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The Moon and Stars will fall (second!)

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Chibi, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Rules, READ EM
  2. ((*CoughWelderndcough*))

    Next to the nest, a fern suddenly sprouted into existence. The wind played over its leaves, causing them to loom over the eggs. The wind soon stopped, but the leaves continued to move. They wiggled and jiggled at the roots until they suddenly heaved upwards. Beneath the leaves was now a head, delicately featured like a young girl, yet with the rough appearance and color of tree bark. Its amber eyes opened and its mouth stretched wide as it gasped for air.

    "Man!" the head said with a girlish voice. "It feels good to breath air through my lungs again! I tell ya, photosynthesis is not all it's cracked up to be. Sure, you can make your own food, but where's the flavor? Next restaurant I find, I'm having myself a big ol' steak! Mmm-MM! That's some good eatin'! It's been ages, literally ages, since I had a good steak. I'm almost certain a mass extinction of some kind happened while I was down there. Aw, man! They might not even have steak anymore! 'Least, not any steak I'm familiar with. But I suppose this is a good opportunity to try out dishes I've never seen before. That's always exciting. I might even get some new favorites. I can't wait! Once I wriggle free from the ground here, I'm gonna... Oh! Eggs!"

    With a swift jerk, a torso erupted from the ground beneath the head. It's shape added to the feminine appearance of the head, and although bare its bark-like skin did not reveal any mammalian features aside from the obvious curvature of the chest. The arms were long and slender with fingers to match. They plucked an egg from the nest and brought it up to the face.

    "I've never seen eggs like this before. Must be from a species that evolved while I was hibernating. How weird. Most eggs I've seen were all one color, maybe with, like, speckles and stuff, but the colorations of some of these are almost artistic in design, not to mention the fact that they're all different. Oh... maybe these have been painted for some bizarre, pagan ritual. I can't wait to see what they're going to do with them. Oh! If they're going to eat them, I hope I can have some! It's been a long time since I've had eggs. Almost as long as I've had steak. In fact, I think the last meal I ate was steak and eggs, so I guess I haven't had either for an equal amount of time. Well, not equal per se. Not unless the last mouthful I had was comprised of both steak and egg. Was it? I can't remember. It's not like I bother remember things like that. It's not like I'm obsessed with food or anything, despite how I sound right now. I'm just so hungry, but I'm going to respect the pagan ritual and leave these eggs alone. The last thing I need is to wake up and immediately anger the locales. Unless I did that already by disturbing sacred ground. Hey, wait. I was here long before it was sacred ground. That'd make me sacred, too! They got nothin' on me! Just the same..."

    The plant girl gently placed the egg back. She then pushed against the ground like she was getting out of a bathtub and brought her long, slender legs out of the dirt one at a time.
  3. Ooc: This is my character from last time: http://s170.photobucket.com/albums/u248/heathers_bunnie/th_jewelry_box5B15D.jpg

    Night smiled a faint smile at the arrival of the two newcomers. "Welcome," she addresed them in a voice as smooth as water flowing over pebbles, "I am Night. These eggs have called to you, and you are destined to be their hatchers."


    A figure stumbled blindly throygh the dark woods. Branches caught her long white hair then let it drop again, like sand sliding through a person's fingers. Her black cloak spilled out from behind her like a pool of darkness, sliding over the leaves and plants without making a single whisper. Suddenly a low hanging branch caught the headbands circling her head and yanked them off forcefully. Her head snapped around, her ocean blue eyes scanned the dark trees until they rested on the headbands dangling from the branch. She walked under the branch and reached her hand up to grab them, but she was just out of reach. After several more failed attempts, she took out a long, rusty sword from its sheath and pointed it outward.

    The sword's tip managed to hook onto the headbands and then with a simple flick, the headbands flew off the brach and were caught by the girl's hand. She continued along, slipping the headbands back on as she went. Suddenly, she heard a voice ahead.

    "-eggs have called to you, and you are destined to be their hatchers." A smooth voice said.

    What? Serena thought and she suddenly stumbled into a moonlit clearing with seven different...eggs? Serena scratched her head in confusion. These were some of the strangest eggs she had ever seen. They were none like she had ever seen or heard of before, not even in myths. A woman clad all in blck turned her head twoards her as she arrived, her purple eyes seemed to stare past her like smoke.

    "Welcome." The woman said, "I am Night. One of these eggs has chosen and called to you. You must find out which."
  4. ((My character looks something like this.))

    The plant girl sat crouched on the ground as Night greeted her. She was surprised to see the sorceress standing there, though she wasn't put off at all. She continued to crouch there, visibly at ease. It had been a long time since she had seen a human, and she smiled gleefully at her.

    "Hi, Night," she said. "My name is Mandragora Isadora Mirabella Rotini Romaine Clarice Tatiana Dryad, but people just call me Mandrake. Of course, you can call me Mandragora Isadora Mirabella Rotini Romaine Clarice Tatiana Dryad if you want, though I don't know why since it's quite a mouthful. You could call me Mandragora or Isadora or Mirabella or Rotini or Romaine or Clarice or Tatiana or Dryad, though most people go with Mandrake or Mandragora or Dryad. Sometimes they call me Mandragora Dryad when they want to be formal but don't want to say my entire name. Personally, I like Mandrake. It's what everyone calls me, or they did before I went to sleep. They could all be dead now, 'cause I can sleep a long time. But I won't be going to sleep for a while now that I'm up. Maybe I'll sleep for a few hours every now and then, just to conserve energy, but chances are I won't sleep for hundreds of years like I was doing just now."

