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The Nega-Mega Evolution Thread (Requests Open)

Discussion in 'Requests' started by Mr.Munchlax, Oct 21, 2014.

  1. For those of you who are fans of my Nega-Mega Evolution designs, I've decided to create this thread specifically to display them. For those of you who don't know what they are, here's a brief explanation of them
    This was a concept I thought of shortly before Mega Evolutions were revealed, so once they were first introduced in Japan and leaked worldwide this past summer, I decided to dub the term “Nega-Mega Evolution” since it has some similarities, but is still seen as a darker, more savage version. The simplest way to explain this idea is that it combines Mega Evolution with the special radio waves Team Rocket used in Gen II that forced pokémon to evolve and resulted in creating the Red Gyarados, but the paragraphs below provide a more scientific explanation.

    Unlike regular Mega Evolutions, which require mega stones, key stones, and a strong bond with your pokémon, this transformation is activated when a pokémon is able to hear a certain high-pitched frequency through artificial means such as a hearing aid. Once the pokémon is able to hear the frequency, the sound waves act as a stimuls to certain areas of the brain that reduces their superego but heightens their id, senses, strength, stamina, blood pressure, and metabolism beyond their natural limitations—similar to overclocking a machine. As a result, the pokémon’s heightened abilities trigger another stimulus in their bodies that normally activates when evolving, forcing them to take on a new form that fully utilizes their newfound power. Once the frequency stops producing the required sound waves, or the pokémon is unable to hear them, the stimuli immediately shut down and they instantly revert back to their original form.

    However, there are several drastic side effects that make Nega-Mega Evolution more dangerous and risky. First of all, the stimulus effect from the sound waves also causes a pokémon to have strong feelings of anger and frustration, and makes them more likely to go into violent tantrums or fits of rage. Second, since the sound waves heightens their id and reduces their superego, they now act solely on primal instincts and behave as feral predators that are mostly capable of fighting and destroying anything they come in contact with. Lastly, since Nega-Mega Evolution causes a pokémon to perform beyond their natural limitations, they use up too much of their energy- similar to when a computer is overheating or when you try to exercise while you're exhausted- and if they stay in this state long enough, they are at the risk of dying from fatigue and exhaustion.

    I stopped ever since we got more information on OR/AS since I thought the Primal Reversions made them obsolete knock-offs, but recently I decided to start them up again. Right now, I'm going to start working on three new ideas, but since they may take a while I'll be posting my older designs here until they're finished. I'm also going to take requests, though right now I can only do three requests at the moment & only one pokémon per person.

    Nega-Mega WIP List:
    1. Nega-Mega Flygon (Requested by @Skyzor )
    2. Nega-Mega Zoroark (Requested by @UndeadRaptor13 )
    3. Nega-Mega Kingdra (Requested by @Draco Gengar)
    Nega-Mega Request List
    1. Project X (Requested by @Umreader )
    2. Nega-Mega Froslass (Requested by @Icee Aaron )
    3. Nega-Mega Lucario (Requested by @Derpy Lucario )
    To start things off, I thought it'd be a good idea to have the first Nega-Mega evolution, & one of my personal favorites, Nega-Mega Vanilluxe
    I felt that Vanilluxe would be the best pokémon to introduce this concept since none of the Gen V pokémon received proper mega evolutions (NOTE: This was before the release of Mega Audino) & how the Vanillite line is- based on what I've seen- one of the most despised pokémon species.

    Similar to how Vanilluxe is based on a double-scooped ice cream cone, Nega-Mega Vanilluxe is based on a bowl of ice cream with multiple scoops and a cherry on top (indicated by the gem on the top scoop's forehead). I also added a few elements to make it appear more intimidating such as crab legs, more horrific faces on each of the scoops, and turning the straw-like thingy into a pair of demonic horns.
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  2. AzureEdge

    AzureEdge ✧luzrov rulay✧

    I love your Nega-Mega designs!
    Can I ask for a Nega-Mega Cofagrigus?
  3. Sure thing, I just added it to my request list
  4. your art is pretty good though could i request a nega-mega dragonite
  5. Thanks but, actually, I already did that one. I still have two more request spots open though, so if you have any other pokémon you please feel free to ask
  6. ok then how about nega-mega raichu
  7. Done & done :p ;)
  8. Green Dragon

    Green Dragon Formerly supertrainer300

    Can you do Nega-Mega Greninja? Pleeeeezzz.
  9. Just added it to the list.

    UPDATE: I'm close to done with my first design (Nega-Mega Kecleon), but in the meantime here's another one of my older designs Nega-Mega Dunsparce.
    Unlike most of my recent designs, Nega-Mega Dunsparce is more simple (at least when compared to the other Nega-Mega Evolutions), though I decided to give it fangs, make its stinger long and pointy, and open its eyes and reveal red pupils to make it look more feral ad dangerous. Though I made sure the body looked as similar to a Tsuchinoko's (Dunsparce's primary inspiration) as possible, I decided to give it more influence from the Feathered serpent (another one of its references) with its larger wings and its leaf-like collar
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  10. Just finished my first new Nega-Mega evolution, it's already up on Creative Corner but you can also take a look here to see Nega-Mega Kecleon
    When designing Nega-Mega Kecleon, I decided to look at several kinds of chameleons (the veil chameleon, the panther chameleon, & the jackson's chameleon) and try to blend them together. I also decided to add a lot more emphasis on Kecleon's spikes and stripes to make it look more menacing. As for its color scheme, it was partly a reversal of its usual pattern with having a green body and one red stripe, and partly based on the purple/red Kecleon that appeared in both the anime & the Mystery Dungeon games.

