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The mags have sprung a leak - CoroCoro and Famitsu dropping news all over

  1. Doctor Oak

    Staff Member Overlord

    [img align=right]http://www.pokecharms.com/gamesprites/dp_artwork/384.png[/img]Leaked pictures from this month's CoroCoro have revealed a few new tidbits about Heart Gold and Soul Silver.

    The biggest news comes in the fact that once you beat the Johto Elite 4, you can then catch either Kyogre, if you're playing Heart Gold or Groudon if you're playing Soul Silver. If you bring both those Pokemon together in the one game, you'll also be able to encounter Rayquaza. Though it's not yet known where these encounters will be.

    The rest of the revelations center around the fact that the Arceus story may not be finished yet. Cynthia will appear in the game, along with Arceus in some fashion. It's reported that if you transfer this year's movie Arceus into the games that you will be able to capture a lv 1 Dialga, Palkia or Giratina - but apparently only one of them.

    Meanwhile, there are rumours floating around the interwebz that next week's issue of Famitsu will reveal an entirely new Pokemon game. Now, this could just be the WiiWare Pokemon Scramble, or it could be yet another new title in the works. We'll have to wait and see.

    Whatever it turns out to be, we'll let you know.


Discussion in 'Pokécharms News' started by Doctor Oak, Jun 10, 2009.

    1. KoL
      Now that's quite a leak. I may have to consider getting Soul Silver instead now for Groudon since I already have at least three Ky00ber, but the Rayquaza event as well as the stuff revolving around Arceus is very interesting to say the least.
    2. Psycho Monkey
      Psycho Monkey
      I cheered at the awesome news. Then I cried learning that I won't be getting both Kyogre and Lugia on the same game without trading. Guess I couldn't get away with both my favorites.

      To me, getting Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina in these games is kind of overkill considering they could be gotten in DPP. I can see putting the weather trio in to make 4th Gen completely self sufficient in getting all 493 Pokemon, but it doesn't make sense putting the Sinnoh legends in the games as well when they could already be obtained.
    3. ulises87g
      I'm always excited about HGSS news, and I think I might still get Heart Gold cuz i'm the opposite- i already have like 4 groudons including a shiny one. I don't know who'd I'd pick from palkia, dialga, or giratina though...maybe dialga...or palkia... ???
    4. Doctor Oak
      Doctor Oak
      Of course, the fact that they've gone to these lengths to ensure that the 3rd Generation legends are available probably gives a lot of credence to the chances of Cerulean Cave being in Kanto in this version. Which would indicate that Kanto's probably been 'fixed' to the point where stuff that was lopped out (mostly for space issues) in G/S will be reinstated in HG/SS.

      It probably also means that we can expect events for Mew, Jirachi and Deoxys in this game in some fashion as well as Celebi and - at the very least - Arceus and probably Shaymin.
    5. Shiny Lyni
      Shiny Lyni
      ... that is one huge leak of information.

      I'm definetly going to buy SS now, because I already have Kyougre in both my Sapphire and Emerald, so I can just transfer those buggers over to my Pearl or Platinum team (once I find my Pearl or buy a Platinum and a DS), then trade them over to my SS team. Or just direcly transfer if that's still an option, which I think it is. Then, once I have both Groudon and Kyougre, I'll just get my Rayquaza. Or clone Emerald Rayquazas over and over and transfer them, but meh, catching them is more fun than playing with glitches you've already abused millions of times.

      Plus, I want Lugia more than Ho-oh. XD

      Totally agree with you there, but thing is, you get it at level 1, so it's kinda like raising a baby Legendary. Though you can already do that with Manaphy, but meh.

      As for a new Pokemon game... it's probably just another Hey You Pikachu-related thing, or something. Totally possible it's like Pokemon XD and stuffs, but I doubt it. And I don't think it's a Hoenn do-over or Gen. 5 release.
    6. Linkachu
      Wow... Stalker lady is making an appearance in these games too? I'm getting more intrigued about them with each new update.

      The various legendaries being obtainable in HG/SS doesn't really interest me so much as where they'll be obtained. I also hope that Arceus being involved in this game means there will be multiple ways for us to get our hands on it. That's one legendary I REALLY don't want to miss getting...
    7. Midnight Shadows
      Midnight Shadows
      Wow, really unexpected I wonder why all of them are making an appearance?

      ...This has something to do with my theory of lolalllegendariescomingoutsideyourhousetodestroytheplanet-thing.

    8. Mind Lord
      Mind Lord
      This is totally hench. I think its really good that their bringing back stuff from the 4th generation and pasting it into the past [2nd generation]. I wonder what the completely new game is. I can't wait
    9. Dragodden
      Very interesting... I kind of have mixed feelings.

