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Ask to Join The Mixed World

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by GhostlyCubone11, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. Mugman decided to shout back. “Sorry dude!” He yelled out. Cuphead walked into the room. “What are y’all discussing anyway? Cause I’m a member of this little ol’ group, last time I remember.” He growled. “Well, its something a person of your intelligence isn’t needed.” Mugman said, Cuphead smiling. “Golly your probably right! I am a much higher intelligence!” He exclaimed, walking out of the room again with a grin. “....He’s clueless....” Mugman mumbled.
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  2. Vega looked at the opening that Cuphead just used with disbelief lying right underneath his skin. "And I thought Balrog was a simpleton with no equal, unbelievable. 'I am a much higher intelligence', who says that? It is that he is a capable fighter, or else I would not put my life in his hands." His mouth shut tight soon after speaking as he stared Mugman into his eyes. "That soul, does he still have it? He was pretty eager to pin down that squid girl, he could very well have lost it."
  3. “Hey, he has the intelligence of an 8 year old. Ya gotta let him have some fun.” Mugman said, shrugging. “He probably lost it, I felt my control weaken for a moment cause I felt slight positive energy.” He looked towards where Cuphead had left to. “...Don’t get too mad at him. Even demons need to be tricksters, goof off once in awhile.”
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  4. "If you knew that he has the intelligence of a child, why allow something like that to be in his hands? We could have taken down two monsters that way, but now we have nothing." Vega's expression betrayed no emotions, but his voice was ice cold and carried the promise of death and mutilation with it if he was to be disappointed again. "As tricksters, demons should be able to catch others off guard and have their way. I've been to Japan and heard about creatures called tengu, and I hoped that Cuphead would be more like those cunning tricksters. But it appears as if I set a standard unable to be met by him. Pathetic, really."
  5. “Hey, you gotta think about it. He’s a cartoon. You’d be dead without him, just give him credit for that. Demons have emotions y’know.” Mugman said, standing up. “To be fair, I’m younger. I have 9 or 10 year old intelligence though. But, you treat me different. If you got him to talk, he’d probably interest ya.”
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  6. "I'm stuck here with a couple of kids, Dios mío." Vega muttered before speaking up. "While yes, he saved my life when I was in danger, he also got me in this mess to begin with. And as to why I treat you differently, you are more rational. You don't act out on emotions, a trait that is useful but can't be said that is shared with your brother. But I suppose I could give it a shot." He stood up and walked towards where Cuphead was. "Oh, and I'd like to get my mask back. I need to protect my perfect face, any replacement ideas?" With those words, he left Mugman and looked at the more, with lack of a better word, childish brother.

