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Private/Closed The Mt. Moon Escape RP

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Merciless Medic, Jul 19, 2020.

  1. Discussion Thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-mt-moon-escape-ooc.22773/
    @ThePlayfulFox, @RisingGarchomps, @Sharksuitguy17, @Gamingfan

    A young boy who already seemed as tall as an adult with a crew cut walked outside of the Pokemon Center, which sat next to the entrance of the mountain it was sitting on. This kid was Miles Harding. He had just bought a Magikarp and seemed almost as if he wasn't so sure about the purchase. Maybe it had a special move or a special ability? Maybe... But he hadn't used her in a fight yet, so he had no idea of her potential. Maybe the seller was right about it being a special Magikarp, which was why he was selling it for 1,000 PokeYen instead of 500 like he would normally. Was it a worthy purchase though?

    He stood outside of the Pokemon Center, staring down at the newly obtained Pokemon he had bought. He stared at the PokeBall for a long moment, trying to see if there was some glimmer of hope for the Pokemon normally perceived as a pitiful weak jumble of mass. His attention had shifted over to the cave's maw, beckoning young trainers to come by. The setting sun was descending below the mountain's ridge, the shadow casting down onto Route 3, and the Zubat exited the cave's mouth to fly about and find food. At least they left. It would be a lot easier to deal with the mountain when most of the Zubat were gone and outside. He pulled out his flashlight and turned it on, a beam of light suddenly appearing and illuminating a large circle on the ground until the young boy shined it into the mountain's cave entrance as he walked forwards.

    The mountain seemed ominous today. He didn't like the feeling he was getting and the sign that sat up next to the entrance read with large letters: "INCREASE OF ONIX ACTIVITY. BEWARE. ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK."

    Onix? Like the creature Brock had? They weren't so bad to defeat if they were as difficult as Brock's, so he walked in with some confidence poorly placed in beating a large rock snake that are likely to be way tougher than Brock's Onix.
  2. Helios.

    Helios. Previously RisingGarchomps

    Youngster Moey, Moe as he was often called, strolled through route 3 with a pair of shades and a backwards facing cap on his head accompanied by sleek looking shorts. He had been informed that the pair of shorts were cool and trendy by a large group of male trainers of around his age wearing the piece of clothing. One even said they were ‘comfy and easy to wear’. He smiled as he approached Mt. Moon. Although he had only collected one badge, he was extremely proud and believed he was on path to success.

    You see, Moe came from a family who were notorious for their failures and giving up at the first hurdle. Aside from his mother, who was a failure in a different way, non of Moe’s family or plethora of older brothers had managed to get a single badge or beat Brock, who was considered easy for his experience. Yet, Moe had managed to do the inconceivable. He had beaten that Brock in an astonishing lucky turn of events.

    Moe’s father was the infamous youngster Joey from Johto who had moved to Kanto after a tremendous humiliation against Falkner. There, he met a more successful Pokemon trainer, who had failed in her quest to be good at contests. The two married and had many children. They couldn’t comprehend that out of 15 children, Moe would be the one. Yet he has done it, with the help of his trusty Rattata, a proud claim made that it was also bred from the egg of Joey’s famous mascot, but this claim was disputed as false by the skeptics.

    As Moe saw the Mt. Moon sign, he ignored it. He had come in here for one reason only: to get to Cerulean city to beat the heck out of Misty.
    As he entered he changed his mind. He has enough poke balls with him, so he commenced a catching fest, catch as many Pokemon as you can within a short space of time.

    Moe threw dozens of balls at Zubat because he thought they looked cool. The poke balls ended up landing on the floor after hitting the cave ceiling. He then spotted a group of Geodude hanging about and a tough looking golden one. A shiny? It must be Moe’s lucky day. He chased it down and tossed a ball. He caught it and looked at the specimen.

    “Welcome to the bros!” He exclaimed. “You can have this to become a honorary member!” He stuck his shades on the Geodude’s head. She shook her head. She didn’t want to be a ‘bro’. In a matter of seconds, she managed to communicate this to Moe and he was horrified.
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  3. Gamingfan

    Gamingfan Previously Gamingfan2

    "Hey! Come back here!" Ben called out. In front of him was his partner, Auro the Riolu, and in front of Auro was a yellow ball, rolling across the grass. The ball was a sandshrew that had wandered outside of Mt.Moon and had stolen Ben's styler, curious, and was now fleeing from his pursuers.
    "Use Vacuum Wave" Ben ordered. Auro nodded, leaped, and waved his arms to send a wave of vacuum at the Sandshrew thief.
    The attack barely missed, hitting the floor behind the pokemon. Now terrified, the pokemon swerved and directed itself into Mt.Moon, it's home.
    The pokemon rolled right into the cave, and Auro followed suit, with Ben trailing from behind. They all were so caught up in their chase that they failed to notice the warning sign.
  4. "Arba, get off of my face!"

