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The Mountain Tribes (Ask to join~)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Shadewing, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Ok, ok, I get it. Another Warriors thing. But this one is different! Trust me! >_<

    In this RP you are one of the Tribe of Rushing Water members. Stoneteller did not decide to leave the cave and you still hunt under the snowy skies of the mountains. However, If you have not read the Warrior's books and you have never heard of the tribes 1) shame on you, go read it 2) their names are slightly different than the warrior names. For example... instead of... lets say... Watercloud it would be something like Cloud of Falling Water. Or Blossomleaf, Leaf that Blossoms. You dont need to type their whole name every single time though... Like you could shorten Cloud of Falling Water to Water Cloud. (Really its just like an adjective then a noun) Make sure you capitalize and put a space between the names though. My OC is Shadewing so her name in this RP might be Soft Shade of Twilight. The Stoneteller is like the medicine cat and leader combined into one, and I'll be controlling him, but not as my main. So yeah! A mysterious group of cats are trying to take you territory... what will you do?
    "Clear Water! Come on you lazy hawk! The Cave guards are waiting for you to go so we can finish count!" Clear River shining under Sun shook out her fur sleepily and blinked open her eyes to see Feather That Floats On Breeze looming over her. The beautiful she-cat served as a mentor to Clear River and was one of the most respected Prey Hunters in the Tribe. Her brother was the Stoneteller, but way back when Clear River heard that Feathery Breeze was a close second to becoming the next Stoneteller. Jay's Wing, the Stoneteller before the current one, was told by the Tribe of Endless Hunting that Feathery Breeze was just not the cat to become the Tribe Healer. Clear River's teal eyes lit up as soon as she remembered that today was her first time as a To-be in the cave. She would be able to leave this stuffy cave!

    Clear River started to pad out of the cave until she noticed a puddle of water on the floor next to her. She gazed down into it and quickly glanced at her reflection. Her pelt was a soft blue-grey color with white markings. One small patch of white over her left eye and the other on her front left paw. She was about to step into the snow past the cave guards until she squeaked in surprise. Clear River tumbled into the snow outside the cave with her brother standing triumphantly over her. "You were taking too long Clear River." he gave a small mrrow of amusement before puffing up his chest fur and jumping off of her. "I'm going to be the best Cave Guard Ever!" He exclaimed. Clear River stood and shook off her snow frosted pelt. "I cant believe you did that Bright Pond!" Clear River sniffed indignity. Pond Under Bright Lights had a similar pelt to Clear River's, but in reverse. He had white in just about the same places she had blue and vise versa. "OK you two... lets learn how to catch a hawk." Feathery Breeze mused as she towered over the two barely kits.
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  2. Raven of the Black Night, or Raven or Night Raven as she was also known as, was out hunting. She was made a Prey-Hunter. She crouched low to the ground in silence and she watched as a mouse was nearby. The lithe black she-cat knew exactly what she was doing; she was waiting...waiting for a hawk to strike down and take the mouse, then she'd kill the hawk and take the prey back to the cave. Just as she had planned, a hawk flew down and picked up the mouse; Raven hopped up and attacked the hawk, bringing it down with unusual ease.

    She dragged the prey back to the cave, nodding respectfully to the cave-guards. She set the prey down and rushed out again, ready to hunt some more. She usually hunted on her own as she couldn't get herself to focus when others were around her. She also lacked the skill to focus on many cats and some prey all at once. She found it hard to focus no matter what; that's why she was usually outside the cave because she can't focus very well with many cats around her.

    She was just about to go catch a hawk or really anything, but she was oddly too tired to do so. She was usually full of energy and would run all the way around the territory and gather as much prey as she could, if she wanted. She sat down, tired, but she gave herself only a few moments to breathe before setting off again. Raven usually pushed herself far over her limit; she would fight for the Tribe of Rushing Watter even at the cost of her very life, and she would continue to serve it until the end of her life. This was her home, and what she did for them was to pay them back to accepting her while she was out wandering...alone and close to death.

    She caught a few pieces of prey and took them back to the cave. She was also unusually thin. Her fur was pitch black, she had bright blue eyes, and she was blind in her left eye due to a scar. She had a long scar across her shoulder and torn ears. She had fought many battles to help the Tribe of Rushing Water, but, what it seemed, was that the Tribe never really had any...enemies...Rivals...anything other than themselves and prey and possibly some wandering cats...but maybe she was wrong; maybe someone was out there...hopefully not very aggressive, but able to put up a good fight.

