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Ask to Join The Magical Journeys through Sinnoh

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Timelord, Dec 19, 2016.

  1. Hi there everyone! Recently, I came to the conclusion that Sinnoh is my favorite region, and what better way to celebrate this than to create an RP about it. So this is my official Sinnoh Region RP. :)

    Basically, we will be RP-ing as a group of kids going on their FIRST Pokemon journey in the Sinnoh Region. This will take place a little bit after the anime/games, meaning that there will be no new Gym Leaders, Elite Four, or Champion. But, there might be some new characters (Which hint-hint you could RP as). All trainers must start in Twinleaf town, even if you travel here.

    Ever since Team Galactic was defeated, a new evil team has risen to power: Team Elemental. Team Elemental is separated into six groups: Team Tempest, Team Ignis, Team Terra, Team Aqua, Team Valor and Team Spirit. Team Tempest specializes in Electric and Flying Types, Team Ignis specializes in Fire, Dark and Poison Types, Team Terra specializes in Steel, Grass, Ground, and Rock Types, Team Aqua specializes in Water and Ice types, Team Valor specializes in Normal and Fighting Types and Team Spirit specializes in Ghost, Psychic and Fairy Types.

    1. Follow the normal Pokecharms rules, I would just love it if this RP didn't get locked
    2. No one-liners, all posts must be at least 5 sentences
    3. No Megas, Z-Moves, or Legendaries but Alolan forms are allowed
    4. Please keep swearing, gore, and violence to an ABSOLUTE minimum
    5. If you would like to join, send me your form and I will say if you are a accepted or not
    6. Your starter may be any basic Pokemon capable of evolving, but keep in mind that you can only find Pokemon native to Sinnoh (The Platinum Pokedex)
    7. I will only accept 3 trainers, so hurry and join before it's too late (But other characters can be accepted even after the limit is reached)
    8. If you would like to role play as a Team Elemental member, send me a paragraph explaining why you would like to be one.

    The Form: (You can go into more depth if you would like, this is just the basic form)

    Trainer Class: (Professor, Trainer, etc.)


    Here's mine:

    Name: Lukas Rein
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Trainer Class: Trainer
    Appearance: Lukas has short, golden hair, cut in a slight quiff. He has pale skin and blue eyes. He is fairly short, as he stands at 5'2, and he is pretty skinny, but he still has a relatively large amount of muscle. He wears a white polo shirts with a red vest over it and blue jeans.
    Personality: He is not shy at all, and will take every opportunity to make a new friend. He is very kind and a little too trusting. He loves all Pokemon, and he hates to see Pokemon harmed Ina my way other than a fair battle.
    Starter: Alolan Vulpix

    Species: Alolan Vulpix
    Nickname: Aurora
    Gender: Female
    Level: 5
    Ability: Snow Cloak
    Moves: Powder Snow, Tail Whip
    Personality/Nature: Modest (Sweet, Loves Attention, Caring)


    "Mom! The package from Daddy finally arrived!" Lukas shouted out, running up the stairs to his room "Ok, go ahead and open it!" His mom called from the kitchen. He rushed into his room hastily throwing the box onto his bed. "Ok, Dear Lukas, I hope you enjoy this gift from the Alola Region. I had this specially delivered so you could go on your very first adventure. Have fun and be safe! -Love Your Father." Lukas read aloud "Ooh I wonder what it is!" He shouted tearing open the wrapping paper.

    Inside, was a small cage bundled in a soft blanket. He fiddled around with the blanket until it came off of the box. Once it came off, a small white Pokemon bounded out of the box and onto the floor. Quickly, before it ran out of the room, he grabbed his future partner and held her up to his face. "Today is the first day of something special" he said to her "This is the first day of my first Pokemon journey"

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