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Private/Closed The Magic Misfits

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Thomas the trainer, Aug 10, 2019.

  1. Rules
    1. Follow pokecharms rules
    2. ROmance is allowed but keep it pg​
    This RP is set in the modern world were nearly every person has magic which they can use. THegoverment mainly uses it as a fighting force. At the school of Maho academy they teach children how to utilize their magic. For each year they have 3 separate classes these are high these are the students who have almost complete control over their abilities and or come from very rich families. Mid which are kids that have decent magic powers or have payed the school. And then theres the F class which include the weakest kids and or the poorest kids. This class is in the basement of the school and the school does it's best to hide the class, Thats what you are the bottom of the barrel.
    the different types of magics include.
    Emitter-This type involves on using their magic to shoot out things ie fire balls.
    Manipulator-This involves people using their magic to manipulate the surroundings ie freezing things, or manipulating a substance.
    Enchancer- This is someone using their magic to affect their body ie making themselves stronger or to stretch their body.
    Summoner- This type allows the person to summon something this can include weapons, creatures, and even humans.
    Misc-This is anything that doesn't fit into any category.

    Character sheet.
    Name: Free Da lo Hoya
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Free has spiky blonde hair and a red streak in his hair he ussualy wears singlets. and wears gloves on his hand. He wears blue boots and has long black jeans.

    personality: Free is very happy go luck and carefree and speaks his mind due to the massive amount of energy it takes for him to use his ability he always seems exhausted and tired and sometimes passes out randomly. Although he doesn't seem it he is very intelligent with the way he utilizes his ability. And in the right conditions is almost "undefeatable." (this is his opinion.)
    History: Free is from a normal middle class family and went to the school he failed at the use of his magic and due to how tired he was he struggled at school and the teachers hated him and often got bullied by kids physically due to free no being able to defend himself.
    Magic: Matter form control
    Magic type: Manipulator
    Magic description: The ability allows Free to turn a solid into a gas then into a liquid in any order. ie he can turn water vapor into ice.
    Magic draw back: It greatly drains the user stamina ie turning 10 ice cubes into water make free feel as if his run 200 meters. So he'll likely pass at for using his magic to much, and he can't control the thing he turns into a different state he can't turn a liquid into .solid and the control the solid.

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  2. Name: Rin Ceros
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Rin is an average boy standing at 5'8", having a tanned complexion and a pair of golden eyes that he is very fond of. They lie below his scruffy black hair, coincidentally his hair matches the color of his long-sleeved shirt. Though his skinny jeans sport a dark grey color, whilst his boots retain the black hue mentioned earlier.
    Personality: Rin lies on the line of being reserved and out-going. The best way to put it, is that if a topic interests him, then he will no doubt join in- if it doesn't make things awkward. Though, if Rin is not interested in a conversation, his face will depict it clearly, as well as his attitude. Finally, Rin loves the idea of battling, though he hates his magic, this makes him reluctant to enter battle- unless absolutely necessary.
    History: Rin is the epitome of average, having two parents that care deeply for him. A decent education, and a pretty decent childhood. For very specific reasons however, Rin has always felt lower than everybody else, due to his "underwhelming" magic. Thankfully, this conclusion has been steadily fading from the young man's mind.
    Magic: ForeHorn
    Magic Type: Enhancer
    Magic Description: This grants the user to sprout a self-regenerating horn from their forehead. It boasts bulkiness and reach, the user can also freely manipulate it. Be it by making it shorter or longer, curved or pointy, etc. It is noted that the horn also carries a strong prescence of magic from within. As if it's full potential has not been reached.
    Magic Drawback: The mass of the horn weighs Rin down, making him have to bend over just to properly support it. Although he'd rather not have it activated for too long, in order to avoid muscle strain.
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  3. This seems pretty cool! I might be signing up for too many RPs, but whatever! Here is my dude!

