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Ask to Join The Logea Region Awaits

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Baymaxman13, May 20, 2020.

  1. Discussion thread: https://pokecharms.com/threads/the-logea-region-awaits-discussion.22503/page-2#post-858059

    David Shorewater was in his house in the small town called Carpenter Town. He with his partner Noibat are about to get on their way to meet up with Professor Spruce. “Well Noibat. Today is the day we go out and find the lab.” Noibat flew around David’s head happily. “Mom! I’ll be going out now.” And with that, David went out and started making his way to the lab.

    David finally made it to the professor’s lab. He knocked on the door, and then an assistant showed up at the front. “Oh, you must be one of the new trainers here for their Pokédex. Am I right?” The assistant asked. “Yeah, you’re right.” David looked behind the man and saw another man standing in the back with a white lab coat, a formal shirt, khaki pants, and square rimmed glasses. “Hello, Professor.” The professor turned around to be greeted by the young man. “Hello, there, David. I see you’re here for your Pokédex and poke balls.” The Professor went to the back of the lab and brought David a tray that contained the Pokédex and five Poké balls. “Thanks. I’ll make good use out of them.” David smiles happily at the Professor who smiled back at him. “David, if you see any other trainers who look like they’re lost, tell them to head to my lab.” “Will do, sir.”

    David set off to Carpenter Forest where he would then enter Route 1 from afterwards. “Noibat, are you ready for this new adventure?” Noibat flew around David’s head as a sign of saying yes. “I knew you would.”
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  2. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    “Jolteon, use thunder shock.” Jake said. “You lose.” The opposing trainer sighed and walked towards the exit. Jack pressed the button to unlock the door.*Click*. Jack, the first gym leader got the most challengers in day, but only a few manage to beat him thanks to not being able to heal their Pokémon after fighting three other trainers. He grabbed his Jolteons Pokeball and returned it.
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  3. Carpenter Forest. Grey Marsipio didn't know much of the Longea Region, but a forest was a forest. Bug and bird Pokemon usually, tall trees and the buzzing of Beedrill far off.

    Maybe it was how little he'd heard about Longea that had drawn him away from Unova, or maybe it was how comfortable he'd become in one place.

    As Grey sat perched relatively high up in a tree, he watched overhead as Hitmonlee and Vigoroth sparred on the ground below, and listened to the surrounding area as life went about its day. No matter the region, the sounds of the world turning was a calming center for Grey.

    Crobat swooped around overhead, keeping an eye out for trouble, as Galvantula skittered off several trees over and began to spin a web.

    "Don't forget to eat, everybody," he said, speaking softly. He knew they could hear. He knew they knew he meant the pot of noodles on a low fire at their camp. He didn't have to say much more, and he loved the Pokemom for that.

    Yes, he thought. A new day in a new region was like a new life entirely. Grey loved it.
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  4. “Noibat, let’s camp out for the night inside the forest.” David said to Noibat. They heard a rustling inside the bush right next to them. “Who’s there?” He saw a little brown figure walk very poorly out of the bush. It looked like it had been injured. “You don’t see one of those everyday. I should find out what it is.” David pulls out his Pokédex and scans it. “Eevee, the evolution Pokémon. In the Logea Region, Eevee like to gather in groups to protect their family.” David looked at the Eevee and saw that it was badly injured. “Noibat, would you look around to see if there is anyone nearby.” Noibat shook it’s head and flew off. “Eevee, stay still. I won’t hurt you.” David pulled a potion out of his bag and started spraying it onto the Eevee’s leg. Eevee yelped in pain. “There it should be better now. I just need to put this on and then you’re good to go.” David pulled out a bandage wrap and wrapped it around Eevee’s leg. Eevee looked at David with sparkles in it’s eyes. It ran up to him and started rubbing his leg. “You want to go with me?” David asked. The Eevee responded by jumping around. David then pulled out a Poké Ball and touched Eevee. It shook three times and then. “Sweet, I’ve now got an Eevee!”
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  5. AlolanOreo

