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The new battle frontier (open)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Frontier Master, Jul 23, 2015.

  1. ((OOC ok guys this eps focuses on a brand new battle frontier with new frontier bains, locations and battle facilities

    So feel free to challenge another frontier brain and create your own new facility))

    "Now Kangaskan use power up punch!" Yelled jake the frontier brain of the newest battle facility 'the battle fortress' as his strong mega normal type delivered the finishing blow on the challengers bisharp
    "Great work Kangaskan another win" said jake as the challenger recalled his fainted Pokemon
    "Wow your Kangaskan is really strong Jake, I didn't stand a chance" said the young boy
    "Hey don't be like that your bisharp did really well but always remember to try to teach your Pokemon moves with good coverage and accuracy instead of just power" relied jake as he de-mega evolved his Kangaskan and returned it to its pokeball
    "Thanks for the tips jake I'll try that from now on" replied the young trainer clearly disappointed with his loss

    -------later that night------

    "Ok looks like its time to close up for the night guys" jake said to his Pokemon
    'Hey jake wait up" yelled a voice from a short stout man driving a red four wheel drive toward the battle fortress it was Scott the creator of the battle frontier
    "I-I have som-someone to introdu-uce to you" said the floral shirt wearing genius trying to catch his breathe from all the shouting
    "Jake meet...
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  2. "My names JaQuille good sir. Nice to meet you. Iv'e been traveling for a while and and heard about this place. Sure enough i couldn't let this challenge pass me by, but i didn't know how to get here.....and then, that's when i met Scott".
  3. "Ok well hi I'm Jake and I am the frontier brain for this facility the battle fortress but I don't just yet anyone Challenge me so if you want to battle me you need to either have defeated The seven other frontier brains, defeated all of the gyms of at least two regions or be recommended by a prominent pokemon trainer" Jake replied coldly it had been a long day and he wanted to get home
    "so maybe in the morning you could start by challenging some of the other battle facilities because the fortress is an exclusive facility for only highly skilled trainers"
  4. JaQuille looked around at the huge area filled with fortresses. "Wow, looks like a have my work cut out for me" Ok, first thing in the morning, i shall challenge the other facilities, and show them my skills. But if i ever make it to you, i certainly hope you dont tell me my symbol is in another facility." Jaquille then proceeds to set up camp at the edge of the shore line. "I've got a lot of training to do, if im gonna beat any of them" he said to himself turning in for the night.
  5. Jake simply turned his back and began to walk toward a shining tower of light in the centre of the battle frontier "the battle resort" other than functioning as the tourist hub for the frontier and as the easiest of the battle facilities it was a pokecentre a department store anything you could possibly need for a trip to the battle frontier, and then some. but yhe battle resort served a more important role it was also home to all of the frontier brains.

    Jake being the strongest of the frontier brains had the three storey pent house suite to himself. The penthouse was split into three main areas the lowest a sleeping and relaxation area for the Pokemon complete with 18 type based habitats and space to house thirty-six pokemon comfortably.

    The central level housed the main living room, entrance, a small communal trading space/gym and a small retractable outdoor pool to take in the amazing two hundred and seventy degree views of vast oceans and souring moutain tops and finally the top level housed jakes living quarters the kitchen, a small study/library space, the main bathroom and of course his bedroom

    Jake took the direct express elevator from the frontier brains shared hub floor directly into his living room
    "Ok guys time to relax!" Jake yelled as he released his six Pokemon "It's been a long day so everyone take some time to relax yourselves and unwind dinner is at 8 and please try not to get any poke food crumbs in the habitats the cleaners are getting sick of cleaning them all day everyday." Jake yawned and headed upstairs for a shower before an quick night time study session trying to learn about this Jaquille guy