    "Cuphead, can we speak? Your brother told me that you could interest me, and I want to see that for myself." Vega was not exactly intruiged by Cuphead, but his reputation of not showing emotions made his true feelings unknown.
  7. “Quiet!” Cuphead snapped. He had a pencil in hand, drawing a Hot Dog on the ground. He used some crayons to color it. He then picking the drawing up, it being thin as paper. “What do ya need?” He asked, stretching the Hot dog as it formed into a normal hot dog, taking a bite out of it. “Cartoon logic. Its helpful.” He thought.
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  8. Vega's eyebrows raised up to his hairline. This kid really just drew and ate a hotdog? If I didn't know any better, I'd get the church to cleanse his soul. He cleared his throat and leaned against the wall. "First and foremost, do you still have that soul? Second, your brother told me to go talk to you and 'get to know you'. So, that's why I am here." He explained to the cup, still surprised by what he just saw.
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  9. “Nope. The squid girl took it. I’m gonna get it back though, I’ll use some cartoon logic to get it back.” He said, throwing his pencil up and down. “I can bend reality just enough” He finished his hot dog. “Do you want anything?” He asked. He began drawing a knife, coloring and pulling it out of the ground. He formed it to a real knife, grinning.
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  10. "Of course, we'll have to get that back soon. As for what I really want, I want my mask back. You know what it looks like, right?" Vega asked as he stared at the knife. "Not bad kid, looks pretty sharp to me. How do you do that?" He asked, genuinely curious about how Cuphead bended reality and hoping to find out how far he could bend it.
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  11. Cuphead began drawing a picture of Vega's mask. "I honestly don't know. It's just a power these vessels have. I look into it alot, but it's just logic of an old cartoon. It makes no sense." He began coloring the mask. "Me and Mugman can just kinda do it. We don't hafta try, it's just...kinda there."
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  12. Vega watched Cuphead draw and was intrigued by the physics behind the action. "....what are the limits of this power? If we can make something like a machine gun, then why don't we? It would take out our enemies easily enough. What about copies of ourselves? Numbers is something we lack, and this should make up for that. The same could be said about mind control, it is not a beautiful way to enlist allies, but it will make do." He listed off multiple possibilites that the bending of reality could help with.
  13. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "I am not denying that fighting is needed in self defence, I never once tried to imply that, but in the future we should attempt to sort things out peacefully, but if it comes to it I shall fight alongside you, I am more than capable." Shockwave shot into the forest, an explosion happening as soon as the projectile collided with a tree, dirt and such flew out in every direction.
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  14. Cuphead finshed, pulling the drawing out and making it a solid object. He tossed it to Vega. "Look, I dunno the limits. I can't create things that are too big, and I can't make living things well, only small things like mice, cats, snakes, stuff like that." He sighed. "Its takes energy too. You think this is easy? It's really hard, physically and mentally."
    Susie growled, shielding Vian. A few pieces of tree bark flew towards Teal, hitting the side of her head as she flinched.
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  15. Vega caught the mask and donned it. "Gracias." He nodded once as he mulled over Cuphead's words. "Small stuff huh? Bombs are a possibility, if we ever need them. They are crude and far from elegant, but there's a purpose for them I suppose. Is there any way I can help you reduce the strain on your body, for example training you or helping you create stuff? Perhaps having the materials around makes it easier?" He asked as he stroked his mask, happy to have it back.

    Dingodile raised an arm, protecting him from any small debris. "Yeah, that ain't gonna happen pal. They attacked us multiple times without provocation, but be my guest if you wanna talk to them. That shot was not really needed, your appearance was enough to judge you by. But I suppose that it is a good sign. Thing is, how do we know you're not gonna stab us in the back? It happened before and they got some strong allies because of it." He took some steps back and stood in front of Susie and Vian, looking over his shoulder to check on Gunvolt.
  16. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "I'm not sure how many times I must say this, sticking together is the only logical course of action, betrayal will only end in unneeded suffering and death. Now... in what direction should we travel? If my navigation systems are correct there's a large lake north, and a possible cave system to the west." Shockwave towered over the group, but despite his size difference he was still cautious, for all he knew he was siding with the 'bad guys'.
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  17. Teal looked at Dingodile. "I wanna help Cuphead and his brother...." She mumbled. "ARE YOU INSANE!" Susie yelled. "B-before he became bad, when he wasn't a demon.....he took me once Dingodile made him upset.....that negative energy everyone felt towards him, brought his demon out." She explained. "...He...He seemed to be in so much pain....before he dropped me into the water, he apologized, saying he couldn't fight for control...." She looked down. "And when his brother killed Gold....he had to be frustrated....and everyone was calling Cuphead bad....that brought his demon out...." She realized something. "And....I turned into that....when I got upset that Vega was hurting us!" She looked up. "I think I found the connection! And I have a plan to stop those demons!"

    Cuphead shrugged. "I'll improve naturally. I just....gotta practice." He stretched. "Well, what's the plan boss?" He asked grinning.
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  18. Dingodile laughed without enjoyment. "You tell that to Cuphead and his brother, they stabbed us in the back and killed one of us. We've been through a bit too much stuff to just accept whatever you tell us. If you want to tag along, fine by me. But do know that we don't consider you to be part of our group, and if you try to attack us, we will fight back. You should be intelligent enough to figure out that I am not joking around here."

