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Private/Closed The Merging of Outridge and Elk Grove!

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by kageyama, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Lacey Park, a thin and sullen teen, stumbled wildly out of her cozy bed. She stretched with extreme exaggeration as she glanced at the clock that ticked upon her wall. 6:19 AM. She stood still for a moment, seemingly lost in thought, before exiting her bedroom. The lights were entirely turned off in her house, meaning her father was still out on a business trip. She shrugged to herself as she flicked on the switch to the bathroom, swiping away a lock of hair from her bun. Lacey stood over the sink, examining herself in the mirror. "...Not bad," she murmured to herself before turning around and turning the shower on. She continued her morning as per usual - shower, get dressed, fix her hair, and eat some sort of breakfast.

    The weather was beginning to drop its temperature, as November was crept into. Being slightly cool, Lacey wore a loose, navy windbreaker over a white tee, as well as dark skinny jeans whose knees were tattered and ripped. Her hair was tied into a ponytail, and she wore her favorite white high-tops. Lacey, at the moment, had been eating a so-called "breakfast," which was really just a granola bar and a glass of water. But by the time she had finished, the clock in the kitchen said 7:22. Sighing, Lacey grabbed her backpack, which she had tossed aside previously, and shoved her phone in her coat pocket. Then, she head out the door - greeted by a cold burst of air. She smiled, having been the type of person to enjoy unpleasant weather. With that, she began the trek to school.

    Lacey certainly could have driven there, but she always found some sort of excuse to keep her away from driving. So, she walked down the sidewalk instead, perfectly content. About eight minutes into her "journey" to Elk Grove, she found herself slowly walking past their rival school, Outridge. Several kids were already hanging around the entrance. The most commotion was a huddle of students around a window, where a panther was spray painted in white. Lacey couldn't help but snicker, seeing as that was her own school's mascot. Feeling somewhat satisfied, she quickened her pace to her destination. It was a couple several minutes before she arrived at Elk Grove's entrance. Similar to Outridge, there was a group of students hanging near a window, only this time, a falcon spray painted in bright blue. The previous feeling of triumph faded as she gazed at the graffiti. Shaking her head, she made her way to a large tree, and leaned up against it while she pulled out her phone. There was about twelve minutes before she really needed to get into the building, so she figured she could waste it by mindlessly checking her social media.

    Unfortunately for every student at Elk Grove, which was roughly about 170 kids, the day that was ahead of them would take a very shocking and unpleasant turn.
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  2. Keeny Hochberg, a fifth-teen-year-old male was walking to school, his path to school was about 15 minutes but it seemed to drag on to about 50 minutes and the fatigue he had from being forced to wake up at 5 AM in the morning didn't help either. He looked at his phone, not paying attention to where he was going, ''7:40'' he weakly said. After about two minutes he finally got to school, Outridge high, a pretty normal school with a rivalry against the school a couple of minutes away from Outridge.

    He slowly walked up the stairs and then faced the school he'd been going to school for a year, Since students could not go into the school before 8:10 AM most of the students just chilled out by the entrance before school starts. The cold started to set in and he had to wear a light jacket under his sweatshirt to not feel like he is going to turn to ice. He jogged to the back of the school to see a graffiti war against Elk Grove, The high school nearby. A couple of students were spray painting or just talking to each other, most of the time keenly hanged out here until school started. There was a football field about 2 meters away from the back of the school, he took out his phone again and sat down and started mindlessly started playing fire emblem heroes.

    So far the day didn't suck so far, the day had just begun but the day would get worst and worst for both schools and make their rivalry
    even worse.
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  3. Clementine Odell did not want to get out of bed.
    The girl groggily awoke to the vicious blare of her alarm, which, in truth, wasn’t actually vicious at all, and instead played her favorite song, which was Renegades at the moment. She practically fell off, as her bed was a wooden loft bed- up off the ground. She kicked her blanket off, sighing in annoyance at yet another bleak morning. After crawling down from her ladder, she crossed over the room to greet Dovah, her ferret, from his cage. She clicked her tongue in greeting and the black sable mitt chirped in reply, pressing his little face against the bars. She opened the cage and let him scurry up her arm, the ferret resting contently on her shoulder as the girl dragged herself to the kitchen. Rubbing her eyes, she popped some bread into the toaster and left, crossing to the bathroom to fix herself up.

    Taken aback by her appearance, she grimaced as she faced herself in the mirror, her sharp eyes catching on each individual flaw that none of her peers would actually notice. Sighing once more, she drew her hair up into a rather messy ponytail, shorter hairs framing her face and curling down past her chin. The girl meandered back to her room, taking note of the sound of the toaster springing up.
    Remembering the chilly weather, Clementine softly set Dovah down to throw on an oversized sweater, which was a vibrant yellow in hue. Wiggling around to throw on a pair of faded jeans, followed by her Converse. She huffed, discontented with the outfit, but too tired to change. Setting the ferret back in his kennel, she crossed through the kitchen to the front door, grabbing her toast and backpack on the way out, her phone resting snugly in her back pocket.
    “I’m leaving for school,” she shouted through the empty house, past a mouthful of toast, as she stole a glance at the time on her phone. 7:32.
    Her dad, who was still half asleep in his room, groaned a tired “okay” of response, and with that, Clem was on her way.

    The walk to school was brief, especially with the help of her headphones and music, which made the trek more bearable. Munching quietly on her toast, the girl took notice of a girl walking a while’s away ahead of her. Clem recognized the girl as an upperclassmen, maybe a Junior, but easily decided to say nothing to her. After witnessing two instances of graffiti, Clem settles herself on the staircase of the school, flipping through her playlist.
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  4. A pair of skinny legs adorning ripped jeans was seen strutting happily up to Elk Grove Academy. Jeikobu "Joshua" Nakamura was seen in a long sleeve, white shirt with floral design engraved on both sleeves. Perhaps it were becoming too cold to wear jeans that exposed skin to the cold air, but the Japanese student would never waste an opportunity to be in tune with the fashionista side of life.

    Oddly enough, the red-head also was seen with he and some friends, each holding spray paint cans and black bandanas covered in spots of white. Joshua had gotten up quite early in the morning, much to his disdain, but he happily took advantage of the time and figured he would drop by Outridge High and remind them who the superior school was. The rival schools were always up to something and butting heads - but in Josh's head it was crystal clear as to who the best of the best were. So, naturally, he took a self-assigned field trip to the Outridge building and plastered a white panther, Elk Grove's mascot, all over the glass windows of the front entrance. His almond eyes sparkled as he and the others were impressed with their work, hoping to shock some of the students that attended the school.

