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Ask to Join The Malikali Region-

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Kai Yuzui, Jan 28, 2017.

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  1. Welcome to the Malikali region. It is an Region not Known to many but is heard as a legend throught the world, known as the Hidden Region. The Pokemon that live on this nation also, live at all the other known regions. (Meaning that you can encounter Pokemon from any region.) Including Many Pokemon of Its Own. You are a trainer that has decided to travel this foreign region and fulfill your dreams. Whatever that maybe: A Powerful battler, breeder, ranger, gym leader,etc. The possibilities are endless. This will be similar to the anime. As in Pokemon battles can be as creative as they want but reasonable, a Pokemon can start off with any move from their move pool (again keeping it reasonable,) you get the idea. If any questions please ask. Also be as innovative and interesting you can make your characters and Pokemon. I don't want 15 people hoping to become champion. You still can be having your character hoping to become champion it's just, if there's already 5 people with that same goal, then switch it up. Even though I probably will be XD. Also, there's a league, you can challenge the gym after aquiring all 8 gym badges.

    Towns and Citys-
    -Hoka Town
    -Ciral City- First Gym (Flying)
    -Florest City- Second Gym (Grass)
    -Beark Town
    -Sumohi City- Third Gym (Fighting)
    -Palago City- Fourth Gym (Steel)
    -Pixyta City- Fith Gym (Fairy)
    -Hau Town
    -Oli Town
    -Darklay City- Sixth Gym (Dark)
    -Abraka City- Seventh Gym (Psychic)
    -Draconi City- Eigth Gym (Dragon)

    For the Rules go here- https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-malikali-region-sign-ups.15437/

    So now if you all dont mind. imma go to bed. just leave your bios in the rules place and ill confirm them later.
  2. Kai was walking through the rough bushes of Malikali, he was heading to Hoka town, in hopes of Becoming a proper trainer. Kai was walking with his childhood pokemon rowlet, who was oddly covered to the over rowlett people have seen. he then stepped tghrough one last bush and boom, a truck blasts right past him just missing the tip of his nose, he was on a road in front of the city, he quickly jumped and rowlet caught him and flew him across, he then landed safely into the town of Hoka, noticing the Laboratory at the top of the hill, kai ran up the hill instantly and was ready to finally become a trainer.
  3. Merkyury grinned as she got off the boat at Hoka town. She was rather curious as to what the strange region held, and saw the small building on the top of the hill. She quickly deduced that it was the laboratory, and saw a young man walking up the hill. Her grin widened as she decided she was not going to lose to this stranger who didn't even know her in her own race to the top as she sprinted off, ready to get acquinted to the new region and possibly make her mark in the region.
  4. Bloom flew through the sky on her Togekiss. She could see Hoka Town. She swiftly landed in a field of grass and returned Togekiss. She started to run through the grass and up a hill when she suddenly ran straight into Kai, knocking him to the ground. "I'm sorry!" She said, "I didn't mean to harm you!"
  5. Kai was startled, he fell backwards turning falling face first into a puddle of mud, he then got up and looked back at her evily. kai then gave her a death stare and sighed. "its alright.. these things happen i guess.." kai replied. he then flicked his fingers and rowlet apeared from off a bramnch,. "gust." rowlet then flapped its strong wngs and blew the mud of of kai and his body was clean once again. "Hi. im kai. im going to get my starter pokemon from here. whats your name?" kai asked
  6. "I'm Bloom and I'm also going to get my starter" Bloom said, "This is my Togekiss"
    She threw her poke ball and Togekiss came out.

    "Togekiss Kiss!"
  7. "Look out, cause here I come!" Merkyury sprinted at top speed, crashing into a tree next to Bloom and Kai. She stood up and dusted herself off, grinning despite the bump on her head. "Betcha that you two are going up right? And cool pokemon! What's that owl thing called?"
  8. Nice." well lets go, and quick, when rowlets feathers stick up, the presence of hatred comes this way, so someones coming, and he or she isnt happy-" kai noticed the girl. "told ya" kai laughed, rowlet pecked the girls head scared.
  9. "You lead the way, I have no idea where Im going" Bloom said, "What starters can you get here?"
  10. "Firstly," Merkyury grabbed Rowlet from her head, "please tell your pokemon not to peck me. And secondly," she faced the other girl, "who cares? It's an adventure! And race y'all to the top!" She sprinted off again.
  11. Well. theres there own regions starters. theres Kameeleaf. The grass Type Starter. Theres Calfire. whos the Fire type Starter. And then theres Fawng. the Water Type Starter.
    Heres what they looks like" kai said as he pulled out a photo.
    Malikali Region Starters- First.jpg
  12. Rowlet landed in kais bag. "oh your on". kai mumbled he placed the photo in blooms hand and dashed past the other girl up the hill. already at the entrance.
  13. "Heh! Your fast! But too slow!" Merkyury touched the door of the laboratory. "I win! And also, what is your pokemon? I have never seen it before." She panted.
  14. (OOC. Are those your creations, if not do you have permission? BIC)

    Bloom raced to the lab and touched the wall first.