    ---------------------the next day-------------------

    "Ok guys everyone up you all have one hour to be ready to head to the fortress" jake yelled from the kitchen down to his Pokemon "Kangaskan please keep in mind what we have talked about in regard to power-up punch. Ok everyone time to head out! come on let's go!! hurry up!!" Jake recalled each of his Pokemon then took the lift straight to ground floor and began the 5 minute walk to the battle fortress
  6. Ina, was walking down a path to get to the battle fortress it was only a year since she started her Pokemon journey. Walking besides her were two Pokemon, Solstice and Minti, Espeon and Glaceon. She had a few other Pokemon besides them, however those two were her starters. Deep in thought she looked down to study the outfit she put on today. She was in a rush this morning so she didn't put much thought towards the matter. Seeing that she put on her usual fuchsia and ice blue dress did not surprise her. She colored the dress the color of her Pokemon. She stopped when she felt a small tug on her boot. "Hmmm? Minti, Solstice, what's wrong?" She studied them for a second. "Oh! That's right!" She placed a pink ribbon with a multicolored contest ribbon on Minti's ear and put a similar ice blue ribbon with the same ribbon in Solstice's ear.
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  7. They sun beamed through JaQuille's tent, causing him to wake up. The nice breeze itself was enough to get him motivated. "What a great sleep that was, but now its time to get serious. I say we train some before we challenge anyone, just to be on the safe side", he said holding a pokeball in his hand. "Go Walrien" he yelled out. "We have to work on that Blizzard attack. Even though we won our last battle, the move still didn't quite work out as well as we hoped. It lacked something that would have given it some oomph. Walrien nodded in understanding. It was also determined to try to perfect it.
    "Now there, aim for that boulder and use Blizzard!" The blizzard shot out as you would have expected, and hit the boulder.....but the attacks effects weren't very visible. The boulder had not quite fully froze. it just laid there towering over them. Walrien looked very disappointed. "hey, hey, don't feel bad, we're still practicing. Its just i'm afraid it might take a little longer to perfect that move. Try your ice beam attack" he said again pointing at the boulder. The ice beam shot out like a blue lightning bolt and impacted with the boulder, completely encasing it in ice. "Marvelous, well done" JaQuille said giving a round of applause.
    "Now you up next Hippowdon" He said, throwing another pokeball out into the sand area. Hippowdon came down to the area with a thud. "Now give that frozen boulder your best giga impact!" Hippowdon charged forward like a bullet and impacted into the the chilled boulder, making it shatter into pieces and landing on the beach. "Great job.....now take evasive action" he yelled trying to get out of the way of the falling rocks, and called walrien back into the pokeball. "Bwah, he cried out hiding behind Hippowdon as he told it to use protect. The rocks all bounced off of the shield that it held up. "Whoops......i didn't think this would be so dangerous", he said rubbing his head.
  8. "Hmmm, now that I think about it, training is a pretty good idea.." Ina thought aloud. While walking she noticed a small river. "Great! Ready Minti?" Solstice padded away to sun herself on a rock for a while. "Minti! Use, a small, hail attack!" As soon as she said it a small cloud appeared over the river, not much farther than that. "Now I want you to freeze the river! Ice beam now!" With the hail, the glaceon became almost invisible with speed. The river was frozen before Ina knew It. The hail cloud dissipated. "Solstice!" The espeon opened her eyes and perked her ears. "Go ahead and practice running on the ice!" There was a reason Ina was called the master of double battles. The espeon started to run at full speed. Glaceon then used another ice beam on espeon and incased it with ice. Espeon then used phycic to lift herself up....and then smash back down, shattering the ice into a million glittering pieces. "Great work you two! I can't believe we won that contest with that move! That was risky. But let's take a break. I'll call everyone out to relax for now.