    AlolanOreo Previously pocky ✨

    Nic was walking around Carpenter Forest with Raichu surfing in the air by Nic's side. Nic and her Pokémon had recently arrived in Logea and it was pretty awesome to them. They observed all the Pokémon, also looking for a place to stay for the night, since the two hadn't seen any Pokémon Centers anywhere too near here.
    "Aren't you excited?" Nic asked Raichu. "I mean, we've never been here before! And there's so much stuff to see."
    "Raichu, rai," Raichu agreed.
    I wonder if there's anyone else wandering through the forest, or even camping out here, Nic thought, squinting a little as she looked around. It... would admittedly be nice to meet new people. Especially locals, since they'd know more about this region than anyone else!
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  6. Noibat got back after it’s search for any trainers inside the forest. Noibat came down to David. “Noibat, Noi.” Noibat shook it’s head saying no. “Thanks for looking. I want you to se our new friend. Come on out, Eevee.” He held out the Poké Ball and it opened with a blue flash appearing on the ground where Eevee appeared. “Noibat, meet Eevee. Eevee, meet Noibat.” The two Pokémon looked at each other and then they started playing around. Just then David saw a person who doesn’t look like they’re from around here and has a floating Raichu. David walked up to them and said “Hello, my name is David. What’s yours?”

    There is a mysterious person inside the Champion’s Chamber. “Hello there, old friend.” The Champion turned around and saw a familiar face staring at him. “What do you want, Neil?” Neil then started laughing evilly. “Why, I want you to not be champion anymore. So all I have to do is take your Pokémon and every other trainer that is going to be competing in the Logea League too.” Neil swiped the Champion’s Poké Balls and ran off with them. “That Neil. I have to get help of some trainers if I want to stop him.”
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  7. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    “C’mon Zorua, time for some fun.” Junkai said flashing his same weird grin that makes him look like a villain. He, is not, in fact, the villain, but a neutral person who lives for thrill. His Zorua lept onto his shoulder as he headed in to the forest and said “Let’s hope this is interesting, right buddy.” He then ruffled his Zorua tuft of hair as he walked in to the forest.
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  8. Attention all trainers that are in Logea. We will have to put the league on hold this year until I get my Pokémon back. If you see any people with black and purple outfits, stay away. This is a warning.

    From Champion Hayden.

    “Now all I need to do is send this to their Pokédexes so they will get the note.”

    Meanwhile, “Huh, what’s this? Attention all trainers that are in Logea. We will have to put the league on hold this year until I get my Pokémon back. If you see any people with black and purple outfits, stay away. This is a warning.

    From Champion Hayden.
    Now I know to be careful.”
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  9. Firey Argentston had been training deep in the forest when he heard some noises. He followed the noises and saw two people and three Pokemon, what seemed to be a Noibat, an Eevee, and an Alolan Raichu. He had returned Drapion and Bisharp, and brought out his Absol. He walked over to the people and warned them.

    "I see you've wandered into my training Territory, be careful, My Honchkrow tends to wander around looking for Pokemon to spar..."

    A black crow like creature, with a witch's hat, a yellow beak, and white plumage on its chest had perched on his shoulder.

    "There you are Honchkrow, return for now!"

    Firey had then turned back to the two young trainers.


    Ariana had been preparing for challengers all day, and got one, her Gardevoir had recently defeated a young girl's Machop and Meinfoo in a battle.

    "You can try again tomorrow." Ariana explained, "Take this as a lesson, and use it to your advantage."

    She then looked at the wedding ring on her left ring finger, it had been only six months since the wedding, and they've never felt happier. She was then interrupted by her assistant.

    "Ariana, you have a challenger!"

    Ariana turned around to find a young boy there, no older than 11 facing her.

    "This will be a two on two battle, only the challenger may substitute Pokemon, now trainers, select your first pokemon!"

    "Whimsicott, Dazzle'em!" Ariana called out.

    The Windveiled Pokemon appeared in front of her trainer, prepared for battle.

