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The Legendary Ninetales and the Ancient Power

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by sparkling_palkia, Aug 2, 2007.

  1. Prologue

    Long ago in the Ancient Regions there was a volcano near the now Battle Tower but long ago golden flames sprung from it and along came a gleaming Ninetales known to hold powers beyond belief. But some trainers wanted to keep it away from everyone to store the ultimate power so it wouldn't kill or injure anyone. But the Ninetales knew well but the trainers didn't know that. They fought the Ninetales down but before they could destroy it it disappeared into nothing. It was said to take a different form or store itself away in the Volcano that so many trainers have tried to get the "treasure" in it but no one really knows what the treasure is but sure some people have guessed but nobody knows. But a day after Ninetales disappeared Articuno Moltres and Zapdos began to cirlce around the top of the volcano crying roars of greif. No one knows what that was about but it is said when the Ninetales returns so will the legendary birds. But one thing the Ninetales left was a black diamond that was thrown into the volcano but nobody knew that diamond held extrodinary powers. But 1,000 years later the Ninetales is said to return. And Ninetales can live up to 1,000 years but this one is legendary....
  2. Dialga and Palkia's Roar

    Parry peered out through the ancient columns she peered a and smiled at her best friend Candice and without saying anything she pointed to Dialga and Palkia resting up ahead. Finally her adventure had come to an end the long search for Palkia and Dialga was over. She never came to catch them she came to see and study them. Parry came out from behind the columns and so did Candice.
    Dialga looked up and made a grunt to Palkia who looked up as well and narrowed it's eyes. She approached them calmly Candice behind her. She picked up all her pokeball's and dropped them on the floor. She nodded to Candice who did the same. Dialga and Palkia seemed to relax a bit. Dialga stood up and walked towards her. He put down his head allowing her to stroke it. As she did Palkia stood up and gave a screeching roar. It was aimed right towards Candice who toppled off her feet and into a wall. Dialga did
    the same to Parry who felt betrayed a bit. She was knocked unconcious on the ground.


    About a hour later she opened her eyes and felt a strong throbbing in her head.

    "Jeez what happened?"

    She mumbled to herself annoyed about the end of her journey. She looked around to see if she could find Candice but all she saw was a Glaceon lying on the ground. She wondered who's it was. She got up but realized she couldn't stand on her two feet. She looked down and gasped in horror because instead of feet she pad paws! She ran over to a nearby puddle and looked in. SHE WAS A EMBREON! She let out a scream which woke up the Glaceon who she supposed was Candice. She came flying over to her and shouted

    "Candice! Candice! We're Pokemon!"

    Candice snorted but when she saw she was talking to a pokemon she screamed


    She to ran over to the puddle and peered in. A few minutes after looking at herself Candice came to except she was a pokemon. She walked over to Parry and said

    "But what about our pokemon?"

    Parry pointed with her nose to her Persian who came over kind curled around Parry kind of protecting her. Candice's Delicatty did the same. A giant grin spread on Candice's face and she said in a excited tone

    "This is going to be sooo cool! I bet Dialga and Palkia turned us into pokemon!"

    Parry nodded and replied

    "Let's get out of here"

    Candice followed her along with Persian and Delicatty as Parry heaved a escape rope out of her backpack. She grabbed her backpack by the mouth and they escaped the cave. They were out in snowpoint city at the top of the mountain. They came to Hearthrome city where it was pouring. They tried to avoid the rain and went inside a contest hall.
  3. Hmm, interesting. I'd post the questions I have here, but two reasons keep me from doing so:

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  4. No, No please post all the questions you have and I will definetly answer them but I will probably answer them within the story. Or you can PM me your questions if you want.

    As soon as they got inside the contest hall a young girl trainer came up and swept Parry in her arms.

    "Oooh! I've found you Umbreon at last! Just in time for the contest!"

    Parry raised her ears and thought Contest?? The trainer walked away with Parry struggling to get free. Candice followed dragging Parry's backpack but Persian and Delicatty were no where in site. They must have returned to their pokeball's Parry thought. Candice snuck into the audience after Parry was dragged into the stage. There was a a little time before the show and the trainer who was called Jesse shoved poffins into Parry's mouth. So this is what they taste like.. Parry said munching on a dry poffin. Soon she heard Jesse's name and was dragged out onto the stage.
    The anouncer's voice buzzed and said

    "Welcome! Trainers to the Hearthrome contest hall!!! Our first contest is the costume contest each Trainer has 60 seconds to dress up their pokemon in a dazzling costume! Ready start the clock!"