    We worked hard! And so early In the morning too. By now the sun was almost risen. She continued down the path only to see a trainer and his walrien and hippowdon training against a huge boulder.
  9. The sun was almost in complete arise, and the air began to feel a little warmer, but still breezy. "Its almost time for a break, you two, but we still need to work on a few things. Lets practice that blizzard attack again, and this time lets aim for that other boulder. "Now use blizzard" JaQuille called out pointing at the next boulder. "Focus your power into the frozen wind, and release it in one big attack". Walrien took a deep breath, and let out a powerful blizzard attack toward the boulder, cracking it an encasing it in ice. "Wohoo! You did it....now lets NOT break it apart this time....." JaQuille said rubbing his head. I'll have to train the others as well, to make sure we haven't gotten rusty. It is possible even if its only been a couple days. Just then, he began to feel like he was being watched. He turned around and saw someone in the distance. "Oh...eh, hi. Are you here to take the frontier challenge as well? There is a guy here i met when i first got here. He looks strong but i wont be able to challenge him yet until i beat the other frontier brains first."
  10. As Ina got closer she saw the walrien try to freeze the rock again he succeeded in doing so making Ina's heart leap for joy! She loved seeing successes! She ran over and introduced herself to the trainer."Hello!" She said cheerfully. "I'm Ina, and my Pokemon partners here are Minti," she pointed to her Glaceon who smiled "And solstice!" Espeon sat down and tilted her head. He Minti walked over to walrien and nodded. "Glace-eon!" Minti yelled, using ice beam on the ground. Ina, who was very surprised slipped and fell. She sat up laughing. "Sorry, anyways, yes I am here to challenge the battle frontier, you said something about a strong person you met?" Her eyes sparkled "I would love to meet him!" She studied the Pokemon in front of her. "What's your name and what Pokemon do you have?"
  11. "Ye...yes actually, there is a way strong guy here" JaQuille said trying to keep his own balance. I dont know much about him, but i heard he has a pretty strong Kangaskaun, but thats all I know. Just a rumor."Nice to meet you Ina. And you too, Minti and Solstice", he said bowing at the trio. Walrien clapped in amusement at Minti's ice beam to the ground. Well, i dont usually use their nicknames, but they do indeed have them. Allow me to introduce you to Highness(Walrien). She was the last partner to join my team. She's a bit.....bossy sometimes and kinda clutzy"....Highness began to get a little agitated. Bwah, but i mean that in a good kind of way, hehe. And here we have Terron(Hippowdon) He was the third. He's pretty affectionate, but kind of a bully when he wants to be." Hippowdon gave of a reluctant yet agreeing huff. "Allow me to introduce you to the rest of my team. Come on out everyone."
    "Next here is Colonal(Blaziken), my very first partner when i started my journey. We've been through a lot of adventures together, and i wouldn't have had it any other way." Colonel almost blushed. And we have Oblivion(Dusknoir) He kinda keeps to himself, like he doesn't have fun, but we all know he'd be lost without us." Oblivion crossed his arms and turned to pout. Then there is I.Q over here(Slowking). He's very friendly, kinda laid back....but i think he really likes highness." Slowking blushed before looking down trying to avoid the subject. "And last but no least is Vindictive(Skuntank). She got her name because....well.....when i caught here she wasn't too happy, and made our lives kinda....sour for a bit. But eventually she warmed up to us. Vindictive Made a slight yapping yapping sound before hoping onto a boulder.
  12. "Solstice, morning sun." Ina said. Espeon called forth strong sun rays that melted the ice. Ina stood up brushed herself off and smiled. "As you already know, this is Sostice and Minti. Allow me to send out the rest of my team!"

    A Luxray appeared right next to Ina. "This is Flash, he was my third pokemon ever after these two." She gestured towards her eeveeloutions. "Since I come from Sinnoh, Shinx are pretty common, but Flash caught my eye." Flash gave a little bow and then sat quietly next to Ina.

    "This is Cloudia." She said pointing to an Altaria."it's really rare to find one in Sinnoh, so when I did I jumped to the test. She's kind of shy, though she can really pack a punch... Anyways... "

    "This is Cinder." A smokey gray Ninetails looked up from cleaning her tails. "She hatched from an egg I found in the wild one time, she can be very, short tempered," the ninetails rolled her eyes and went back to cleaning.