    Mandrake hadn't stopped talking while the Night greeted the second comer. She had noticed the swordswoman, but continued talking because she had a lot to say. She didn't particularly care if anyone ignored her while she talked.

    "Hey, you said we get to keep one of these eggs, right?" Mandrake noted. She picked up the egg she touched earlier and stood up. "In that case, I can I have this one? I really like this one. It's really pretty. It reminds me of this pet I used to have. We'd play together a lot, but mostly we just talked and talked and talked. Well, I talked, obviously. It couldn't because it was just dumb animal, but I'd spend a lot of time talking to it anyway. After a while of talking, it'd want to play again. I could tell because it would viciously gnaw at my leg and then drag me through the forest until got a stick or rock or something. Then I would throw it and my pet would chase it down and bring it back. Sometimes it'd grab my neck and make it hard to talk, but I don't think it meant any harm by it. I wonder what happened to it. One day I threw a stick and it never came back. It's probably dead by now. Oh well. I still miss the little guy."
  5. (Just asking, which egg did your character pick up?)

    Serena shook her head in amazement. "Yes, I remember a voice saying: Serena, Serena. Come to me. Over and over again. Then suddenly before I knew what I was doing, I was here."

    Night nodded and continued, "Mandrake, yes you get to keep on of these eggs. Although you have to see if it reacts to your touch."

    Serena was puzzled. "How can an egg react to your touch? They're not even hatched yet."

    Night's smile still remained the same, "These eggs are magic. See for yourself."

    Serena stared for a moment, then shrugged and walked over to the first egg. What strange water patterns. They're even moving! She thought and layed her hand on the shell. After a minute nothing happened, indicating that his was not her egg. She shrugged again and skipped the second egg and went over to the third. How can I touch it if it's surrounded by ice? She thought and peered closely at it. Serena then relized that the egg was not completely covered in ice, for at the front the ice had melted, revealing the shell. She lay her hand on the shell and instantly her hand went numb. She tried to jerk her hand back but it wouldn't move. But this time something did happen.

    The egg began to hum, then vibrate violently. It shook even harder, causing the rest of the surrounding ice to crack, then shatter completely. "Why did you leave?!" A male voice demanded from the depths within the egg.

    Serena jumped back. Why did she just hear a voice in her head?! "I-I didn't leave." She managed to stammer.

    "Well, it feels like you did." The egg replied, a hint of sadness in its voice. Serena could do nothing but stare.
  6. ((^_^; I was purposely vague so you could choose for me if you wanted it to be the first one I picked up.))

    Mandrake cradled the black, bat-winged egg in her hands as she watched Serena touch the eggs. She stepped back at Serena's sudden reaction to the ice egg.

    "Leave?" Mandrake replied. "Leave what? Leave where? Leave who? If you meant right here right now, you sure didn't leave. I saw you. You were here the whole time. Unless, like, you traveled back through time, then returned the exact moment you left, so it only looks like you never left because you were gone for like a fraction of a second or something but in that fraction of a second you could have spent an entire lifetime somewhere else but I wouldn't know because a lifetime there was a fraction of a second here and I couldn't see it. It's like the story about the fisherman Urashima Taro who was taken to the Palace of the Dragon, and after a few days he wanted to see his family again so he left but when he got home it turned out he had actually spent like three hundred years and everyone he knew was dead and then he opened the box they gave him when he left the palace as a going away present and it turned out it contained his real age and he died! Except you're not dead yet, so if you got any boxes or anything while you were gone I suggest you not open them because it cause you to age thousands of years in one second and your face could melt off.

    "While we're on the subject, is my egg supposed to explode like that? 'Cause mine hasn't done anything yet that I've noticed. Or maybe it did do something and I didn't notice. That happens sometimes because if you haven't noticed I tend to talk a lot and sometimes I miss things, but if my egg did something like that, I think I'd notice because I was holding it the whole time like this and if it started doing anything like that I'd definitely feel it 'cause it'd be going off right in my hands.

    "Hey, there are seven eggs here, right? Does that mean you're expecting seven people? That means five more people are going to show up because there are two of us here already and five is two less than seven. If they all don't show up, what's going to happen to the other eggs? Are they going to sit there until they hatch or something? If no one else shows up, can we divide the remaining eggs amongst ourselves? 'Cause if we can, I also want this one."

    Mandrake tapped the black-and-lightning egg gently with her toe. She could immediately feel an electric tingle moving up her leg.

    "Oh, hey, this one kinda tickles. Is it supposed to tickle? Does that mean it's my egg? 'Cause this one does tickle or do anything, but this one is definitely doing something and I think I like it."
  7. Night shook her head, "The egg naturally tingles because its element is lightning. And yes, I expect seven people to show up tonight." Night explained to Mandrake.

