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Ask to Join The Namia Region: A Fan-Made Region Roleplay

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by GlaceonFan425, Oct 9, 2017.

  1. Author's Note
    This is the actual roleplay of the Namia Region, a fan-made region I created. If you are interested in this roleplay, there is a link to the discussion of the roleplay. There are plently of spots open, so there is no need to rush to make a character.

    Link to Discussion:
    These are the people allowed to roleplay currently

    @GlaceonFan425 as Professor Cherry and Cas Cherry(Me)
    @Glaceon trainer as Halt
    @CosmicDreams as Nick Light
    @BeeCat2309 as Sam Wataru
    @SylvieThePokemonTrainer as Sylvie
    @Zip and Zet as Zip and Zet
    @WolfyWolf as Roslyn​
    @Aquaman as Sali Domata
    Like I said before, if you would like to join, just make a character sheet and ask to join. There are plenty of spots left (More on that in the discussion).

    Now, On with the Roleplay!

    It was a beautiful day in the Namia region. You could hear the birds of many regions singing outside. Today was the day that Cas Cherry finally became a official trainer. Cas woke up her sleeping Growlithe, Blitz, to her annoyance. Cas did some cleaning around the house, then woke up her sister. "Hey Sis, today is the special day" Cas exclaimed excitedly. Her sister,Professor Cherry looked at her with sleep still in her eyes and her hair looking quite messy. "Really, I don't think it's either of our birthdays" Cas rolled her sky blue eyes, "Today's the day I officially become a trainer, along with a lot of other kids on the island. You are suppose to give other the starter Pokemon in less than a hour." "Oh shoot! That's today! Gwyn shot out of her bed. The girls spent the rest of the morning getting ready, cleaning the house, saying goodbye to their brother, who was half asleep, and rushing to get to Professor Cherry's Lab.

    The lab on the outside looked the same as always, a pretty cream colored two story building. It was one of Cas's favorite places to be. When the ladies walked in, it was messy as always. Professor Cherry's Pokemon, Burglacatt woke up from her sleep and rubbed and against the girls affectionately. They fed Bellatrix and went to look for the Pokeballs and the Pokedexes for the new trainers.

    After searching the whole lab, Professor Cherry exclaimed "Shoot, I think I lost them..." "How in Arceus's name do you lose 21 Pokeballs in less than 24 hours?" Cas retorted angrily. She then noticed Bellatrix was playing with round object. "Sis, I think i know who are thief is." The ladies then spent a bit more time rounding up the Pokeballs Bellatrix had hidden around the lab.

    After the search, Cas picked up the Pokeball Bellatrix was playing with and let the Pokemon out. Inside was a small, blue crocodile like Pokemon. "Totodile! Aww! It's kinda derpy, but really cute in the same way. What do you think girl" Cas asked her Growlithe. Blitz sniffed the starter and barked happily. To the shock of the noise, the Totodile sprayed Cas with a Water Gun. "Yep, he's a keeper." While Gwyn was setting up a table full of Pokeballs organized by region and type, Cas was playing with her little friend. Cas asked her sister if she could have Totodile as her starter and Gwyn replied with Cas got whatever Pokemon was left after the other trainers choose their picks.

    Cas and Gwyn argued a while until a little body waddled over to Cas and hugged her leg. It was the Totodile Cas had been playing with earlier. Cas then picked up the Totodile and spoke to her sister softly "Look, It even wants me to be it's trainer. You had a Totodile, so I want one." Gwyn sighed and shook her head. "Fine, but if another kid sees that Totodile and wants it, I can't say no to them having it." Cas screamed "Yes!" in excitement and once again got sprayed in the face with water by Totodile. "I think I am going to name you, Delta." The Totodile seemed to like that nickname. "So it's you, Delta, and I now, Blitz." Blitz barked excitedly, a new partner. This time, Totodile didn't spray but happily said "Totodile!" in response.

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  2. Just outside the lab, Roslyn Reach straightened her sweatshirt and dusted off her pants, making sure she was presentable. She made sure her ponytail was still intact, then readjusted her hat. "Alright, Sam, let's- Sam? Sam, get over here! That's rude!"

    Sam the eyeriss had been peeking through the lab window, his tail dangling from his floating spherical green form. He turned back to his trainer and floated closer.

    "Sam... youse got a leaf stuck on you..." Roslyn picked a leaf off of Sam's gooey body and tried to toss it aside, but it stuck to her fingers. She sighed, wiping it off on the ground. "Sam, maybe you should go in your pokeball... I don't want you dripping goo in there. I'll let you out when we're outside."

    Once she'd returned Sam to his pokeball, Roslyn knocked on the door.
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  3. ...?

    Zip, a unown exclamation mark woke from the wall, unown scriptures all around him. He blinked and looked around the room. The dusty ruins seemed empty, but yet he was awake.

    "Zet...Zet wake up!"

    The unown to his left, a question mark woke with a start, his long question mark shaped appendage rubbing his single eye.

