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The MMOG topic

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Beeps, Jan 21, 2005.

  1. Now I don't know if this kind of topic is allowed, because it has to do with computor games. Secondly, not everyone has massive multiplayer online games, so I'm expecting this topic to either be locked, or flunk. But anyways...

    If you have multiplayer games, list them, tell which server you're on, your name, (and this only applies for certain games) your time zone. Here are mine:

    City of Heroes:

    Server: Guardian
    Beepo- lvl 21 fire blaster
    Vicitera- lvl 28 empathy defender
    (Others, but too low worth mentioning)

    World of Warcraft:

    Server: Bloodscalp
    Time zone: Mountain (I think, gotta go check later)
    Rox- lvl 28 dwarf hunter
    (Others, but too low worth mentioning)

    Once again, I beg your forgiveness if this is in the wrong forum, or if this is crazy all together. Feel free to discuss or chat about these games, and to share a little information too. (If you have any anyways...) :roll:

  2. Question: why are you so paranoid? You are like "this topic is probably going to be locked or is in the wrong forum". Just calm down. If you think that it's a bad topic, then why post it in the first place? o_O;
  3. Linkachu

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    Heheh... Gary might dislike most PC games but games are games. If we're gonna allow X-Box then PC games should be allowed, too ;)

    It's a strange topic but this is probably the best place to put it. Anyways, there's really only one game I play online nowadays: Starcraft. If anyone has it and feels up for a game, PLEAAAAAAAASE contact me. I'm dying to play against someone who won't freakin' double-cross me or drop out for no reason x.x
  4. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Runescape. Ok ok, it's a website, but it's still a MMOG. I love that game. Ok, so I'm still a complete n00b to it, but whatever. It's a really good game, and I'm sad because my computer wont let me on it any more..... :'(
  5. I think Runescape is so boring. Just like all those other sites. Gaia online and Neopets too. I have accounts on them, but I only chat on the forums and stuff. Actually playing the game itself is just boring to me.
  6. baratron

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    I avoid NeoPets like the plague, because enough people have described it as "The Sims crossed with Pokemon" for me to NEED to stay away for sanity reasons! I really don't need a new addiction, I really don't...

    I stopped playing the MUD I used to play because I got sick of other people (who were supposed to be my friends) luring my high-level cleric character out to the middle of nowhere then killing me. Clerics had naff all offence and pretty lousy defence - mine in particular, because I'd started her before I actually knew how to play the game, so my stats were pretty unbalanced. The MUD specifically allowed player-killing and didn't let you opt out of it. AND it was possible in the code to start a fight with a player with "mercy" on (in other words, you'd fight until one person fainted from lack of HP) but then turn mercy off in the middle of the fight! So you could be sitting there thinking you'd just pass out, miss the "mercy off" bit in the middle of the text spam with all the attack and defence commands, and then find you were dead! AND every time you died you had to pay money for a potion of resurrection AND you lost all your unspent XP AND, by the time I stopped playing, you lost 10% off your levels. Well, sod that.

    I suppose the reason I've never got into any of the modern MMORPGS is how burnt I got from Nanvaent. And lack of time, and lack of need for a new addiction...

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