    Serena blinked in confusion at Mandrake's statement. "Um, no. I don't think I went bacl in time or whatever the heck you just said. I just think this egg here is mistaken."

    "Well I've been waiting for you to show up for one thousand years!" The egg snapped back.

    "Well why did you choose so early then?" Serena asked.

    "I had to! Besides, how was I supposed to know when you would arrive?" The egg replied, rocking back and forth as it did.

    Serena shrugged then relized that the egg probably couldn't see her. "Well, I don't know. Do you mind if I pick you up?"

    "Of course I don't mind." The egg replied. Serena gently scooped it up in her arms and cradled it.

    "Do you have a name?" She asked it. She ignored the feeling of her arms numbing and handled with egg with extreme care, as if the smallest mistake could shatter the beautiful shell.

    "Not really. In fact I'm not even sure what I am yet." The white egg replied sheepishly.

    Serena shook her head and watched Mandrake. Neither of the eggs reacted to her touch, showing that she wasn't chosen by them.

    (Heh, heh. Try again! Besides, it's more fun when you just pick a random egg and see if it's the one that I chose for you. Plus, you can have more than one charater if you want. Eek! Serena's so small! http://i170.photobucket.com/albums/u248/heathers_bunnie/jewelry_box5B15D.jpg?t=1196387669)
  8. "Aw..." Mandrake whined as she knelt down and put the black winged egg back. She was on all fours again as she looked over the remaining eggs. "Okay, I'm guessing this one's water, this one's fire, this one's dinosaur, this one's... Oh! Pretty! It's a cute little angel egg! I want this one!"

    With that, she reached into the moonbeam and tapped the angelic egg.
  9. (Dinosaur?)

    Serena stared at her egg. She ran a finger down it's shell and smiled. "I han=ve the perfect name for you." She said to the egg.

    "What is it?" The egg asked eagerly.

    "Phantom." Serena declared. The moonlight glowed off its shell, giving it a ghost-like appearence. It was the perfect name.

    "Phantom." The egg repeated, "I like it!"

    "I knew you would." Serena said, smiling. She noticed Mandrake touched another egg, it was the fifth egg. She held her breath. Was this the one? After a minute, the egg didn't so much as twitch.
  10. ((Heh heh. It has a rough shell, like dino-skin, and its on ferns, which one might associate with a paleolithic jungle. I was originally going to say "Reptile," but I thought it didn't sound cutesy enough. I bet it's earth or plant, though, right?))

    Mandrake whined in disappointment again. She eyed the fire egg suspiciously.

    "I hope it's not that one," she said. "It's made of fire and I'm made of wood ((Note: She is not actually made of wood)), so I could burst into flames or something if I touch it. But if I don't touch it, it might be mine and I won't get an egg. I guess there's no point in saving it for last. I better touch it right now or I'm going to worry sick about it the whole time."

    With that, Mandrake gingerly reached over to the egg and gave it a quick tap so it wouldn't burn her.
  11. (Oh, well it is earth. The rough texture is kind of like bark.)

    The fiery egg didn't react after a few minutes. Well I'm not really suprised. Serena thought. Earth and fire don't mix. Phantom's egg rocked again.

    "I can't wait to get out of this egg. It's so cramped in here!" Phantom said, his voice edged with enthusiam. (sp?)

    Serena smiled, "Well you'll be out of this egg soon." She told him.

    "Yes, I hope very soon." Phantom said.
  12. Mandrake sighed in relief. "No burning-fire egg for me. Okay, let's see... That leaves water and dinosaur left. Dinosaurs eat plants, unless they eat other dinosaurs, so I guess I'm going with water. But plants drink water, so maybe it'll be afraid of me. But I don't know why it would be dinosaur, 'cause I don't have anything in common with dinosaurs, aside from being ancient. Then again, maybe that is something we'd have in common. You know, I got two hands. I'll just touch both at once and see what happens." And that she did.
  13. (It's not a dinosaur. I just made the rough texture to make it more plant like.)

    The seventh egg, the "dinosaur" one, gave a little jerk. "Um, hello?" A shy female voice asked.

    Serena gasped, the egg just talked! Well, I wonder what that will be? she thought. Phantom's egg shivered.

    "Another egg has found its master." he declared.
  14. ((I know that, but Mandrake doesn't. By the way, do I get to play the egg from now on, or just you?))

    Mandrake lifted up one hand and curiously peered at the egg beneath it like one might peek at a face-down card. Then her face grew bright with excitement. She picked up the "dinosaur" egg and sat back, holding the egg in the air.