    You can only imagine the fit he threw when he arrived at Elk Grove to see that the Falcons had the same idea. He sighed, irritated at his lack of creativity. Not to fear, though, as there was a district level competition coming up for all of the local schools' dance teams, in which he happened to be the captain of Elk Grove's. There were also several different types of athletic and artistic competitions throughout the school year, and there was no way they would lose to those Falcons, albeit actually having had power struggles often between the two highschools before. Nonetheless, Joshua would continue doing his part in keeping a one-up streak on Outridge.

    The 15 year old and the students who accompanied him quickly ditched the stained bandanas and spray cans, throwing them behind a crowd of bushes before any Administration spotted them. Luckily though, school had yet to begun. He checked his phone, seeing as it only read 7:45, they had a little while until the first bell. He took a seat where he stood, propping his elbows behind him as he laid inclined at the stop of the stairs.
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  5. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Taeguk Jeon stood at the entrance of Outridge High School, watching students going to and fro from a peculiar window that stood out to many students. Taeguk, also one to allow curiosity to get he best of him, followed the bandwagon to see what the commotions about. Camera clutched tightly in hand, Taeguk squeezed himself through the sea of students to allow himself to get into whatever everyone was being interested in. After solid moments of 'sorry's' and 'excuse me's', Taeguk was finally able to make it to the front and allowed himself to breathe before examining the artwork that was vandalized onto Outridge's window.

    Stood on the clear window glass pane, was a a pearl white panther.. Everyone who attended to Outridge already knew who the handiwork and creature belonged to: Elk Grove High School, Outridge's long-lasting rival. Taeguk could hear commotions around him, all either badmouthing those who had done this or either planning to extract their revenge somehow. This rivalry between Falcons and Panthers lasted generations back, and is still continuing on. Unfortunately for Taeguk, he had only moved a few years back, and was in the middle of the high school's new found prank war that started just last year actually. It all starts with a simple tee-peeing from Elk Grove High School, in which Outridged fired back by splattering Elk Grove's mascot statue with their school color of bright blue. Of course, this was only all rumors that Taeguk had heard. Having only hearing Oakridge's side of the story, he automatically believed them.

    Taeguk opened his smartphone to check the time. The electronic device read 7:50, this meaning there was only approximately 20 minutes before the morning bell rang for first period. But for Taeguk, he wasn't staying around the gates for long as he had other business to attend to. Taeguk squeezed through he crowd once again, only this time, to make his way out of the commotion rather than joining it. More moments of struggle was formed, but Taeguk ultimately made it out.

    The Korean dusted himself off, ensuring no dirt or stains had contaminated his outfit. He was a stickler when it comes to fashion sense thanks to his papa's genes. It was a chilling day in his area, as it was early November. His outfit was consisting of a white t-shirt that was overlapped by his grey hoodie. But that hoodie was also partially covered up by his red flannel. His lower half was made up of black ripped jeans and black converse sneakers. Atop his head was a dark grey beanie with part of his hear peaking out from the front. His black was handing off is shoulders while his camera was hung around his neck by a leather strap.

    Pulling out a key, Taeguk made his way towards the side of the school, where less students were hanging around. Taeguk would come into the school from the front entrance, but he didn't want to deal with a bombardment of students suddenly coming in to the school with out staff approval. Taeguk inserted the key into the key hole to gain access to the side entrance to let himself in. A few students trailed in after him, but he ensured to lock it up afterwards, not allowing anymore students in. A couple of outside stray students looked like they wanted to come in, but he only simply mouthed a 'sorry' to them before making his way to the Yearbook Room.

    Entering the dark room, he turned on the light to reveal the room to multiple computers and shelves full of yearbooks. Being one of the few photographers and editors of the yearbook, Taeguk had key to the school side entrance whenever he needed to turn in a yearbook assignment. So did the rest of the heads of the yearbook committee. It's only for morning access though, as the school usually adds a second chain lock on the door handles during school nights to secure the safety of the school and students.

    USB in hand, Taeguk plugged the hard drive into the school computer to submit the edits and photos he made a took during the month of October. He had to take many pictures for the school during the school carnival that was held for Halloween. There was more photos than usual for him, but he was able to complete them all in time before tomorrow's submission date.
  6. Christine had already arrived at Outridge high, considering she lived really close to the facility and she doesn't do much with her appearance except for washing and brushing her hair, and was just out sitting on a bench. She was just casually checking the latest video game news on her phone.

    Oh, great! The new "Super Italian Brothers" for the "Friend-tindo ChangeTM" is about to come out this month! I'm definitely getting my hands on that! Adding that as note!
    Oh, crap! The "Tears and Roses" concert is going to be on that day! Oh, well. "GamePause" should be open 24 hours that day for an event anyways. I'll just stop by after the concert!

    Christine sat alone, mostly because all of her friends either were in a different high school than hers or lived in another state in the country, so she had basically been alone for the first half of the semester. She then looked behind her to see the school right next to hers, Elk Grove High School.

    Christine then looked and noticed the spray-painted panther statue, obviously a prank done by someone from her school. Honestly, could whoever did that be more of a jerk. Christine honestly didn't care for the rivalry between both high schools and thought it was stupid.

    Christine would like to talk to some of the students from that school, but she didn't think it would do any good. They might hate her automatically for just being a student of Outridge, and students from her school might target her as some kind of "traitor".

    Honestly, this is all stupid.

    Christine then flipped the hair that covered her eye, and went back to being on her phone.
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  7. Keeny looked up from his game to see some kids with black bandanas, for a second he thought they were gangsters but then he realized that they were from Elk Grove and were just spray painting. A bit after they left Keeny noticed another person walking in through the back entrance but he ignored him and kept his head down. He looked at his phone, 7:51, he realized that if he sprinted he could get to the coffee shop and be back by 7:54 and so he ran past the normal entrance and out into the streets. Two minutes later he ran into the coffee shop and paid for a small coffee before sprinting back to school, when he got to school he looked at his phone, 7:54, he sighed with relief.

    This time he stayed near the entrance pondering about the stupid school rivalry going on with Elk Grove and Outridge, It was the stupidest thing he had ever seen with students wasting spray paint only to make falcons and panthers with them and with all the unnecessary fighting going on he wouldn't be surprised if a suicide happened because of it. He got out his phone and it finally read 8:05 and students started to flood into the halls, Keeny quickly walked into the building and headed to his locker grabbing the backpack accidentally left on Monday and grabbed his binder and his textbook for calculus, he remembered the stressful nights doing homework for that class, sometimes the homework took thirty minutes and other times it took one hour and thirty minutes.

    After going up one stare case Keeny heard the way to loud bell ring and shuffled among the other students all trying to get to different places at the same time.
  8. Lacey blinked, staring down at the unidentifiable picture that came upon her feed. She grimaced at it, shoving her phone into her backpack. Just then, the bell rang, signaling 8:00 had finally come. Lacey let out a breath of relief as she shoved her hands in her pockets, walking up the staircase to the doors of Elk Grove. She glanced back once as the remaining “spray painters” scurried away from the school, heading back to their own. Lacey boredly smiled before turning back and filing into the school. Tiredly, Lacey walked down the halls to her locker, where she swapped books for books, as well as grabbing pencils and such. The girl slammed her locker shut, then tucking her loose flyaways behind her ear.