    : Mica Winchester
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Mica has brown, shaggy hair. Wears a light blue, with worn jeans and tennis shoes. He is heterochromatic, with one red eye and one green eye. He stands at about 5'5", and has about average musculature.
    Personality: Mica is one of the curious sort. He joined this school mainly to try and learn more about Magic and his powers, and how to better control them. Even though his main power is to summon weapons, he's not a super big fan of fighting and doesn't like to hurt people. He can come off as kind of shy or timid at times, but tries to be more outgoing and connect with people.
    History: Mica is the first in his family to have magical abilities. He comes from two long lines of soldiers and warriors, with his mother's side having a long history of military service and his father's side having a long history of law enforcement service/bounty hunting, and other things. So it makes sense that Mica's magical ability would be to summon weapons. While his parents do want him to pursue the life of becoming a soldier or member of the law enforcement, they try not to push Mica too hard to follow their footsteps and are generally good parents.
    Magic: Weaponer
    Magic Type: Summoner
    Magic Description: Mica is able to summon 'spirit weapons', basically silver outlines of weapons that he can fight with. These weapons pretty much act the same as normal weapons. Mica also can summon 'spirit armor', a ghostly armor that covers him and protects him.
    Magic Drawback: As of now, Mica is only able to summon melee weapons along with bows and arrows. Also, even though Mica is able to summon these weapons, he still needs to properly learn how to use them. Usually the more detailed a weapon is, such as a gun, the longer it takes to summon and the more concentration required to summon it. Mica can also only summon a maximum of two weapons at a time at his current skill level. Mica is also currently not able to use his 'spirit armor' ability and his 'spirit weapon' ability at the same time.
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  4. JesusoChristo

    JesusoChristo Previously PrimaQueen

    Name: Fran Satsujin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Fran has a rather unique way of styling his hair, it has all the colors of the spectrum, starting from red at the top of his hair, so on and so forth as it reaches his ponytail with the color purple, he wears a white sweater with black denim pants and grey tennis shoes, standing at 5'9, his eyes have the color of black.
    Personality: Fran is rather... childish, he finds amusement in playing musical instruments, making him a virtuoso, he's always excited to meet new friends, and stays true to them, though don't be fooled by his personalities, for he can be serious at times too.
    History: Fran never really liked his magic, or that's what he thought. Time came when Fran started to practice his magic, and started to like it, his father however still didn't accept it, with Fran's mother gone, and his father being in the military, he wanted his son to follow in his footsteps, Fran's life has never been so difficult after these times, but he kept strong and he still didn't want to disappoint his father.
    Magic: Infernal Arrow
    Magic Type: Emitter
    Magic Description: Fran creates an arrow with hot blazing fire encasing it, he gets to decide who he should shoot it to, with his hands not needing a bow, though his magic can't activate without a humanoid target, which is an advantage for him, when he doesn't want to hurt his comrades.
    Magic Drawback: creating an arrow with hot blazing fire in his hands, is much harder than you would expect, sometimes giving him burns, mostly in his hands, which is where it all starts.
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  5. EnigmaticMissingNo.

