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The Mysteries of Gemela Island.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by EspeonTheBest, Aug 13, 2015.

  1. (The events of this RP takes place before the Abyssal ruins sunk.) Off the coast of Undella is a very interesting island. Going by the name of Gemela, the Island only appears to those meant to be part of its secrets. Legends about this Island say that a group of people who plan to destroy all of Pokemon kind live there. The Legends also describe an ancient weapon, that has the power to manipulate any Pokemon the User wishes to. However, when you think that there is no hope for Pokemon, the ancient stories foretell of a group of trainers, who will enter the Island to stop the User. The trainers, will be cursed forever, living half Pokemon, half human for the rest of their lives.

    This is an open RP. However, we can't have a group of twenty people traveling together, so please ask me before you jump in, so I can regulate the amount of Players there are.
    Please post your request on my profile page. Be prepared to tell me what Pokemon your other "half" will be and where those traits are obvious. (For example, if you are part Staraptor, you should have wings as arms). As much as we would all like to be half charizard and fly around like its nobody's business, we can't all be the same Pokemon. Also realize that you will turn into the Pokemon when you engage in a battle, so it would be wise not to be a Magikarp. You also cannot evolve, so keep that in mind Eevee fans. You will not have any Pokemon with you on the Island, so don't bother creating a whole team.

    In- Character

    Grace was running down the beach, chasing her younger brother. As he tripped, so did she, landing on a giggling mass of sand. "Haha!" Her brother laughed. "Let's go put more sunscreen on!" He ran towards their Mom, who held up the bottle. Grace applied the screen onto her skin, and then sat down to let the sunscreen soak in. "Hey mom," Grace said, pointing to the Horizon. "We studied Unova in class this year, but the maps didn't show any sign of that Island over there." She thought hard, trying to remember if Sinnoh's maps of Unova showed that island. "Dear, what island are you talking about?" Her mom asked, genuinely confused. "Over there, on the horizon, a little to the right." She paused watching her moms expression. When she didn't answer Grace pointed at the Island again. "It's massive! How can you not see it?!" Grace was sure that her Mom was pulling her leg. This huge island is right off of the coast of Undella town, and clearly visible. Her mom stood up. "Come on, you've gotten too much sun. Let's go inside." "Mom! It's right!..." "Yes yes, right there. Now let's go inside." Grace hesitantly followed her Mom back to their Condo. It was almost like a breeze told her before she enter the house to meet on the beach later that night.
  2. Raz ran outside on the beach before sitting down. "Thats a cool island." He said, admiring it. "Dad isn't back yet. He said he would take me to see anything I want on the sea, and that was years ago." He curled up. "But I want to get there."
  3. Elric looked out the window.He put on his red cloak and ran out the door."I wonder what's on that island" he said, pointing to it." Well, it looks like I'm about to find out soon...." he whispered to himself.
  4. Shauna was walking inside, when it drew here in. The wind. It called her, grabbed her, pushed her. She couldn't resist. She walked to the island seeing spot. Someone else is approaching. I think it's a girl. Is it grace?
  5. Grace did what she didn't expect. She actually went into the beach that night, despite her mom thinking that she was a lunatic. "Uhh, so there are other people? Why are you guys here?" She asked. Grace saw movement in the distance, seeing Shauna. "Hey! Shauna! Over here!"
  6. " Grace? " Shauna asked. " Did you feel it to? "
    The wind still pushed her toward Grace. There is someone else coming. " Hello? ' she asked weakly.
  7. Shimmy twirled the gold bracelet in his hand, admiring its shiny coloring. "Its beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you Claire, he said to his sweetheart. "Oh stop it you corny guy you, she said back blushing slightly. "Well, i think we've hunted enough today, i just hope there is more treasure on this beach for us to find tomorrow, otherwise we'll have to relocate", he said kicking up a little sand. "But, i love this beach, and besides, where would we go next", she said as she walked alongside him. "Hm.....how about that island over there, that looks like a pretty big island probably loaded with treasure", he said pointing in the distance towards an island shrouded slightly in mist. "What are you talking about, i don't see anything but water....and gross water at that..... "Don't you see it, its right there in plain sight", he joked around. "Nope, not really.....you must be seeing things. Lets go back in and get you some water.....clean water", she said pushing him towards the house. "Hm, maybe she's right, maybe im dehydrating or something.
  8. A boy stumbled onto the Beach, no older than 14, playing with his Umbreon, who squeaked playfully as they took turns chasing eachother.