    Lacey held her Literature book in one arm, her bag weighing itself on her other. She, along with several other students, slowly filled up a previously empty classroom. Lacey let the heavy book she held drop on the table furthest to the back, also towards the left of the classroom. It was three to a table, and there were about 14 tables. She pushed her book towards the seat near the wall - but stopped soon after, and instead pushed it back into the middle, where she sat down in the chair between the other two. Lacey let her bag drop to her feet as she opened her calculus book, blankly flipping through the pages. Time seemed to be moving five times slower than usual, as students still continued filling the room.

    She flipped to a random page and lowly hovered over it with a pencil. Resting her head in her right hand, Lacey doodled music notes along the edge of the paper with her left. She was fairly lucky - a piano player who happened to be ambidextrous. Though, it didn't matter much to her, as she continued "vandalizing" the book. After several seconds that felt like minutes, Lacey leaned back in her seat, eyeing students with curiosity. She never paid much attention to her classmates, despite being in their class for a few months already. Occasionally, somebody would begin the usual small talk with her, with reluctance clear on their faces, but they'd always end up getting to know Lacey better in some way. The girl silently sighed as she shoved her hands in the pockets of her jacket.
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  9. Ah. There was a face she recognized.
    Joshua Nakamura was a boy in her grade, more specifically all of her classes.
    By the disdained look he gave the spray-painted falcon on the front side of the building, it was pretty easy to tell that he took the rivalry seriously. Maybe it was a grudge, maybe an activity.
    Elk Grove and Outridge High School had been at a cut-throat contest on who was the best high school for well over two years. Clementine never thought much of it- or, rather, she didn’t particularly care.
    The ear-splitting bell cut through her thoughts, easily diverting her attention. She got to her feet, brushing a few stray hairs from her face and pushing through the doors, apologizing quietly when someone stepped on her foot. A dumb thing to apologize for, really.
    She made her way to her locker, which was rather bland and undecorated. Some girls had little shelves in their lockers, white boards and mirrors and stickers. Clem’s was somewhat dusty and had a few Polaroid photographs on clothing pins, held on a singular white string. The photos ranged from a sunflower field to Clementine’s ferret, one being her yellow Converse in a grassy patch of dandelions; all taken by her.
    That, however, was the closest thing to decoration she had- her otherwise unused textbooks and filled notebooks lay sadly there, on top of them her sketchbook. Collecting her things, she shut her locker, directing her gaze to the trampede of students, blundering mindlessly through each other. She sighed, ducking her head and slowly making her way to her class, where she sat down and flipped open her sketchbook.
    The sketchbook was filled with watercolor, some acrylic, and more than enough messy pencil doodles. Mainly of people, although there were some animals and even a few flowers.
  10. Soon enough as fate had its way, the school bell rang. Josh never knew exactly why, but everyday he had hoped that something wicked would happen that would allow him to miss school. As much school spirit as he had, which was a lot, he dreaded math and english and science and history and.....well, every non-artistic subject ever. The fair skinned teenager rose from his spot on the stairs, reluctantly slung his backpack over his shoulder and headed off into the school. If he were lucky, they would be serving fries during lunch, like rumor had it.

    His first class of the day - Literature. The absolute most boring way to begin every morning of the semester.

    Josh walked into the classroom alongside the other students, plopping his bag and 80 ton text book on to the same table that he had been subconsciously sitting at every day. It wasn't necessarily an assigned seat, but he himself had somehow decided that it was, so it just became natural.

    He took his seat, still scanning through his phone. Class would begin soon, but throughout the year so far he had sneaking from the teacher down to an art. There are always certain patterns, positions, angles, and movement techniques depending on the teacher's position in the classroom that would allow one to stealthily continue to watch that livestream or finish that mobile videogame - and Joshua knew all of them. In his mind, he was the greatest trickster there was.

    Out of the blue, he took note of some slamming that could be heard at the table right next to his. Turning his head he took notice of Lacey. He knew her name of course, due to the school not being the hugest, but he hadn't gotten to know her well. All he did know, is that she seemed just as uninterested in class as he did.
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  11. Elenor had managed to sleep in, after quickly throwing on her favourite jumper and making breakfast she ran to school and eventually made it, she rushed to her class room and opened the door completely out of breath. She went to talk but stopped and put up a finger signaling to wait before she lifted her head "sorry I'm late" she said quickly "I slept in and missed my bus so I had to run"
  12. Christine made it early to her Calculus class, and was sitting on her desk doodling on a piece of paper while she waited for the class to start. She started noticing some familar faces entering the room as they got ready to start the class.

    Christine just kept on doodling characters from her favorite shows, such as Estaban Galaxy and The Hero Academy. Honestly, Christine got bored of her Calculus class pretty easily, and it wasn't because she thought it was hard. It was quite the opposite really. She is really good at learning math equations, just show her the equation and few examples and she was good. She was usually the first one to finish in class and got most of the problems correctly. She didn't mind though, it gave her more time to draw than do actual school work.

    Some students complemented her, but she didn't really think it was that much of an accomplishment, as she didn't really do the same in other classes. Not that it bothered Christine, she was an A-B student, rarely getting any C's or lower.
  13. Keeny sat down in his calculus class along with all the other students, when the class started he was barely taking notes and was just really bored. He always tried to do the homework in class and most of the time he had about two questions left on the worksheet, sometimes it took 30 minutes and sometimes longer. He was an A-minus student and he wanted to keep it that way. He scanned the room to just see normal kids taking notes but one girl was sketching in her notebook, Keeny didn't think anything about it.

    He secretly checked twitter to see Super Italian Brothers was coming out soon, He really liked the Super Italian Brothers but he never understood why the console was called the friend-tindo change then the assignment was handed to him so he ducked his phone into his jean pocket and started working.

    Five minutes later he was almost done except for one question that he just coudn't get and was one the verge of ripping up the paper, he later gave up and just waited until it became homework.
  14. Daniel Haft had slept through his alarm. He woke up slowly and rubbed his eyes. He moved his legs off of his bed, which caused his sheets to slide off the bed. He picked up his phone to reveal that it was around 8:15.

    Danny threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, combed his hair, brushed his teeth, and ate some toast, all after the course of several minutes. He wasn't in a rush, because he was already going to be late regardless.