    "Finally, meet Neptune." She said pointing to a lapras. The lapras pulled herself towards the hippowdon and studied it carefully. "Neptune loves to have pokemon ride on it, she's my happy-go-lucky pokemon, but also likes pokemon its size too." The lapras clapped her fins excitedly at the hippowdon.

    "And as previously mentioned, I am Ina, and this is my team! I'm a Pokemon coordinator here to challenge the frontier and then become a frontier brain!"
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  13. "Well nice to meet you all, we're actually getting ready to challenge the first frontier brain at the battle roulette. From what i can remember reading about, the roulette is used to determine who attacks first, and can even cause weird effects to happen to either side of the team. I hear he's not too that strong, but the roulette is the main concern. I cant wait to battle him." Just then, JaQuille had noticed the multi colored contest ribbon on Solstice's ear. "Hey, are you a Pokemon coordinator? How cool, i watched a few of the contests on tv sometimes. I have to admit, they were really exciting."
  14. "Yes I am a pokemon coordinator. I was considered Sinnoh's princess, but then I traveled here. I'm not sure if I'll uphold that title here. So a roulette huh. Wow that seems really interesting. Well I suppose I should think about challengeing a frontier brain. However it may be good experience to watch. Do you mind if I tag along to see your battle with the first frontier brain? I imagine that there would be audience stands." Ina stated. Solstice was sunning herself when she heard "tag along" and she lifted her head somewhat interested in the change of plans. Minti was too busy playing with flowers and smiling at Walrein to notice.
  15. "Well, i don't mind at all. In fact its always nice to have more company", He said searching through his bag for his pokenav.This thing should have finished updating by now, so it should tell us where the facility is....appears to be that way north." Highness looked down at Minti and gave off a smile of her own. She then headbutts JaQuille a little motioning him towards the direction. "Alright, alright, I know your ready to battle, you kinda remind me of my sister. Lets go i suppose. Oh and by the way, Sinnoh's Princess is a very fitting name for you. My Father was a pokemon coordinator, but he retired. I believe it was when he lost n the final round. It kinda put a damper on his enthusiasm, but he was happy to hang up his gloves.
  16. "Thank you for letting me join you!" She gave a small curtsy and then straightened herself out. "I use my pokemon coordinator skills to battle, so I always have new moves to make up. I'm sorry that your dad lost in the finale, those losses are tough to get over." She saw the PokeNav. "I assume you're from Hoenn?" She said studying her Pokech on her wrist.
  17. "No problem. He got over it, but i always tried to encourage him to try again. And yes, i am indeed from Hoenn. Born and raised. Hey, you got a poketch. I was going to get one, but i decided to stick with the good the pokenav. My Mother and sister have one, and they always poked fun of my dad and I for not upgrading. What can it do?" He asked as he began walking toward the direction of the battle roulette.
  18. "Well, you can track pokemon with it, check on your pokemon if they are in the pokemon day care, check your partnership with your pokemon, check the relationship between two of your Pokemon, track steps, and that's really it. It's handy if your a coordinator or breeder but if you're a gym leader the only handy thing would probably be the closeness app." She said starting to walk after JaQuille.
  19. "Cool, you should totally show me how the features work later, but like you said, i myself wouldn't get much use out of it, since im more into gym battles. The nav say's just a few more minutes and we'll be there." He then looks around and realizes that it would probably be a better idea for his pokemon to rest before the battle. "Here everyone, you should get back in your pokeballs until we get there." He returns them all into them for a little breather. "Hey, i can actually see the facility from here. It.....looks like a giant roulette table......interesting......but i suppose i should have expected as much."
  20. "No kidding" she said. Before they started on they're way, Ina called back her pokemon. Poor Neptune would have so much trouble following them. However Solstice and Minti remained out, walking next to Ina. She felt Espeon trying to get her attention. She squatted down to get on her level. "What's wrong?" She asked. Solstice looked to the sky and then back at Ina, waving her tail back and forth. She stood up. "Well, we better get inside within 10 minutes, we're going to get wet if not." She reported.
  21. "Hu? How do you....oh yeah, Espeons can predict weather with their powers right? Well have no fear, we've arrived there. Oh the anticipation is making me nervous, but its also making me excited. Lets go in." A loud dinging sound could be heard from outside along with many people cheering. "Hu?" JaQuille reached for the door.
  22. "Cheering? Is this going to be like a game show?" She asked, mainly to herself. Glaceon was bouncing around, obviously excited to hear people cheering. Espeon had an confused look on its face and put her ears somewhat down to block some of the noise. She then walked inside the oddly shaped building.
  23. A voice could be heard coming from an intercom saying, "and here we have our competitors. Do they have what it takes to stand up to our marvelous Murray? " Shortly after a facility full of people sitting in stands cheered in excitement. JaQuille walked in looking kinda confused. His Gym battles sometimes had weird setting, but not like this. Suddenly a big grey ball like object had rolled from out of a big room and stopped in the center of the palace. And out popped a somewhat short man wearing a white shirt with pictures of poker cards on it, a top hat with a pokeball dangling from the side, and black jeans, with gold coin pictures on them.