    "She's my partner Pokemon, so this won't..."

    "Salazzle, let's end this!" The boy yelled.

    A bipedal, grey lizard like pokemon appeared in front of his trainer.

    "Battle begin!"

    "Salazzle, use Venoshock!"

    "Whimsicott, Shadow ball!"

    The Venoshock attack hit Whimsicott, not knocking it out, she shivered, then fainted.

    "Alright, a one shot!" The boy cried out.

    "Whimsicott is unable to battle, Salazzle is the winner, Ariana, select your next Pokemon, and Challenger, will you switch?"

    "I'll keep Salazzle!"

    "Whimsicott, return, you did your best!" Ariana called out, "Dedenne, dazzle'em!"

    A small mouse like Pokemon, dark brown with grey cheeks, appeared in front of Ariana.

    "Trainers, start your battle!"

    "Dedenne, Underground!" Ariana called out.

    "Salazzle, wait for it to pop out of the ground!" The boy shouted.

    The Antennae Pokemon was running around underground until it found the spot where Salazzle was standing using its Antennae.

    "Now!" Ariana called out to her Pokemon.


    The boy tried to get Salazzle to dodge, but it couldn't dodge in time and it took damage from Whimsicott's Shadow ball, so as soon as Dedenne made impact, Salazzle was knocked out.

    "Salazzle is unable to battle, Dedenne is the winner, Trainer, select your second Pokemon!"

    "Salamence, Let's end this!" The boy yelled as he returned Salazzle, "Salazzle, you did your best."

    A large blue Dragon with red wings and an off white underbelly appeared in front of the boy.

    "Dedenne, Play Rough!"

    "Salamence, end this, Draco Meteor!"

    Ariana smirked as Dedenne tackled the Salamence with a pink glow. Salamence was to Ariana's surprise, still Flying, and to the boy's surprise, Dedenne looked like it hadn't been hit by anything at all.

    "I'm impressed," Ariana responded to the boy's surprise, "Not many Dragons can take Dedenne's Play Rough head on like that, you've trained him well, but this is the end, Wild Charge!"

    "Salamence, be ready and whenever it strikes, Aqua tail!"

    Both Pokemon met in the middle, creating a ton of dust, when that settled, it was revealed that neither Pokemon were able to continue.

    "Neither Pokemon is able to continue, ties will be decided by the fastest K.O. which belonged to the Challenger's Salazzle, so the Challenger wins!"

    "Here's the Shining star badge!" Ariana announced as she handed the boy a star shaped badge, which he took and placed in his badge case.


    Gustav Berlitz was in Carpenter Forest, looking around for a Pokemon to battle with Pansear, he found a Pidgey, but in the end it got away, he walked further into the forest, and found a strange sight, three people, a girl with a surfing Raichu, a boy with a Noibat and a man with an Absol.

    "Hi, I'm Gustav," Gustav called out, "and this is Pansear!"

    The Fire Monkey on his head gave out a sound to greet the people.
  10. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud


    Junkai smiled when he heard the announcement. “Got it, see black and purple outfits, go towards, something thrilling will probably happen.” “Zor-ro-ra” his Pokémon responded.


    Shaki heard the announcement and said “Oh, that sounds bad.” She then forgot what she was talking about. She yawned and fell asleep on the clouds in her gym.


    Jake heard the announcement and sighed. “That is not good at all.” He said simply.
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  11. “Hi there, my name’s David, and this is my partner Noibat.” David smiled while Noibat greeted the trainer they’ve just met. “I believe you’re new to this region. I haven’t seen anyone that I know here before. But before I tell you what the Professor told me, I want to have a battle. This would be Noibat’s first battle.” Noibat got in it’s battle ready stance. “But here’s the thing, you should read a note that the champion just sent out. It will warn you about something.”
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  12. "Hold on, my boss sent a note?" Firey asked then looked at his Pokedex, "I don't get many challengers, but this will probably affect my wife Ariana, she's the Gym leader in Star town."