    The young high school student grabbed his backpack and started his trek to school. After several minutes of walking, Danny had arrived at Elk Grove. His first class was literature, which wasn't exactly his favorite class. Infact, he despises the class. He opened the door to class hoping that no one would notice that he was late. It would difficult to get into the classroom unnoticed. His six foot six frame was blessing, but in cases like this it was a curse. He sat down in the back of the class and began to take notes.
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  15. Clementine looked up from her book as Elk Grove’s signature tall kid entered the room-
    standing at a horrifically impressive 6’6, Clem’s classmate Daniel Haft stuck out like a sore thumb. An eighteen-wheeler in a school of SmartCars.
    She acknowledged him, only because there was a pretty good chance he’d noticed her gaze on him and she didn’t want to come off creepy. With that in mind, she lifted her hand in a halfhearted, lazy wave, and that was all.
    The girl she’d seen on her walk there- Lacey Park, now that she’d put some thought into it, was in the class as well. She was a pretty girl, the kind that guys would holler at. Clem suddenly felt an urge of gratitude that she wasn’t one of those girls, and then a wave of pity for Lacey, but shook her head to clear her thoughts, her mind wandering back eventually to Dovah, who was waiting for her back home.
    She sighed bitterly, casting a sideways glance at the clock.
    This class was never going to start.
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  16. Keeny was on the verge of passing out due to the boredom of the class, the teacher was already talking about stuff he already understands and shoving worksheets down his throat. The coffee he had earlier didn't help at all so he was just waiting for class to be over so he could go over to his next class and repeat the cycle. He decided to make a paper airplane and threw it while the teacher wasn't looking and it miraculously flew straight into the recycling bin.

    So far school hadn't been fun or exciting its just been like it always is, boring, he eventually decided to just doddle in the notebook he used whenever he got bored.
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  17. Danny slumped back into his chair. A girl gave him a small wave as he had went back to his seat. This girl was Clemintine Odell. That was about all he knew about her. It was the same with all his classmates. He knew their names and could identify them, but didn't know anyone too personally.

    He pulled a pencil out if his backpack and began to fiddle with it. The class hadn't even started and he showed up late, so that meant the class wouldn't be very long, if it were to even start at all. He thought about starting up a conversation with his classmates, but couldn't think of anything they could talk about.
  18. Lacey eyed the clock with a narrow, bird-like gaze. Not a falcon, of course. The teacher only arrived a couple of minutes before a student rushed through the door. She apologized and sat down. Not long after, a boy that was pretty hard to miss slipped in as well. Lacey blinked, her eyes were going in and out of focus due to a lack of interest in the subject. The only words Lacey caught the teacher say were, “Shakespeare was cool.” If Lacey were ever to respond to that, all she’d do was groan until she could groan no more. Instead, the teenager bit the inside of her cheek as she pretended to act interested. Lacey’s father had somewhat forced Lacey into loving books at a young age, so the girl was only hearing familiar statements that didn’t matter in the first place.

    Eventually, the agony of pretending to pay attention was too much, and she let her eyes wander around the room. Once, she met eyes with a semi-familiar girl named Clementine, more widely known as Clem. Lacey gave her a bored smile, then mouthed to her, “Kill me. This is so boring.” She normally wouldn’t interact with her classmates, but the girl seemed nice to Lacey. She occasionally locked eyes with a different person, and they’d usually share a nod, understanding both of each other’s opinions on the subject of the class. Lacey was distracted, however, by her name being sharply said at the front of the room. She turned her head, boring her eyes into the gaze of the teacher. “Lacey Park, would you like to stand up and share what you absolutely had to say to the class?” The student smirked, then pushed herself out of her seat. “I don’t mind,” she said.

    Lacey cleared her throat, looking around the room. “Hey, everybody. Just wanted to say... did you all know that Shakespeare led a super interesting life? It all started on April 23rd, 1564, when William Shakespeare was born. He grew up in -” The girl began speaking, but was abruptly stopped by the teacher once more. “That’s enough of that, thank you. Sit down,” he said, obviously a bit flustered. Lacey shrugged and complied, seating herself once more and sinking into the chair.
  19. Clementine was, to be honest, a little surprised to find that Lacey had intentfully caught her eye, mouthing the words “kill me”, a playfully bored smile tugging at her lips. In response, Clem made a gun with her fingers, placing the barrel of her fingertips just above her ear, her head bouncing to the side, her cheeks slightly puffed out, when she pulled her thumb-trigger.
    She quickly snapped her head back up, however, when the teacher’s dull voice cut through the air, speaking Clem’s “death-wishing” acquaintance’s name. Clem herself stiffened, a wave of guilt and panic surging over her. She looked over at Lacey, the girl’s navy eyes flashing an I’m sorry sort of look. But those eyes only widened when Lacey, who seemed momentarily petrified, snapped out of her anxious trance and stood confidently, going on a brief spiel about William Shakespeare before being promptly cut off by the teacher. Astonished at the girl’s quick response, Clem lightly tapped her hands together, in a quiet applause. Catching her eye, Clementine mouthed in return a brief “nice save”.
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  20. Danny kicked his legs up across his desk. His legs didn't exactly curl up well under the desk. He let out a sigh of relief as legs. Kicking his legs up on the desk was uncomfortable, but it was better that the alternative.

    Danny watched an exchange between the teacher and Lacey. Lacey got up and said some boring stuff about Shakespeare that Danny didn't care about. Once Lacey sat back down, the teacher's boring lecture continued. He fiddled with his pencil some more and thought, Please let this class end soon. Danny wasn't particularly fond of school, but this class really got on his nerves.
  21. "Woah, we have a badass over here!" Joshua spoke in a low tow, yet chuckling hysterically at what he had just witnessed in class.

    He himself wasn't paying any attention to whatever the teacher was saying as soon as class began. Instead, he was continuously scrolling through social media and occasionally looking up with blank face expressions in attempt to look like he was focusing in on the lecture. However, something really caught his attention whenever the Teacher had called out Lacey Park, the girl seated at the table right beside him. In all honesty, he was surprised that he called Joshua out for having his head slumped onto his backpack - but hey, better someone else get heat rather than himself.

    However, whenever asked to do what would normally be an embarrassing task, Lacy quickly complied and stood to her feet, beginning to repeat the gist of what the Teacher had been saying. Joshua was surprised, the japanese boy had not expected her to be able to give any accurate answer. So, when she was able to catch the dull Teacher off guard, he was impressed.

    He glanced off to the side, examining the time on the clock. Class had still pretty much just begun, which stunk. Even though something mildly entertaining happened, he still had to survive nearly an hour more of repetitive shakespeare facts.
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  22. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    The bell for Outridge had rung. Taeguk was still huddled up within the yearbook room at the moment. Though the bell was his cue to finally leave the room. Unplugging the USB and picking up his camera that he left on the counter, Taeguk turned the lights off the room. The whirring of the computers died off as he closed the Yearbook Room. Looking down the hallway, students were barging through the doors and a sea of students flowed in the hallways. It was quite different from the empty hallways he comes to every morning. Walking along the flow of the students, Taeguk made his way to his first class of the day: Calculus.