    "Hullo, eggy!" Mandrake cooed. "My name is Mandragora Isadora Mirabella Rotini Romaine Clarice Tatiana Dryad, but people just call me Mandrake. Of course, you can call me Mandragora Isadora Mirabella Rotini Romaine Clarice Tatiana Dryad if you want, though I don't know why since it's quite a mouthful. You could call me Mandragora or Isadora or Mirabella or Rotini or Romaine or Clarice or Tatiana or Dryad, though most people go with Mandrake or Mandragora or Dryad. Sometimes they call me Mandragora Dryad when they want to be formal but don't want to say my entire name. Personally, I like Mandrake. It's what everyone calls me, or they did before I went to sleep. They could all be dead now, 'cause I can sleep a long time. But I won't be going to sleep for a while now that I'm up. Maybe I'll sleep for a few hours every now and then, just to conserve energy, but chances are I won't sleep for hundreds of years like I was doing just a moment ago. Actually, now that I think about it, I don't really know how long I was asleep, exactly. It might not be nearly as long as I thought it was. I mean, if you called to me by destiny I may have woken up way earlier than I thought. So maybe that wasn't a mass extinction I felt! Maybe I can have more yummy steaks! Yay!"
  15. (Oh. Well I think it would be best for me to play the egg for a while, then you learn their personality, then you can play the egg)

    "Wow," The small female voice said, "Mandragora Isadora Mirabella Rotini Romaine Clarice Tatiana Dryad is such a long name. You're lucky thugh, I don't have a name. I at least I wish I knew what I was."

    Phantom's egg was silent. Then, "Yes, I wish I knew what I was too."

    "You don't know what you are?" Srena asked in suprise.

    "Not really. I wasn't born with that knowledge." Phantom replied sheepishly.

    "Wow. That's so sad." Serena whispered and rubbed the shell, which still glittered. She again wondered what was in this egg.
  16. "But it's also cool!" Mandrake added. "You could be anything! Literally, anything! You could be a tyrannosaurus, a pterodactyl, an ankylosaurus, a velociraptor, a hadrosaur, a caveman, a saber-toothed tiger, a mastodon, a triceratops, a dragon, a werewolf, a mummy, a bird, an insect, a praying mantis, a dung beetle, a dog, a cat, a bunny, an eagle, a mouse, a duck-billed platypus, a spiny echidna, a tortilla, a habanero, a hedgehog, a fox, a raccoon, a snow man, a sunflower, an ant, a rooster, a bull, a cockatoo, a cockatrice, a medusa, a gorgon, a harpy, a compsygnathid, a brachiosaur, a cyclops, a griffin, a hippogriff, a bison, a pan flute, a pig, a chicken, a wolf, a berry, a robot, a zombie, an egg, a duck, a goose, a hound, a trumpet, a golden mongoose, a cobra, an insurance salesman, a pegasus, a crab, a lobster, a turkey, a bullet, a lion, a boa constrictor, a will-o'wisp, a banshee, a skeleton, a time lord, a rose, a rhinoceros, an elephant, a swan, a belt sander, a golem, a scarecrow, a witch, a dancer, a fairy, a bat, a gopher... You could even be me! Yay! I could be like a mommy!"

    Mandrake sat cross-legged ("Indian-style"), setting the egg in the space between her legs like a nest. She draped her hands over it, bending forward slightly so her elbows were on her knees.

    "But first, you need a name," she said. She propped her head up with one hand as she idly strummed her fingers on the egg. "You gotta have a name. If you don't have a name, I won't know what to call you. I can't just keep calling you 'Eggy,' because you're more than just an egg. You're a... something-egg. An egg's got potential. An egg can be anything. So I gotta think of a name that goes with anything. I can't call you something like 'Squid' if you're not at all squid-like. People'd be all 'Why's you're name Squid? That doesn't make any sense. You're not remotely squid-like.' So the name's gotta be open. Gotta mean anything, because you could be anything, you know?"

    In an unlikely turn of events, she went quiet, staring off into space for a moment as her fingers tapped gently against the egg's shell. She hummed softly to herself in indecision. Then she leaned back, her hands on the ground, and addressed the egg directly.

    "What names do you like?" she asked.
  17. Serena stared at Mandrake in amazement. "How does she do it?" She asked quietly.

    "Do what?" Phantom asked.

    "Talk so fast without having to take a breath." She replied.

    Phantom was silent for a few moments. "I really don't know." He said at last.

    The egg that Mandrake held was silent. It shivered, "I don't know. I know I'm something that that is the element of earth. I know that much at least. But I don't really know any names. Do you know any?" The voice seemed rather excited, but it still held its shyness.
  18. "Aw, but I'm so bad at naming things," Mandrake said. "But there's this one name that I always thought would cool to give a girl, because it's really a boys name that doesn't really have a matching girl's name. Actually, it's not so much a name as it is a title, I think, but I know a girl's name that sounds like it so I'm going to give it to you, because now it's the only name I can think of and I know if I try to think of another name it'll never sound anywhere as good as the one I'm thinking now and I could think for hours and hours and hours and it'll be right on the tip of my tongue but I'll never ever ever ever get it so I'm going to name you June."
  19. Mandrake's egg shivered, "June." She whispered, "Oh, I just love it!" Her voice was now high-pitched with excitement. "Thank you, thank you! It's such a nice name!"

    Phantom's egg echoed with the sound of a deep chuckling, "Fit her it does." Phantom said, his voice tinged with amusement.

    Serena nodded and managed to smile, "The name seems right for someone like her. I don't know why, but it just does."

    "Maybe it's the aura she gives of. The name fits her personality and aura." Phantom suggested.

    "Maybe. It would be the most likely reason." Serena said, shrugging. She looked around at the other eggs. I wonder who the other eggs chose? She thought.