    Firey brought Honchkrow out and wrote a letter that said 'check your Pokedex, Sweetheart.' on it, he sent the bird as Gustav turned around.

    "Alright, let's go, Hey, sir?" Gustav responded to the boy, and then turned to Firey, "Up for referee?"

    "Alright, from what David said this would be his first trainer battle, how about it being refereed by a Member of the Elite Four!" Firey responded.
  13. “Sure, just so you know, Gustav. This won’t be easy.” David sent his arm forward. “Noibat, I choose you!” Noibat flew forward with full force. “Gustav, I suppose you’ll be going off with Pansear.”
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  14. "Of course I am!" Gustav responded, "Pansear, ready!"

    The monkey jumped off Gustav's head and landed in front of Gustav.

    "Alright Trainers, This will be a One on One battle, the battle ends when one Pokemon is unable to battle, and the other will be declared the winner, trainers, begin!" Firey called out to both trainers.
  15. “Noibat, use Wing Attack followed up by Bite!” Noibat flew close in to Pansear where it’s wings started glowing white.
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  16. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Junkai was walking around and heard someone shout something. He looked over to see three people, a noibat, a pansear, and the eevee he hurt earlier. “Hey, look Zorua, it’s that little eevee we trashed.” He snickered then broke out into a full out laugh. He walked over to the eevee and grabbed its ear.”Zorua, use night slash.”
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  17. “Zorua, use Night Slash.” David heard a Pokémon scream. “Eevee! Gustav, let’s put this battle on hold. Noibat, use Supersonic on the person. Then use Wing Attack on the Zorua.” Noibat launched a supersonic wave at the unknown trainer and then after that he flew towards the Zorua with glowing white wings.
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    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Junika was laughing when the super sonic hit. “This feels so different, it’s amazing.” He was amazed by how it felt being hit by supersonic. While the Zorua transforms into a leaf, so the attacks missed, and it stayed as a leaf.
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  19. "Understood, Start off with Nasty Plot, and follow it up with Heat wave, but turn the attack towards the Zorua!" Gustav shouted.

    The fire type howled a nasty sound, which made his special moves, such as his next move, stronger, then sent a blast of heat at the Zorua who attacked the Eevee.

    Firey had noticed the Zorua attempting to attack the eevee and called out Bisharp to deal with the situation.

    "Bisharp, Iron Head on the Zorua!" Firey commanded.

    The Sword Blade Pokemon used its axe shaped head, and aimed towards the Zorua.
  20. “Eevee break free from it’s grip and use Swift on Zorua. Noibat use Screech on Zorua as well.” Eevee struggled from Junkai’s grip, jumped up into the air and shot a ray of stars. Noibat shot a massive sound towards Zorua’s ears to make it not hear anything.
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  21. BigHoodieBoy236

    BigHoodieBoy236 Previously zachleake@icloud

    Junkai laughed and said “Oh, boy that was sooo fun, welp see y’all around.” He grabbed the leaf, that was Zorua jumped and grabbed a branch. Then he started jumping from branch to branch. His Zorua changed back to normal, rubbing it’s ear. “Aww man, I want to be hit by a screech too.” He smiled with his creepy smile and then said “That was fun, maybe we will see them again.”
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  22. “I’m glad that’s over with.” David looked to the ground to see his Eevee. “Eevee, are you okay?” Eevee nodded in response. “That’s great.” David looked back at Gustav and Firey. “I’m perfectly ready to resume this battle. Are you down to resume the battle, Gustav?”
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  23. "Let's continue!" Gustav responded.

    "Alright, Trainers, continue!" Firey announced.

    "Start off with Nasty Plot, then Heat Wave!" Gustav exclaimed.

    Pansear howled with a nasty sound again, then fired off the previous Fire Attack at Noibat, hoping for a Hit, especially with Special attack raised several stages.
  24. “Noibat, prepare yourself. Block it with Supersonic! Then go forward with Wing Attack!” Noibat shot supersonic waves towards the Heat Wave hoping to nock it back then Noibat flew in close about to hit Pansear.
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  25. "Dodge it!" Gustav yelled.