    "Welcome....to the battle roulette!" He shouted while giving a slow spin, prompting the crown to go up into a roar again. The rules are simple. The ball on that platform *points toward a huge table with a roulette* will spin around between the numbers of 1-10. One person will have to choose the numbers of 1-5 while the other chooses the numbers of 6-10. The ball with stop on a certain number, and whoever's set of numbers it lands on gets the first surprise"! He said while spinning a coin on his finger.

    "Surprise", JaQuille asked kind of confused. What surprise. "A very surprise of a surprise, the man said back with a luck challenging smile. So which one of you two will be challenging? JaQuille raised his hand slowly.
  24. "You mentioned battling first, you go" Ina said to JaQuille. "Plus I mentioned that I came to watch then challenge," she looked in her small shoulder bad, usually hidden by her long brown hair. "I'll be right back, good luck and...." She spun around and smiled "Have fun!" Then she turned around the corner and disappeared into the shadows.
  25. JaQuille watched as she dissapeared. "Hm, i wonder where she is going.....well....i'll be your challenger today" JaQuille said grabbing a pokeball from his belt. "Very well then, with whom am i challenging today", the man said grabbing a pokeball from his own belt. "My name is JaQuille, and I hail from Slateport city of the Hoenn region. And I guess its safe to assume you are Murray JaQuille said. "Thats right, now i'll let youdecide. The first five numbers, or the second five numbers", Murray asked. "The first five please" he replied. "Very well, let the roulette spin!" Murray called out, prompting another uproar from the crowd, as a big ball spun on a wheel with its contents shown on the screen. After a few seconds of spinning, the ball landing in the 3 hole. Soon after, a panel moved showing a picture of Oblivion. "Hu? What....." JaQuille began to say, but was cut off by another announcement.