      The opportunities are great and endless! I like that there's a lot to do after the elite four again. My concern is that legendaries are becoming not so legendary. I mean, they're rare.. but not as amazing as they were back when you could only get a few per game. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited. Looking forward to this. Just a thought.
    10. Moose
      Well I'm excited in being able to catch the Hoenn legends, but...


      Dunno, but that strikes me as kind of odd.
    11. Dragodden
      Truly.. who would spend the time raising a legendary from level one? Especially with tournament rules forbidding legendaries in the team. There would really be no reason to train them. I've never had the desire to keep a legendary as a main. Too easy.
    12. Johto-Master
      like the hoenn legends
      but kyogre should be in soul siulver cuz lugia's in the sea
      and groudon in heartgold because groudon makes droughts and the sun is in the sky with ho-oh.

      i dont like all this arceus stuff going on, he should stay in sinnoh he'll ruin the nostalgic feel of HGSS
    13. sunny1213141515
      This is making me suspicous. It's like they are making this game have a lot of Pokemon avalible. So what I'm wondering is... did they take out the Pal Parking feature? I'd be really disappointed if they did.

      ... It's after you beat the game. Just because a couple random events happen doesn't mean they aren't going to keep the nostalgic feel.
    14. Omega1095
      The Dialga/Palkia/Giratina thing is kinda stupid considering you can get them all in Platinum. Now there's finaly a chance to get a legit Celebi without having to go to one of those stupid events! ;D
    15. OranRi
      Wow, that's a lot of legendaries you can get. Not really all to excited for all of the fourth generation legendaries since we just got through with them. I hope the new game they're announcing isn't the WiiWare.
    16. Xatu
      I think the idea is to spread it out so you get Fire attacks from Ho-oh and Water attacks from Kyogre, or Water attacks from Lugia and Fire attacks from Groudon.

      The only thing I'm wondering is do they still plan to have both Ho-oh and Lugia in each version like in the originals. If so, then this all seems a little odd.
    17. Johto-Master
      A new image has surfaced from people from 2ch who have copies of CoroCoro. It states that the Tanabata event Jirachi, previously available by entering the Pokémon Daisuki Club's raffle, will be available at slected McDonald's restaurants from June 19 to July 17 to all players of the Japanese version of Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. Screenshots from the upcoming WiiWare game Melee! Pokemon Scramble! also appear at the bottom of the page. The game will be available for DS Download Play around the same time as the Jirachi event. Rumors say that a Jirachi can be obtained from the said game and trading it to HeartGold and SoulSilver will unlock a new area called Edge of the Night Sky.
      Another two scans from CoroCoro also surfaced, revealing the boxes for HeartGold and SoulSilver. They are a bit bigger due to the PokéWalker being included. The cover shows different artworks of Ho-Oh and Lugia from the ones found on the official Japanese site. Behind them is the map of Johto, with the Tin Tower and Whirl Islands being included on the cover of HeartGold and SoulSilver, respectively

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    18. Moose
      Where is your source?
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    19. GodlessM
      Where is your source?

      I have to agree. All this Jirachi stuff sounds highly sceptical.
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    20. Johto-Master
      Where is your source?

      http://serebii.net/index2.shtml &
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    21. pokemon+girfan615
      This sounds awesome but...who would want a level 1 legendary?That would take forever to train.I have enough problems raising my legendaries from level 40.Level 1 would take a long time.
    22. giacomo
      Wow, LG FR and RSE are really becoming very redundant aren't they! i really hope thats not because they're going to phase out the Pal Park connectivity feature in order to make the new games more DSi friendly..

      i really don't want to have to buy a motherflippin' DSi!
    23. QuilavaEmperor
      GOD!!!!! THIS NEWS KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER!!!!! And Cynthia damn! 3rd gen legendaries and 4th gen shniz. I'm going to get everything even if it costs alot of money. Though the max is 100 dollars
    24. Johto-Master
      Everyone! More info from http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Clearer_CoroCoro_scans_surface

      I know it's long, but read it all!