    EnigmaticMissingNo. Previously McGlitchy

    Name: Leo Wellings
    Gender: Male
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Leo has tousled black hair and purple eyes. He is of an average physique and is 5’10”. He usually wears a white t-shirt, jeans, and brown shoes.
    Personality: Being that he is a self proclaimed writer and storyteller, he is never one to sit down and stay quiet. He is always looking for people to talk with about his stories and receive feedback from. He loves to use his magic to create little plays with the creatures and people he summons. He sees magic as a form of entertainment and cares little for the other applications of his skills beyond that.
    History: Leo was born into a traveling circus, his parents would often encourage him to work on his physical abilities so he could one day join them in their act. He entertained this idea for a long time, but eventually found what he wanted to do with his life when he discovered his love of writing and storytelling. Ever since he began writing he had noticed that he could see his characters, he ignored this believing it to be an overactive imagination. But when he presented his stories to others in the circus he found that they would see the same thing, it was then that they discovered his magical abilities. The circus has funded Leo’s entrance into the a mid level class in the hopes that he will be able develop his skills to create his own act with his abilities.
    Magic: Storytelling
    Magic Type: Summoner
    Magic Description: Leo is able to summon the characters and creatures he creates in his stories. The things he summons carry the characteristics and powers that either he has given them or are generally accepted characteristics of that thing (i.e. a dragon can breath fire).
    Magic Drawback: The things he summons are not very impressive, usually standing no more than 2ft tall and their abilities being severely hindered (i.e. these things are typically used by Leo as added theatrics for his storytelling. Things that do go beyond this limitation have a high chance of being released from Leo’s control. The things that he summons must also be integrated naturally and fully into his world/stories, he cannot simply write down “giant bear” and have it appear. Summoned things will eventually disappear depending on 1) The amount of summoned things. 2) How large/powerful these things are. (The more there are and the more powerful they are, the faster they will disappear)
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  6. Name: Abrax Kamunon
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Light Brown skin, wears robes and has a turban brown eyes, and is around 5´6¨
    Personality: Does not like to socialize that much at all, and likes to take everything in, and THEN make a choice. He is generally very wise, and only talks to the people that he trusts.
    History: He was part of an Egyptian snake summoning class, and highly excelled in it. His master found that he would be his apprentice. Years later when his master died, his master gave him the Spirit Flute, which has the power to split ones soul for a short period of time. The first time he used this was when he was being mugged, and separated his own soul to fight them off. He then realized that this was a weapon of sorts, and wanted to be around other people so he went to a high school with people that also had magic powers.
    Magic: Soul Splitting
    Magic Type: Summoner
    Magic Description: Plays a Egyptian melody on the flute, and from the person, an exact replica of them seperates from their body, exept they can float and they are transparent. The soul can also not be hit by physical attacks, but only magical attacks.
    Magic Drawback: Only lasts for a few minutes, and tires the user out quite a bit after, and to people that are not used to it, they have a tendancy to pass out.

    ( If this helps anyone, think of Shadi from Yugioh, except younger and has a spirit flute.)
  7. Here's a second character of mine!

    : Natasha Iranov
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: Natasha is very 'punk'. She wears a black leather jacket and black pants, along with some pretty intense black combat boots. Her hair is dyed black, and Natasha has blue eyes. She stands at 5'7", and her skin is pretty pale.
    Personality: Natasha is not exactly a people person. She's usually quite gruff, and tries to keep her distance from people. Or maybe because of her magic, people just try to keep their distance from her. Usually
    History: To be revealed.
    Magic: Fear Aura
    Magic Type: Emitter/Misc
    Magic Description: Natasha's magic causes people to feel a sudden fear or dread whenever they come within a 50 feet diameter of her. This can cause people to become 'paralyzed' with fear or not be able to think straight. It can also make it hard for people to breath. Natasha can also focus her 'fear aura' into one of her arms and her legs, where it will become visible as a dark, smoke-like energy courses around her arm or leg. If she manages to hit someone with that concentrated fear aura, it will put that person into a trance. On the outside, they stand perfectly still, but in their mind they will have a hallucination of their worst fear.
    Magic Drawback: Natasha cannot 'turn off' her Fear Aura, which makes it difficult for her to live normally since people are usually unnaturally scared of her. Her Fear Aura is also connected to her emotions, so when she gets angry, the more scary she seems. The reverse is also true.
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  8. Here's le character (s):

    Name: Lukas Hoj
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Appearance: Lukas has neatly combed black hair and blue eyes. He wears a black, buttoned shirt with grey stripes, perfect for wearing at fancy parties. He also wears blue jeans, clearly ironed, and also ironed black, formal shoes. He is tall for his age, so he doesn't stand out.
    Personality: Lukas is very serious and calm. He thinks through situations at any step, and actually pays attention to what they're doing. He is usually annoyed easily and tries to act as representative to their class many times. A times, he can be narcissistic as well.
    History: He came from a very wealthy and well-known family, though hate being called 'spoiled' as his parents only payed attention to his other siblings. Finding time to his own a lot, he developed a stunning musical skill. He was accepted into the school early due to his powerful grasp over his magic, intelligence, and maturity. So far, he can play the viola and bassoon, rather low-pitched instruments.
    Magic: Musical Manipulation
    Magic type: Manipulator
    Magic Description: Lukas can manipulate the sound of his music into objects to attack opponents. Usually, the objects are something to deal with the piece he is playing.
    Magic draw back: If the opponent is unable to hear him, his method of magic doesn't work. Also, a louder sound can block it as well.