    As Teal spoke up, Dingodile turned his head so fast that it was a surprise that his neck didn't snap. He was about to berate Teal, but Susie beat him to it. Listening carefully to Teal's words, he shared his view on the idea. "You have an idea? How sure are you of it working? What if Cuphead and Mugman stay evil? And how does it stop Vega? Last time I checked, he seemed pretty human to me. A big narcissistic jerk, but not corrupted. If your plan is too risky, we won't execute it. And don't you even think about doing it alone, you know the damage they can do."


    Vega chuckled once. "Boss huh? About time I got that title. I say we gather food and medicinal plants. It saves you and your brother the hassle of creating them, leaving you both in prime fighting condition, it allows us to heal our wounds and prevents others from obtaining them. Have you seen any plants that you know are medicinal or edible? If you don't know for sure, don't risk it. I do not want dead or sick cups lying around, I'll have nothing to boss around then."
  19. "Screw you all, I'm going alone!" Teal said, slipping away from the others. "Actually, Vian! Your with me!" She shouted, the octoling nodding. He pushed away from Susie. "YOU TWO ARE IDIOTS!" Susie shouted. "Well...no offense, but you guys can't see them in anyway but negative. What we need to fix this is being positive." Teal said. The two put their headsets on. "Ready Agent 8?" She asked Vian, and he nodded. "Ready when you are 3." The octoling said, and Agent 3 nodded.

    Cuphead perked up. "I like how whenever we try to do something, those idiots try to stop us....." He growled. "The two kids....they're comin' for us....."
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  20. Dingodile sighed and shook his head. "I am not shooting down your plan, I am just not going through with a plan that I don't know. Explain your plan first before you head off into the wilderness. I am not saying that I don't trust you, but it never hurts to have a back-up plan. I don't want you two to join Gold who, I remind you, we lost because we didn't know where he was and he was severely outmatched. Vega kicked your ass along with Vian's on his own, how will you face him and the cups? Like I said, Vega seems to be pretty human. What if your plan doesn't work in time and you need help? We have no idea where you'd be."

    He sighed and walked towards Teal and Vian. "If you're going, we're all going. I don't want you rushing towards your death because you are too right* to consider other options. Now, explain your plan and we'll be able to understand what yer trying to pull here. We don't hate ya, we're just being cautious. We know what we're up against, and so do you."


    Vega's head perked up as he made his fingers move like he was rolling a coin across them. "Well then, do you think that you could practice your artistic skills on some new paper? If you're fighting fit, you might even be able to practice on the spot. If the kids are coming for us, then we'll show them that they should not tempt fate. I for one am looking forward to see if their blood is still as beautiful as it was when I had some fun with the blue one." A sadistic grin crept onto his face, and although his new mask hid it, his voice was filled with glee.
    *Right = Australian slang for stubborn
  21. Agent 3 froze. "....G....G-Gold......" She mumbled, her voice filled with sadness. " ...Ooumi! Owio, squchin! " [Teal, it's ok! We'll fix this!] Agent 8 told her. "....Pwoomy......" [ .....Ok.....] The inkling said with a nod. They grabbed onto each other's hands. "Woomy, squir-sqiii!" [ Lets do this octo, if you can keep up!] Agent 3 said cheerfully. "Oumii! Ouwouwoo!" [Oh I will! Let's go squid!] He yelled, running off. Agent 3 laughed, running after him.

    "Oh, this will be fun. I can't wait to play with those two runts!" Cuphead exclaimed. "They wont be cheerful for long.... "
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  22. Dingodile sighed and shook his head. "Unbelievable, did they even hear a word of what I said? Oi, you galahs*! Get back here!" He shouted as he beckoned Gunvolt. "Let's get these kids, if they don't kill themselves first. Stop right there!" He yelled at the two agents before giving chase, feeling an urge to pull both of them back by their ears.


    "If somehow they manage to stay hopeful, I'll take them down. I am not affected by hopeful thoughts after all and negative thoughts only make you and your brother stronger. Besides, I made quite the lasting impression on the little blue one." Vega snickered as he stretched. "What do you say, should we take positions?"
  23. The two ran faster. They dodged around trees, and climbed over rocks, trying to lose Dingodile. "Ouishi!" [ why are we running from him again Three!] Agent 8 shouted. "Pwoomy, squirsweee!" [Because, we gotta do this alone!] She replied.

