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The Midnight Cafe (One-Shot)

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Dawnstar98, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. Hi, this is my one-shot contestshipping story that I wrote a while back. I hope you all enjoy and that you are able to give me some constructive criticism! :)

    It had been at least 7 years since she and Ash had stopped journeying together. May still had her pretty brown hair and blue eyes, she still had her Pokemon and her trainer's license. But one thing she didn't have was the will to act upon it. It had been a year and a half since she entered a contest. The last one she did enter was the Hoenn Grand Festival. She started off smashingly but as it went on her scores were lower and lower. Finally, in the last round she lost to a young coordinater by the name of Hope Berlitz-Shinji. Daughter of the fashion 'Queen' Dawn Berlitz-Shinji and the Sinnoh Champion Paul Shinji-Berlitz.

    May's willpower broke in that final battle and her heart broke soon after. When she had learned that HE had left Hoenn without even saying farewell killed her. It'd been so long since she gotten a rose, did he not like her as a friend even? She fell even deeper into depression as she handed-over her Pokemon to her father so that he and Max could take care of them at the Petalburg Gym.

    May was just about to finish her late night shift at the small cafe in Verdanturf. She had started working at The Midnight Cafe a few weeks ago. It was a strange place, it was only open from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m., right after sunset and right before dawn. The owner was also strange, Mr. Otosashi was a short, squash, man who could not have reached higher than 5 feet. He knew May because his daughter looked up to the famous trainer but he didn't hire her because of that. It was because he knew one more misfortune would ruin the poor girl, also he knew she would be a great worker.

    It was about midnight and she was glad her late shift was almost over. It had been a long night and she was yearning for her small apartment on the other side of town. She had just finished up washing all the dirty dishes when she heard it. The tinkling had reached her ears too late though, already she was turning towards her co-worker, a young pimply boy by the name of Traylen. By the time her index finger had reached her nose he was already finishing the phrase, "Noes goes". Realizing that her battle was lost, she glared at him for a moment before heading out to the front counter.

    She put on her fake smile right before reaching the cash register, good thing too, beacause otherwise she'd look as dumbstruck as he did. Staring back at her behind a very shocked set of eyes was the very real Drew Shu. Her mind was reeling in shock with that lame little smile still plastered on her face. Finally, she stuttered out the line required from all workers, "W-what can I-i get for y-y-you sir?"

    He paused a moment still shocked, then a grin grew on his face and he looked as though he had won the lottery. Drew's face broke out in laughter, startled she took a stepped back in alarm. He quieted himself before answering with a short word. "You," he said. Looking at her startled look he added "Take your lunch break and come walk with me," She thought for a moment, worried that he was changed and might hurt her but memories washed in like the tide and she knew that he wouldn't, couldn't hurt her.

    Nodding she rushed back to the kitchen and judging by Traylen's face he had overheard what had happened. She and Traylen knew each other outside of work and he knew their history. After a reassuring grin, May grabbed her purse and jacket, then took one last look around the shop. She some how felt as though it would be for the last time, feeling satisfied she rushed out toward the entrance. Drew, waiting for her, looked at her and flashing that hidden, true smile of his, he held out his hand for her. Pausing, suddenly unsure again, she looked once more into his leafy green eyes and it drove away any last bit of her hesitation.

    I kind of left the ending up to your imagination so, Thank you for reading and I hope once more that you enjoyed it! ~:D~
  2. An interesting shipping, written quite well.

    My only real quip is with May's stutter in paragraph 5, line 3, but then, I'm simply not used to seeing a stutter written as "...W-w-hat..." instead of "...W-w-what...". First time I read that I thought she had said "wu-hat". :'|
  3. Thank you for pointing that out! I completely understand how you got confused and I believe you will be happy to know it is fixed! Yay!

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