    (Seriously, great name. It does fit her perfectly. Although I might add another character.)
  20. "Yep, yep," Mandrake said, hugging the June-egg. "It's short for 'Junior,' which is a boy's name, but you're a girl, so I can just call you June. It's a really pretty name. I like it, too. ~Such~a~pretty~name~... Heh heh. Maybe you'll be a ~June Bug~! Hee hee!"
  21. "June bug?" June asked, a little confused. The egg seemed to tilt a little, as if turning on's head to one side.

    Serena sat down on a small clump of grass. Her legs had become tired from standing up for so long. She nestled Phantom's egg closer to her chest. "So, you're a thousand years old?" She asked Phantom.

    "That is correct." Phantom answered, he seemed to be bragging.
  22. "A june bug is a beetle," Mandrake said. "And aside from some folksy expressions, I know absolutely nothing about them. So you're a thousand-year egg, huh? Those are so yummy. Were you packed in brine or quicklime? Personally, I prefer them prepared in the traditional way. Don't worry, I won't eat you. You've got bigger things in store. We were brought together by destiny, you know."

    The was a rustling in the bushes nearby. The diminutive figure stepped out, grumbling to himself. The man was clearly a dwarf, right down to the beard, but instead of the heavy armor and mining equipment most dwarfs are known to wear, this one wore the light garments of a martial artist. The heaviest items he wore were probably the dragon-headed metal cuffs on his wrists. His leg got snagged in the bush, and it took him a moment to get himself unstuck. After that, he stumbled a few steps before finally lifting his head and setting eyes on the group.

    "Ohhhh no," he exclaimed. He immediately darted back into the bushes. "No no no no no!"

    "Jordi!" Mandrake cheered. She leapt up from where she sat, leaving June where she sat and lunged after the dwarf. After some struggling and yelling, Mandrake stepped back into holding a writhing dwarf in her arms like a teddy bear. "Jordi's here! The party's starting to fill out!"

    "Dammit, I'm not joining any danged party, you leafy vegetable!" the dwarf protested. "But if you're giving them my name, give it proper." He stopped struggling and posed with his hands on his hips. "The name's Jordan Windraker. And I was just leaving."

    With a sudden jab to Mandrake's elbows, Jordan dropped to the ground and quickly darted back into the bushes.

    "Wait!" Mandrake called out. She quickly picked up June and held her up. "You should at least pick an egg first!"

    Jordan turned around and peeked out.

    "What's this about an egg?" he asked.
  23. (Heh heh. What funny dwarf, in fact, I was about to add another charater too! And I totally forgot to mention in my first post, Serena is an elf.)

    For the first time in seven minutes, Night spoke. "Hello Jordan Windraker. I see you are another one to have had it to this secret place. You might not believe me, but one of these eggs had callen to you, why don't you touch one?" She still kept her smile, but her gaze seemed to drill into the dwarf, yet her eyes were calm.

    Serena still sat upon the ground. He's a dwarf, but Mandrake knows him. I think it is going to be difficult to convince him to stay here. She thought.

    "I don't think he'll want to stay here." Phantom said. He knew they were both thinking the same thing: He didn't want to stay around Mandrake.

    "Well he might." Serena said shrugging. She frowned suddenly and scratched one of her pointed ears. Did she just hear something? She shook her head. She was just being paranoid. Wait! There it was again! An almost invisible sound of something stepping ever so quietly through the bushes, well they obviously didn't know the hearing skill of an elf. Serena silently set Phantom down. "Stay here for a minute." She whispered, then shook her head. It wasn't like an egg could go anywhere!

    "Hey, where are you going?!" Phantom demanded, his egg rocking back and forth.

    "Shh." Serena whispered and crept silently into the trees. Using her hearing, she could tell where it was, but it was difficult. Whoever or whatever was here obviously didn't want to be noticed. But Serena noticed. As silently as a falcon descending upon its prey, she crept closer, and closer. Then when she knew she was close enough, she leapt into the air, landing directly on the target.

    A shrill scream spilt the air and both Serena and anoter girl tumbled out, both locked in a fight. Suddenly, Serena was able to pin the other girl down. "Tasmira?" She gasped.

    "Serena?" The other girl gasped in relief.

    Serena loosened her girl on the other girl. It wasn't a stranger, but her younger cousin Tasmira. "What the hell are you doing here?" Serena demanded, "Why did you follow me?"

    Tasmira got up and dusted her clothes off. "I couldn't sleep, so I woke up and saw you walking into the woods. I knew you weren't supposed to be going out there so i decided to follow you. But then I got lost and suddenly this white light appeared in front of me. It called my name and told me to follow it. So I did and suddenly I fond this place and saw you here. But I really noticed these pretty little eggs. What are they for anyway?" She walked over to the first one and picked it up. "That's weird. These eggs look as if their shells are painted but the designs are moving! It's so weird!" She put the egg back down again and gazed at the other ones. "Oh! You've got an egg! And so does that weird plant thing!" Tasmira squealed in excitment, jumping up and down.

    (Tasmira is also in the Character Bios, if want to see a picture of her.)
  24. "Well, I can see you girls don't need me, then," Jordan said, turning back around. "I'll just be heading off..."