    "Hmm....maybe I can bring them here.....no one but us can get in. We just need one.....that should be enough to show them to leave us alone..... " Cuphead grinned.
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  24. Dingodile struggled to keep with the two faster and more agile agents, but thankfully they had a distinct smell that was hard to lose. Given they couldn't go in water to lose their scent, he should be able to track them as long as he could move. "The moment I get you two, you're gonna get it. I just said that they shouldn't go alone and off they go!" He complained as he climbed on top of a rock, still on their trail.

    "It should, though it doesn't hurt to hurt more than one. More negative thoughts for you two, and maybe the message will finally come through to them. I thought Balrog was a fool, but these kids are coming our way even after I mutilated the teal one. Do you sense anyone else coming? And no one but us can get it, but can no one but us get out? No use in bringing them here if they can leave." Vega thought about the little torture session he had with Teal and smirked, maybe he could practice soon.
  25. The two slowed down. "M-Maybe....we should go back....." Agent 8 stuttered. "....But....I can't risk anyone else.....we're agents. We give our lives to protect others." Agent 3 said softly. She turned in Dingodiles direction. ".....Fine." She muttered, the two walking back.

    Cuphead pulled out a smoke bomb. "They CAN leave, but we'll lock 'em up somewhere." He chuckled softly. " Now, who should I grab first.....? " He mumbled.
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  26. Funny Sans Rat

    Funny Sans Rat Previously The Bog Hog

    "Well, as I asked before, first course of action? We should move in the opposite direction those that attacked us moved, however it is possible they are following us." He said as the 3 returned, the hybrid was clearly a fool, he could kill all of them before they knew what happened, however he wouldn't. "I would practice caution, if I was brought here it is possible an 'experiment' of mine was also brought here, and it seems to have disabled or destroyed it's tracking chip, so it is possible I can no longer control it." He said, with no emotion in his voice.
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  27. Teal and Vian hid behind Dingodile. They were both afraid of Shockwave, frightened by his much larger size. Susie sighed. "I'm starting to wonder how you two survived...." She mumbled. "I honestly don't know either!" Vian said cheerfully. Teal only shrugged. Susie rolled her eyes. "And, WHY are we keeping them with us still?"
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  28. "There you two are, did you listen at all? Running off without saying anything right after I said that we would help if you told us your plan, unbelievable! You two are supposed to be agents, right? Didn't you two learn to have a back-up plan or atleast tell those on your side where you're going in case on an emergency? You should be ashamed of yourselves!" Dingodile reprimanded them as they hid behind him. "Don't try to act cute, you were both this close to getting killed out there!" His fingers almost touched as he continued his rant.

    "We kept you two around because I didn't want to leave kids hanging out there in the woods. When I found out you were agents, I thought you two would be capable of holding your own and that you'd refrain from rash decisions. Clearly I was wrong, but I'll give you one last chance. Mess this up and you're out of the group, we can't have you endangering others. Now, there's a cave system to the west. If we reside there, we'll see anyone who tries to enter it. And robot, that experiment of yours better not be a murderous jerk. We already have some like those on our tail."


    "If you only need one, take the octopus one. The teal one would probably get negative if they're gone, they are not exactly strong with their brush and it might be the push that the demon inside of that teal one needs to take over."
  29. Cuphead saluted. "Aye aye!" He threw the smoke bomb down, vanishing.

    The two agents just looked at each other. Teal shrugged, and simply walked off, climbing a tree. "Well, we knew what we were doing. Maybe you need to have a bit more trust in us." Vian stated. "Teal has done a great job leading me up to this point, and I'll follow her commands over yours if it comes down to it."
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  30. Vega nodded. "Don't let me down." Looking at the smoke that obscured Cuphead and gave him the ability to teleport, the corners of his mouth curled upwards. "You're a powerful kid, but don't overestimate yourself. It would be a shame to see you die before growing up and reaching your full potential." He turned on his heel and walked away, going to check up on Mugman.