    When he heard voices he turned around and waved.
  9. "Yeah, I felt it alright." Grace whispered. "I'm not sure what's going on, but I feel like it has to do with that Island." Grace said to Shauna. "My mom said she couldn't see it, but it's massive! She looked genuinely confused too." She shook her head." This is so weird..."
  10. " Seriously, do you not see that figure coming towards us! " exclaimed Shauna. Her mom couldn't see the island either, it was like the island controlled who saw it. But it can't do that. Can it?
  11. "Hey, do you all mind keeping it down, i may or may not be going crazy", he said drinking more water.
  12. "Hey it's not your beach, and if you don't Like it, then you can go find yourself somewhere else to complain." Said the teen, venom dripping in his voice.

    The Umbreon Agreed with, "Umbre, Umbre, Um, Umbreon!"
  13. "Hey, can you see the island too?" Grace asked the other people on the beach. "My mom couldn't see it, but it's huge!" She gasped as a wide boat seemed to float up to them, it was a rowboat, but it was large. "Where did that?..." The teenager asked, her voice trailing.
  14. Shauna thought more and more about the legend of Gemela Island, and it's mysteries. About how a group of individuals would go on the island to stop the Pokemon destroyers.
    And that they would be cursed for life. That couldn't be me, she thought. But couldn't it?
  15. The Teenager stood in awe, as a Rowboat appeared over the waves and beached itself on the shore.

    The Umbreon growled nervously, she was afraid of water, so she slunk back off towards Ryes house.

    He walked over to the Row boat and looked at it oddly.
  16. "Cool you anchors kid", he said fanning him down. I'm a residence here to ya know. I can indeed see the island.....and a boat. Thats unusual.
  17. "Well Come on are we going or not?" Rye asked naively as he steeped into the rowboat.

    He grabbed the oars, and waited for a response. His nose twitched for a few seconds, before stopping the the itch.
  18. Grace stepped towards the boat, almost like she was in a trance. Her mind told her to get into the boat, and sail to the island. "Should we go? I have a feeling we should." Grace said. She hopped in, gracefully sitting down in the boat.
  19. "....i think we should" Shimmy said in a somewhat hypnotized tone. "I dont see what harm....."
  20. "Ok, ready everyone?" Grace said as the all of the group entered the boat. The water seemed calm enough tonight, it shouldn't be too much of a hassle to get there. Grace grabbed a oar and started to paddle with the others, growing closer to the Island. Before long, when they were almost at the coast of the Island, she felt a change, like a physical change. Out of habit she messed with her hair. "Purple?" She gasped looking at her hair. Touching the top of her head she felt two lumps that almost felt like cat ears. Grace almost dreaded turning around, but when she did, she noticed a large purple tail, hooked at the end. Her skin had a faint yellow triangular pattern to it. She looked into the clear water. Around her eyes was a stripe of pink, going from either side of her nose to her hairline. "Guys? What happened?!" Grace asked, quite confused and scared by the situation.
  21. "What the F**k!" Screeched Rye as to furry Umbreon ears had sprouted from his head. He felt his body convulse violently as his bones grinded and changed his stance as he fell out of the boat.

    He felt his clothes get too big for him, as his body shrank ands contorted to that of an Umbreons.

    He squirmed out of them and clambered back into the boat sopping went, and as an Umbreon.