    "And JaQuille will start off with Oblivion, his Dusknoir,. Now lets see, what Murray's luck will yield him. "Oh, i see, so the roulette determines what pokemon will be used next....but how did they know who I....." The next ball spun around again, landing on an 8, which then revealed a picture of a Magmortar. "And Murray will begin wit Magmortar folks. An even matchup if you will", he announcer said. "Ok then, lets get this started. Go Oblivion", JaQuille yelled out throwing the ball into the arena. Out came Oblivion, who looked eager to battle. "Go Magmorta", Murray said as he threw the ball out. "Lets go at it", he said prompting another cheer.
  26. Ina ran around the corner, Solstice and Minti close behind. She had changed into her contest outfit. She adored the fuschia dress, similar to the one she was wearing earlier, however this one had a small belt made of and ice blue ribbon tied in the front, a little to the right. Her long brown hair was tied into pig tails, each going down to her waist and tied by yet another ice blue ribbon. Her Necklace stayed close to her neck, showing off her first ribbon she ever won, a small gold circle featuring a bow tie engraving with rainbow colored frills on the outside. She continued to run down the hallway holdin two empty love poke balls in her hand. She slowed to a walk when she reached a small secluded section where she could look down and see the fight.
  27. "Let the battle begin" Said the announcer. "Oblivion, use thunder punch". Magmortar Counter with Fire punch." Both punches collide and creates a small shockwave. "Hm, not bad Murray, but lets see how you fair against this. Oblivion, use shadow punch". "Magmortar, use fire punch again." But the fire punch collides with nothing, for the shadow punch is from the shadows. The shadow punch then impacts with Magmortar. Ha, not bad yourself, JaQuille, but i just know lucks on my side today. Magmortar, use thunderbolt". A bolt comes out and hits Oblivion. "We wont take that lying down Oblivion. Now use shadow sneak. Just then, Oblivion slid into the shadows on the ground. "We wont fall for that, Magmortar, use earthquake. The arena shook which caused Oblivion to emerge from the shadow. "Hmph, were in for a good fight here hu Oblivion" JaQuille said looking determined again.
  28. Ina watched as the two Pokemon raged on. Both were very impressive. She then wondered why there was a need for a crowd. It's not like she has stage fright, but she was still feeling reluctant to battle, not preform in front of multiple people. "That's why I changed." She thought aloud. She giggled at her own unconscious actions. She then leaned closer to the rail to watch the heated battle.
  29. "Oblivion, use willow wisp, with our twist", JaQuille called out to Oblivion. "Haha, do you honestly think a move like that will even make Magmortar think about being fazed", Murray said cocking his head back into a laugh. JaQuille only gave off a sinister smile. The attack exploded in front of Magmortar, but just as predicted, it have no effect whatsoever......but Oblivion had vanished. "Hu where did....how did", Murray, said before realizing what his challenger was up to. "Now Oblivion, strike!" At that moment, Oblivion struck from the shadows using shadow sneak, but it didn't end there....."Now Oblivion, use shadow punch!" A shadowy punch collided with Magmortar, knocking it out and ending the first round. "Haha, great job Oblivion", JaQuille said jumping into the air. Oblivion, crossed his arms and gave a triumphant grunt. "Not bad, JaQuille, but i still have two more pokemon who are itching for the victory." The roulette spun again and landed on an 6 this time, which then revealed a picture of Honchkrow. "Looks like we have the advantage now buddy", Murray said as he thew out a pokeball releasing Honchkrow.
  30. "Honchcrow, huh." Ina muttered. She has never seen one in real life before. "I assume it's a dark, flying type" she thought aloud. If I am correct then Oblivion may have some problems... Ha!" She laughed at the word problem. "From what I've seen, problem isn't a word according to JaQuille." She stood up straight when the Honchcrow launched its first attack.
  31. "The first attack is mine", Murray yelled. "Now Honchkrow, use heat wave!" A flurry of heated wind grew around the area, engulfing the arena. The heat was almost unbearable, even from where JaQuille was standing. "Don't forget, we still have a slight advantage as well, like for instance, Oblivion, use thunder punch!" The thunder punch went soaring towards Honchkrow, ready to make impact. "Honckrow, fly up, and use sky attack". As honchkrow avoided the attack, it flew high above the arena and charged at Oblivion colliding heavily. Oblivion came down hard on his back on the arena. "Gah, Oblivion are you ok", JaQuille said."Use will-o-wisp." The fiery orbs shot out towards Honchkrow, colliding with it and dealing damage. "Looks like strategy is the strong suit fo both of these sides folks, neither one is letting up as the competition grows stronger", the announcer said, revving up the crowd. "Honchkrow, use wing attack an knock those wisps away". It did just that, and negated the remainder of the attack. "Oh no", JaQuille said, ready to make another command. "Quick Oblivion, use your thunderpunch". Honchkrow, use dark pulse!" Murray called out, prompting honchkrow to fire it at Oblivion, directing a critical hit thanks to its super luck ability. Oblivion fell, to the ground, unablle to continue. "Looks like Oblivion is unable to battle folks, and with that being said, each trainer has two remaining pokemon. "Its o Oblivion, you id great, now return and take a break", JaQuille said putting the pokeball away.
    The ball on the roulette began to spin again highlighting the numbers on the board from 1-5. The ball finally slowed and landed in the 2 hole, which then slid and revealed a picture of I.Q. "An JaQuille's next pokemon shall be I.Q, the slowking, everyone. Looks like JaQuille is at a disadvantage again". JaQuille smiled and threw the pokeball out to the field, releasing I.Q. Well, we may be at a type disadvantage but we still have an ace up our sleeve.
  32. "Hmmm, that's one clever strategy, however the effects of the Heatwave will effect Honchcrow more than Slowking this round. I.Q is a Psychic, but also a water type." Minti looked out if breath and overheated after the heat wave so Ina returned Mint to its Pokeball. At first it looked like Espeon enjoyed the warmth, but soon started to sweat too. So she returned Solstice as well. She fanned herself to cool down.
  33. "Hi?" Said a voice behind her.