    Pansear flipped over the Noibat as the Wave punctured through the Supersonic, sending about two thirds of its force at Noibat.

    "Now, Low Kick from behind!" Gustav yelled.

    The monkey like Pokemon prepared to kick the Noibat.
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  26. Noibat looked around confused. Then Pansear came up behind Noibat and kicked it in the back. “Noibat! Can you still go on?” Noibat responded with a yes. “Alright, quick, use Bite.” Noibat flew up fast and opened up it’s mouth ready to bite Pansear.
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  27. As Kate walked through Carpenter Forest, she heard commotion from somewhere beneath the foliage. Confused, yet excited to see something besides just grass, Kate started towards the direction that the sounds seemed to be coming from. There, she saw a small, dark pokemon against a bright red pokemon. “Oh yes! Finally some action! Mincinno, come on out, time to take some pointers!” Kate threw the pokeball in the air, and out bursted a fluffy mincinno, ready to spectate the exciting battle. “Alright, luckily I packed popcorn for just an occasion, so strap in!” From her bag, Kate pulled out a container of buttered popcorn, and shared some with Mincinno as they watched in awe.
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  28. "Let it bite you, then Use low kick again to make momentum!" Gustav shouted.

    Pansear suddenly felt pain in its foot, but then again, it swung its leg around in an attempt to make it let go.


    Ariana had finished with the Challengers today.

    "Twenty two challengers, won twenty, got blown away by one guy and his Metagross, and lost a Tie to a Venoshock K.O." Ariana calculated, when a Honchkrow landed on the window sill of the gym.

    "I got a letter!" Ariana exclaimed as she opened it and saw the letter.

    She opened her Pokedex and saw the news that the league had been postponed and The Champion had his Pokemon stolen.

    "Honchkrow, tell him that I got the letter, okay?" Ariana told the bird.

    Honchkrow then flew off, preparing to fly back to Carpenter forest.
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  29. “Noibat, let’s finish this! Use WING ATTACK!” Noibat did the same movements as before and came in close even faster than before and was about to hit Pansear.

    “I need to go to Carpenter Forest and tell my brother that I need his help right away.” Hayden left the Champion’s Chamber and set foot on his way to Carpenter Forest.
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  30. Pansear had been let go of when Noibat came in for a final attack.

    "Nasty Plot followed by Heat Wave one last Time!" Gustav yelled.

    The howling sound went through again, and then the Wave of fire went through towards Noibat.

    "It seems like Gustav has maxed out his special attack, maybe this one will hit?" Firey thought aloud.
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  31. “Oh jeez, this battle is getting really intense. Wouldn’t you say so?” Kate asked as she witnessed the flying bat perform elegant and precise wing movements towards the pansear. Mincinno nodded, and turned back to the battle, practically stuffing its mouth full with popcorn.
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  32. “Noibat! Dodge it, and use Screech!” Noibat did what it was told, but the Heat Wave came in too fast. “Noibat!” David ran over to his injured Pokémon and inspected it. It’s eyes had swirls inside it.
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  33. Grey had dozed off for a little while when he heard the low swooping pass of Crobat flying by. He'd forgotten about Hitmonlee, Vigoroth and Galvantula even, but Grey sighed in relief as he saw them also snoozing in lower branches of the same tree.

    They didn't notice the commotion at first. A Honchkrow making passes in a scouting pattern tipped Grey off to trainer activity nearby. Then came the sounds of skirmish. A battle, it seemed, though it peaked his interest.

    Recalling all but Crobat to their pokeballs, Grey grabbed on to the flying bat's leg, and the pokemon slowly brought him to the ground. First, he made his way at a leisurely pace, breaking down his bedroll and campfire.

    By the time the sounds in the distance turned serious and Grey picked up the pace, the initial issue had been resolved. What he ran in on was a small skirmish between two younger trainers, with a veteran trainer calling the shots.

