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The Lost Bytes Topic

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by David Da Bomb, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. This topic is for the discussions of elements that didn't make into the final cut of videogames. It doesn't matter whether you discovered something on your own or if it was something you heard from someone else. If you know something, spill the beans. Just let me start things off.

    *thumbs through instruction booklet for Yoshi's Island DS*

    Here we go! Page 13 has a screenshot of Yoshi in what would be the Shy Guy wing of the Museum, but the background is like the one that is first seen in Big Guy the Stilted Castle. The background for the Shy Guy Wing in the actual game is an outdoorsy one.

    EDIT: C'mon! Doesn't anyone want to reply?
  2. Linkachu

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    Don't feel bad. People are just lazy - including me :p

    Anyways, I can't recall reading it myself, but both Oak and Nem reassure me that during E3 - and in articles following it - it was stated that Yoshi's Island DS would have Wifi capabilities, including WFC. Obviously, it doesn't, but I can only wonder what sort of multiplayer it would've been. Simple mini-games, or an actual 2+ player mode?

    Err... Do games that were in production for years (ie. Earth Bound 64) only to be silently canceled count for a topic like this? I mean, that game even appeared on the back of the original N64 box, did it not? (I'd check, but sadly I don't actually have the box on-hand ;p)
  3. Doctor Oak

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    Check the manuals of almost every game released prior to 1995. The majority of them give away details in screenshots etc that never made it anywhere near the final game.

    Sonic the Hedgehog's manual even lists items for the Special Zone that no longer physically exist in the game's data.

    And let's not even get into Sonic 2 at this time of the morning. That game changed so radically between conception and birth they could release the original (finished this time, of course) as a completely different and seperate game.

    A lot of games DO change rather radically during development of course, things getting cut for time or 'cause they plain didn't work and sometimes better ideas coming along to replace not-so-good ideas.

    One more for the list, Zelda: Windwaker is actually missing 3 dungeons. The most noticable of which (not counting the general shortness of the game) is the one just before you meet the big fishy at Outset Island.
  4. Linkachu

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    If you actually have any on-hand, props to you for being organized and taking care with your stuff. At the moment, I have no bloody clue where even my '95-2000 game instruction booklets are X)
  5. Yeah, I guess canceled games count.

    Here's an interesting lost byte that I heard about: There was apparently going to be an animal buddy for Donkey Land 1 named that was a mountain goat named Ram Buckshus

    Edit:UGH! It's happening again. I hate when you guys do this to me. :'(
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    Meh. Pretty much every Sims and Sims 2 expansion pack has featured things that were supposed to be in the base game but got cut due to lack of time.

    Look now at the new Sims 2 EP Seasons - it's all about the weather! Something that was supposed to be in base Sims 2 and has even been unlocked by third party modders! They had to cut it from the base game because, erm, when it rained, it would rain everywhere - indoors as well as outdoors.

    Having played the Sims for so long, I'm completely blasé about features getting cut - and games that need patches and third-party mods before they're even playable.
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  7. I never thought that this topic would ever get another post.

    Now, when I did this topic on Bulbagarden forums, someone said that Pit (of Kid Icarus) was going to be in Super Smash Brothers, but was scrapped in favor of Jigglypuff.
  8. Nemesis

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    Well, Lucus from Mother 3 was to replace Ness in Melee, but the game was then delayed, so Ness was put back in. Apparently.
  9. well speaking of Mario 3 there's so much missing from it it's ridiculous like the grass level with red beetles was never in the game unless you've played Mario 3 the Lost Levels (a rom hack that unleashed all the extra levels). The biggest glitch I'd say would be Ostro or Birdo what's the little Pink dinosaur's name in Mario Bros 2?
  10. *Sigh* That level was completely taken out. I've checked TMK's list of Unused Level in Super Mario Bros. 3 and the only grassy level was what must've been a scrapped version of 7-3 and the two unused levels that had Para Beetles were cloud levels.

    And the Ostro-Birdo fiasco is not what I consider a glitch, and that Pink dinosaur IS Birdo.

    Speaking of Birdo, she was going to be in the Virtual Boy version of Mario Tennis.
  11. That's So weird! I totally felt there was a dungeon missing there!

    Oh, right, the topic. Uh... The arcade version of Donkey Kong has four levels, but the second is missing from the console version. It's dubbed "The Pie Factory," due its conveyor belts carrying what look like pies but is probably supposed to be mortar.

    Also, in World of Warcraft, there used to be a section of IronForge you could only reach as a ghost, but now its blocked off.

    Interesting thing I heard about Birdo: According to the manual, Birdo "thinks he's a girl" and throws his eggs at people.
  12. Super Mario World 2 was going to have a monkey-type enemy that resembled Donkey Kong.

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