    A young man with a Lucario beside him , tapped her shoulder.

    "Miss, would you mind telling me who is battling?" He inquired.
  34. Jake sat in the crowd of the battle roulette, when he had heard that Jaquille was facing Murray he had raced over to watch and to study his possible future opponent
    "Serena begin recording and analysing this battle data try to find some weaknesses" jake said to the AI of his poke scanner
    "Yes Jake I'll get right on that" the computer program replied as a small recording drone flew out of jake's wrist mounted poke scanner
    "Ooo he is good Murray might actually lose this one" jake thought to himself "even with Murray's advantage of being able to control where the ball goes he could still lose this fight"
  35. "Let the next match, begin!" The announcer said. "Honchkrow use dark pulse" Murray called out trying to get the first strike to land hard. "JaQuille smiled boldly before yelling out "I.Q use water pulse!" The high powered ball of water shot through the dark pulse like a knife through butter, hitting Honchkrow in the process. "Oh, and water pulse from I.Q lands a direct hit to Honchkrow. Even Murray was at awe on that move. "My buddy I.Q is quite strong with his blasts. He once put out an entire forest fire with just one of these water pulse." I.Q grinned briefly and went into a stance.
    "Hmph, now honchcrow, wing attack" Murray called out more determined. "I.Q, use withdraw quickly". I.Q went inside the shell resting on top of his head, and simply deflected Honchkrow's attack away from himself. "What, now way", Murray called out. "Now use ice beam I.Q", JaQuille said prompting an ice beam attack to shoot at honchkrow, freezing one of its wings and causing it to fall. "Then finish this up with a nice water pulse", he said. "Honchkrow, use wing attack to knock it back the water pulse" Murray responded. The impact cause an explosion covering the arena in smoke......the time it took to clear was slow in an unnerving manner. The smoke finally cleared revealing that the water pulse had ko'ed Honchkrow. Honckrow is unable to battle, the winner of this round is I.Q!" The crow uproared again at the victory.
  36. Ina jumped around, obviously startled by the person who tried to get her attention. "Hello!" She said hastily. "The man battling is JaQuille." She started "Oh, and I'm Ina, just to let you know." She studied his Lucario. "Who are you?"
  37. "Oh, just curious about the other Frontier Brains. My names Rye, I'm one of the new Frontier Brains as well! And this is Aura."

    'Hello, Miss.' Said the Lucario telepathicly.
  38. "Hello, Rye, Aura." Ina nodded. "My name is Ina, and this is Solstice and Minti!" She said, pointing to her two pokemon, an Espeon and a Glaceon. "I'm challenging next, if you don't mind." She said hoping to secure her spot into line.
  39. "Oh yeah I'm not challenging JaQuille, I'm just here to watch." He said stepping aside.
  40. "Oh. Then that's fine." She said smiling, making room at the railing. "I'm so excited! I get to show all of these people my beautiful teamwork!" She messed with the contest ribbon at her neck.

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