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Ask to Join The Lost Island(RolePlay)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by TrappedNutCase, Nov 27, 2016.

  1. Rules:
    Don't care how many characters you have
    Ask away from the RP
    One Pokemon per character
    Follow the PokeCharms rules, as well as mine please

    Your Pokémon can have any colors(EX: Pink and silver Eevee, white and black Cubone ECT.)

    Dust wisped around the destroyed island. over the ground laid bodies of both people and Pokemon. In the water walked up a glowing white and blue woman with long, shimmering hair falling right below her knees. Beside her was a glowing Azumarill, worry on the water type's face. "This is terrible." She whispered, grasping the paw of her partner. "Azu..." Azumarill looked down. "We have to save this place." The woman said strongly, and pulled out a large blue shell. "Azumarill, use Aqua Tail." Azumarill did as told and started making a tornado with her tail. The tornado carried the shell into the air. "With the power of the sea, I command the water to abide by my words. Protect this island, and the beings on board the white sand. Now!" Right as she said 'now', a large wave washed over the island, putting the island in perfect condition. "Azumarill." The water rabbit looked up, and the woman handed her the blue shell. "Take this, and hide it. It will protect the island, however. Nobody may leave, and no one may enter so it is up to you to protect the island until the spell is broken." With that, the woman retreated into the water, and Azumarill walked into the water.
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Three Years Later~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    "Come on Pikachu!" A blue haired girl giggled as she ran ahead of a soft yellow Pikachu with cute pink cheeks, and dark brown stripes. "You'll never catch me like that!" "Pika!" He spread up, and tackled her. As they both fell, they sprayed up white grains of sand. "Okay, okay you got me!" She sat up, her strange blue hair falling in her emerald eyes, and causing her to shake out the strands that lingered. She was wearing a pair of light yellow shorts, a Pikachu printed spaghetti strapped t-shirt, a pair of thigh high black and white stripped socks, and blackish-grey shoes. "Pikachu lets go find something to eat." She mewed and pulled them both up before wondering into the near by forest that was on the island, and crawling up a tree with ease.
  2. A white haired girl poked her head out of the bushes a black rapidash with golden flames for its mane and tail behind her ready to flee to get her to safety the girl saw a pikachu and another girl and tilted her head at them as she slowly walked out ready to bolt and ran back to the herd she grew up with her glaring yellow eyes watched her as her black jacket was around her waist and a gray tank top on her along with a pair of black jeans and she had no shoes her cloths looking worst for wear
  3. "Here Pikachu." The bluette gave the yellow mouse a small apple before grabbing one for herself. "Pika Pi!" Pikachu purred and bit into he sweet fruit. She followed his example and bit into her own food, savoring the sweet yet healthy food.
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  4. The white haired girl grabbed herself an apple and bolted hopeing she hadn't been seen by the other girl as she ran the black rapidash ran after her and let her hop on him as he went back to the head of ponyta, rapidash, and other horse like pokemon who where guarded by a garchomp and hiydragon
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