    A young boy wearing a grey overcoat could be seen stumbling out of a Pokemon Centre with a small, fox-like Pokemon clutching to his face tightly. He had just beat Brock with the same Pokemon that was seemingly harassing him a while ago, and he was going to traverse through Mt. Moon to face off against the 2nd Leader Misty in Cerulean City and obtain the Cascade badge.
    The Pokemon, which was an Abra, uttered a muffled "Aaraa!" in response to the clearly annoyed boy. Abra would not budge, even with the boy's strongest attempts to pry him off his face. He stumbled haphazardly, almost tripping over a small rock, but righting himself and continuing his fruitless efforts to get his Pokemon off his face.

    Ren was the son of a doctor and a chef, so there was nothing much that was special about him. He did, however, have a rare genetic condition that made his eyes two different colours. He received his starter Pokemon, an Abra called Arba, when he became ten, a gift from his father, and Arba had just been startled by a small Bug Pokemon crawling on the Center's floor.

    Ren stumbled all the way into the mouth of the towering cave that was Mt. Moon, a place said to test the ability of a Pokemon Trainer to the limits, unaware of the sign on it.
  5. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Casey sat at a table, pondering about her route. She could try climbing over Mount. Moon, or go through the tunnel system. She hated caves, as they got pretty dark, but at the same time climbing the mountain was going to take a very long time. She sighed and looked at her Vulpix, who was sitting on the table. "What do you think, Blaze?" she asked just loud enough for Blaze to hear. Blaze tilted her head to the side before giving a quiet yap. Casey sighed once more, stretching a bit. "I guess we'll figure out when we get there."

    Casey stood up from her booth and left the Pokemon Center, Blaze following her. There was a truck nearby and two men carrying a box, clearly stopping for a few seconds. After seeing how steep the mountain was, Casey sighed and entered the Mount. Moon tunnels, unaware of the Onixes.
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  6. As Miles walked into the maw and the light from his torch illuminated the walls and floor, he could hear the distant roaring of Pokemon he didn't recognize. Taking a few steps in, he heard a ruckus behind him. Turning around, he had found a kid who was catching Pokemon so suddenly, Miles had stared for a time until the kid caught a yellowish Geodude and made it "one of the bros". She didn't seem to like being called a bro.

    More kids from the entrance came in as dusk began to settle and the revving of a truck nearby caught his attention as it moved its way towards the PokeCenter. He then saw a Sandshrew running away from a Riolu and presumably the Riolu's trainer. Among them, a boy with an Abra stuck to his face hobbled on inside the mountain. Behind them all, a young girl had walked inside.

    As soon as all the young trainers had walked inside, Miles made it very apparent that it was probably a good idea to stick together. While he was confident in his ability to get through the mountain, he wasn't so confident when there were rampaging Onix tunneling around the area. He released a green snake that looked close to evolution, as some green leaves have sprouted on his tail, his head and body was slimmer and taller, and his arms were slowly being absorbed into the body as his legs were bigger than the average Snivy.

    The Snivy saw the Sandshrew roll into the cave and he smiled deviously as he used Grass Pledge. He knelt down and set his vines into the earth, which caused a multitude of thorny vines to erupt from the ground and cover the floor of the Cavern. It reach out towards the sides so the Sandshrew couldn't get past the Snivy, and the vines in between the two erupted from the ground to ensnare the Sandshrew in its grasp.

    Miles looked over at the Riolu's trainer and smirked confidently. "Need a hand?" Not like Snivy already helped, but he thought it would be a good idea to extend the offer to see what the kid was like.

    He looked around the room at the four young trainers and proclaimed himself as leader without a vote. "I have an idea. Since it is probably our first time through Mt. Moon, how about we stick together? The caves are slightly dangerous, but if we stick together, nothing can befall us."

    Of course, he left out word about the sign, since he assumed everyone had seen it and knew the dangers they were getting themselves into.

    @Gamingfan @Sharksuitguy17 @RisingGarchomps @ThePlayfulFox
  7. Upon hearing the boy's voice, Arba immediately recoiled back from Ren's face, stumbling into a rock before using his psychic powers to right himself. Ren groaned, clutching a small red scratch mark on his right cheek where Arba's claws had been.

    "Wha..?" he muttered groggily, as his Abra innocently stared up at the boy who had just spoken. Arba glanced towards the Snivy, standing triumphantly behind a Sandshrew, who was trapped in thick vines, and shuddered a little. A blue flash emanated from Arba's eyes, as it proceeded to use it's newfound power of reading minds on the Snivy, shuddering more as it did so.

    Ren immediately straightened up upon coming back to Earth, and waved to the boy with a lopsided smile.

    "Hello!" he said rather cheerily. "I'm Ren, and this... this is Abra..." his smile was now replaced with a more annoyed look, as Abra proceeded to stare innocently into his eyes until his smile returned. He turned back to the boy and his Snivy.

    "What's your name?"
  8. ThePlayfulFox

    ThePlayfulFox Previously PlayfulFox47

    Casey nearly jumped when she was being address. She didn't know she was going to have to work with others! "Well, I, you see." Then someone almost ran into a rock before using some sort of power. She shook her head in disbelief for a second. She honestly had no idea what was happening. Her mind was blank except for the normal stuff around strangers. What if she insulted them? What if she wasn't being talked to? The latter would have been embarrassing to go through. She definitely didn't want that. In her hasty decision making, she decided to be silent and stand further away from everyone. She didn't notice Blaze pawing her leg, trying to snap her out of her trance.

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