    Dingodile grew frustrated. "You knew what you were doing? We didn't, and we all know that you two are no match for the cups and Claw Boy! You can't call for support if we aren't there, and if we aren't there, you are definitely outnumbered and outmatched. You saw what happened back there, and Teal didn't have tea time with Pretty Boy. I trust you, but I am not blinded by trust. We are in this together, and I am not willing to risk the lives of two members of this group without knowing what you two are planning."
  31. "We can handle ourselves!" Vian yelled, getting frustrated. He tried stepping towards Dingodile, but Susie grabbed him by his neck, throwing him. The octoling slammed into a rock, collapsing. "AGENT 8!" Teal shouted, jumping down and running to check on him. "Tch.....let's just go Dingodile, I'm not waiting around to die." Susie mumbled, crossing her arms.

    Mugman was working on cooking, messing with a gun while he waited.
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  32. "Susie! Stand down. There has to be a way to solve this without violence." Dingodile reprimanded the other monster as he faced Vian and Teal. "If you are so sure of your plan that you won't involve us in it, I will trust you. But do know that as of now, you'll be on your own until your plan works. Usually I don't mind recklessness, but this time it doesn't involve just me. I wish you the best of luck on your mission, we'll join up after your excursion. We'll be heading to a cave system in the west." Dingodile extended a hand for the Inkling and Octoling to shake.
    "Your brother is on the hunt, said he sensed those two squid kids coming this way. You were right, Cuphead is not so bad. Do you require any help around here?"
  33. Teal shook her head. "Your right. We need to stick together. I was blinded by action that I didn't stop to think." She stood up. "I apologize, that was reckless. We need to work together." At that moment, Cuphead appeared behind her, grabbing Vians arm and throwing a smokebomb down, vanishing. Teal turned around. "...N....N-No....." She looked around. "O-Octavian?"

    Mugman shook his head no. Cuphead appeared again, holding Vians arm tightly. "Yo! Guess what I brought!"
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  34. Dingodile grinned, flashing his teeth. "Just like before. Now, let's stick together shall we?" Before he could do anything else though, Cuphead appeared and grabbed Vian before disappearing. Rage began to bubble up in his gut and rushed through his veins, clouding his judgement. "That's it! I should've killed them a looooong time ago! Where is that sleazy, underhanded, infuriating drongo?!"

    Vega turned around on his heels, lowering his head to look Vian in the eye. "Oh, a visitor? Where are my manners? I am Vega, and you must be my new practice dummy." He stroked Vian's cheek before standing up straight. "Good job Cuphead, it's only a matter of time before that demon gets unleashed. Be prepared for an attack though. If I know that monstro even just a bit, he'll try to get this kid back."
  35. Teal was still in shock. "O-Octavian!" She shouted, falling to her knees. "NO! WHY HIM?! HE CAN'T PROTECT HIMSELF, WHY DID HE GET TAKEN! WHY!" She screamed, sobbing. "H-He's all I have left!"

    Surprisingly, Vian leaned into Vegas touch when he touched him, smiling. "Is this like, a party? You don't seem as mean anymore!" He said happily. "Yeah, sure kid. This is a party." Cuphead said, rolling his eyes.
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  36. "We'll get him back, we always manage to." Dingodile knelt down and placed a hand on Teal's shoulder to comfort her. "We just need to locate him. Giant Robot, can you sense them? These smoke bombs cover too much ground for me to sniff them out."


    "It is a party, and we have a piñata. But why rush? I am quite interested in hearing what made you change your opinion of me, most of the time people fear and loathe me after an encounter. If they're still alive, that is." Vega flexed his fingers and stared at Vian, wondering why he was so calm.

    "Cup brothers, stay wary. He seems too at ease. Be cautious of a surprise attack." He whispered at Cuphead and Mugman, before focussing his attention on Vian again. "I'll take care of our little guest in the meantime."
  37. She couldn't respond. She was terrified, Vian was like a younger brother to her. She had been with him for a long time, after all. "W-What if he dies?! It's g-gonna be my fault, I c-couldn't protect him!"

    Vian smiled innocently. "I dunno what's really going on....but you guys seem much nicer now!" Mugman and Cuphead sighed, looking at each other. "Where's Teal anyway? She needs a break, a party would be good! " Vian looked around again.
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