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The Little Things

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Carmen Lopez, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Do you appreciate them?

    I proposed this thread to discuss the random tidbits that they put in Pokemon games--nothing that's game breaking, but still nice to have around anyway. This can include random side quests, realistic touches in the environment, or even things you'd like to see. I'll go first~

    Those random tidbits are what made HGSS so enjoyable for me. The Pokemon following behind you, the shining leaves, etc. But my favorite random (and underrated thing) was the ambient noise. It really enhanced the soundtrack of the game. Like hearing the mournful sounds of the ocean in Cianwood City. I'd really love for them to add this back to the possible Gen III remakes.

    Black and White had a lot of nice touches, but the version differences in Opelucid City are another favorite of mine. The past vs future contrast was a really cool addition. Even the dialogue of the NPCs was changed to match.
  2. What would I like to See?
    YES, Side quests! Not like D/P's Newspaper Job or Remoraid Contests. I'm talking, Cutscenes, like talk to a Gym leaders family about finding the Gym leader, & He turns out to be possessed by a vengeful Gengar, Etc...

    Do I appreciate them?
    OF COURSE! I too loved the pokemon out of the pokeballs! I also appreciated the music in certain places of the game.
    My favorite Music: SS/HG Wild Pokèmon encounter (On Water)
  3. Linkachu

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    I may dislike some of the major elements of Black and White but I truly love some of its more subtle additions. Having vending machines scattered around the region was an awesome feature, but even better were the various nurses and doctors within the caverns/desert who heal your Pokemon. I also really like the notices that pop up mid-battle regarding ability activation, and even the low HP music, while gratingly annoying, was a nice touch.

    Another thing I'm a sucker for are the subtle music alterations in B/W regarding the seasons and wild Pokemon battles. I swear the first time I heard the doubles wild Pokemon tune I squeed like a fool. Apparently B2/W2 do even more of this, so I can't wait to play 'em & hear it all. :)
  4. I had forgotten about the vending machines--those were really cool. Another thing that I just remembered about BW that I liked were the TV shows. Despite the fact that a few of them verged on getting crap past the radar, I enjoyed the variety and the random Japanese lessons ^^
  5. I remember some little things. Like those bike racks that put you on or off your Bike if you press A while facing them. That was a lot more helpful than going into my Bag!

    I also remember when Trainers sometimes appeared in the same place in the PokeCenter.

    By the way, those vending machines are awesome! every time I climb up a Department Store, I can look forward to buying a few beverages at the Roof. ♥
  6. Some of the little things I found to be enjoyable are definitely the Pokemon interactions in HGSS. My Typhlosion doing warm ups in Misty's gym made me laugh, while I also had a giggle at the slight discomfort he had with ocean water (kind of like best buds do in real life). Finding the random stuff and then being happy to keep it also makes them seem just like me, a happy kid~

    Another thing is the seasons. It just adds all sorts of life to the games that seemed, while not thinking about it at first, to be lacking upon looking back. Now if they started adding in holidays, that would make things just a little more magical~ With the seasons, I could imagine seeing my Pokemon and I chilling on the beach in the summer, or having a snowball fight in the winter~

    Anything else? The natures. It doesn't really affect much (other than stats of course), but I think it's a nice touch. A Rash Infernape that's capable of taking hits just screams a stubborn warrior, while a Timid Cyndaquil that often dozes off just makes me think of the little guy snoozing, then suddenly freaking out as a butterfly lands on his nose~

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