      Clearer scans from CoroCoro have recently surfaced, revealing and clarifying more information on Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver. They include new game screenshots, events, artworks and more.
      As reported the past two days, new artworks for the characters Professor Elm, Silver and the female Team Rocket Grunt were revealed. The more complete scan adds the updated artwork of the male Team Rocket Grunt to the list. The Pokédex has also been redesigned. Two models are shown; pink for the female character and red for the male character. A battle between Gold and his rival, Silver, is also seen, revealing Gold's new back sprite and Silver's new sprite.
      The touch screen will be more utilized in the games. There are screenshots which show the newly designed Pokédex, PC Box and Pokémon Status screen which use the touch screen more in navigation. The redesigned interface of the bag also utilizes the same feature.
      A new artwork of the map of Johto was also shown in the background. It confirms that players can head east towards Kanto and it also shows through Route 28 and Mt. Silver. It also shows a new area west of the National Park. An artwork for Ecruteak City is also shown, including the Tin and Brass Towers.
      More game screenshots were seen, such as the interior of Professor Elm's laboratory and Slowpoke Well, Cherrygrove Town, Ruins of Alph and the Johto Radio Tower.
      Screenshots of Steelix, Wobbuffet and Kecleon following the player can also be seen. Trainers can talk to their Pokémon any time to know what they feel, similar to Pokémon Yellow, though it was only exclusive to the starter Pokémon of the player, and doesn't show a dialogue between the Pokémon and its Trainer. CoroCoro mentions that all 493 Pokémon are capable of following players.
      The scans also confirm the in-game events involving Groudon, Kyogre and Rayquaza, and Cynthia and Arceus. It also mentions that the Pikachu-colored Pichu will trigger an event featuring the Notched-ear Pichu in the Ilex Forest.
      Pre-orders for the games begin on July 4th. Players who pre-order HeartGold or SoulSilver will get a Ho-Oh or Lugia figure, respectively, or an Arceus figure if both games were pre-ordered.
      A clearer image featuring Jirachi has also appeared. It confirms that the Tanabata event Jirachi will be available for download in Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum from June 19 to July 17, similar to the Pikachu-colored Pichu. It is a Level 5 Jirachi holding a Liechi Berry with the moves Wish, Confusion, Rest and Draco Meteor, a move exclusive for Dragon-type Pokémon through move tutor. It will be a Wi-Fi event at DS Download Stations and Nintendo Zone areas in Japan. The Jirachi is said to unlock something once traded to HeartGold or SoulSilver.
      Lastly, another scan shows more features of the PokéWalker. It also shows how HeartGold and SoulSilver will look like when a Pokémon is going to be sent to it

      for the screenshots, click the link.
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    25. Dragodden
      Wow. Going to hit that link. But there goes any chance of me picking a female trainer. I mean, no choice but a pink pokedex? C'mon! >_< Sexist anyone?
    26. Mewfan11
      awesome. i have to get this game! ;D
    27. ulises87g
      wow- that bulbapedia coverage makes me more excited! The fact that any pokemon could follow you is confirmed makes me so happy and the black and white pokewalker showing the pikachu versus kangaskahn made me feel some great nostalgia of the blue and red days! thumbs up!
    28. Johto-Master
      lots of clear, new screenshots


      The Jirachi event was confirmed however, the new area the Jirachi opens is a Poke-Walker exclusive area. Also, a new jhoto map was revealed showing a large area west of cainwood city that looks to me like a battle frontier but there is no info on it. I'll update if any surfaces, though.
    29. Johto-Master
      not really a double post, seeing it's been a couple of days, but

      bulbapedia released new info

      The Japanese TV show Oha Suta has revealed new information on some Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver in-game events.
      The template for the level, HP, and name of Pokémon in battle has been changed back into white, but its shape has changed from rectangular to trapezoidal shape. A new battle theme can also be heard.
      When the player goes to the Ilex Forest Shrine with the Pikachu-colored Pichu as their partner, the Notched-ear Pichu will be seen jumping from behind of the shrine. Then an old man arrives, explaining why the Notched-ear Pichu appeared.
      A battle featuring Igglybuff and Marill against the Notched-ear Pichu and the Pikachu-colored Pichu is seen for the first time. The Notched-ear Pichu is a level 30 female with the moves Volt Tackle, Helping Hand, Swagger and Pain Split, Misdreavus's signature move. It has a different sprite compared to a regular Pichu, with spike on its ears and has a different pose.
      It also confirms that the Arceus players can receive at movie theaters will unlock a snowy and dark ruins called 「シントいせき」 Shinto Ruins (presumably one of the new locations shown Johto). This will only occur when it is traded from Diamond, Pearl and Platinum and brought to Ruins of Alph as the player's partner Pokémon. Cynthia can be found waiting inside the ruins for the player's arrival. Several Unown are seen together with Arceus, when it creates an egg of either Dialga, Palkia or Giratina. Their appearance is somewhat similar to their appearance in the third

      also, jirachi is now available over wi-fi for those with japanese versions of platinum, pearl, and diamond. the pikachu colored pichu will also be available in japanese theaters starting tomorrow

      click the link to see the screenshots (the new ones are the last 4)

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