    Calculus was an interesting class for Taeguk. It was interesting, but not necessarily that class itself. Honestly, his teacher for calculus was quite monotonous. Each lecture and class was uneventful, tedious, and quite repetitive. It the same thing everyday: lectures and classwork. Despite the mundane class, math was Taeguk's best subject. It wasn't his favorite subject, but it was his best scoring class nonetheless. He always received good marks on his work with occasional B's.

    Taeguk entered the slightly filled classroom. Classes don't necessarily start until a few more minutes as there are many student who like to socialize during passing periods and what not. Examining who was in the classroom, Taeguk sees many familiar faces, in which includes Christine. Taeguk practically knows everyone at the school as one of the yearbook heads. Lots of these people have appeared in his photos many times, whether they were voluntarily in the front shot or involuntarily within the background. The male made his way towards to his seat, which was placed in the second row closest of the classroom and actually in front of Christine's. During his mini journey to his table, Taeguk passed by Christine who had fabricated cute doodles on a sheet of paper. Taeguk gave a "Nice drawing" to Christine before plopping himself in the desk in front of her.
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  23. Christine had been working on her little doodles, when she noticed Taeguk Jeon complimenting her work. She kinda blushed, and told him thank you. Christine always got a bit embarrassed when someone complimented her work, because she didn't really think it was any good. She just really liked to draw.

    Christine was then handed her worksheets, and as always, she finished them completely and handed them to her calculus teacher. The teacher reviewed her answers, and she got most of them correct except for two. She corrected the two she got wrong, and went back to her doodling.

    Christine just wanted the school day to end so she could head back home and talk to her friends online through video call or whatever. She always felt like a loner in school, so talking with people online made her feel better.
  24. Elenor watched all the conversations hooding on around her and sighed, feeling as if she would look like a weirdo if she had entered one, so from all of this information, Elenor decided it would be better for everyone else in the room if she just didn't talk
  25. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    Like usual, Parker Bell forgot to sleep and spent the night on his computer watching anime and playing games. And, as usual, he was late to school. It wasn't entirely his fault, school bored him and games didn't. Not to mention he already had a hard time sleeping at night, now he just had an excuse to sleep in class. He sighed and shut down his PC, he would be able to return to it later. He showered and got dressed, going at his own pace instead of rushing himself. If he was already late it didn't really matter how much later he was. He didn't bother eating breakfast, he almost never did, and silently grabbed the rest of his things. He grabbed his phone and shoved it into his hoodie pocket, put his headphones on and began his walk to school.

    The walk to Outridge was usually peaceful. He hardly ever ran into other people because of the path he took, and the weather was typically nice in the morning. He walked casually and listened to his music. Parker also liked reflecting in this time, but sadly the walk wasn't very long and he was quickly thrown into the chaos of the school day.

    Calculus was his first period. He didn't hate it, he was actually pretty good at it. In fact, Parker scored near the top of the whole district on almost every single test. However, he still ended every semester with nearly straight D's. This was because he never did work. Aside from tests, he can't really remember completing any assignments for months now. He sighed as he reached the door of the class. He knew he was gonna get an earful from the teacher, but he was used to it at this point. He pulled his headphones off and stuffed them into his backpack. He faltered for a second as he reached for the door, but he shook his head and stepped inside, taking his seat near the back of the classroom.
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  26. Crimson Sun

    Crimson Sun Previously Crims0n

    Taeguk also finished his worksheet fairly quickly as it wasn't that hard to comprehend. The worksheet was mainly review on the lecture they had yesterday. Taeguk submitted the paper to his Calculus teacher, who in return graded the worksheet quite quickly. Analyzing over the paper, Taeguk found that he had his fair share of mistakes. It was mainly small mistakes though such as sign errors, incorrect addition or subtraction. The downfalls of finishing work too quickly, he should really double check his answers sometime. Luckily, Taeguk maintained the A on the worksheet and had the rest of the class period for free time or a study hall.

    Having nothing else to do, Taeguk examined the environment around him. Lots of the students were mainly socializing, putting their work off to the side. Few students, however, had finished their work and was keeping to themselves, including Taeguk and his fellow seatmate Christine. The classroom was active to say the least, perfect representation of a healthy working environment for the students.

    Picking up his camera was care, Taeguk started snapping pictures of the classroom. Bringing the camera up to his eye, Taeguk took photos of students as pairs, in groups, and individually. He took pictures of students actively working, peers socializing, classmates do both of the latter and more. There was a wide variety of snaps taken. There was one of a pair of classmates laughing their butts off, a shot of a group of students working together on solving the worksheet, a student staring off into the distance, the Calculus teacher on their smartphone, Christine doodling on her scratch paper, and much more.
  27. Lacey looked at Clem from the corner of her eye. A smile briefly grew on her face as she mouthed, “I’m used to it,” in return to Clementine’s last comment. With that, Lacey soon found herself gazing at her literature book, eyes clearly spacing out. Previously, she had been able to catch the impressed glance of a classmate sitting near her, whom she believed to be named Joshua. She smiled lightly, then proceeded to daze off once again.

    To everybody’s glorious relief, the bell rang after an agonizing several minutes. Lacey was quick and skiddish - scooping her items up and dashing from the classroom. Her eyes flickered a happy glint as she made her way to her locker, then stuffing her book into the top shelf. Unfortunately, the school day was nowhere near over, and Lacey, along with every single student, would have to manage through the next six hours. As Lacey grabbed her next book, she prayed, “Get me out of this day, please. And thank you.” With that, she grabbed her next class’ needed “gear,” and walked down the hall into the room.

    The next few classes weren’t nearly as painful to endure, seeing that Lacey was now a bit shaken out of her “I hate mornings so much that I’d rather die” trance. When the final bell rang before lunch, Lacey was quick to jump from her seat. Hastily, she grabbed only her backpack - she didn’t know anybody who took their books with them - and traveled to the commons, where a few students were already seated at scattered tables. Lacey let her head lazily cock to the side as she examined the room for the perfect seat. It took her a few seconds before she confidently strode to a table somewhat in the middle of the entire hall. Her reasoning? It was one of the few tables directly underneath the air conditioning vent. Lacey tossed her bag onto a random chair that accompanied the table, then head towards the growing line for the school’s so-called “food.” The girl stuffed her hands in her pockets, waiting for her turn.

