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The Mary Sue Test

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Sem, Jun 20, 2010.

  1. Well on the universal mary sue litmus test i got a -10. The poketest i started to fail at, I have an oddly colored vileplume (Not unique just region specific the water they drink changes the color of the flower from red to purplish blue), I have a ditto with angry eye brows (which it keeps when it transforms) and a shiny Tyrunt / Tyrantrum (depending on RP / point in his plot) The tyrunt has black markings on his snout. Is this too mary sue for an RP characters team? The other team members are normal Magby, Haunter and Delibird.
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  2. PrincessPika~chan

    PrincessPika~chan Previously PrincessPika

    Okay, I'm glad to know about the general test since it's got rid of some of the worries I've been having about one of my fan characters, she scored 29 points, which is a little lower than I thought, but still, she scraped the top of the range which says that it's a 'Moderate-to-high chance your character is a Mary Sue'
    The main reason I was worried about her was since she knows a really big secret that one of the canon characters has and is practically their apprentice.

    EDIT: Okay, I just tested another of my fan-characters, one I thought would end up with like 30 points on that test, but he only got 14-16. Wow that was surprisingly low, probably would be unplayable in a RP though.
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  3. Mine was somewhere between 4-7, wasn't sure how to answer some questions. He has no pokemon, one special ability, a somewhat dark past, but not one that would haunt his very soul. He looks fairly plain, and though his name isn't mine, its still fairly normal. He was involved with team rocket before, but gave it up cause he didn't like it. Does that sound around 4-7?
  4. Mr. Machiavellian

    Mr. Machiavellian Previously riskyie

    not a sue, only a point. i guess i should add a little to make her less.. bland though?
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  5. Four to five points, My self-oc i play as is fairly unique backstory wise, he's like me, not idealized in any way, shape or form, he's Got a (semi) usual Pokemon team of a starter and a few others (the Flygon he raised when i saved it from being maimed by a buncha mandibuzz), got a Shiny Primarina at the start even though he didn't now it was shiny and he assumed it was it's normal color scheme, also got a snivy too, because the Illis Region lets trainers take two starters instead of one. Although he does wear the God Stone (i didn't picture it on his refs.) as a necklace, it's because of his "Tao Symbolism" with Kyurem, so i dunno if that adds to the sue count, but all and all, he's fairly diverse and interesting on my end.
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