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The Monkey Island games

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by MrTwinklehead, Aug 4, 2007.

  1. This wonderful game sure deserves a thread.

    Don't know what Monkey Island is? It is a great game, developed by LucasArt. It is about a pirate-wannabe named Guybrush Threepwood who gets into adventures, were it all ends having the evil, and undead pirate Le Chuck as the villain.

    So why did I bring this game up? Since it is great, the story ain't bad, the characters and hilarious, and Guybrush sarcastic humour is just like the dot over i.
  2. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Yes, the Monkey Island series quite definitely pwns. Except for Escape from Monkey Island, the fourth game, mention of which is punishable by painful death by three-headed monkeys. >>

    Also, it seems like your post has been eaten, because it seems to have failed to get to some sort of -point-. Right now it's all like "Hai! Monkey Island rocks. Here's a general description. Now do what you want with it."

    Don't take any of this as a personal attack. You seem to have actually have a brain, unlike quite a few newbies we get around here as of late - so I suppose that it isn't too much to ask that your threads would have some direction that would lead to meaningful conversations, rather than just mentioning 'Zomg, I like this game, it deserves a thread'. Because there... Really isn't that much we can do with it, now, is there?

    Give us something to go on. Some -direction-. Specific questions. "Which game in the series is your favorite game and why?" "Who's your favorite character?" "Any quotes you particularily like?" "Puzzles you're stuck in?" Whatever... As long as there's... I dunno... Something to keep a conversation going.

    Because as this thread appears now, it will make a few people go "And... What is the point of that?" and others to be like "Lulz never herd of it" or "so I herd u liek gybrash?".

    Kindly take that into consideration next time you start a game thread, mmk? Your Rockman thread also suffers from a similar issue.
  3. Yes, I try to be as smart as possible when it comes to serious forums and such, but sometimes, it just don't work. I appreciate being called smart, and also by a high-ranked member, that doesn't happen very much... But I guess you're right, I could be better in starting threads, and I probably take that into thoughts in the future, were I probably start other topics in other forums and such. But yet again thanks.

    So, to starting with it, I ask some questions to them reading this: How did you get your first information about Monkey Island? Why did you start playing it? What was you first impression? What do you think of it today? Which was the first game you play? Which do you like the best and why? Any special event in the games you liked more than the others? And of course, which character do you like the most?

    So, to answer my questions with my opinion... The first time I met Monkey Island, was due to my oldest sisters old boyfriend, he let some games be in our house, one of them being Curse of Monkey Island (nr 3). At first, it didn't catch my interest, but when suddenly seeing my middle older sister playing it, I wanted to (I wanted to be just like her), and I really, really liked it. I never knew, there were more Monkey Island, but I was wrong when she had bought Escape from Monkey Island, and later on even got the two first games. It was really getting funny, and so it began, my craziness from Monkey Island. Oh, and the reason why and what my impression was, it was automatically answered.
    Today, I still appreciate it, I want to draw my own Monkey Island art, and I would be happy if there would be any clear message if there will be a Monkey Island 5 or not.
    The first Monkey Island I played, was of course Curse of Monkey Island, I'm still very proud of it, and yet again proud, making one of my friends playing it as well, and the fact she likes it very much.
    The best of the games, I have to say Curse of Monkey Island. Sure, I have only played the third and fourth, and slightly on first. But I think that most people would agree that the third is better, sure, not much problems with the fourth, except the 3D and sudden-turning-head-that-in-reality-would-break-your-neck. And the two first, well, I can't complain, but if I play a game, I like more sounds in the background.
    The event I enjoyed the most, was the insult swordfighting in Curse of Monkey Island, were you are forced to rime and peoples insult. Though, I can't really say that the Monkey Battle in Escape of Monkey Island wasn't bad either.
    And last, I dunno who I could really say who is my favorite. All characters have something interesting that makes you like them. Though, if I had to choose, it would be between Guybrush, Murray and Voodoo Lady.
  4. StellarWind Elsydeon

    StellarWind Elsydeon Armblades Ascendant
    Staff Member Administrator

    Well, I think I'll answer them all in one go. ^^;

    I first heard of the Monkey Island series, quite simply, because I'm a fanatic of crazy point-and-click adventure games. They're one of my favorite genre, and I am rather sad to have seen it go to the dogs the way it had in the recent few years.

    So... all these ages ago, I was in a Point-and-click adventure game withdrawal, really. That sort of mood hits me every once in a while. ^^; And a friend of mine told me that the series rocks enough to be worthy of my attention - he pointed me in the general direction of 2, as back then, 1 had some... serious loading issues. (This was before the era of DosBOX but at the age of more advanced computers - fast enough to cause the infamous CRT module glitch).

    And I loved it. It was totally insane, with a nice dosage of 'What the hell?' blended into it - but in a good way. I needed a walkthrough for a few small segments, but otherwise it was pwn. To this very day, it's my second favorite of the entire series

    My second Monkey Island game was 3, the Curse of Monkey Island, to this day, my favorite of the series. It probably has to do with its awesome cartoonish graphics and the lovely music, but I attribute it more to the fact it had less contrived puzzles and hillarious supporting characters. As well as everyone's favorite Devil Chicken XD.

    I eventually got to play 1 - but I like it less than 2 and 3, as it had some SEVERELY irritating puzzles, as well as the horrendously irritating Monkey Island itself, and its portal to hell (everyone knows Hell is full of Mushrooms! XD)

    Escape from Monkey Island, in my opinion, was totally unnecessary and FRELLING HORRENDOUS. The series should have ended at 3, with Guybrush and Elaine finally getting married and sailing off into the sunset and LeChuck buried in ice, Walt Disney-style. >>

    But no, they couldn't let a potential cash cow retire to greener pastures - they had to milk it for ALL it was worth. SO, let's see. They come up with a half-assed plot involving a demented Australian Land Developer with an intrinsic hatred of pirates (demoting LeChuck into a relatively minor role), then have the main established characters chewed up and spit out by three headed monkeys and throw them into said half-assed plot, which also involves retconning the story (Guybrush did NOT sink his ship in Monkey Island 1, unless if you were trying REALLY hard to, and the giant monkey head is NOT the cockpit of a giant monkey robot.

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