    Taking only a couple minutes, Lacey stood with her hands holding a tray, somewhat politely asking for specific foods. When she received the final scoop of... mashed potatoes, maybe? Anyways, when she received her last helping of slop, she stopped directly in her tracks and sharply gazed into the kitchen behind the cooks that were serving. Lacey sniffed slightly - she could have sworn that something smelled far too toasted. She wavered there until somebody nudged her, their foot tapping with annoyance. Lacey rolled her eyes and head back to her seat, where she distastefully looked down at her tray. “Welp... guess I’ll be having carrots and a piece of ‘buttered’ bread today,” she muttered. Sitting down, Lacey leaned back and immediately pulled her phone from her bag. Being allowed on their phones during lunch was one of the only freedoms they were given. Sighing, she scrolled through several posts without interest.
  28. Insanely relieved to be out of the class, Clem pushes herself up from her desk, slinging her bag over her shoulder and making her way out. After a brief visit to her locker, the girl gathered her things for her next class.

    The academics pasted horrifically slow, a mass of boredom forming in the girl’s head, resulting in her arms being doodles on. Scribbles and designs and swirls all over her forearm was the end result, and before she knew it, lunch had approached.
    Grabbing her bag, she headed towards the commons, seating herself near an outlet, plugging her phone in. A sickening smell has filled the now rank-air, wilting Clem’s appetite. Scrunching up her nose in distaste, she tried to ignore the smell, which smelled like burnt toast. She looked to the lunch line, eyes catching on Lacey, who seemed to have taken notice to the smell. Her eyes wandered past the line, where the lunch staff seemed a bit frantic, trotting around the kitchen with slightly anxious expressions.
    This, obviously, caught her attention, and she craned her neck to get a better view, puzzled as to what the panic was about.
  29. Danny pushed his way through the hall to get to his locker. He despised the food the lunchroom served, so he always brought his own lunch to school. Once he arrived at his locker, he opened the thin metal door, only for balls of various sizes to spill out of his locker. After grabbing his lunch, Danny gathered up all the balls and crammed them back inside the small locker. He shut the door to his locker and walked towards the commons.

    Once he arrived in the commons, the first thing Danny noticed was the strong distinct scent of burned food. He had experienced the scent a many times in his kitchen ventures at home. Visions of kitchen fires of his past flashed through his brain,as he found a looked for a spot sit in the commons.
  30. Keeny really hated lunch at Outridge, his freshman year he got food poisoning and went home early on his first day so he just made his own lunch. He walked outside to the front entrance to see a couple students just eating lunch outside, he sat down on the steps pulled out the soup in his brown lunch bag and pulled out his ramen noodles and started eating quickly and after he finished he checked his phone to see it was 12:00. He sighed due to his peace being over in 55 minutes so he just decided to head to the library to try to finish his homework so he ran to his locker to grab his notebook and binder and went to the library.

    He plopped himself on a library seat and tried to speed through his homework to his success and was done his homework in a couple minutes and after he was done he walked back to the cafeteria and sat at a random seat as normal and went on his phone to check his social media.
  31. Within several minutes, the commons of Elk Grove was filled to its maximum - being all of the students gathered in said spot. Lacey didn’t bother touching her plate, and was instead intrigued by an online argument about the correct way to pronounce “bagel.” All around her were chatty students. Some were talking loudly and carelessly, whilst others were gently speaking to others. Lacey quietly groaned as she readjusted her seated position, then abruptly stopping. Quickly, the girl whipped her head around to gaze at the cooks’ area. She sniffed once, then again, and stood up hastily. The air was beginning to smell like charcoal and burning, and it was slowly filling the entire room. Lacey, who’s heart was steadily picking up a paranoid beat, clumsily grabbed her backpack, clutching her phone in her hand. Quite a few kids stared at her in confusion, unsure why she was in such a hurry. But when the stench began reaching them, they halted their conversations, and slowly began panicking. Everybody began grabbing their things and nervously glancing around. As the uproar began, Lacey uttered, “What the fu...” before being cut of by the piercing ring of the fire alarm. Students began yelling and hurrying to the doors, bursting them open and sprinting down the halls. Lacey faltered behind, being careful to avoid getting trampled.

    As she wavered before the open doors of the commons, she glanced behind her shoulder, seeing that an incredible cluster of flames began dancing and filling up the kitchen. The cooks fled from the scene, even pushing past Lacey and screaming at her to hurry up. Lacey’s heart had picked up to a somewhat terrified state as she felt the heat creep into her face, a wave of it filling up the room. Lacey stumbled back before turning around once more and sprinting down the hallway, hands tightly gripping her phone and bag as she dashed. Every student and teacher were cramming themselves together many yards away from the building. Lacey hustled to join them, glancing around at the terrified expressions on the faces of students. Some were crying, and some were miraculously smiling. Lacey scrunched her nose at them. How evil can you get? she wondered. Looking back at the school, she nearly fell backwards at the sight. Flames engulfed about a quarter of the building, and were spreading quickly. A group of fire trucks had skidded to a halt near the school, and firemen and women began flooding the lawn with hoses and extinguishers.

    To make a long story short - 37 minutes of a story, to be exact - the firefighters were extremely unlucky, and barely made a dent in the catastrophe before them. Within those various minutes, the school was left as a blackened, hollow shell. Kids began crying even more, definitely panicking. Lacey felt her eyes sting. She sniffed, and rubbed her eyes as she dazedly watched the flames finally die down with the last few sprays of water. Everybody fell silent, staring at the few walls that were barely standing up. Lacey, through blurry vision, glanced back as teachers began quickly forming a huddle that was quite far away from all of the children. She squinted at them, seeing their distressed features carved into their faces. Lacey felt a pang of guilt, seeing as she’d wished this day to end almost as soon as it started. “Not this way...” she inwardly sniffled. Throughout their discussion, phone calls could be viewed left and right.

    The teacher meeting lasted even longer than the fire did, as they shouted and negotiated at each other. Students began sitting down or kneeling, unsure what to do. Nobody dared to leave, as panic was still rippling through the entire crowd. When 53 minutes crept on the last-second conference between the teachers, the principal warily walked over to stand before the students. “Now... there isn’t any easy way to say any of this,” he began. “Elk Grove will not be returning for quite a few years. It’s clear to see that. But... that doesn’t mean that you children shouldn’t have an education. The workers of Elk Grove and I have come to agreements with... the workers and principal of Outridge.” Kids began murmuring, already reacting pretty negatively. The principal carried on. “We are aware of the tension between our schools, but as of now, that’s the last thing we should be thinking about. Elk Grove has no other option but to... how do you say it... merge with Outridge.” Shouts in the crowd began to grow as Lacey nervously looked around at the faces of her peers. The principal, his name being Mr. Claddin, immediately put his hand up in an attempt to silence the crowd. “School will begin once more tomorrow at Outridge. The students there are currently being explained to about the situation at hand, and will be given the rest of the day off as we figure this out. Books will be provided for you, as they have extras.” The crowd fell hushed, tension thick between everybody. Mr. Claddin sighed, rubbing his eyes under his glasses. “I’m incredibly sorry you students have to go through this. You’ll still see most of us at Outridge, but... we are aware that adjusting to it will be difficult. You’re all dismissed.