    The black she-cat shrugged and soon sat down in the cave, allowing herself to rest before wanting to rush outside again. She had become close friends with many cats here. She suddenly felt tired again. The exhaustion nagged at her, wanting her to just sleep or lay down and stop doing what she was doing. She refused to let it keep her from hunting; she had to keep going until night, or so she had believed.
  3. Exiled from the tribe stood Mist where River flows. Now known as Mist, he wandered about the mountains for several moons until he found his way back to the cave.
  4. Splash of Windy Breeze sat in the cave, licking her paw clean from an injury. Splash, or Splash Breeze, was a prey Hunter. She was a chocolate tabby with a white underbelly and stunning blue eyes. Splash watched as Clear River and Bright Pond tussled their way out into the snow and smiled to herself. She remembered when she and her brother would do that. Splash's brother is long gone now though.... He was carried away by a hawk.

    "Feathery Breeze, watch out for those two. They will cause trouble, I can see it in their futures." Mused the chocolate tabby she-cat as she padded out to go hunting herself. Splash stepped over the two tussling To-bes and raced off into the snow. She spotted Night Raven, probably carrying her 3rd load of prey for that day. 'The poor She-cat works too hard...' Splash Breeze said to herself as she continued to tread lightly over the white powdery snow. She swore she could see a different cat out of the corner of her eye, but she dared not stray from her mission; prey.
  5. At the sight of another cat, Mist bounded across the snow towards Splash. His Bony speckled grey coat, once soft, was now matted. He hardly looked like a cat at all, more skin and bones than anything
  6. Splash's ears perked at the sound of another cat nearby. She skidded to a stop as gazed at the disturbed snow in the distance trying to identify the cat. It was fairly obvious that it was a Tom based on his structure, but whoever it was was incredibly thin. Her blue eyes narrowed as she finally picked out a grey pelt. 'Who is that? It can't be....no. He was exiled many moons ago.' Splash contemplated.
  7. Clear Water and Bright Pond stopped their tussling and stood on alert as they gazed at Feathery Breeze. The light grey she-cat let out a happy mrrow of laughter as she watched the two. "Ok.... Tall Peak! Can you assist us while we go hunting?" Feathery Breeze called to a large brown tabby Tom. The young Cave Gaurd's eyes gleamed happily as he bounded over. "Of course! Teaching the To-bes I see?" Tall Peak observed. "Oh yes, they sure will be a handful." Feathery breeze responded, causing a snort from the siblings.
  8. "Hello... Splash..." His mew sounding weary and exhausted. Although he had lost a weight, he had also grown a lot stronger. His green eyes flickered behind her as he saw the entrance to the cave.
  9. "Mist! Oh I haven't see you in moons!" The she-cat meowed excitedly, bounding up and down. "I personally think exiling you was a bad decision. The stone teller made a horrid mistake." Splash flicked her tail in a silent insult to the Healer before returning her bright blue gaze to Mist. "So have you come back? Are you going to be part of the Tribe again?" Splash asked quickly, glancing back at cave entrance.
  10. Raven forced herself to rest in the cave. She was a bit too tired to go hunting at every chance she had. She closed her bright blue eyes and tried to sleep, but she felt oddly restless. She wandered around the cave, her eyes dull. She felt slightly nervous about something that may or may not happen in the future...
  11. "Err... No. I came to tell any cat who would believe me, there is a storm coming. A "MonSoon" as the Cats that live in the foot hills say. And it will flood the cave, and any river around here." He said somberly, his gaze never faltering.
  12. "Oh..." Splash's bright eyes dulled a bit at the news. "Wait... A moon-son? Like, the kin of the moon?" The brown tabby meowed in curiosity. Her eyes widened a bit. "Flooding? Are you sure?..." Splash tilted her head, but then shook out her pelt. "Why don't you come to the cave and announce it? They would believe you more than me." She suggested.
  13. "No they won't. They'll think I'm crazy. I'll be close by. You can find me if you want to." He mewed hurriedly and trudged off.

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