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The mysterious Isles!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Skyy-chan, Mar 31, 2014.

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  1. Welcome to the seven islands of Scarlet, Sunny Hills, Anndrel, Griffin, Marigold, Ceres, and Logbridge! All these mysterious islands are connected by narrow, stone (Logbridge's bridges are made of wood) bridges, that connect the society from one island to another. Recently, the weather patterns have been changing rapidly, which is caused by something unknown. The elders and the wise of the societies have joined together- but need help. The wise supposed it might be the cause of a disruption of peace; recently, before the weather acted up, many Pokemon fought over the smallest things, or they had a upset additude. The elders, though, thought it was just merely a change of atmosphere, since some of the elders said they've seen it before. But, now, the story now commences; let it begin!

    Anthea sat down at her table, and sighed. She stared out the window, at the rest of the vast land that was Marigold island. She had recently moved here, for the weather at Scarlet had gotten too hot. She took a sip of Leppa Berry tea, and then got up.
    Anthea said, "I should go see if the elders and the wise have made up their minds." She laughed at the thought of the elders throwing their fake teeth at the wise, therefore ticking off the wise. She steadily made her way through the stone paved ways of the town of Marigold Island, passing by many shops and boutiques on the way to the Marigold Town Hall. She could hear elder Florence, the Sunflora, yelling, as the usual old man he was.
    Anthea made her way through the doors, and into the room the elders and wise were in. Anthea waved to the wise and elders she knew, and then sat down. She then spoke up, "Elders and wise of Marigold, what have you recived so far? " All of them thought that Anthea was in charge. Benny, the Feraligator, then spoke up. "All we can do is fight, Anthea. The elders keep talking to each other, and not to us."
    One of the elder shouted, "No, your the ones who are whispering! " and then, the fighting resumed. Anthea quickly made her way out, and walked back home. She steadily made her way, untill it started to rain. It was a terrible downpour, and a awful walk home.
  2. The black clouds were thickening the air, and a little Leafeon fell in a puddle. "Oh no!", it shouted, " Now I'm dirty!" . With an unpleasant Face expression , it went out of the puddle.
    "What do I do now?", the Leafeon wondered. While it was lost in thought , it bumped into a street light. "Owch " it said. The Leafeon, now trying not to cry, sat down on the pavement. It saw it's reflection in a puddle. Big, brown eyes, leafy ears and a dirty face. "I hate mud.. Oh , Iceburg , what did you do?" , the Leafeon asked itself."Oh no! Where's my bow?" , it shouted. Then it saw a small bow in a mud puddle. A- small tear came Out of it's eye ..
    It started going home, and it saw a Pokemon going out Of the Town Hall. Being curious by nature, it Came close to it.
  3. FalChromiforme

    FalChromiforme Formerly Aurora Beam

    Jack ran towards the house. Any house would be good on this island. To tell the truth, any island was better than where he had just been, which was no island. Jack looked around, glancing a sign. Marigold Island. Okay. Now he had his bearings. He ran towards a building that appeared to be the town hall, in all its grandeur. He ran in, watching thick clouds form.
    After goodness knows how long, Jack walked out. But being cautious, he walked out with Noivern right next to him. What he did not notice, however, was the leafeon walking towards him.
  4. OOC

    Apparently, this rp has hit a brick wall. So, if I may ask, I would kindly ask anyone else not to post. Sorry I'm saying this a bit late.

    But, hopefully, I'll start up a new role play soon when I can, and I really hope that one will get more attention.
  5. Teapot

    Teapot Virtual Duck Enthusiast
    Staff Member Administrator

    Seems fair. As this RP is officially over, I'll gp ahead and close this thread.
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