    Students took their sweet time to begin leaving the school. Lacey angrily squeezed her backpack strap as she stood still, staring at the ground. A news station van had already rolled up to the school, and immediately began pressing the staff and many students with questions. Lacey flinched as a microphone was shoved into her face, and a cameraman stood a few feet away from her. The reporter holding the mic gazed at her, interrogation flickering in her somewhat old eyes. Lacey hesitantly answered the questions, uncertain about the whole issue still. It all seemed unreal to her as she finished saying goodbye to the reporter. Shakily, Lacey checked her phone. 3:14. The students at Outridge had previously been dismissed early, and the remaining students before the burnt Elk Grove began dispersing and leaving. Lacey simply stood for several minutes before turning around slowly, and walking home.

    “This isn’t happening,” Lacey mumbled as she shut her bedroom door behind her. She had thrown her backpack aside, and had just collapsed on her bed. The girl checked her phone once more, seeing the hundreds of notifications that flooded the screen. She had gotten multiple texts, and was being tagged in posts. Lacey furrowed her eyebrows and turned off her phone, clinging onto her pillow. The teen buried her face in the soft matter, sighing as she anxiously awaited the day to end.
  32. Danny was caught up in the storm of students making their way towards the door. Hardly even knowing what was going on, he ended up outside the school. He turned back to see the school had engulfed in flames. Several emotions coursed through his body.

    A little over a half an hour later, the teachers started to converse. Thelonger the teachers and other workers at the school talked, the more worried Danny got. After nearly an hour of suspense, Mr. Claddin gave instruction.

    After Mr. Claddin's speech ended, Danny tried to get away from the school grounds as quickly as possible. During his run home, tons of thoughts raced through his head.

    I can't go to Outridge, Danny thought. Does Mr. Claddin not know how many fights I've got in with kids from Outridge!

    Danny also had flashback while he was running. Around a year ago, in the basketball season opener against Outridge a small fight would start. It was the 4th quarter of a close game. With 20 seconds on the clock, Danny dribbled down the court. Elk Grove was down by 2. Danny ran towads the basket and attempted to score, only to get tripped by a Outridge player. Danny stood up quickly after getting tripped and slapped the other player who tripped him. One thing lead to another, and Daniel and the other player got ejected. Elk Grove ended up losing the game. Ever sense this fight, Danny had hated Outridge a bit more than the average Elk Grove student

    After around 5 minutes of sprinting, Danny arrived at his home.

    Danny slammed the door to his house. He through his backpack down and rushed into his room. "Well that's just dandy," Danny said as he jumped onto his bed. He looked around his room, which was decorated with posters of various pro basketball players, one out of place poster of Starlord, and a large rally flag that was Elk Grove's school colors and said"Go Panthers!" In large bold letters. Danny stood up and ripped the flag off the wall and tore it up. He threw the remnants of the flag in the trash in anger and fell back onto his bed.
  33. Clem sighed in annoyance as the bustling crowds of Elk Grove filled the commons, loud chatter and laughter echoing off the walls. Really before she knew what was happening, the ear-splitting screech of the fire alarm meeting her ears. She staggered up from where she sat, puzzlement and fear crossing her face.
    I knew something was wrong..
    A scream pierced the air, a feminine one, and with that, everyone was rushing out of the building, and the red-orange of the fire flickered and danced in her dark eyes. She stumbled with the crowd out of the building, her heartbeat quick and panicky. She heard crying, and also frantic “brad if we die I’m really sorry I didn’t go to your party”’s.
    No, wait. That was only one person.

    When she staggered out of the building, she got the news. They were going.. where..?

    She chuckled softly, her eyes on the ground. It was one of those situations where she was so shocked all she could manage was a laugh, regardless of how she felt.
    She was one of many who uttered a phrase along the lines of “I cannot go to Outbridge!”
    She was already stressed out of her mind with the witness of a fire, and now she had to go to Outbridge?

    Tomorrow was going to be Hell.
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  34. Keeny was already walking home, he could get the thought out of his head easily, Nothing will really change other than more spray painting and more fifth-grade level pranks. He got on a bus to make his route home shorter.

    About five minutes later Keeny slowly walked into his house and ran into his room and shut the door. He sat on his chair and pondered what school will be like when Outridge and Elk Grove combine, it might be like a cheesy high school movie and the schools make up during a football match or something but he needed to think more real and probably when I graduate he will forget about it. He remembered when he walked to the tutor he was forced to attend during the summer before his sophomore year two blocks away from Elk Grove he was attacked by kids with water balloons that he always dodged. He was ready to try to beat the crap out Elk Grove bullies.

    He decided he needed to go somewhere fun, so he decided to go to Walmart and see if he could buy any video games. He threw his backpack on his room floor and as soon as he stepped out the door he got a text message saying his parents would be coming late from work. He grinned since he didn't have to study and got on the bus.
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  35. Lacey abruptly woke up, heart pounding all too fast for the girl's liking. Her breaths were scattered as she stumbled out of her bed and down the hall to the restroom. She flicked the switch on, examining her image in the mirror. Her eyes were softly sunken in, and a distressed look was painted on her face. Shakily, she let out a slow breath of air as she leaned over the counter. Lacey closed her eyes, remembering the reason she was unstable at the moment.

    A far too realistic nightmare had crept upon her as she had been dozing off. The details were slowly becoming fuzzy to her, but she was positive it was about the fire. Needless to say, she knew that she probably wouldn't be sleeping anytime soon. She looked down, noting tat she was still in her clothes from the previous day. Must've fallen asleep before I could do anything, she pondered as she looked at the clock. 4:17 AM. The teenager bit the inside of her cheek before exiting the bathroom and heading back into her bedroom. She sat herself on her bed, grabbing her phone from her nightstand. As she dove into several different social media apps, the top recommended stories were about the tragedy from yesterday. A wave of anger hit her as she stared at the pictures. Huffing, Lacey turned her phone off and threw it across her bed, where it landed dangerously close to the edge of the mattress. Slowly, the girl stood up and head back into the bathroom.

    There, she proceeded to strip down and shower for a warm 20 minutes. When she stepped out, she clumsily slipped across a wet area and immediately lost any balance she had. She yelped as she went down, but managed to throw her hands on the sink for dear life. The quick thinking managed a safer fate for the student, but she wasn't able to escape injury that quickly. Her left knee took just about all of the fall damage, sharply sliding against a much drier section of the floor. Instantly, a colorful strand of swears were shouted by Lacey.