    "What...what is it?"

    "We are awake."


    "That means we must be being called for a purpose, like the ruins or perhaps then entire region might soon be in peril!"

    "...that's pretty bad, what should we do?"

    "We must wake up the others." The unown exclamation mark footed up to the other unown scriptures. "Hello! We need to wake up!!

    Moments passed and nothing happened. Zip turned to Zet.

    "Maybe try doing it again?"

    "Wake up everyone! Our time is now!"

    Nothing was happening. Zip floated down dissapointed and angry. Zip turned to the side.

    "Zip? They aren't waking up, what should we do?"

    "Well we...we take matters into our own hands!"

    "How exactly?"

    "We will brave out into the world, and find why we have waken up, and defend whatever needs to be defended!"

    The two unowns approached the exit of the ruins, light flooding in.

    "That sound very hard, almost impossible, do you think we can actually do it?"

    "I'm sure, come on!"

    "Well...as long as we are back if nothing is going wrong, okay?"

    "Whatever, let's just go!"

    The pair of unowns left the ruins, and into the mysterious world before them
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  4. Halt was running to the lab with his Chimchar. Eevee was in her ball, still asleep. He burst through the doors, and slowed to a stop. "Hey professor? Are you there?" He called out across the lab. He walked around looking for her, as Chimchar decided it was right to push some buttons on a computer. "Stop that Chimchar." Halt told his partner, lifting him away from the keyboard.
  5. (OOC: @GlaceonFan425, please don't forget to add me to the approval list since I don't want people getting the wrong idea; below is my proof of approval from you.)

    Sali woke up to the Tortostó's relentless pokes on her face, as she aroused from her lengthy slumber and groaned, "M- morning already? The sun's killing my eyes already..."

    The Tortostó gave a brief sigh and replied in telepathy, "You know, you're quite the sleepyhead for such a big day. I'm just waiting for you to get ready since I already know we're getting a new friend, well hopefully one that isn't too mean or anything."

    Sali glanced over at the noiseless, ticking clock and cried, "Oh dear! I must be a bit late! You just stay on my bed while I do my stuff... don't you go anywhere now okay?" The Tortostó gave a quick nod of approval and lied in Sali's pillow, as it was as soft as cloud nine. He cuddled himself with the fluffy blankets while Sali took a brief shower, dressed herself and gave a quick check to her prepacked supplies after verifying the Tortostó's condition. She picked him up and laid him in her sling after unfolding the appropriate section, as the Tortostó drank his bottle of warmed milk after Sali handed it to him. Sali devoured the cold sandwich from the fridge after prepping it the night before; along with guzzling down a nice, chill drink of pulpy orange juice that was sweet to the buds' taste.

    Sali said her farewells to her parents before exiting her house and locking the door, as she made sure that the Tortostó was comfortable in her sling. She jogged over to the Professor's Laboratory while the Tortostó attempted to shield himself from the flock of Pidgeys flying by. He gave a silent sneeze while giving a sigh of relief that nothing came out of his nostrils, as Sali asked, "So, is my little turtle going to be a good boy?"

    The Tortostó gave another sigh and replied, "Yes... but please don't take me to that place where the girl with the pink hair is! I've had enough of that weird stick thingy that goes through my bones since she stabs it right in me!"

    Sali emitted a concealed giggle after rubbing the Tortostó's head, as she stated, "Oh come on, don't be such a baby! I know that you might be a little nervous about going there even if we were going there, but they're not hurting you. They're here to help you and do other things. If they were really hurting you, do you think that I'd be taking you there in the first place?"

    The Tortostó glanced over towards the girl knocking on the door standing between a girl and the Laboratory, as he whimpered and glanced over in the girl's direction after seeing her recall a peculiar-looking Pokémon into a spherical object that was mostly a hue of crimson red and splashy white. He gave a series of sniffles towards her and telepathed, "H- help me... I can't afford to go over to the orange building with that lady in the pink hair! She's gonna hurt me and make me take these weird pill thingies while everyone else laughs at me!"
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  6. When Roslyn was suddenly struck with a thought from a voice that wasn't her own, she froze. What was happening? Was she going crazy or was her mind somehow ahead of itself in her imagination and she hadnt caught up yet? Maybe she wasnt even paying attention to her own thoughts. Then again, why would she think of something like that?

    Convinced there had to be some sort of explanation, Roslyn looked around. She'd heard that some pokemon could communicate telepathically. That had to be it. That was indeed probably something a pokemon would say.

    She spotted another girl approaching the lab. She had a sort of sling with a lump she supposed was a pokemon she was carrying.. "Uh..." she said awkwardly, hoping it wouldn't sound crazy. "You wouldn't happen to have a telepathic pokemon with you, would you?
  7. Meanwhile, Zip and Zet floated out of thier chamber and into the daylight. They were surrounded by brush and trees, vines and moss all over their forgotten temple. Zip looked about marveling in the new area while Zet look whist fully back at the temple.