    Now for Nega-Mega Kecleon's information:
    Type: Normal
    Ability: Protean
    Stats: 65/160/175/140/175/45
    AbilityWhen Kecleon nega-mega evolves, it becomes a both a physical powerhouse as well as a tank capable of taking on most hits. It also naturally gains the Protean ability so that every move it uses automatically becomes a STAB move.

    Right now, my next Nega-Mega is going to be Cofagrigus since I owe @AzureEdge for helping me get my e-mail for the demo code, so there's now a new request slot open as well
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  11. Happy Halloween. Sorry for cutting it short, but here's a little treat of my own with my newest design, Nega-Mega Cofagrigus

    I have to say that this has to be both one of my most difficult designs & one of my new personal favorites.

    When thinking of a Nega-Mega design for Cofagrigus, I immediately knew I wanted to have something similar to the whole mummy's curse scenario by having it break from it's sarcophagus "shell" and unleash its true hidden strength. Basically, what I ended up designing was Nega-Mega Cofagrigus's shell shattering into pieces and have the larger chunks make up its armor, while the smaller fragments would make up the weapons and revolving "rings" around its phantom arms (I admit I took that idea from Mega Steelix though :p ). For other references, I tried to incorporate elements from mummies (the bandages around its arms), pharaohs (the rings on its arms & the shape of the cracks on the lower part of its armor), ancient Egyptian weapons, and even zombies when coming up (its lurching pose) with the design.

    And now for the pokémon info:
    Nega-Mega Cofagrigus
    : Ghost/Dark
    Ability: Mummy
    Stats: 90/166/125/150/95/100

    When dealing with Nega-Mega Cofagrigus' stats, I wanted to to do something similar to using Shell Smash so that it would reflect its new transformation, so while its defense has dropped its physical attack, special attack, and speed all sky-rocketed.

    P.S. @PokemonShadowsTide, I'll add your request to the list later.
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  12. These are absolutely amazing! I love your Nega-Mega Evolution concept and the designs.

    Could I request Nega-Mega Zoroark whenever you have the space to add it into the request list? I would love to see what you could do with that.
  13. Sure thing. I just added you to the request list & I'll work on it whenever I'm able to
  14. can you make a mega mew or arceus i want to see what others
  15. Sorry for taking so long. It's just that I was on a bit of a break during the holidays. Anyway, now that I'm back, I wanted to post one of the new nega-mega designs I've been working on, Nega-Mega Greninja (as requested by @CreeperNinjaGamer )
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  16. Dat is just sick totally sick (sick meaning AWESOME) could you possibly make a Nega- Mega Kingdra?
  17. Thanks, I just added Nega-Mega Kingdra to my request list
  18. Ghostly-Hedgehog

    Ghostly-Hedgehog Formerly Colleen

    I like your art style alot :up: so i would awsomely love to see you make a nega-mega Goodra
  19. Just added Nega-Mega Goodra to the list :p
  20. I understand it's technically not able to mega being unevolved, but could you nega-mega eevee?
  21. that'll be interesting, wonder what type it will be?
  22. I kind of want to handle these designs as if they were regular mega evolutions, so while I won't be doing Mega Eevee, I do have something planned based on your request ;)
  23. :o I think I know what your planning but I won't say it though so it doesn't spoil the suprise :x:. (girly scream) i'm so excited!
  24. Hey everyone, sorry for not making any new updates for the past few days, but I've been a little busy. Anyway, this time instead of introducing one Nega-Mega, we've got something special. You can click on the inks in their names for the full resolutions, but here are a few thumbnail samples of the three new Nega-Mega Evolutions:

    P.S. I also want to apologize to everyone who requested their designs before Colleen did. I'm still working on all of yours, it's just that I was already rattling the idea of Nega-Mega Goodra around in my head before she requested and once she did I felt like it was something that I needed to try and work on :(:'|;_;
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  25. Aaronimations

    Aaronimations Formerly Aaron the Fright

    um can you make a nega-mega froslass you don't have to
  26. No problem, I just added it to the request list :p
  27. Rio1ink

    Rio1ink Formerly Derpy Lucario

    Do you only make Nega-Megas of Pokes that dont have mega-evos? If not, then...
    ... Can you make a Nega-Mega Lucario?...
    ... Lucarios kinda my favourite Pokémon
    #27 Rio1ink, Mar 16, 2015
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  28. Sure, I just added it to the request list
  29. I like your work :)
    Can I request a nega - mega mewtwo if possible? Thanks :)
  30. when your list opens a little more, could you do a Nega Mega Armaldo?
  31. Can you do a Nega-mega Glaceon
  32. Could you please do a nega-mega Charizard? If you already did that, then omnistar?

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