    Lacey, at the moment, was dimly staring into her closet. Her knee had suffered extreme rug burn, and had a thin split across it that was bleeding feverishly. She managed to pressure it for a good few minutes before it stopped flowing. "What the hell..." she groaned as she tossed an outfit onto her bed. Carefully, she slipped into a pair of skinny jeans. Coincidentally, they were ripped at the knees like literally all of her other pairs of jeans. Feeling extremely grim, Lacey threw on a blue t-shirt, then a loose, black jacket. Finally, she put her socks on and checked her phone. 5:15. Still very early. Lacey shoved the phone in her pocket and exited her room, where she head downstairs into the kitchen. The rest of her morning consisted of watching television with an ice pack on her leg.

    Finally, 7:20 rolled around and Lacey decided to grudgingly grab her backpack, throw on a beanie, and leave her house. She was unaware of the schedule for her new school, but continued to leave somewhat early. The air was cold and crisp once again, greeting Lacey with a small gust of wind in her face. Because she already knew the location, the walk to Outridge was extremely normal. It was 7:34 by the time she got there. Somewhat solemnly, she stared ahead at the school she knew so much, yet so little about. There were only a few students waiting outside - them being original Outridge students. Lacey walked up the path to the school, where she gazed blankly at the door until an unfamiliar face came into view. An athletically built male stood before her, spite in his eyes. "Don't think that just because you were invited here that you're wanted," he growled. Lacey noticed that a few other boys were there to back him up as well. Stifling a string of curses, Lacey rolled her eyes and attempted to step to the side. However, the male stepped with her, and glared at her. "I'm serious," he spat. Lacey clenched her fist as she squinted up at him. She let out a sharp exhale through her nose before suddenly grabbing the collar of the male and yanking him close to her face. He was immediately caught off guard, and found himself staring into the piercing eyes of Lacey that were only a few inches away from his own. "I don't give a damn about what you have to say to me," Lacey hissed before letting go of the collar and pushing him away. With that, the gang swaggered away, pride clearly damaged. Lacey sighed, brushing a stand of hair from her face and readjusted her beanie.
  36. Kenny fell out of his bead eyeing his alarm clock, 5:10. He walked out of his room and took a short shower then threw on a shirt and pants and then was about to make breakfast when his parent's text message him with the usual text saying they would be home very late and dinner was on him. He sighed then brushed his teeth and ate breakfast, he grabbed his backpack and out the door trying to get to school faster seeing on his phone that it was 7:20 AM.

    He arrived at school at 7:40 due to taking a longer route to school and saw two blobs of students, one Elk Grove, and the other Outridge students, he did not really care what group he sat at so he sat near the students on the left. Kenny felt a shadow loom over him as he looked up he saw some random jocks and he realized he should go the right side of the students so he quickly got up before they could grab him and they yelled something along the lines of 'OUTRIDGE SCUM!' but he ignored it. He checked his phone to see it was 7:45 and realized he had to go to his computer science club today after school. And so he sat with the other Outridge students and started checking his social media. He wished he could actually stand up for himself but he was too scrawny to do anything so all he could do now is wait until June our he could start applying to colleges and might be able to drop school in grade 12 and do college full time.

    But until then he had to keep enduring stupid stuff for two more years so he hoped nothing stupid would happen and maybe he could have some nice friends this year also.
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  37. Before the fire...

    Warren exited the building as the fire alarms blared through the air, more worried about not getting trampled than actually getting out. As he finally emerged from the burning school, he silently watched as the giant flames and plumes of smoke filled his field of vision. After hearing the principal's announcement, the teen mentally shrugged as he headed home, not too concerned about the whole ordeal. Warren arrived and took off his shoes as his mother rushed to him, concern clear on her face. "Warren! I heard what happened a few minutes ago; are you okay? Any burns?" He shook his head in response and flashed a thumbs up before heading upstairs. "I'm fine, Mom; don't worry." Yawning, Warren sat on his bed against the adjacent wall and stared out the window. Merging with Outridge, huh... In truth, he didn't feel too strongly for the well known rivalry between Elk Grove and Outridge; it just seemed childish to him. As orange and indigo began to spill into the sky, signalling the arrival of the evening, the teen grew more and more lost in thought as, eventually, he fell asleep where he sat.

    Present day...

    Warren woke up to his screeching alarm with a yawn at 6:45 AM, and he stretched briefly before getting out of his bed and getting ready. He threw on a white tee and put on a pair of khakis before heading into the bathroom, brushing his teeth and washing his face. The teen smoothed his hair and after doing a quick scan of his appearance, he deemed it satisfactory and headed to the living room. Warren scarred down his breakfast rather quickly, and once he was finished, he slung his backpack over his shoulder as he walked out the front door and towards Outridge. As soon as he arrived, he stared at the building for a few seconds, taking in the view. Looks like I'll be here for a while, huh? The teen sighed and continued walking into the school, feeling the scornful glares of the Outridge students.
  38. Christine had arrived to her school early once again, and was minding her own business on her phone when she noticed many unfamiliar faces walk into the school, most likely the students that came from Elk Grove. She also noticed two students get called out for being from their respective high schools, one from Elk Grove and Outridge specifically.

    The news of Elk Grove and Outridge had been basically spreading around Christine's neighborhood and all over her FaceChat profile. Honestly, Christine was actually kind of glad that the schools would be merging into one. Christine had always gotten annoyed when both schools would prank each other over the stupid rivalry, but with having students from both schools interact with each other the rivalry might stop and there won't be anymore of those stupid pranks.

    Though Christine had such a big dream, she didn't think it could actually happen. Both schools hated each other to the point that they act like cats and dogs. Though if her dream were to come true, it would be a nice change of things. But, for now, Christine decided that she should just keep to herself and not get on basically everybody's bad side.

    Christine decided to just check the latest gaming and heavy metal news on her phone, and hopefully no one would bother her until school starts.
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  39. Elenor was on her way to school, her new school as she anxious made her way there she saw one girl looking at her phone, a lass named Christine to be exact, seeing a opportunity to have a conversation, she awkwardly moved over to her "hey!" She said seemingly calm. But internally she was freaking out "what if I came on to strong?" She thought with a smile on her face
  40. Christine had been minding her own business once again, checking news on the new Catchímon for the Friendtindo Change, when suddenly a girl walked up to her to say hi. Christine then looked up at the girl, getting a good look at the girl's appearance. She was a pretty average girl, with red hair and freckles. Nothing to outstanding appearance-wise, except for the "queer club" the girl seemed to have on. Christine didn't recognize the girl, and Christine assumed she was from Elk Grove.

    "Hi," Christine said back to the girl awkwardly, "Um...so...What do you want?" Chrisitine didn't want to come out as rude or anything, but why the hell would an Elk Grove student even approach another student from Outridge!? Not to mention that Christine was just socially inept in the first place, and had no idea what else to say. Either the girl didn't know better, or...she had the exact same idea as Christine! To get both schools to get along! Christine could only hope as she waited for the girl's response.
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