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DPPt/HGSS The legendary hunt

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trades and Battles' started by JJBlu, Jun 1, 2007.

  1. I am looking into getting celebi, latias/os, arceus, kyogre, deoxys and mew. with those I could complete my legendary collection. I will be willing to trade legendaries or normal pokemon that I have available =)
  2. i am looking for shiny pokemon i have a lvl59 lugia with psycho boost and a lvl91 entei and a lvl71 rakiou none of them i used a cheat device on. they wont give any viruses. ;D
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    Again, this is not your topic. I'd say to start your own, except you're banned now. Cheers!
  4. actually, I wouldn't mind getting legendaries that I do not have temporarily to add them to my pokedex then give them back or to trade for, either can work. I do not have Mew, Jirachi, Celebi, darkrai, arceus, regigigas,
    any of the regi's, kyogre, latias, latios... I think thats all of them. I also need a dragon's scale to evolve a seedra to kingdra if that is possible. If there is anything in perticular you need, I can work out a way to get it, just might take a day or 2. thanks in advance =)
  5. If you have any shiny Pokémon up for trade I'd happily trade you a legendary with a Scale attached.
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  6. here is the problem... I only have shiny palkia and dialga.... nut really looking to get rid of them, took many hours in the gts to land them. is there anything else you would maybe want besides shinies?
  7. At the moment unfortunately no, but if I think of any I'll no doubt update my shiny trade thread with normal critters.
  8. thats cool. thanks for the offer =)
  9. i have a celebi, the regi's, kyogre, lati@s, and you can even keep them if you want, but im not sure when i can get on to trade...
  10. are you available now? XD
  11. I edited what I am looking for up at the first post, please read and help if you can =)
  12. I only had a darkrai temporarily for a friend. would be awesome to get the celebi. What else would you be looking for to maybe trade the latios and kyogre? If there is nothing, I would be happy with just having them to get them into the dex and give back.
  13. ok, I can trade a mewtwo for celebi. Is there any other legendaries you need for dex when I temp get the other 2?
  14. k, I can give two of the dogs then. tell me when you can get on?
  15. its not those wouldn't be fair trades... its just I don't have spares of them, lol
    I will add you and log on now. Just come on as soon as you can, I will have it sitting and waiting
  16. thanks for the trades, hope you didn't have to wait long =)
  17. I have Kyogre still if u want it. I'll trade it for all the legendary data u have and u can keep the Kyogre for free with the data as the trade...U can keep all your pokemon I just need the data 4 GTS. :-\
  18. hello ppl, what im trading is
    all hoen and kanto starters
    and all i want is
    a rayquaza
    and suicune
    any offers
  19. a torchic if y want a prinplup
  20. jjblu do y have a chimchar i will trade y a starly lvl12

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