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The Mary Sue confessions thread.

Discussion in 'Small Talk' started by DeadpanSnarker, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Hey, guys, do you know those all too perfect and extremely beautiful character that everyone is in love with? Don't deny it, we've all made them, now why don't we get it off our chests? Release the Sues!

    My first Sue was in both the Sonic fandom and the Pokemon fandom. She was a Glaceon named...
    Yes, I know, it was a horribly cliche name, but she gets worse. Her personality was completely random, or should I say randumb? Well, puns aside, she had no depth beyond stupid and random, but everyone liked her. EVERYONE, even the angsty hate characters. And it gets worse, said angsty characters were all in love with her. And she knew every ice type move.

    By the time I was around ten, she was a pure Sonic OC, but that doesn't mean she got any better. I remastered her into a fox named... Kit. I guess I was trying to be funny at the time, but I digress. She had a super long backstory in which she had a plotpoint!necklace that made her have super special ice powers. To make matters worse, I wrote Blaze off completely by having her die in the middle of a scene, just so I could pair Kit with Silver. Said hedgehog also stayed with her after she threatened to "rip ur marauna palt hed of" ((directly quoted)). And Shadow was made into a stalker pervert ex-boyfriend. You can shoot me now.

    Alright, I confessed, anyone else want a turn?
  2. Heheheh, I had so many Sue characters for years. StellarWind probably remembers all of them, and Linkachu might remember a couple. ^_^

    I wrote like eighty thousand words about my pokemon red self-insert, who had caught every pokemon and lived on an island, and rolled with a mewtwo and other legendaries. I think I kept going when gold and silver came out.

    My DBZ sue was my namesake and a Z fighter along with some other peoples' fan Saiyan characters. After watching DBZ Abridged recently I sort of wanted to revisit some of those old characters, make them less bad, and write a DBZ AU where the power levels are kept a lot lower and precisely zero planets are destroyed. Maybe some kind some kind of galactic martial arts tournament that brings all the aliens together and shenanigans ensue.

    I had a number of angsty self-inserts for various Darker and Edgier pokemon RPs that were variations on the same theme of dark clothes, swords, and dragon pokemon. Good times. I think I used my real first name for a lot of these sues which is always pretty telling.

    I started to branch out more after that and although the characters were fairly self-indulgent, they started to have their own lives beyond that initial piercing need to be TEH COOLEST ONE EVAR. EVARRRRRR.

    My characters have gotten more reasonable since then (I hope, although you may be right to be suspicious of my Speshul Charizard avatar) and lately I've been more interested in exploring characters that aren't "me" since I can do more with them, and I don't take it personally if they have losses or setbacks. I do still have a tendency to bend rules and make things Different (if less desperately Special), but pokemon is a good fandom to be in for that sort of thing.

    Hahaha who else used doll makers to make portraits of their characters because they couldn't draw? I stitched together elements of the male and female dolls since the latter was always too feminine for my tastes.
  3. A long time ago, Naomi(then known as Minnow) and Ren (then known as Jay) were pretty damn Sue-ish. It's all the more mortifying considering I knew exactly what a Mary Sue was and never realized that they were both exhibiting the traits.

    They both had horrible, cool-sounding-but-obviously-fake surnames (Redsnaire and Huntre respectively) Since they reflected my game PCs, I listed them both as Champions of their respective regions, and much later, simple trainers who somehow defeated the Elite Four and were offered positions.

    While they never actually caught Legendary Pokemon, they were pretty damn fortunate to encounter several of them on their journey, which is probably a worse trait than actually owning a Legendary. 'Minnow' even had the innate ability to befriend any Pokemon she came across by singing.

    Fortunately, after a lot of retconning and some heavy character development, they were both rehabilitated into more likeable, balanced characters. Although one of them now regularly interacts with a Legendary, he's been demoted to a supporting character; and his circumstances prevent him from travelling around and battling anyway.
  4. My Sue characters weren't based on any fandoms because back when I was making them I didn't even know what fandom was (such is life in the outback.)

    My worst was probably Max, a daywalking, trenchcoat-wearing, katana-wielding vampire who got all the girls by just kind of standing there and looking cool. Oh and I think he played the guitar as well. He had a half-sister named Razel who was some kind of wizard and who wielded a scythe. They didn't actually do anything; I had no idea how to begin constructing plots in those days, they just did random things I thought were cool.

    There is no saving such shallow characters, and I moved on to making more interesting ones instead.
  5. Shiny Lyni

    Shiny Lyni 2016 Singles Football

    If anybody remembers my first PRP character here a long time back, she was probably the most Mary Sue-ish I could get. Actually, I lied, I could have done worse if I tried, but she was still really bad.

    Sarah. Oh dear, she was just starting out as a trainer but already had like, 4 Pokemon from other regions as just gifts from her family and could talk to all of them because of a magic pendant her dead brother or some other relative of the like gave her on her birthday. Said pendant also allowed her to transform into an Eevee, and she even had the brown hair and eyes and a matching outfit to make her look like one. She was super friendly and tried to become friends with everyone and mmmm I can't even remember everything else about her, it was just so stupid.

    This is why 12 year old me should never RP. |D

    On another note, Lyn was originally seriously OP and Sue, and to a certain extent, she still is. Half-nymph or some other spirit, ran away from home, can control ice and water (and later air...), and the spitting image of me. Or what I wished I looked like. Oh, and she didn't age at all~ (this has since changed to she ages half as quickly as most humans, meaning she can look 12 but she's really 24 years old or something silly like that. It's still just an excuse for me to explain why she acts older than she looks sometimes)

    Guess this means I really shouldn't RP unless I've thought out my characters a lot more thoroughly. XD
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    Hah, I love this topic. XD

    Pokemon seems to bring out the Sue in my characters. Most of my original stories contain characters that are fairly balanced - no moreso outrageous than 75% of characters within the literary/televised world - but my Pokemon characters... So many self-inserts! So many children of professors or gym leaders, or close friends with professors or gym leaders, or friends with legendaries, or histories involving "evil organizations", etc. etc.