    "Oh no you don't," Mandrake said, grabbing him by his collar and lifting him off the ground. "You were brought here by destiny. You can't stop destiny, you know. You'll always find your way back here again and again until you fulfill your destiny. Remember the time when we...?"

    "Yeah, yeah, I remember," Jordan grumbled as he was dropped in front of the nest, his arms crossed in front of him. "And I see you haven't learned how to shut up. Why can't you talk like the other trees?"

    "The other trees don't talk, silly," Mandrake noted.

    "Exactly," Jordan said. "If I touch an egg, will you shut up?"

    "I can do that," Mandrake said, hugging June against her chest. "I can stop talking. I can go for days without talking. Remember when I got mad at Illumil for taking the last cupcake? I didn't talk for a week, I was so angry!"

    "Best week of my life," Jordan replied.

    "And remember how everyone was creeped out because I was so quiet?" Mandrake continued. "I was really, really quiet. I mean, elves can get quiet and drow can be really quiet, but this was so quiet I sucked the sound right out of the air. It was practically deafening it was so quiet. And everyone thought I was sick or something because I wasn't saying anything. So we all had to stop and our cleric had to look me over to make sure I was alright, but I was fine. I was just angry and not saying anything and it drove everyone crazy because at any moment I could start talking but I was wasn't but I was always on the verge of talking, then I'd remember I was angry and I wouldn't say anything. I wouldn't tell anyone why I was angry, so nobody could do anything until..."


    Mandrake shut her trap and Jordan glared at her. Facing the eggs, he knew just the one to pick. Mandrake was afraid of fire more than most other things, and even if she wasn't he'd be more than happy to set her ablaze any day. So he reached out and tapped the egg resting among the coals.

    "There, I touched it," Jordan said. "Can I go now?"
  25. "No silly, you have to wait for it to react." Serena told him. After a few minutes it didn't react.

    "An egg can react? Cool!" Tasmira squealed, skipping over to the sixth egg. She touched it and waited for something to happen. Nothing did happen, but she just shrugged and went to a different egg. The fifth one. She ran her finger along the shell. Suddenly, the egg shuttered. The egg began bouncing up and down. Once, twice, one the third time it suddenly spread its wings and hovered in front of Tasmira's face.

    "Are you the one I called for?" A female voice asked her.
  26. "Well, mine didn't do anything," Jordan said. With a mock salute, he was off. "See ya."

    "Sorry, Jordi," Mandrake said, grabbing him by the collar and dragging him back into place. "But you have to keep trying until one of them does something, 'cause one of them will do something, and it's not going to do it for anyone else. I should know, I touched just about all the eggs until June spoke to me."

    "June?" Jordan repeated, somehow irritated by the fact. "You named it June?"

    "Uh, huh," Mandrake nodded. "I wanted to name her Junior, but she's a girl so I named her June. When you pick an egg, you gotta name it, too, because it doesn't have a name and if you don't name it it gets all said and angsty because it doesn't even know what it is yet because it hasn't hatched. It must be pretty dark in there if it can't see itself. But maybe it doesn't know because it doesn't have a point of reference. I mean, it is an egg, after all. It doesn't know what's out in the great big world. But if it doesn't know anything, how can it talk?"

    "You seem to be doing a fine job of it," Jordan grumbled. Not particularly caring what happens next, he tapped the lightning egg.
  27. (Yeah, I would give the fire egg to someone like Jordi, but he's so small and the creature of the egg is so big I'm afraid he might get squished.)

    The lightning egg suddenly spun once, twice, three times in a circle in its straw nest. "Who are you?" A deep male voice demanded from within the egg.

    Tasmira gasped in shock at the egg hovering in her face. She gently slid her arms out and carefully crdled the egg. "Uh, yes. I think I'm the one you called for. My name is Tasmira." She said, feeling a little stupid.
  28. Jordan looked surprised at the egg's sudden reaction, then the expression gave way to offense. "That's a fine way of speaking to your elders, runt! You haven't even hatched yet, and you're already too big for your britches!"

    "I think you two'll get along just fine," Mandrake said. "You're both really crabby!"

    "I'm not crabby!" Jordan protested.
  29. "Excuse me?" The lightning egg demanded, "Runt? I am 1,000 years old Jordan Windraker! That's 850 years older than you!"

    "Well someone is getting along just perfectly." Serena remarked, picking Phantom back up.

    "He just doesn't like to be insulted, that's all." Phantom replied, apparently he had gotten over being angry with her.
  30. "Aye, but it's experience that matters," Jordan shot back. "And I haven't needed someone to carry me around since I was a wee babe! Can you say that much, runt?"

    "That's not entirely true," Mandrake interjected. "Remember when your legs got broke inside that dungeon, and the barbarian had to tie you to his back and carry you around? You being ranting and raving the whole time, and you said he smelled like a drunken musk ox. How long ago was that? Two hundred, one hundred years? I don't know, 'cause I have a hard time keeping track of time while I'm asl-OW!"

    Jordan drew his hand back from where he had jabbed Mandrake in the jaw with a couple fingers.

