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Open The Life of Highschoolers Discussion

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Imperfect World, Apr 8, 2017.

  1. Andrew (that's the leader of the bullies' name) just got b***h slapped!

    Will be gone for a while as well btw.
  2. yea he also gets
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  3. Wubba wait, QwertyQuilava is SylvieThePokemonTrainer?! H e c c
  4. Secret identity..? Busted.
    h e c c .
  5. Yep she got busted by Steller today.

    Btw I think we should have her student called down to the office to be taken home or something. IDK
  6. Huh, learn something new today.
  7. lol
    Funny fitting because she legit BACKHANDED one of the bullies. XD
  8. Wait did Nichole leave the room? :?
  9. I'm pretty sure, yeah.
  10. Well, I think Onion was waiting for GameFreak for their characters (Or second character, in Onion's case) to do a bit and had already been called up if that is what you are asking.
  11. So if second class is starting do we have start to have different classes or we have all having the same one again? It being English I think most of us would got to that class.
  12. I had my character Even handed a schedule by the principle (After a counseling session) to mirror's Laura's schedule on the basis of "she's a good influence on him" for the exact reason it made it more convenient for me LOL

    Though I don't believe everyone should all share all the same classes at the same time like this (I know, probably hypocritical of me to say after I explained Even's situation) and either way I'd say we wait for Yellow to come back so we can talk about what to do next.

    Which hopefully won't be too long...hopefully.
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  13. "Hopefully" lol

    Anyway, anyone up for an RP revival? Even though it's been like 3 months?
  14. One minor hiccup with that is that Yellow is sort of taking a break from social media sites for personal reasons I cannot disclose. Don't know when she'll be back TBH.
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  15. Oh? Am I detecting an RP revival?
  16. We're trying XD
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  17. idk what’s rlly going on but i can’t try
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  18. phew, the High School Formal arc is saved lol
  19. Yeah, I was looking forward to that.
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  20. Hey guys, you miss me? I'm so down for a revival :D
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  21. Well...my post now feels out of place XD
  22. Lol, I was typing, and then I got a notification, which I ignored until I finished. And then, when I posted it, I saw yours, which made me feel awkward.
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  23. What should I do? XD
  24. Do you want to edit your post, or should I?
  25. I got a better idea. Give me a second.
  26. Oh, Laura's personality took quite an edgy turn lmao
  27. I know, right? I know I'm controlling her, but even I'm surprised.
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  28. Even was supposed to be the edgy one compared to Laura, but that has flipped so dramatically.

    Feel both Laura (Especially) and Lis are making this more edgy/overly dramatic than necessary XD
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  29. DUN DUN DUN...

    Depression is real. Don't forget that.

    I'm trying to somehow make her do something bad to herself, her thinking she causes most of the problems in life. So that's why she hurt herself.
  30. I would like to propose a time-skip to the formal after this period; if @Yellow.lol doesn't want to, it's all good too
  31. Phew...when it said you mentioned me, I thought it was a bad point about one of my characters. Don’t want that happening again. (Long story short, bad character, dead RP)

    This period was supposed to be the last one of the day anyway, so it would make sense to time skip to the formal, and say the teachers canceled classes for students to help set things up.
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  32. Okay, then if you don't mind, I'll be idling until the end of the day
    #436 OmnipotentOnion, May 9, 2018
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  33. Wait, I thought that you said school would be cancelled the day of the formal, and that we would timeskip straight to the event??
  34. No, I said that classes would be canceled so the students could help out with setting up for the formal. But I get how it was mixed up.
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    Respond to the thread, maybe?
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  36. Idea: we could say that decorations were finished and time skip to the actual formal?

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