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The many bizzare adventures of Finn and Zozo

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by DeadpanSnarker, Apr 30, 2013.

  1. DISCLAIMER:I don't own any of the fandoms used in this story. I only own the two idiots, Finn and Zozo. And the parody Sues.
    Chapter One: A good start.

    Finn sighed deeply as she stretched on the couch, her eyes still half closed. She was still half asleep, much to the irritation of her partner in crime. "So, where are we headed today, 'zo?" Finn asked as she finally rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

    A sleep-deprived Zozo spun around to her, heavy bags under her eyes from studing way into the night. "If you listened to me before you fell asleep, you would know that we're headed to Castle Oblivion to clear out a Sue that Enigma found" she muttered just loud enough so that Finn could hear her.

    The younger Sue-hunter sighed, swinging her satchel over her shoulder. "A Kingdom Hearts Sue? Man, those are the worst..." she said before moving to stand by Zozo, who was already entering the longitude and latitude on the transporter. "How bad is she?"

    Zozo glanced to her partner, calm as usual. "She's a nobody who can control the power of emotion." she said, clearly confused by this herself. "Her name's Rhyme, and she doesn't even wear the standered Orginization XII coat." she slowly shook her head in disapproval.

    "Huh?" was the only reply that Finn could muster as the transporter fired up. Before she could ask anything else about this... Rhyme... the two were in Castle Oblivion. They were also right by the Sue and Sora, much to Finn's chagrin. "You're kidding"
    (A/N: Sorry for this lazy chapter, but I have to get to class. Please leave critiques or something... please? :'| ))
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    "We ask that only completed chapters are posted, not half finished works, and that the chapter is at least 3/4 of a page long."

    This is directly from the rules thread of this board. This isn't 3/4 of a page long - just about a half. But even without the length, it's not really a chapter - just the beginning of one. We don't do unfinished chapters. We get that you have classes to get to, but that is not an excuse - write a complete chapter and post it, rather than half a chapter that you'll "continue later". No one is going to judge you for taking a while to post a completed chapter. You WILL be judge for half-assing a chapter just for the sake of getting it posted.

    Quality over quantity. Is what we're saying here.

    I'm not going to lock this for now - but know better for next time, please. And yeah, It's a good idea to read forum rules, which includes local board rules - although you seem to have enough brain to know that normally. Make sure you do so.
  3. I apologize for the short last chapter once again, and to make up for it, I have a long(er?) one for anyone who's bothered to read the first... whatever. At any rate, I hope that you enjoy.

    Finn wrinkled her face in utter disgust when she saw the Sue. The target was tall and slender, but with knockers the size of dodgeballs, as most Sue-ish body types were. She was so pale that Finn could have sworn she was a zombie instead of a Sue, if only she were that lucky. Her hair resembled the droppings of some animal; it was insanely bushy and unkept, but the Sue-infected characters thought it was cool, and had duller versions of every color in the Godsdamn rainbow. "No doubt that's her." Finn muttered as Zozo checked the Sue database. "What species of Sue is she?"

    "She's a wish-fufillment Sue: crazy powerful, insanely beautiful, angsty, and she gets with Axel." Zozo summerized before promptly exiting the database, bringing herself and Finn fully into the authoress' twisted little fantasy. Before they were spotted, Finn pulled Zozo behind a pillar so the two could wait out the scene.

    "Who are you?" came the voice of Sora, who hadn't fallen under the spell yet. Finn silently thanked the Gods that it took time for the Sue's powers to fully activate. She peeked out from behind the pillar, watching the scene unfold.

    The nobody gave Sora a smile as something formed in her hand. It was a keyblade, of course. Typical thought Finn as she continued to watch. In an annoyingly squeeky voice, the Sue awnsered. "You don't know me? I thought I was famous," she gave a cheshire cat grin before moving on, "I am the Blessed Beauty, Rhyme."

    Finn nearly gagged at the title as she saw Sora give in to the influence. "Beauty is right, I think you're the prittiest girl I've ever seen" he said with an idiotic grin. The Sue giggled and blushed at this, causing both of the Sue hunters to roll thier eyes.

    "Yeah right" muttered Zozo as the Sue continued to seduce Sora. "Too bad we have to wait for the end of her story to kill her, because this is just stupid." she glared at the Sue as the fanfiction of doom continued to royally screw over cannon. By now, the Sue had joined Sora's party, effectively replacing Donald and Goofy as Sora's one and only travel companion.

    Rhyme and Sora left the room, already chatting like an annoying pair of schoolgirls. Finn came out from behind the pillar, looking half-annoyed and half-amused. "Finn, are you okay-" Zozo started before the younger girl began to laugh. Soon, Finn's face was pink and tears of mirth rolled down her face. Anyone aside from Zozo would have thought this ment that Finn had effectively snapped. The redhead mearly sighed as Finn gasped for air, getting a hold of herself at last.

    "Sorry, 'zo, but you know what Sues can do to a person..." the brunette broke off in a snicker, but then sighed calmly as her complexion returned to normal. You see, the reason Finn needed to laugh after seeing a Sue was that she had used to be one herself. She was just a minor backround Sue, and she was lucky enough to be rewritten instead of killed entirely. Past Sues did have many drawbacks though, for one, they can catch Sueism if they don't get it out of their system in time. To let it out, Finn simply laughed, much to the embarssment of her partner.

    "Gods bless it, Finn, would you stop calling me 'zo'? I'm three years older than you, and I can do without the cutesy nicknames, thank you very much." her partner responded, pinching the bridge of her nose in slight annoyance. "Anyways, we have to get going before any cannon characters see us." she started, adjusting her glasses.

    "Does that include the heartless?" Finn asked, looking just slightly vexed as she stared over Zozo's shoulder.

    "What?" the older of the two asked as she looked over her shoulder to see a throng of heartless, ready to engage in combat. Zozo groaned. What else could go wrong today?


    In a place far from our two lovable idiots, a backround Sue entered a dark room with only a desk and two chairs. "Mistress?" she piped up timidly, staring at the back of a leather padded chair. When there was no response, she continued "I regret to inform you that two skilled Sue hunters are going after Miss Rhyme... and one of them is... Raven Garter." The Sue could see the woman in the chair tense up. "Please have mercy, I am but a messenger-" she started before her mouth was erased. The Sue couldn't even scream as she was removed from existance...

    ((Ugh, a cliffhanger, and it has an actual plot, too. I had planned to make it longer, but I want some feedback on the story itself before I go too crazy with the plot. Again, I'm sorry if this is short, but in word it's about two pages withought my notes. -dramatic sigh- I could do better, though... :( ))

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