even a word?)
  17. I think There Should be 2-3 Rivals.
    One Rival Being the other PC Who Is willing to battle you and sometimes Teams Up with you for Certain Story Battles.

    Rival #2 Being all bad and Angry out wanting revenge on Team Plasma for an Unexplainable Plot twist.

    Rival #3 Being all Perky and Hyperactive who is kinda In between Sometimes They don't wanna waste there time. Other
    Times they will battle. Like DP Rival Also They May battle Along side you once or twice and of course They will create Plot Twists.
  18. i hoop he/she is evil and and self-centerd but stil he/she looks up to jou: why is he/she diferend than the others? why can't i beat him/her? stil she/he doen't show you cause he/she is to proud and turnd good when the local team does his final boss thing
  19. Being black and white its going to be something you wont expect. Theyre doing new ideas meaning its not going to be the same as the older versions. But what would be a good idea is that your rival becomes so strong he becomes the leader of team plasma and kicks out the recent leader and you have to join teams with the former leader and try to take him down
  20. Cheren doesn't look like he's capable of being bad and Bel...well looks like a ditz
  21. One's a ditz, the other is a genius who feels like he's there to test you. We all know that by now.

    Although you could consider N as a rival, even if he's the undercover boss of Team Plasma, as you do fight him in place of a champion, like Gary, except he loses his crown permanently this time. He even manages to capture a Legendary and uses it against you, which makes him probably the most epic trainer to battle in the entire main-series.

    So technically speaking, there are actually three rivals in the game, one who is a cross between Cyrus and Gary. He did ditch the poor ancient-machine-bug because he thought it was too "impure". Pure awesome I'd say.
  22. I want a jerk who's trying to be nice but horribly failing at it. That's the kind of rival I want.
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