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Open The new guardian begins his journey

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kaine Snow, Dec 15, 2018.

  1. A young seven-year-old boy groaned as he laid in a pile of snow, pain and confusion dulled his senses as he attempted to move only to cry out. His left arm was twisted and broken, the other slowly moved and grabbed a pokeball that hung at his side. Calling out his only pokemon, an Eevee, he asked the small pokemon to get help. Eevee ran off loyally looking for anyone that could help. The boy stared at the sky and tried to remember what happened or even who he was but the memories were gone. The frost made him tired and he hoped Eevee would get away, the last sight he saw were several shadows looking down on him.

    He was saved that night by a hermit tribe of people who brought him into their village and gave him a new name since his old one was forgotten. Kaine Snow was raised by these people and grew to love them like family. He and Eevee reunited and learned about the world from the stories of the villagers the elder telling them of the reason their village stayed on Mt. Coronet regardless of the snow and lack of crops. He told them of the village's history of keeping watch over Spear Pillar and how it gave them the wisdom of aura like how ancient people were able to use it. Kaine begged and asked to be taught in aura but every time he tried it ended in failure, his mind and soul unable to focus. One day, Eevee was caught by a rock slide and he panicked to save his friend. Stealing an artifact, he was finally able to use aura to throw off the rocks and save his friend, seeing he had evolved into a Glaceon. At the village, the elder was impressed he could use the artifact and allowed him to borrow it on one condition. He needed a new aura guardian as he feared the Pillar would soon be in danger so he asked Kaine to leave the mountain and see the world as it is since he came to them. Kaine agreed and tied the artifact to a necklace and took a few supplies before leaving with Snowball the Glaceon down to the Sinnoh Region.
  2. Zed a man in his forties was wandering around Mt. Coronet looking for spear pillar. After spending many years in the alola region he has decided to leave and travel the world once more. He had been climbing the mountain for about a week his beard coated in ice. With his darkened glassed on his only guide are his pokemon who struggle with him through this journey. As he continued his climb he soon see's an outline of a person and what looked to be a glaceon. He soon called out to try and get his attention.
  3. Anwar, a young boy who was lost in the non-stop pouring snow. He and his Raichu saw 2 figures on the horizon and heard some shouting. As he and Raichu tried to yell for help at them. It just wasn't enough to catch their attention. As he threw a Pokeball on the floor, a Pigeot came flying out of it. Anwar ordered Pidgeot to fly to the mountains to get the old man (Or, what it looked like from a perspective like Anwar's) to get his directions

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