    One of my self-inserts was based on a Pokemon Adventures concept and can understand/control Dragon-types. My most recent has latent Aura abilities. Good times. I still love them even if they are silly, self-indulgent things. At least neither of 'em are perfect. :'D
  7. This is probably one of the most hilarious threads ever! Protip: just because your character scored low on a Mary Sue Test does NOT mean your character is automatically good. I don't have many outrageous Mary Sues because I didn't really start writing until I was an adult, but man...

    I made my character Carmen champion without even thinking of the significance that holds in the Pokemon world. Yeah, I definitely retconned that as soon as I realized how silly that was. My character development skills still have a ways to go but it's a lot better than it was. I'm hoping my next fic with Carmen will showcase her a lot better xD
  8. Sir Red

    Sir Red Charms' Caped Crusader

    I feel like you have to decide whether you are going by the Video Games or the Anime when it comes to League Champions. In the games, you are expected to become the champion and it is not that big of a deal. In the Anime, Ash is a failure who cannot beat anyone and should feel grave disappointment for his continued misgivings. Wait, I had a proper point here. Right, it depends a bit on whether being champion is hardcore Sue or not. In the games it is assumed you achieve that.

    I always used to give my characters the tortured pasts, where they lost all of their loved ones because that made them complex individuals (right?). I also loved giving characters scars. All those cool facial scars. I'm not too sure how many overly Sue characters I created in my youth, as I usually avoided making my characters too main-stream (I was the hipster RP'er, it seems) and instead went odd and different. Though I always loved the loner who was in it for his friends! BELIEVE IT!! (Sasuke Line Here)
  9. I don't think I had any 100% Sue characters, but I had a few that definitely exhibited some Sue traits. I used to have this thing where I thought that all my characters needed a shiny Pokemon. I think I've decided never to give any more characters a shiny again, just because I overdid it. I also skipped over a lot of training and boring stuff. I had a character who caught like an entire team of fully evolved, awesome Pokemon that listened to her and were best friends with her, over the span of just a few posts.
  10. ohhh boy, this is a good topic~

    Basically, a lot of my characters were mary sues in their early stages. Diego, or as he was called at one point, Denver (my name), had all 300...what was it? Well, he had all the Pokemon up til Gen 3. Then Gen 4 came along, I redid his entire personality (which was basically a know it all hero who got all teh girlz and a single touch made them want to do bad things with him), but then he was still too mary suish because he had the ability to call upon pretty much the entire Legendary Lineup, such as Ho-oh with a whistle, or Arceus by just thinking about it. Oh, and he even had the generic grandson traveling back through time thing (Oreck, who is now unrelated to him and part of this timeline).

    Another one would be my first fan character EVAR. Drago the Dragon, aka, Denver the Dragon, now solely a Sonic the Hedgehog fc (though he has a human version in my Miracle Arts world). Drago not only had the ability to run fast, fly, and destroy diamonds with a punch; he was raised by Knuckles the Echidna, became besties with Knuckles, somehow traveled to Spongebob's universe and was able to live in a Bugs Bunny esque hole outside of his house (along with his brothers, Spike and Vee); he had a rival that was cloned from a scale taken from his body, which Plankton called Bio the Dragon; and he had an underwater fox g-frond and was rivals with yet another animal that should not be able to breathe underwater, Ricky the Rhino. Not only this, but he could play guitar, drive a car, travel to DBZ's universe and turn human, and so much morrrreee.

    I have to say, none of my characters are THIS bad anymore. However, I do tend to do other things, such as Derick being the bullied little boy who became a spy/journalistic womanizer; Van becoming a 200 IQ genius serious man at age 18, and perhaps my worst is Clark from my MA universe who literally holds the power of a god in the form of a weapon that is supposed to kill him if he tries to do anything that would benefit himself (even like making friends), and he finds a loophole by freezing time wherever he goes so he will never die and can do whatevs he wants. And let's not forget Diego in MA, who suddenly gets a flaming sword and can cut a grown man in half within 5 seconds of owning the sword.

    This has been a wonderful trip down memory lane~
  11. catolotl

    catolotl Likes Trains

    I feel so much shame.
    I had a huge Mary-Sue character.

    She was a Final Fantasy RPC, yeah?
    Ice elemental and daughter of Sephiroth. YES.

    I ADMIT IT. I had a Mary-Sue. [/shot]
    She was also an "icy loner" and would attack
    anyone who came too close for her liking.

    ...I don't think I'll ever use her again. D:
    I created her when I was about 13-14 and very new to the internet. xD
  12. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    I've probably had a couple of Sues in the past, but none quite as bad as this.

    Her name was Ame Wyxm, which looks pretty unpronounceable at first glance, and she was as close to a self insert that I could get appearance wise (with a few modifications). She had a Shiny Charizard and was exceptionally broody, especially with people. Her back-story involved being raised into a rich, uncaring family and her only friends being PokeMon. She also got involved with Cipher (the Shadow PokeMon villains) at one point, and after learning just how evil they were she tried to escape from the business.

    She came out with a scar over her left eye (though I accidentally drew it on the right eye), and later on ended up getting a tribal dragon tattoo on the back of her right shoulder. Oh, and she also had latent psychic abilities that helped her telepathically talk with all of her PokeMon.

    Overall, the biggest train wreck of a character I ever had.
  13. KoL

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    Although it did result in the best ever characterization of Professor Oak in known existence.

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