    "That hurt," Mandrake said. "Was that a pressure point technique? I remember you were studying it when we met..."

    Jordan sighed. "So hard to find the chakra points on a plant. That shoulda given ya lockjaw or something."
  31. The sound of laughter came from the depths of the second egg. "Well well," The egg said, its voice sounded deeply amused, "it seems not only is Jordi a whiner, but a lier too."

    "I don't think those two are going to get along." Serena commented, once again Phantom in her arms.

    "Well, to tell the truth it is sort of Jordan's fault. I wouldn't be suprised when he gets out of that egg the first thing he's gonna do is smite him." Phantom muttered, soft enough so Jordan couldn't hear.

    Two people were getting along just fine however. "So your name is Tasmira?" The angel egg asked. "I wish I had a name."

    "Well, I could choose one for you." Tasmira suggested.

    "Really? That would be great!"

    "Okay, let me think." Tasmira stared at the egg for a minute. "I know! I'll call you Moondust." She beamed proudly and held out the egg.

    "Wow. Moondust is such a pretty name!" The egg replied.
  32. "You know what?" Jordan said, turning around and stomping off. "I don't have to take this. I came, I touched a few eggs, I'm out of here."

    "Wait!" Mandrake exclaimed. She picked up the lightning egg and held it up. "At least take Runt with you!"

    "I ain't takin' no egg nowhere!" Jordan called back.
  33. "WHAT?!" The egg screamed, "You are NOT going to keep calling me 'runt'!"

    "Oh dear. This is not going to end well." June muttered fearfully.

    "I believe we're going to have some problems." Serena whispered to Phantom.

    "Yes, and if Jordan won't come back then-" Phantom's sentence was cut off as his egg suddenly shivered. "Take me to Night." He siad.

    Sensing urgency in his voice, Serena quickly hurried over t the sorrcerress, who had not spoken or even blinked during the heated arguement between Jordan and the egg.
  34. Mandrake looked over at Phantom. "Is something bad going to happen?" She glanced down at Runt, then at Jordan, and took off after him. "Wait! Jordan! You can't just leave! Phantom says something bad'll happen if you leave! And when people say that bad stuff happens when you do something and it involves super-magical stuff like this you know something really bad'll happen! And probably immediately, too! Like a rift in space-time will open up and everything'll get sucked up into it and everyone'll be floating around in this crazy void and there'll be screaming and spinning and stuff ramming into each other and breaking into a million pieces! I don't want stuff breaking into a million pieces. Well, actually, that sounds pretty cool, but it's not! It's bad and terrible and people'll die or something if you don't come back right now! It's bad juju, Jordi! Bad juju!"

    "Shut up!" Jordan shouted back. "I'm not listening to you! I had more than I can stand of you last time we met and now, if you don't mind, I'd like there to be less!"
  35. "Phantom," Serena whispered, "is something bad going to happen?"

    "I can't tell you that now. Give me to Night." Phantom answered.

    Serena wasn't expecting that answer but she handed the white egg to Night anyway. She held the egg up to the moon, and suddenly she began to speak. "Spirits of the earth and sky. I ask you to release the creature within this egg, so that him and his master may conquer the evil that rules over us." She then took out a scarf. The peice of fabric was decorated with red, white, and purple diamonds, the fabric was lined with black slik that was embroided with golden moon and star patterns. She began twirling over her head and saying something else.

    "See the stars, see the moon,
    Penned around the blackest night.
    See the diamonds red and purple,
    Silk and fire and blood and light.
    See them turning, ever turning,
    Like a great mandala wheel,
    Spinning while the fire is burning.
    What is false and what is real...?"

    Serena didn't know how this happened, but the scarf suddenly blurred and turned into an orb of pure light, glowing as if Night held a second sun in her hand. Night then took the orb and pushed it against Phantom shell and, Serena would have laughed if she ever heard this in a story, the orb went into the egg! The egg suddenly cracked, then it didn't break, it shattered.

    A beam of white light fleew out of the egg and hit Serena squarely in the chest. It didn't hurt, but she saw her vision darken until she seemed to be standing in a black void. Another mind suddenly opened up next to her's, as if the beam just connected her to another being. Her vision began to clear, and Serena saw another creature standing where the egg had just been. At first Serena thought it was made completely out of ice, which in fact it probably was, since you could totally see through it. From head to tail the creature was about 10 feet long. It was about as tall as Serena at the shoulder (which was about 5' 9") but a long neck stretched up three feet high. The head resting on the neck was much like a lizard's, but two horns grew out on either sides on its head then sloping forward much like an "L" would. The only part that you couldn't see through was the eyes, which glowed an eerie white with blue on the edge. Icy armor plates lapped over each other on the back of the neck, down the back and legs, ending by traveling down the spiked tail.

    It was a dragon, but one of the strangest dragons Serena had ever seen (she really hasn't seen one though) but it was definetly a dragon. The dragon suddenly unfolded a pair of wings that were each as long as its body and threw back its head and roared to the night sky. It brought its head down and began gazing around the group that surrounded it, finally its eyes rested on Serena.

    "Phantom." Serena whispered, relizing that this was what inhabited her egg.