    Instead of interrupting the flow of battle, Grey again made his way up a tree to a lofty branch, and settled in to watch, with Crobat hovering nearby.
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  34. Kate was in a trance by how spectacular the battle was going. She witnessed a giant blast of heat emit from the monkey, so hot even from there she felt immediately warm. Mincinno had not noticed this however, as it saw a giant purple bat swoop down into the trees. Curious, the little pokemon ran away from its trainer up to the tree to investigate.
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  35. "Noibat is unable to battle, Pansear is the Winner, the match goes to Gustav!" Firey announced.

    "I'm impressed, not many people in my hometown were able to keep up with Pansear, you pushed Pansear to the absolute limit!" Gustav exclaimed.

    "What was that?' Firey asked as he spotted a person riding a Crobat in the air.

    Honchkrow's immediate response was to charge up a Sky Attack.

    "Honchkrow, stand down." Firey responded, and then told the person on the Crobat, "You wandered into an Elite Four training area, I was refereeing a battle that just ended, I was wondering who you were."

    Firey waited for a response.
  36. Hayden made his way through Shoreside Town and saw the entrance to Carpenter Forest. “This is where mom said he should be. Hopefully he didn’t already leave the area.” Hayden entered the forest just to see a flying purple Pokémon in the air and a black bird looking Pokémon about to charge up a move. “That’s Firey. What in the world is he doing here?!” Hayden ran off to see what Firey is doing. Then he saw his little brother with his Noibat in hand.

    “Heh, I’m not the strongest person in my family.” David said scratching the back of his head. “What’s that Pokémon?” David points his Pokédex to the Crobat. “Crobat, the bat Pokémon. Crobat tend to live in caves in a big group.” “A Crobat huh. Well it was nice meeting you Gustav and Firey.” David waved goodbye right when he was about to leave.
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  37. "I'm Grey," Grey responded sheepishly. He didn't much feel like being interrogated by a member of the elite four or murdered by his Honchkrow. "Heard the sound of battle and followed it, yeah?"

    From the tree branch he lounged in, Grey returned Crobat to its ball, catching a glimpse of yet another trainer in the forest. This one seemed strong.

    "It sounded like more trouble than just a novice skirmish, I must say," he said, his attention turning back toward Firey.
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  38. "Hayden?" Firey asked, "Today was my training day, so I came here with Bisharp and Drapion so i didn't destroy my chamber, and ran into David, a girl, and Gustav here, David and Gustav had a Pokemon battle and I refereed the match." Firey explained, "Honchkrow, return!"

    Firey returned Honchkrow, as his Absol walked over, and then turned to Grey, "These two had their first Trainer battle, and It was close, but Gustav barely squeaked a win here, also, Sorry about Honchkrow, he's quite protective."

    He pointed to Gustav and David, of which Gustav was jaw dropped, his referee for his first ever battle was a member of the Elite Four, and the Champion just showed up.

    Firey then petted his Absol as he got a call, from Ariana.
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  39. “Well I’m glad to see my little bro training. But I really need all of your guys’ help. As you all know about the message I sent you earlier. The person who stole my Pokémon was Neil. My old rival back in the day.” David looked at his brother in shock. “Hayden, wasn’t Neil your best friend?” “Yes he was sadly. He wants to become Champion by stealing my Pokémon where he is leading the evil organization known as Team Dote.” David clenched his fist looking very angry. “Well, I’ll teach him a lesson once I get stronger. And I want you to meet my new friend Eevee.” Hayden got down on one knee and petted Eevee. “You’ve always like Eevee. I think my time’s up. I’ve gotta get to the lab to get my other Pokémon. See you.” Hayden went off in an opposite direction and left.
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  40. Stole his Pokemon? Grey often found situations such as as these unfolding when he found himself in a strange land. Though he sensed power from this Hayden, he couldn't be sure if Neil was a force to be reckoned with, or if Hayden had gotten sloppy. Either way, Grey resolved to stay removed, watching from his perching tree branch in curious silence.
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