    "Oh my! Look at this place!" Zip exclaimed. "All this green, green, green! Trees and living things, this is incredible! Definitely not as desolate as it used to be!

    "Well...land is land I suppose right? Let's just not be too long okay?"

    "C'mon, we have to find the source of our awakening! We can't just go back home so easily!"

    "Have any idea where we would start looking then?"

    "Hmm...oh! How about that weird area over there!"

    The unown gestured toward a town, a science lab of some kind out front, and many little houses and a lake around it.

    "Why not I guess?"

    The twin unowns floated toward the town to look for clues
  8. "Yes, I do have a telepathic Pokémon with me, though you seem a bit shocked. Is there something wrong?" Sali replied to the girl after picking up what seemed to be a concern directed towards her Tortostó. The Tortostó attempted to get out of her sling, though the sling was far too comfortable for a little turtle like him to even be wanting to get out of. His body shook when he peered through the windows and noticing some other people and Pokémon in the Laboratory. He attempted to think of various excuses for the time when he would have to go to the Nurse, as he thought, "Okay... let's just practice this again, so here goes I guess. So yeah umm... I got this thing where I'm allergic to needles because well... umm... they make me puff up like that one guy in the movie! Yeah, yeah... I think that it'll work... Or it'll just completely fail like the others! Why do I even have to go to the Nurse?! It's not fair! I should be the one deciding, not someone else that's like over twice my size and makes me fight other creatures!"

    He covered his teary eyes and telepathed to the girl in a fit of temper, "I can't afford to fight anyone in that building! She'll just make me go to that lady again and she's just gonna wait for me while that lady tortures me like a pig with those tools and stuff! I don't wanna even battle anyone, they're all just gonna beat me like a little pig and rush me to that lady and have her do the same thing over and over again until I decide to give up! It's just not fair! I wish that I was big and strong like before, not being a little baby turtle that can't even say one word!"
  9. Roslyn tilted her head, looking sadly at the sling. "Just caught off guard is all... he surprised me. He's pretty..." she chose the word carefully. "Nervous."

    Roslyn had no way of knowing if this pokemon was just being a little over dramatic or if he really felt that way. She hoped his trainer treated him well, but all the same, she wished she could give the thing a good snuggle.
  10. Zip and Zet entered the town, sticking to the shadowed forests away from sight, patrolling around the border of the town. They peered into Windows of houses they thought the could get away with without being noticed. Zip started to become impatient.

    "This is taking a while!"

    "Do I sense irritation in your voice?"

    "No! I'm not ready to throw the towel in yet, not by a long shot!"

    "Oh, well then I guess we should be looking for living things that would be the cause?"

    "Could idea Zet, now we just need to look at suspicious life forms...Oh by the legendary Gods!"

    "What is it?"

    "Over there! Look!"

    The unown gestured toward a ghost skeleton turtle Pokemon that was outside a lab of some kind. Zet seemed unconvinced.

    "I've seen weirder, you sure?"

    "It's literally the living dead! I can sense the energies coming off that thing! It looks very suspicious!"

    "Well I guess I can sense it to, but that doesn't mean it's the source you know?"

    "Well it's a good first suspect! Let's see what they are up to..."

    The pair of unown back up into the area of trees and slowly migrate over to behind the lab
  11. The ship docked on the little town of Beryl, Euclides grinning cheerfully, getting up from his seat, picking up his backpack.
    "Today is a great day, right, Mark?!," Euclides asked, still grinning
    "For sure, Euclides!!! I even prepared some small sandwiches for us!!!," Mark exclaimed, digging in his backpack, pulling out a small-sized sandwich, giving it to Euclides.
    "Oh, thanks!" Euclides exclaimed, picking the sandwich and eating it.
    "Well, I think we should head to the exit, look around, everybody is out already," Mark stated. As Euclides turned around, noticing that they were the only trainers inside the ship.
    "Hmm, you're right, we should keep going," Euclides said, picking his Oshawott up, carrying it towards the exit.
    Mark got up, following Euclides.

    Euclides stepped on the sand of the beach, screaming:
    "NAMIA REGION, I'VE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" As he did that, Mark slapped his nape.
    "Shush!" Mark exclaimed, looking at Euclides.
    "Hey! What is the matter!?" Euclides said, running towards Mark, trying to punch his face, but Mark blocked it with ease.
    "Hmph. You really think you're going to harm me?" Suddenly, Euclides' Oshawott slammed it's long tail on Euclides' face, propelling him back.
    "HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Mark started to laugh at Euclides - who was down.
    "Grrr!!! I will end you, Mark!!!!" Euclides exclaimed, getting up quickly, running towards Mark.
    "Hey!!! We lost the focus!!!!" Mark shouted, sidestepping, causing Euclides to run towards nothing.
    "Grr... Alright, we should focus." Euclides turned to the town, walking inside it.

    (OOC: I'm working on a Trainer Card n' such.)

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