    (Poem from Brian Jaques: Mattimeo.)
  36. "Put me down, dammit!" Jordan barked. He struggled as Mandrake carried him under one arm and held the Runt and June eggs to her bosom.

    "No way," Mandrake said. "I'm not going to let the world be sucked into a mind-rending void just because you wanted to be Mr. Party-pooper! Well, you're going to have to find another party to poop, because you're stuck with us. Wait, you can't poop a party you're not in, can you? Well, I guess you'll just have to poop someone else's party later. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be much better this time around, you'll..."

    Mandrake was suddenly cut short as the roar of a dragon echoed through the woods. She dropped Jordan and they turned to see a white, translucent dragon rising above the tree line.

    "That's where the eggs are, right?" Mandrake asked.

    "Consarn it," Jordan swore as he and Mandrake took ran back to the nest. As soon as he got there, he said, "What's all this about a dragon? Is everyone alright?"
  37. Serena and Phantom's head whipped around at the same time at Jordan. Serena rested her hand on Phantom's head. "It's nothing to worry about." Serena said. "This is Phantom. He was what was in my egg."

    "Yes indeed." Phantom spoke in a deep voice, "But it seems that you have decided to return Jordan."

    June's egg wiggled. "Wow," she said, "Phantom has hatched. I envy him but I'll be hatching soon also."

    Tasmira heard a sigh come from within Moondust's egg. "Since I just awakened then I'll probably hatch last." She muttered, "But then I won't be lonely anymore." The wings folded themselves back to the egg.
  38. "That hatched from one of those?" Jordan exclaimed, pointing first to Phantom and then to the eggs that remained in the nest. "But... How? He's... huge! It normally takes years or at least months for a dragon to reach that size! We weren't gone for more than a couple minutes!"

    "Oh! Maybe we stepped through a time portal and..." Mandrake began in earnest.

    "No," Jordan said.

    "But..." Mandrake continued.

    "No," Jordan repeated. "Just, no."

    "Well, I guess it must be magic, then," Mandrake said. "Magic can do a lot of things. It can do just about anything, really. Remember that time when..."

    "Yes," Jordan interrupted. He sized up the sorceress again. "You must be a pretty powerful wizard to make something as powerful as a dragon to develop so quickly, and an ambitious one at that. What's your game, lady? This some sort of power play?"
  39. Night smiled at Jordan, "While they were waiting 1,000 years you you, they were already growing inside of their eggs. Besides, Phantom has not really reached his full size yet. He may just look bigger to you though." She said, walking over to Phantom ahd scratching him behind the horns. "Beside, magic can do unthinkible things. How do you think Thanathos got so powerful?" She hesitated on the last sentence and Serena had to lean forward to catch what she was saying.

    June's egg seemed to shudder in horror. "He is too powerful for his own good." She whispered to Mandrake, hoping the others wouldn't hear.

    Runt's egg (I guess we'll call him runt for now) jerked forward, "His lust for power clouds his judgement, he doesn't give a damn about anyone but himself."
  40. "Aye," Jordan nodded. "A thousand years is too long for one of anything to rule, let alone one man to live. It's amazing that one man can be so evil after so long. You'd think he'd run out of ideas by now."

    "Wow, that Thanathos dude still around?" Mandrake remarked. "I remember when he came to power. There were a lot more of us back then. You couldn't go far without seeing one-a these sticking out of the ground." She pointed to her foliage. "In fact, there was this one place, far away from here, that was this big, wide-open prairie with whole crops of us as far as the eye can see. Each generation popped out of the ground in shifts, so there were always a lot of us walking around even though we sleep for a few hundred years at a time. It was always exciting, getting to see all the new things that grew around us as we slept. And most of the time, we could just walk around like the lot of you."

    Mandrake sighed and her eyes drooped.

    "Then I guess Thanathos thought he could use us to extend his life or something," she continued morosely. "I still remember the day his troops came around to harvest us. We tried to fight them, but we were in the middle of a shift-change. We were so tired, and the ones who were waking up were groggy and disoriented. We didn't stand a chance. I still remember the screams as they uprooted us one by one. Soon, entire fields lay empty. Those of us that could ran as far was we could, tried to find places to sleep where they wouldn't find us. Some just dropped in exhaustion and buried themselves where they lay. I haven't seen another one of us since then..."

    Jordan watched Mandrake plop down on the ground and draw her knees up to her chest, taking care not to crush June and Runt. He turned away from her and her sad face. He had never heard this story before, nor had he seen this side of her.

    "Well, if they're anything like you, then good riddance, I say," he said, perhaps too loudly. "All those wooden chatterboxes around, its a wonder there are any other races. Would've all killed themselves rather than sit around listening to their prattle all day long. Yes, sir. Thanathos made a good move there, that he did. Gave us all a nice, quiet place to live."

    "Thanks," Mandrake said. "I know you don't mean that. Even you know there's no excuse for genocide." She sighed again. "But all the spite and ill will in the world wouldn't bring even one of them back. No, sir. Worst thing is, I don't even know what he did with us. I've asked around, and no one knows. Must've been so long, that everybody forgot."

    "I know there are two people who never forgot," Jordan said. "And I'll betcha Thanathos is the other one."

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