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Ask to Join The New Elements of Harmony (a My Little Pony rp)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Starfall, Feb 22, 2016.


Who is the best princess?

  1. Celestia

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  2. Luna

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  3. Cadance

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  4. Twilight

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  1. (Hello, in this rp, you are one of the remade Elements of Harmony. Everything in Equestria was peaceful and prosperous until a strage group called the Liberators started acting up. Now, all of Equestria lives in turmoil. The only ponies that can beat the Liberators are the Elements of Harmony, but they have not been together since the Mane 6. Now, let's have some rules!)
    2. Must go to Ponyville Elementary
    Love- (open)
    Compassion-Feathersketch (@Iceblossom)
    Imagination- LilyDrop (@Lilyheart0930)
    Adventure- Willowmoon (@Bluefeather)
    Fun- (open)
    Caring- (open)
    Now, let's begin!)
    Name: LilyDrop
    Special Talent- she is an amazing writer
    Cutie mark: a open book with a pencil
    Race: pegasus
    Personality: LilyDrop is extremley creative. She loves to play pretend. She is naive and wants to play with everyone, but is a bit too trusting.
    fur colour: white
    Mane colour: light pink with blue stripes
    Eye colour: rainbow

    LilyDrop watched the clock. Miss Chereliee's lecture about Princess Celestia was extremley boring. Recess was thankfully in 10 minutes. She would just have to wait until then.

    LilyDrop, to entertain herself, thought back to when she got her Cutie Mark. It was the day that she finished her first story, the Tome of the Unknown. It made her feel warm and fuzzy every time she thought about it.

    Finally, after what seemed like forever, the recess bell rung. LilyDrop's wings flapped extremley quickly as she flew into the schoolyard. She landed next to the playscape, and galloped up the stairs. She leapt onto the slide, and slid down.

    As LilyDrop fell off the slide, she bumped into somepony. "Sorry!" She giggled.
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  2. Name: FeatherSketch
    Special Talent: Drawing and sketching
    Cutie Mark: A pencil with wings on either side of it.
    Race: Pegasus
    Personality: FeatherSketch is calm, quiet, and always seems to trip over her mane. She's a fantastic flier, as well as an awesome artist.
    Element: Compassion
    Fur color: Light gray (aka Silver)
    Mane color: Dark red
    Eye color: Right eye dark purple, Left eye dark blue

    "Ah!" FeatherSketch exclaimed, and tripped. Pencils flew out of her saddle onto the ground. FeatherSketch sighed. "It's okay." She mumbled, and began to pick up all of the dropped pencils.
  3. Bluefeather

    Bluefeather Formerly pokeLPS

    Talent/mark: Taking photos. Her mark is a blue camera.
    Race: Unicorn
    Element: Adventure
    Fur: Light blue
    Mane&tail: White with blue stripes/highlights
    Eyes are pink
    Personality: brave and determined. She likes to help her friends. She is also kind of a tech nerd at times.
    Likes: Talking walks with her camera; composing spells . . .

    Willowmoon rushed outside when the bell rang.
    "Yes!" She laughed.
    Spotting some fillies over by the slide, she trotted over.
    "Hey, guys! Epic face plant!"

    ( Sorry if she sounds mean D: )
  4. Name: RubyDash
    Special Talent- can fly extremely well and never falls weather it's by accident or not
    Cutie mark: Neon Red Ruby with a Neon Pink lightning Bolt in it
    Race: Pegasus
    Element: Love
    Personality: RubyDash is Kind and very protective, she like to keep to herself but she always manages to bump into someone. RubyDash is quite fun and jumpy with certain things and will go ballistic if she sees anything that involves flying
    fur colour: Neon Pink with a Neon Red dot on her forehead
    Mane colour: Neon Red
    Eye colour: Neon Purple

    RubyDash walked out silently and sighed, spotting some fillies she decides to walk up to them. "Hello, I'm RubyDash" She said with a small smile. Her mane fell down to her hooves and her tail wrapped around her back leg.
  5. Bluefeather

    Bluefeather Formerly pokeLPS

    "Heyo!" WillowMoon smiled back. She extended her hoof. "WillowMoon, nice to meet you! Hey, do ya'll want to play a game?" She asked, including the two at the bottom of the slide. "Uh, do you still need help with that?" She asked the one picking up pencils.
  6. RubyDash shook WillowMoon's hoove and then picked up the rest of the pencils that layed in the floor. "I'm RubyDash by the way, and who are your two?" She asked the unknown Fillies that was at the bottom of the slide.

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