    "I'm first inside!" She cried, opening the door and running inside. The lab was full of trainers and pokemon.
  15. Eh? oh Oli. Hes a rowlet. hes one of the 3 starter pokemon in Alola." kai replied. "were child hood friends. the only thing mysterious about Oli is that its Shiny. its colours are different to others.
  16. kai walked in, he saw his Brother, proffesor Kauli. "Hey big bro! how are you!" kai said running up to him. "Hey little bro! im good. you ready for your first pokemon here in Malikali?"Kais big brother replied. "Yeah! im so ecited! these are my new friends. Bloom and random person who runs into trees!" kai said. "Well welcome to my lab. my name is Professor Kauli. and this is my Famous Pokemon Lab here in Malikali. i study pokemon Moves. and Pokemon themselves."
  17. "Oh! That's cool! And awesome!" She turned to the girl. "And hey! No fair! I got here first! I touched the door!" She hollered, running inside.
  18. "And what kind of title is random person who runs into trees? Now that's mean random person who gives random nicknames!" She ran into a machine in her attempt to see the starters.
  19. "Well i got inside first so we both win!" Bloom said. "What starter do you think you'll pick?" She asked them.

    (OOC. Okay, btw Kameeleaf is mine. BIC)
  20. "Huh?" Merkyury stood up. "Hmm... I guess a water type would be a great change. I honestly barely get past rock and ground types. Oh and what are your names," she glared at Kai, "before I really start calling you random person who gives random nicknames."
  21. As I have my Poliwrath walking with me I approached the doors of the lab. "You ready Poliwrath?" Poliwrath flexed her muscles and I knew she was ready, I opened the doors and announced my arrival.
  22. "Now now. she stopped the running girl." ive made prommises. i see your names on the list. your bloom? and yourMerkyury." your my only starting trainers besides my brother here whos come in today. now if you 3 will come along. lets get to seeing your pokemon." Kauli said. he opened a door and led us into a room with the three pokemon from the picture. Kai saw Calfire and ran up to him instantly. "Mino! Hey buddy!" kai said running up to him and giving him a hug. Kauli noticed the girl. ghe looked at the list. "BlackRose?" kauli said. come in.
  23. Bloom walked into the room and saw the three starters. "Hmmm... I don't know" Bloom said, "I specialise in flying types mainly, but the Kameeleaf is okay"
  24. "Hiya" and I walked towards you. "I am ready for a new pokemon and a new adventure"
  25. "Great! Then I get... who is this again?" She grabbed the water starter. "Oh well. Whoever you are you sure look awesome!" She grinned at her new pokemon. "Hey! Do you guys want a pokemon battle?"
  26. "OOO what pokemon will I be able to get?" as I stand there in Awe
  27. Do you havea pokemon in mind?" Kauli asked, "obviously these three are taken. but there are others." kauli asked.
  28. "What others?" I asked in disappointment
  29. well. i have another set of different starters. who are ready. and they are only pokemon found here in Malikali." kauli said pointing at another door
  30. "I have to see them!" Bloom said as she rushed over to them. "I need to see the other pokemon!"

    (OOC. BlackRose, refer to yourself in third person. BIC)
  31. "GREAT" I replied getting all excited. "Can I see them???"
  32. the door is locked "i will show them all to you. just wait. as my staff prepares them." kauli said.
  33. "Hey wait up I want to see them too!" Merkyury pushed past the other trainers before she saw the professor take a few more pokeballs out.
  34. "What typing are they" as I put my Poliwrath back into her ball
  35. "I hope there is a flying type" Bloom muttered.
  36. "HEY watch it will ya?"
  37. well. these guys are our normal typings yes. just a bit snappy, there dino starters.. only found on Malikali.." kauli said.
  38. "May I have the water starter please" as I sit there begging
  39. "Well that could be cool" Bloom said. She scowled at the girl who told her to watch it, she was aloud to specialise in flying types.
  40. "Well I'm sorry lady. And what's a dino type?" Merkyury grinned.
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