    Jesse took out her acessorie back and stuck a giant black ribbon on Parry's neck then some stars over her head and a mini blue ribbon on her tail. Jesse finished at 51 seconds. Then the judging began.

    "Our first contestant Daron with his...Mudkip!"

    A tiny Mudkip came on stage with a dark blue ribbon on his head and puffs of blue all over him.
    Everyone clapped then the anouncer said

    "And our second contestant Claire with her....Zubat!"

    A medium sized Zubat came flying on the stage with stars fluttering about him and fluffs of pink on him. The crowd clapped but with not much enthusiasm when Mudkip came out.

    "And our third contestant Jared with...Golem!"

    A very big Golem came on stage with puffs of brown and one mini pink ribbon. The crowd didn't clap that much and Jared went back into the line with a grim face.

    "And finally last but not least Jesse with her...Umbreon!!!"

    Parry was pushed on stage and just stood there as the crowd went wild.

    "Okay thank you everyone for your beautiful pokemon next is the dance competition!"

    Nooooo! Parry hated dancing! Jesse hugged her and said

    "You were great Umbreon!"

    Parry just wiggled her tail slightly.
  5. Jesse brought Parry into the waiting room and set her down.

    "You stay there I'll be right back."

    Parry saw her go then jumped down from the table and chirrped


    She bounded out towards the door. Then she heard Jesse returning. She turned around and she was holding a bowl of pokefood and a comfy looking pokebed. Jesse set the things down and turned around to what she thought was Parry but she soon only found nothing. Jesse started calling out

    "Umbreon! Umbreon I have some food!"

    After a few more tries Jesse sank into her chair crying. Parry suddely felt a pang of sympathy and much guilt. I'm a terrible pokemon She thought. A girl came over to Jesse and asked whats wrong.

    "It's...sniff....my...sniff...first contest and I trained Umbreon for months!"

    Parry finally made up her mind and bounded back over to Jesse who sprang up and swept her in her arms.

    "I'd thought I lost you!"

    I was right by the door blind girl... Parry thought amused. The announcer's voice buzzed

    "And...Now for our dancing competition please contestants come out onto the stage!"

    Jesse grinned and said to Parry

    "That's us!!!"

    She skipped out onto the stage and put Parry down. Parry was first and Jesse directed her into exellant dance steps. The other pokemon went and it looked like Parry was in the lead.

    "Hope some pokemon can turn the other shoulder in our acting competition!"

    said the announcer looking at the losing pokemon. They all lined up for the acting competition and Parry was first.

    "Umbreon use scary face!"

    Parry didn't know how the hell to use a pokemon move but she focused on scary face and soon enough it happened. Hmmm strange She thought as the audience clapped. The other pokemon went then soon the round was up. As they were counting up the scores Jesse waited impatiently Parry at her side. Then the announcer came back on the stage and shouted

    "Our final judging is done...And in 4th place....Claire with Zubat!"

    A haughty looking girl quickly walked on the stage took her ribbon and marched off. She then called

    "ZuZu we're leaving!"

    The Zubat obidiently followed looking back at the others with fury in his eyes. The announcer looked after her and then said

    "What a nice girl...Okay then next in 3rd place we have....Daron and Mudkip!"

    This time a much nicer looking boy went onto the stage smiling with his Mudkip behind him. He took his ribbon and walked off the stage. The announcer buzzed again

    "What a nice looking boy! Next in 2nd place is...Jared with Golem!"

    A young boy came running on stage Golem trying to keep up. He took the ribbon and held it up high and shouted

    "Lookey Mom!!"

    A women waved from the stands happily. He sprinted off stage and Jesse was more excited then ever she whispered to Parry

    "We won!"

    Parry twitched her ears happily.

    "And finally in 1st place drum roll please..."

    A drum was rolled across the stage.

    "Jesse with Umbreon!"

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