    Name: Murielle Reverdin
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Appearance: Murielle has dark brown hair and brown eyes, and has short tousled hair. She wears a dark green robe-like dress, underneath a vibrantly pink t-shirt. She wears black sneakers and black leggings.
    Personality: Murielle has bipolar disorder due to her magic, though tries to make the best of both worlds constantly.
    History: Murielle was always the extrovert of the class, constantly chipping in on every conversation in an attempt to make a friend or two. She barely pays attention in class, and her head is always in the clouds.
    Magic: Demeter's Curse
    Magic type: Misc
    Magic Description: Murielle runs on the sun's energy all the time, giving her a special case of bipolar disorder. With enough sunlight, she can supercharge a seed or sapling into growing at a rapid rate in a half a Dekameter range (i couldve just said five meters but EHHH).
    Magic draw back: She needs a lot of sunlight and practice to use on different species of plants. Also, when there's no sun in the sky, she is dreadful and toxic.
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  9. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Ellie Fortuna
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Appearance: She wears a light yellow cardigan over a white crop top and blue denim shirt shorts, along with some black slip on shoes with white socks. Her hair is a cool white blonde, and her eyes are a sparkling green. She stands at 5'4", and her skin is slightly tanned from lots of time in the sun.
    Personality: Ellie can be a bit much sometimes, going from total innocent excitement to bitchy and cruel at the snap of a finger. She gets along with people usually but can get mean if people insult her family or her power.
    History: The Fortuna family are well known for their strength and wealth, Ellie and her brother were particularly notorious for the magical prowess. They were both in the higher class and were known as the Fortuna Twins by most people. They were sent to the lower class when they were deemed dangerous and big headed.
    Magic: Summoners Ultimatum
    Magic Type: Summoning
    Magic Description: Ellie can summon a range of demons and demonic weapons at her leisure. Her demons range from:
    Lesser - small demons about the size of a German Shepherd. (advocabit luminare daemonium)
    Greater - medium sized demons about the size of a 7 foot man (advocabit maiorem daemonium)
    Grand - these a large demons about the size of an elephant (advocabit magnificum daemonium)
    Master - she can only summon one of these and she can only do it 5 times in her entire life span, his name is Kasai, the demon of death. He is about the size of a 3 story flat. (advocabit dominus daemonium)
    Magic Drawback: Ellie soul is damaged as she summons demonic beings and weapons, she reaches a limit where her body shuts down and she is usually out of action for a few days. If she attempts to exceed this limit she risks being possessed.

    Name: Jay Fortuna
    Gender: Male
    Age: 16
    Appearance: He wears a red tartan shirt over an orange tank top and blue denim jeans, along with some black cowboy style boots. His hair is a stunning golden blonde, and his eyes are also a sparkling green. He stands at 6'4", and his skin is slightly tanned from lots of time in the sun.
    Personality: Jay is much more serene than his sister and he gets along with people very well but can get scary and cruel if people insult his sister or his intelligence.
    History: The Fortuna family are well known for their strength and wealth, Ellie and her brother were particularly notorious for the magical prowess. They were both in the higher class and were known as the Fortuna Twins by most people. They were sent to the lower class when they were deemed dangerous and big headed.
    Magic: Hells Unleashed Fury
    Magic Type: Emitter
    Magic Description: Jay can create and manipulate all types of flame/fire.
    Magic Drawback: As Jay uses his magic his body slowly heats up, if he doesn't let himself cool down, he can become out of control and basically become a living nuclear reactor. Also when he gets angry he heats up as well, which is why he tries to be constantly calm.
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  10. Sorry, I just went up to Duluth to do some things IRL.
  11. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Could someone catch me up. Also any suggestions on how to bring in the Fortuna Twins.
  12. So people in our class are all in F-Class, the weakest magic users (whether their magic is weak or some other reasons). We met in the classroom, which was practically a dungeon, then headed outside and are dong 1 on 1 fights to demonstrate our magic abilities to our teacher.
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    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Ok, I think I have an idea on how to bring the twins into this.

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