    As he tried to speak, he let out a high pitched squeal, and immdatley shut his mouth.
  22. Raz woke up with a start."what?" He said as he noticed other people. "Oh no." He splashed underwater, hoping not to be seen.

    I'm going to have to find a way out.
  23. ((actually, i think i will change that to weavile))
    "Hehe, what in the world is happening to you lot", he said as he smiled revealing fangs. Then yellow gem and feathersgrew out of his forehead. His fingers also became sharper.
  24. "So you guys too?" Grace observed. "I've read legends about an Island that has a weapon on it or what not and then a group of trainers saves the Pokemon by destroying the weapon, but were turned half Pokemon in the process of being in the Islands presence." She paused for a second, and sub consciously swished her tail around. "Well, welcome to Gemela Island then everyone." Grace said, grimly.
  25. " I've read that same legend, but aren't legends, just well, legends? " asked Shauna. As she said that, her hair turned pink with two ribbons on each side. Her stance changed to those of a Sylveon. Her skin became wife, her eyes a lighter shade of blue. " Is this the curse? " she asked out loud.
  26. "They went to the island?" He sighed. He sat back Down. "Man, I should've at least asked." He frowned. "Its weird though." He said, soon laying backwards. "Man, there has to be a way to get there."
  27. The boat made an abrupt stop, and a wooden bridge formed across the water to the shore of Undella town. 'You may turn back now, but the curse will remain.' A voice echoed from seemingly nowhere. "Well, I personally cannot face my mom, so I'm staying." Grace stated to the others.
  28. " Might as well. My mom's off on a business trip, " Shauna replied, even though she knew they'd never be the same again. " Who wants to have a quick battle with me before were cursed forever? " she asked.
  29. "Battle? My Pokemon are still at moms. I would have to go back to grab my Pokemon, sorry Shauna." Grace stated.
  30. "I might end up scaring claire if i go back like this....... and I want to bring her back something nice one day at least, so i'm gonna stay.
  31. He looked around. "Whats this?" He walked on the bridge, soon breaking into a sprint. "Does this lead to the is-" he slipped and fell into the water. He swam up, but couldn't reach the bridge. "Help, anyone?"
  32. "Oh gosh! Someone just fell off of the bridge!" Swiftly she leaped up and ran down the bridge, keeping an awkward sense of balance. When she got to the person's position, she reached a hand out, hoping that he would take it and make it back to the boat. If he could see the bridge, then he could see the island too.
  33. "Oi, whats happeneing to me?" he felt wierd. He got up and sat on the bridge. "Whats happening?!" He started to scratched his back. "I feel weird, why are you guy weird?"
  34. "Yeah, we've all grown weird a little. And your one to call someone weird dude" Shimmy said before chuckling.
  35. Grace sat down again. "You slipped off of the bridge and you looked like you were having...issues....getting back up.." She said calmly. "So, comon! Let's get to the boat. Oh and mind your ears and tail, don't whack them into anyone." Grace laughed. "I learned that the hard way."
  36. "What do you mean..........oh my everdead father!" He curled up. "Oh no, I'll be a laughing stock, people will hate me." He started to rock back and forth.
  37. " Anyone wanna still have a battle? "
    Shauna asked. And immediately, she started to change. Feelers instead of hair, paws instead of hands and legs. " Sylveon? " she asked. ( What in the world? )
  38. "Bwah, Whats happening to us", three more feathers shot out of him, making a tail.
  39. "No way! We are all in your situation. What's your names anyway. I know Shauna, but who is everyone else?" Grace asked, genuinely interested in the names of the people she will be forever shunned with. She sighed at the thought of going back to her mother. Looking into the water she looked at the reflection she saw her human half turn into a real Liepard. "Oh my gosh guys! There's a part in the legend where the trainers turn into their Pokemon half when they engage in battle. Shauna just challenged me, so both of us will turn into.. Lie! Pard, Liepard!" She finished.
  40. Just wanting to get back to normal, Shauna, or now Sylveon, used Fairy Wind, surprising Grace.

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