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Private/Closed The Magical Pokemon Forest!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Tamazarokon, Dec 24, 2016.

  1. Ok, 1.) i know we don't have many people, but it's fine. 2.) Welcome to my RP! Yadda Yadda Yadda. Go to the disscussion which is here. Here is RP.
    Stocking and Root were walking, Root Holding Stocking's Stocking. "Stocking, why do I have hold this?" she asked. "Because i want to walk on all fours." Stocking Replied. They arrived at Flame's Cave. "Here we are" the duo said.
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  2. Flame is fast asleep, and doesn't notice Stocking and Root coming in.
  3. "Great, He's Sleeping again..." Stocking said, and used Charge. "Flame, WAKE UP!" Stocking said as he Used Thunderbolt on Flame.
  4. Flame wakes up, shocked (metaphorically and literally) and moans "Owwww... Again?... What do you want?"
  5. Timber lowered down to the ground with Vixen on his back outside of Flame's cave. "Greetings friends!" Timber said, entering the cave.
  6. "Hello, Timber... Vixen" Flame says.
  7. Stocking hopped in his stocking. Root said, "Hi Vixen! Well me and Stocking were going to ask all of you if you wanna go out for Christmas Eve. The Fairy's Pond maybe?"
  8. Flame shudders with the thought of a pond"... Maybe someplace else" He murmured.
  9. "That sounds great! You guys could hitch a ride on me there." Tropius said, excitedly. "Yeah, that sounds kinda scary." Vixen said calmly, grooming herself, and looking at Flame.
  10. "Maybe the plains?" Flame asks
  11. "Ok... then we aren't visiting the Water fairy... How about the Fairy's mountain? " Stocking asked the group. "besides, you're fire types."
  12. "I like the plains." Said Vixen, still looking at Flame.
  13. "great" Flame says, he sees Vixen looking at him, and smiles at the ground.
  14. "No, no no no no no, we don't have to go to the Plaines! come on, please?" Stocking said, with fright in his voice. "Oh, you guys don't know. Stocking, didn't have the best experience with the Plaines..." Root said.
  15. "Fairys Mountain it is then" Flame says, interrupting Root
  16. "I suppose so." She smiled at Flame, and went outside to pick berries. When she arrived outside, Timber peeked out from a tree and said "Still have a huge crush on Flame, eh?" "Oh stop it, you know I do." Vixen said, blushing.
  17. Stocking sighed with relief. "Off to Fairy's Mountain! Come on Root! see ya guys there!" Stocking and Root flew off, towards Fairy's Mountain.
  18. "Did I tell you guys what I wanted for Christmas?" Flame asks.
  19. "You guys can ride with me!" Timber said, excitedly, flapping his "wings." "What is it that you want?" Vixen asked, loading her berries onto Timber's back.
  20. "I want a Fire Stone..." Flare says with glee.
  21. ((OOC: Yes))

    The duo landed at fairy's mountain and saw Troupius flying. They both waved.
  22. "Funny... That's what I wanted too..." Vixen said, pausing afterwards.
  23. "Wow" Said Flame.
  24. The Duo darted off, leaving two red stones lying on the ground. no one saw them drop it and they ran to hid, they had a note that said "For Vulpix, and Flame. Merry Christmas! From, someone." on the Stones
  25. "DING DONG! We've arrived!" Timber said, setting down on Fairy's Mountain.
  26. ((OOC: Cutepikachu343, is this on the mountain, or in the cave?))
    Flame gets off Timber
  27. Vixen also gets off and spots two red stones. "Are those..." Vixen stares in awe at the stones then starts walking towards them.
  28. ((OOC: At the base of the Mountain.))

    Root and Stocking watch from thier hiding place as everyone gets off Troupius.
  29. "What?" Flame asks.
  30. "Look." Vixen gestured to the red stones.
  31. The Duo had smiles on their faces. Only because the others noticed the stones.
  32. "Woahhh" Flame gasped, and ran to one.
  33. Vixen ran to the other, and looked at the label. "Oh, thank you Root and Stocking, I don't know how to repay you." She whispered gleefully.
  34. "Wow!" Flame looks around and whispers "Thanks, Root and Stocking" He looks at Vixen "Ladies first"
  35. "Ha ha. Thanks." She hugs Flame before touching the Fire Stone, and transforms her into a beautiful Ninetales.
  36. Flame touches the stone and a immediate bright light appeared, and He transformed into an Arcanine, "Wow" he gasped.
  37. "Well, that was a rush." Vixen said, looking at Flame.
  38. "Very much so" Flame says as he looks at Vixen.
  39. Vixen just stares into Flame's eyes.

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